Fauci’s agency approved monkeypox experiments that could create a virus with a 15% fatality rate, then hid that from Congress

By Jo Nova

We’ve reached a point of Maximal Bureaucratic Psychopathy in Science

That’s where committees of committees aim to improve your health by giving one human the ability to kill a billion.

NIAID image of Monkeypox

In 2015 a scientist at Anthony Fauci’s agency thought it would be neat to mix two Monkeypox strains together to make a nastier one. For no reason anyone can explain, the National Institutes of Health’s Institutional Review Board thought it would be neat too, and approved it.

A normal person might worry that doddery Joe Biden has the nuclear codes, but all along, unnamed, unaccountable countless others might have their fingers on equivalent bombs, and they won’t need to input any codes to set off the bombs, just have a bad day.

The idea was to mix a deadly but slow strain of monkey pox with a tamer monkey pox strain that spread quickly. This could have created a virus with the “best of both” — an agent with a 15% fatality rate and a reproduction rate of 2.4, which would make it very much “pandemic potential”. (With one infected person infecting 2.4 others, this was a similar rate of […]

People who used ivermectin get better faster and were much less likely to die

By Jo Nova

There are lots of ways to screw up, delay, distort and blur a medical study

And the Principle Trial did all of them.

So here we are, years too late, getting another nanomole of truth squeezed through the distortion field. The Principle Trial gave people ivermectin far too late, and told them not to take it with food, both of which stop it being useful — yet despite that, ivermectin still saved lives and produced a statistically significant benefit. So the researchers sat on the results for a year and a half, then wrote it up with the opposite conclusion. Welcome to modern industrial medicine where the experiments are just a theatre performance. The government pretends to care and set up a big study, while they design it to fail and then hide and twist the results.

The point of doing experiments is not to find the truth but to kill it. If the crowd is baying for answers, what better way to silence them than to say you are doing a long indepth “glorious” study that takes years to complete?

It was naked sabotage…

Viruses multiply exponentially at the start of an infection, so […]

A bombshell win: vaccine mandates for police and ambulance drivers ruled a breach of human rights

By Jo Nova

Two years late: Two legal wins, and a Senate investigation

Two years after police and ambulance drivers were forced to get Covid injections, the Queensland Supreme Court has ruled that the vaccine mandates were unlawful. Because this decision is about human rights, it’s may also apply to other humans (we hope). So lawyers all over the country are sitting up and paying attention.

This follows on from a South Australian decision a few weeks ago where the Employment Tribunal found that an employer (the state government) was liable for any injuries caused to staff by mandatory injections required in the workplace.

And possibly related to all this, in 2022 10,000 Australians died above and beyond the normal rate and no one (officially) knows why. The Australian Senate has decided (on the fourth try, and only by one vote) they can say for sure someone should definitely look into this. This banal, but good outcome was possibly a parliamentary world first — which says a lot about the state of democracies around the world because the same odd patterns of deaths is occurring in pretty much every democracy.

The Labor Party and Greens voted against it, presumably being […]

NZ Whistleblower finds death rate from one batch of injections was 21%, gets arrested

By Jo Nova

In the last couple of weeks a New Zealand whistleblower came forward with detailed, but anonymized data showing that certain batches of the experimental you-know-what, were associated with shockingly high mortality rates. As this news started to spread, the government could have responded to correct or explain this, instead they arrested him, thus accidentally verifying that the data he showed was not wrong, but real. His crime apparently was not faking-up the data, but “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes” which seems like a very strange crime given that, as he describes it, he was paid to work with the data, and the results of public health data is — in a free society — supposed to be public.

In the world we thought we lived in, we would assume that the NZ government would already know and track the mortality of all the batches they forced the citizens to take. Unless they were grossly incompetent or inherently corrupted by, hypothetically say, large multinational entities earning a hundred billion dollars — authorities would have the real death rates at their fingertips, surely? So if he faked the data, or misinterpreted it, or he made an […]

It turns out I knew nothing about the back of my hand

By Jo Nova

It’s a fantastic piece of engineering

Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body

Last week my EPL tendon went snafu. For no reason, my left thumb just stopped doing what it always has. It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t work. It was rather disconcerting. I wondered if it was the first sign of some hideous degenerative nerve condition that would put me in a wheelchair. But after searching with the dreaded Dr Google, I figured out I’d just torn the EPL tendon. Who knew tendons can wear away painlessly and break? Who knew we can diagnose these things without an xray, just with an eyeball? So, I had surgery in hospital yesterday to fix it.

I looked at anatomy drawings and it dawned on me, we can see all the tendons on the back of our hands if we flex them the right way in the right light. And by golly, my right thumb had two tendons, but my left only had one. It was so obvious. Have a look at your own hand. We have two long tendons running down the back of your index finger and pickie* (though these look like […]

DNA contamination of the mRNA vaccines. Would you like a part of an SV40 monkey virus with that?

