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Canadian Truckers for Freedom growing fast — 11 convoys, $5m, one convoy said to be 70km long

11 convoys are converging across Canada. One convoy was claimed to be over 70 kilometers long* last night and growing. US truckers are joining in, and they can’t come over the border they are going to block it.

This is not a union organized thing. It’s grassroots and it’s come out of nowhere. People are coming out and standing in minus 20 degree weather just to cheer the trucks on. The fundraising started last Friday and has reached $5m. It has grown so fast that GoFundMe is holding funds til the organisers present a clear plan. Truckdrivers are even coming from Alaska. There’s an ocean of cars in support in Acheson Alberta.

UPDATE#2: The Empire fights back. Snezhana reports: Facebook shut down the #FreedomConvoy2022 page and Social media is starting to shut down pages supporting #TruckersForFreedom to censor what’s happening in #Canada!

The Facebook Group had grown to 545,000 members before it was shut down.

If news of this convoy spread freely and was supported like the BLM rallies imagine how fast it could grow. Spread the word. We’re in an information war. Share the news any way you can. Never give in. […]

EV needs 13 freezing hours to get 650 km with 3 charging stops and no heater

VW e-Up | Photo by M 93

A German car reporter bought a new VW e-Up car in Wolfsburg and drove the 650 km to Munich. But the weather was freezing and to get further on each charge Lisa Brack kept the heating off most of the time. She still needed three charging stops and took 13 hours to get home.

Gosselin said that a diesel car would usually finish that trip in seven hours without a fuel stop (and with a heater running).

13 hours of driving and charging

The subfreezing weather was a major drawback for the VW e-car. According to the, “the heating stayed off for almost the entire journey in freezing temperature” in order not to draw down the battery so quickly. This meant that to survive the trip, Brack had to take along a generous supply of “hats, scarves, gloves and generally warm clothing”…

According to the, she made the crucial mistake of charging up too seldom and wasted much time charging the batteries to 100% instead of 80% (the last 20% take the longest). “Charge faster, accept a little less range and charge […]

The Bureau of Meteorology finds Australia is still getting colder a century later

Surprisingly, the World War I era temperatures are still changing. Mornings that seemed nippy at the time are now susceptible to frosts.

Someone should warn the farmers — except they’re all dead.

Thanks to Chris Gillham for independently and laboriously going through the new unannounced changes in another cycle of BOM’s hidden revamp of Australia’s history. ACORN 2.2 is the latest version of the Australian Climate Observation Reference Network of “the best” 112 weather stations across Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology ‘cools the past, warms present’

Graham Lloyd, The Australian

“The bureau has now remodelled the national temperature ­dataset three times in just nine years,” Dr Jennifer Marohasy said.

In the last five years the ACORN re-revisions by the BOM have discovered another quarter of a degree of warming that we didn’t know about from the last hundred years. It’s not clear why the BOM doesn’t want to tell the world how good they are at correcting thermometer records from 1913. It seems like a remarkable skill.

The minima just keep getting cooler

Chris Gillham plots the longest running stations from the ACORN 2.2 set against the old raw readings:

Who knew all those old […]

The Tongan eruption sent shockwaves around the world

Scott Manley has done an excellent summary video of the Tongan volcano, much of the science and history of it as well as the effects thousands of miles away. The area around the volcano had completely reformed in the last ten years. He has collected some great footage together.

It’s interesting watching air pressure waves travel across Japan and the USA. Ken Stewart found the compression- decompression wave hit the east coast of Australia at about 5:16 Qld time and took 3 hours and 24 minutes roughly to get to Shark Bay, an average speed of about 1,160 kph. The decompression was about half an hour after the first peak and can be seen (still) in weather station pressure data.

Eruptions of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai are roughly 900 years apart and this one was on schedule.

Thanks to Greg …


The CliffMass weather blog noted that the pressure wave hit Seattle at 4:30AM local time, so the air pressure spike took 8.5 hours to cross the Pacific at about 664miles per hour. h/t WattsUp

Sending best wishes for the poor people of Tonga. Planes are on the way to help, slightly complicated because Tonga is still Covid free, and […]

Workers at Big Woke Tech Monopolies are miserable

by Jo Nova

Who would have guessed that giant protected monopolies would devolve into wallowing workplaces where sad-sack un-productive workers accumulate?

