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Tetanus vaccines work so well we may not need the ten year boosters, only a 30 year one…

Who knew? A study came out way back in 2016 showing that most people still had antibodies against tetanus, or “Lockjaw” even 60 years after their last vaccination. It’s a reminder of what successful vaccination can look like. It also shows the extraordinary ability of the human immune system to acquire lifelong protection — that doesn’t happen with all diseases, but it does with things like influenza, polio, measles, and mumps, and possibly tetanus and diphtheria.

The study tested the blood of 546 people. Given the striking results the authors suggest that the need for a ten year booster should be reassessed, but six years after the study came out the CDC and the Australian government are still saying we need “ten year boosters”. Is anyone even looking at this data?

Notably, shifting to a 30 year schedule could save the US government US$280 million each year. But Big-Pharma won’t be too happy about that. It may also prevent “80–160 cases of brachial plexus neuritis” — a rare side effect.

New Study Suggests We Don’t Actually Need a Tetanus Booster Every 10 Years

by Fiona Macdonald, April 2016

We’ve all grown up knowing that we need […]

Unvaccinated Australians now permitted to leave the country (but the Government won’t tell them)

Great news! We win. The Pandemic Emergency declaration is officially over and unvaccinated Australians are free to leave the nation.

Since Senator Rennick exposed it, and I mocked the Department of Health about how Unvaccinated Australians can’t leave Australia unless they escape, and how it was due to a WHO treaty so we could “protect the world” — things have changed. The mocking was on April 8th and 9th. Presumably the government recognized how stupid it all looked to restrict unvaccinated Australians when at least 72 nations around the world are happy to let them in, and everyone knows now, that vaccination doesn’t slow transmission. After all, the whole world caught Omicron thanks to vaccinated travellers.

In the last two weeks the plans to write special laws to stop the unvaccinated from leaving the country silently vanished. But most Australians will not be aware the unvaccinated were still banned from leaving the nation until a few days ago, and are now free to go.

The Australian official website still tells Australians they have to have a vaccine. Click to enlarge. | Source: Dept of Health

Two weeks ago the Chief Medical Officer even said they were dropping […]

The year of collapsing athletes: 890 athletes collapse or die and counting…

There are people tracking all the reports of athletes suddenly collapsing and dying in their prime, or heartbreakingly, even in their teens. This isn’t a definitive study, but where are the answers and why don’t we know them? There are a hundred million reasons to supply data that shows vaccines are “safe and effective”. If our health really did matter, and the incidence of sudden deaths in athletes was the same as every other year, where are those studies? Why aren’t we discussing this on the news?

Some of the collapses and deaths listed here may have nothing to do with vaccines, the anonymous researchers admit and declare that. They want the full data, we all want the data. But it’s nowhere to be found. The medico’s and football clubs, and the Department of Health have gone from bragging about getting their boosters on Twitter to saying nothing. They are not so keen anymore to report or declare vaccination status.

The rise in mid 2021 start at the same time a massive experimental medical program starts. It might be coincidence, but if it’s normal, they would be saying so, with open statistics and data, not shutting down the conversation, and […]

Fourth dose booster honeymoon all over in just 8 weeks

Not much of a honeymoon — “Week 2 to week 6”

Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

A new Israeli study sliced through the medical records of 1.2 million people. They compared people who had three doses with people who went on to have four. By three or four weeks after the 4th shot, people had half as many symptomatic infections. It’s “nice” but it’s only 50% efficacy, and that’s as good as it gets. So much for the glory days of “95% efficacy” — things are so unimpressive, no one talks in percentages anymore. By eight weeks after the fourth dose there was pretty much no extra protection against infection left.

On the plus side, the fourth dose did seem to prevent people getting a nasty disease, with 3.5 times as many 3-dose people getting a severe infection compared to the 4th-dosers. On the down side, those patients were only followed for six weeks. The honeymoon-from-hospitalization may fade quickly too. It lasts a few months with the 3rd dose.

So the fourth dose isn’t going to last through the winter — the meaningful honeymoon period is just a few weeks — from Week 2 to Week 6 […]

Unvaxxed Australians can’t leave the country because of a WHO treaty: “We’re protecting the world”

Here’s a surprise for all you Australians trapped in Australia because you chose not to take part in a medical experiment. The reason you can’t leave is not for your own health. It’s not for the health of fellow Australians. It’s because we are “protecting the rest of the world”. This is a world where where fully vaccinated travellers have already spread Covid to every country on Earth and at least 72 countries are happy for you to turn up on their door with your tourist dollars and without a vaccine.

As Senator Rennick says: “I cannot for the life of me see the health risks in an unvaccinated person leaving the country.”

Paul Kelly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer explained that it was due to Australia’s International Health Obligations. That’s an international treaty we signed because we’re a member of the WHO. As far as a quick search turns up, Australia, Canada and the UAE may be the only nations still banning their own citizens from leaving. In Canada, things are so inexplicable, the vaccinated don’t even need to do a test anymore. So people infected with Covid are free to fly in or out of Canada shedding virus […]

Unvaccinated Australians can’t leave Australia — unless they escape — is that swim, paddle or dingy?