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

By Jo Nova

Three labs confirm fragments of DNA from manufacturing are left in the mRNA vaccines

We injected 70% of the world’s population with a barely tested admixture that included random lengths of DNA. We don’t know for sure if that DNA has been inserted into our nuclear DNA, but we’re not really looking either. The government just says mRNA can’t change your DNA. But could contaminated mRNA which is packaged in lipid nanoparticles, with gene therapy vectors and enhancers do that? Maybe, but whatever you do, don’t run those tests, right?

Are we changing germline genetics of the human race — getting into sperm or egg cells? We don’t know. These are just the games we play these days. We could easily have run those tests on sperm at least, before we approved anything in young fertile adults and children, but we didn’t. A Chinese scientist that did that once in a different experiment ended up in jail. Some researchers are quite concerned to put it mildly. The odds may be low, but the numbers are astronomical. After a few billion hands of poker everyone has a Royal Flush.

In […]

“Safe and Effective” dis information in one minute thirty…

By Jo Nova

WallStreetSilver has updated the great little pandemic musical on vaccine efficacy. Elon Musk retweeted it. So far 7.7 million people have seen it, 26,000 have commented and it keeps spreading.

Have you heard dis information? pic.twitter.com/sHljBLYNfq

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 26, 2023

Elon Musk replied:

My concern was more the outrageous demand that people *must* take the vaccine and multiple boosters to do anything at all. That was messed up. Until the Supreme Court invalidated Biden’s exec order, SpaceX and many other companies would have been forced to fire anyone who refused to get vaccinated! We would not have done so. I would rather go to prison than fire good people who didn’t want to be jabbed. As for myself, I got original Covid before the vaccine was out (mild cold symptoms) and had to get three vaccines for travel. The third shot almost sent me to hospital.

How many other people out there have symptoms that are actually from the vaccine or Covid treatment, rather than Covid itself? As for those who didn’t take any vaccine, well @DjokerNole just won a record number of grand slams … It’s not like I […]

RFK Jnr: We’re developing bioweapons with 36,000 scientists

By Jo Nova

Maybe the world should talk about bioweapon research?

The way Robert F Kennedy Jnr describes it to Tucker Carlson, it seems Anthony Fauci was not only a “director of health”, he was also a director of bioweapons. And he was the most well paid public servant in the country, thanks to a 68% raise to his salary — which came not from the health department but from the Pentagon. It’s an odd conflict of interest.

Kennedy points out that to deploy an infectious bioweapon you need a pre-prepared successful vaccine so the infectious agent doesn’t make your side sick too. He claims there are something like 36,000 scientists involved in bioweapons research or gain-of-function work in countless labs in the US and overseas. “We have no idea how many there are”.

Kennedy calls it the inverse of medicine, where life scientists are really “death scientists” who make diseases more deadly. In 2014 three bugs escaped from three different labs in high profile breaks, one was smallpox.

“RFK: “Anthony Fauci got all the responsibility for bio-weapons development….[After three bugs escaped] in 2014, 300 scientists wrote to President Obama and said ‘you’ve gotta shut down Anthony Fauci, […]

Silent mild heart damage found in 1 in 35 people who were vaccinated

By Jo Nova

This study could have been done two years ago…

Most of the victims had no idea they were affected and wouldn’t have gone to a doctor to get a blood test.

The new study shows the power of active surveillance for vaccine related injuries. The incidence of vaccine-induced myocardial injury (or heart damage) was estimated from hospitalization data to be 0.0035%. But a new trial which tested everyone who got an mRNA vaccine estimates it’s a thousand times higher or nearly 3%, and possibly much more common in young women than we thought.

As John Campbell says, “it’s off the scale risk in heathcare”. “I would have run a mile”. “The only way you’d take this kind of risk in heathcare is if you were avoiding certain death. It’s complete madness”. Campbell argues that from now on everyone being offered an injection should be warned that one study showed as many as 1 in 35 people got vaccine associated myocardial injury. Otherwise it’s not informed consent.

On the plus side, they told all the people with abnormally high scores not to do strenuous exercise which could put them at risk of a life-threatening arrhythmia. And the cases […]

R F Kennedy Jnr: Not one childhood vaccine was pretested in a long term placebo controlled trial

By Jo Nova

Thirteen remarkable minutes everyone needs to see.

Remarkably, despite the aura of modern space-age medicine — not one childhood vaccine of the 72 that are recommended in the US — has ever been subject to a long term pre-licensing placebo controlled safety trial. Kennedy knows, because he took legal action to get Anthony Fauci to supply one study. After a year of litigation, they admitted they could not provide a single study.