“Hazard Harrington” writes from the inside of Big Tech about the terminal decline, the dark moods, despondency and lack of productivity. When the most exulted culture at work are the most victimized, the miserable workers share their misery and nobody gets anything done.

Wokeness is that dead end where everyone can blame everyone else, and no one, apart from white men, can be sacked. So the people who can’t compete collect in a kind of Sargasso sea of civilization.

h/t Bill in AZ

UPDATE: Hazard Harrington’s account is now gone. Archive copy

@HazardHarringto from Inside Big Tech

… COVID/WFH [Working From Home] has totally broken people. They are fundamentally weak, often with no social support outside of work. They’re the people with no children, no spouse. Only a dog or cat for emotional support.

There’s constant talk, even now, about how hard things are for everyone. Often meetings start with going around the room to ask “How is everyone feeling?” Literally everyone else went on sad rants about their lives. “I’m so MAD a […]

A vaccine so good we have to punish The Worlds Best Tennis Player?

UPDATE: Judges decision is final. Djokovic to be deported. He faces a three year ban potentially. “An embarassing farce”.

No one looks good in the Novak Djokovic Deportation saga, but ponder what it says about the vaccines. We’re deporting the best tennis player in the world — not because of the germs he might spread, but to because of the ideas he might spread.

“It’s in the public interest” says the Immigration Minister

While some are cheering One Rule for All, ponder that we’re punishing someone because of what other people might do?

Djokovic is a political prisoner:

Immigration minister Alex Hawke didn’t dispute Djokovic’s claim of a medical exemption… [he] said allowing the player to stay could sway some Australians against getting vaccinated.

“Mr. Djokovic’s presence in Australia may pose a health risk to the Australian community in that his presence in Australia may foster antivaccination sentiment,” Hawke said in a document detailing his decision.

“His presence in Australia, given his well-known stance on vaccination, creates a risk of strengthening the antivaccination sentiment of a minority of the Australian community,” Hawke said in the cancellation notice.

—Wall […]

Seismic shift: “Omicron breaks the rules”. The case rates are lowest in unvaxxed in Scotland. Double vaxxed most likely to go to hospital

Global leaders must be sweating

Data from Public Health Scotland (PHS) is showing that not only are the “double jabbed” more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaxxinated — but they are more likely to be hospitalized as well. And that’s on a per capita basis and after controlling for age. The triple jabbed are less likely to end up in hospital than both other groups, but for how long?


Covid Scotland: Case rates lowest in unvaccinated as double-jabbed elderly drive rise in hospital admissions

By Helen McArdle, Herald Scotland


DOUBLE-JABBED Scots are now more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid than the unvaccinated amid an increase in elderly people falling ill due to waning immunity.

It comes amid “weird” data showing that case rates have been lower in unvaccinated individuals than the single, double, or even triple-jabbed since Omicron became the dominant variant in Scotland.

Right now the double-jabbed are catching Covid twice as often as the unvaxxed in Scotland. Even the triple jabbed are slightly more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated.

Preliminary data for last week – which is age-standardised […]

Repeat boosters may reduce the immune response

Author BernbaumJG

Our immune systems are a fully functioning type of AI, or rather BI — biological intelligence. After millions of years of evolution, the system is tuned for efficiency with feedback loops “up the kazoo”. We’re provoking a complicated system we don’t understand.

It’s quite possible, if we keep provoking it with something “non threatening”, rather than getting more excited, the immune system may get bored. It could also get tired, desensitized, or exhausted.

Robert Malone warned months ago that we need to test each round of vaccines and we can’t assume our bodies will respond the same way.

Whatever it is, the European Medicines Agency wants to put the brakes on the booster program:

Frequent Boosters Spur Warning on Immune Response

By: Bloomberg |

Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency.

European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency. Instead, countries […]

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