Welcome to Prison Australia where unvaccinated citizens are not able to leave. (And Canadians thought they were the only ones). If your best friend is getting married in Madagascar, the Africans will let you fly in, but you can’t go because Australia won’t let you out.

Australians who are unvaccinated or not-jabbed-enough can apply for permission to leave. But unless you need foreign medical care, live or work overseas, or are flying in the “national interest” (meaning you’re a politician) you may not qualify. Trips need to be “longer than three months” for no good reason I can think of, except that it stops most holidayers. Which is obviously the point.

People may get an exemption if they need to work overseas. Which is fine if your boss wants to send you to conventions in the Greek Islands but you can’t take the wife and kids unless she owns the company, and the kids are your employees. Otherwise, there’s no pleasure cruises for the unjabbed peasants from Oz.

Unvaccinated Australians who want to leave pretty much have to escape

We can always drive to Broome. We might find an Indonesian fishing boat and get a lift back the other […]

Not informed, no consent: 1,200 people died in the first 3 months of Pfizer vax. Why was that data hidden?

When the unvaccinated die of Covid they get turned into advertising material for Pfizer. But when people died in the weeks after after getting the vaccines, the companies, the institutions and the media did their utmost to hide it.

A group of doctors and researchers wanted the 326,000 pages of FDA data used to approve the Pfizer vaccine, but neither the FDA or Pfizer would give it them. So the doctors put in an FOIA, and again the FDA hid the data, so the doctors sued the FDA for withholding it.

Serving Big-Pharma with all the funds they can get…

But when pressed they said they needed 55 years to redact out all the juicy bits so “people couldn’t cherry pick” or something like that. When pushed, the FDA told the judge they really needed 75 years to provide it. This was the same FDA that supposedly read all those 326,000 pages in detail in just 108 days in order to speedily approve the vaccine “with the utmost of care”.

The intrepid doctors group calls itself the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency or PHMPT. And they are finally getting somewhere. In January a Texas Judge ordered […]

Trudeau is panicking: It’s the biggest human rights protest in a generation

Tucker Carlson points out how Trudeau’s overreaction reveals his impotence.

By going double or nothing, it’s so much harder for Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario) to back down.

The biggest human rights protest in the West in a generation:

The Left used to represent the Workers

As David Evans says:

The great political realignment continues. The ruling class have coalesced — with the establishment right joining the bureaucratic left. They are all college-educated (but not too bright, you understand), and they love well paid government jobs and government money, and being aligned to the dominant political ideology so they can name-call anyone else and dismiss them without having to actually engage with what they are saying — without having to actually think.

But they left behind most of society. We can’t all be overpaid non-productive consumers of government money.

Parasites United will never be asked to work too hard.

Here’s one Ontario Police Officer who says there are “many police officers who want nothing more to see our country returned back to the beautiful state that it was. A lot want to speak out but we can’t because we […]

mRNA vaccines produce huge amounts of Spike protein and for two months!

They told us the mRNA in the injections wouldn’t last long, barely a few days, and the protein spikes made from the vaccines would only stick around for “a few weeks”. But now, after 60% of the worlds population has been vaccinated, now we find out that the CCP bioweapon spikes are still there in lymph nodes two months after the last injection, and so is some of the mRNA. And we don’t know how much longer those spikes keep churning out, because no one has done that study.

Pause for a moment to wonder how it is that we could inject four billion people “for health reasons” yet no one knew the most basic things about how it worked, like, how long the vaccine mRNA might survive, and keep producing spikes for, or how many spikes it might keep making.

Now comes the bad news that mRNA-vaccinated people may be making more spikes than severely ill Covid patients, and that the mRNA survives much longer than anyone expected.

A Health Public Policy Nightmare

Robert Malone

The hidden highlight (lede) buried in this peer reviewed paper is that protein production of spike in people vaccinated with […]

Natural immunity, still strong and durable 20 months later (no boosters needed)

. Scientific Animations

Handy!: A group at Johns Hopkins checked 295 people who had caught Covid before (and tested positive). Amazingly, all but two of them still had antibodies and there was “no indication” that the antibodies were declining.

Natural immunity doesn’t always work this well. There are plenty of diseases where protection wanes after six months, like RSV, or Norovirus, and many common cold coronaviruses.

Natural Immunity to COVID-19 Detected at 20 Months After Infection: Study

Zachary Stieber, Epoch Times

Protection against the virus that causes COVID-19 among the recovered was detected by researchers at 20 months post-infection, adding to the body of evidence that such protection, known as natural immunity, is long-lasting.

Researchers found antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein receptor-binding domain (RBD) in 99 percent of study participants who tested positive for COVID-19, with some having had the illness as long as 20 months prior.

“The major takeaway is that natural immunity … is strong and durable,” [Dr Dorry] Segev told The Epoch Times in an email.

Dr. Dorry Segev, the director of the Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation at Johns Hopkins University.