As Kennedy says, he’s not anti-vaccination, he just wants good safety studies — something everyone wants, except maybe certain shareholders.

“Calling people “anti-vaxxers” is a way of silencing them.”

So, for decades, our highly trained doctors have been injecting babies and children with medicines that we didn’t test properly.

The four big companies that make vaccines … Merck, Sanofi, Glaxo and Pfizer, have paid over $35 billion dollars in criminal penalties in the last decade, for lying to doctors, falsifying science, for defrauding regulators…

RF Kennedy Junior’s site is Children’s Health Defense. They have a list of safety studies and controlled trials that use active ingredients in the comparison arm instead of inert placebos like sugar pills. Putting active compounds in both […]

When the government agencies that approve drugs are actually 96% funded by Big Pharma

By Jo Nova

The Malhotra-Dowd-Wolf-Shipman event about the Corruption of Medicine in Perth was a smashing success. The crowd of nearly 2,500 was on fire, the speakers were excellent and you can still watch it (and help cover some of the costs) by buying tickets to watch it online. Four hours of some of the best and brightest of humanity.


Fact-of-the-day (for me) was that the Australian TGA (drug approval agency) gets 96% of its budget from the industry it supposedly is a watchdog for. Hello? So when the TGA inexplicably banned the safe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine options they were, it seems, just doing what any bought-and-paid corporate crony agency would, even if people died. Apparently the government agencies are not just a rubber stamp for profitable drugs, they are the iron mallet to crush the competition too.

Cartoon thanks to Panda at FirstFactCheck

While Australia won the prize for the agency with the Biggest Conflict of Interest, there’s little material difference in the EU, the US or the UK (or Canada). The drug industry funds 89% of the EMA budget in Europe and 86% of […]

We want to inject you –“Please tell me you’re not going do your own research”

By Jo Nova

Brilliant. Jimmy Dore mocks the absurdity of the petty intimidation used to coerce people into obeying the pharmaceutical salesmen.

“Tell me boy, What you readin for…?”

Genius @Jimmy_Dore! pic.twitter.com/S4iAQl1oSS

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) June 3, 2023

Always they bully and shame people, instead of answering their questions.

In what other aspect of life do we mock people for doing their own research? — Climate Change. And it’s been going on for years.

Teach the children. The questions they don’t want you to ask, are the most important ones of all.

9.6 out of 10 based on 113 ratings

Mega review study of 2 million people shows nuts reduce heart attacks by 25%

By Jo Nova

Thirty years ago a study reported a lower risk of fatal heart attacks in people who ate nuts four times a week.

Since then scores of studies have shown the same general conclusion, popped out in the news, then got forgotten til the next one. Last week a mega review whittled them down to just 42 “cohort” studies on 1.9 million people and concluded that yes, nuts really do reduce heart disease deaths by around 25%, it’s “probably causal” say the researchers. And it most likely works through reducing blood lipids, though it might be displacing something bad.

They did also look at 18 randomized controlled studies of just 2,266 people to check for causality.

My thought for the day is if, in the extreme case, 1 in 4 heart attacks are caused by a nut deficiency and solveable with a daily dose of 50 cents worth of nuts, we could save quite a few people, not to mention hospital budgets. Coronary Heart Disease remains the biggest killer in the West. In the USA 700,000 people die of it nearly every year, which means something like 150,000 people might theoretically still be alive had they eaten […]

Artificial meat could make 25 times more CO2 than real beef

By Jo Nova

It turns out that replicating a cow in a laboratory is not as simple as expected. A new study points at some very major and potentially very hard to solve problems with laboratory meat. We can scale up vats of bacteria in factories easily, but animal cells are very different. Muscle cells not only need a sterile complicated broth but they are basically a sitting-duck feast for any bacteria.

Quote of the day:

“USD 2 billion has already been invested in this technology, but we don’t really know if it will be better for the environment,” Risner said.

Think of a cow as being an entire industrial production campus for meat — to deal with chemical toxins it comes with a customized chemical factory (a liver) and two industrial filter systems (kidneys), and a full immune defense force on a 24 hour watch to deal with the constant flood of microbial contaminants. Cows also have nutrient intake systems to break down grass into separate chemical components which are stored, transported and chemically tweaked to suit. All departments are self repairing, and are equipped with their own laboratory testing, messaging and alert service. The sterile […]

Exercise therapy is “better than drugs” for common type of heart failure

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

By Jo Nova

A new review of studies came out a few weeks ago pointing out that trials of 700 people with the most common kind of heart failure show they did better after an exercise program than they did with drugs.

I’d like to say “Big Pharma won’t be happy” but Big Pharma probably couldn’t care less. The money, the industry, the regulatory agencies, Hollywood, and a lifetime’s habit means most people will keep returning to largely well-meaning but busy doctors who will prescribe the latest something, whatever it is.

But ultimately the people who get out there and do supervised exercise of any kind a few times a week get more benefits than those taking the latest patented drug. They’ll also have a higher quality of life. In this study they’re looking at people with the most kind of common heart failure called HFpEF. The exercise is supervised because there is some risk in people who may be quite unfit or unhealthy.

How much of our lives is spend working to pay for a bloated health-care system that finds expensive ways to employ many people to do what we could have […]

Zinc tablets associated with 40% less death, half the ICU admission, and a quicker release from hospital

By Jo Nova

Two weeks treatment costs $3.75*

In Tunisia from February to May last year 470 people with Covid were randomly either given 50mg of zinc each day for two weeks or given a placebo. In the zinc group, after 30 days, 6% had died, and 5% had been admitted to intensive care. Meanwhile in the placebo group 9% had died and 11% had gone to the ICU. People taking zinc got out of hospital a few days before the people who didn’t.

Since there were no serious adverse effects in anyone from taking zinc, it’s obvious that good governments were handing out zinc tablets in carparks, schools and shopping malls, thus saving lives, millions of dollars, and keeping hospitals half empty. The rich world looks to healthcare systems like El Salvador. Shame about the other sclerotic swamps and backwaters of crony medicine. Sometimes countries have too much money to get good treatment.

In Australia, the government spent billions on experimental barely-tested vaccines with hidden results and secret contracts. Our TGA told everyone the vaccines were safe and useful but fined someone $8,000 for advertising on their website that ivermectin and zinc lozenges were effective against Covid. But who […]

A tired civilization? Sleep deprived people are more likely to be corrupt, deviant, apathetic and free loading

By Jo Nova

We may have to fix the sleep deprivation to fix the cultural apathy

Listening to a sleep specialist I was struck that so much of our civilizational decline mirrors the effects sleep deprivation has on individuals. The sleep researcher even used the phrases “deviant” and “social loafing”. Tired people free-load on the team and are more likely to make false claims. It amplifies the worst of “The Welfare State”.

A sleep deprived nation is a fatter, less productive, less creative and less motivated country. Sex hormones are reduced, blood sugar is raised, immunity suffers, self control is reduced, and anxiety increases, as does every marker of suicidal ideation. Food choices become more hedonic. Self discipline suffers. Declines in sleep must surely also explain part of the testosterone drop that modern civilization seems to be suffering from. Blood tests show being tired is medically a form of premature aging — albeit, hopefully, temporary.

Professor Matthew Walker argues that sleep is more important than food or exercise and yet we are ignoring it. Every species on Earth needs to sleep. If it were not essential, evolution would have found a way to get rid of it, or reduce […]

Clive Palmer donated 37m doses of HCQ and $1m for research and the Australian government destroyed both

By Jo Nova The TGA in Australia* have handed Clive Palmer a dynamite story to use against them and Big Pharma

Palmer is in fine form below — shining a light on the pathological success of health regulation. Early use of HCQ could have saved thousands of people, but as readers here know, if there was a cheap useful treatment for Covid available, other expensive, barely tested, risky new drugs would not be given an Emergency Use Authorization, thus threatening to kill a $200 billion dollar cash cow.

Getting rid of safe competing drugs is just a part of the business plan for Big Pharma and they would be letting down their shareholders if they didn’t lobby like hell to make it happen.

Clive Palmer paid for 37 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and donated it to the Australian public.

But it arrived in Australia, it was all destroyed by the Morrison regime.

Clive Palmer also donated $1 million to fund a trial into HCQ – but the TGA shut it down and… https://t.co/0wO6UnxwKY pic.twitter.com/d1g0fIk4n4

— Craig Kelly (@CKellyUAP) March 17, 2023


HCQ reduced death rates by 72% in 15 early treatment trials

The short video […]

It’s the Greatest Crime Scene in History — For the first time the healthy employed are worse off than the unemployed

By Jo Nova

Ed Dowd is the former BlackRock executive, who has been drawing attention to the excess death data. As a Wall Street trader he likes to find and arbitrage the realities that aren’t well known so he can bet against the realities that aren’t real. And so he found himself last year looking at death trends that were off the charts. At this point the trader turned into a human trying to warn hundreds of CEO’s of insurance companies (among others) but they did not want to know…

Of the 3.2 million newly disabled in the USA, it’s remarkable (though sad) that 1.7 million came from the employed sector. Normally working people are the healthiest group — but since February 2021 their disability rate is up 31%. That compares to a rise of just 9% across the “general population”. And in a complete turnaround — those who quit or got fired — normally the sickest ones — their disability rate rose only 4%.

So something changed. What could it be, we wonder, that took place in 2021 and caused more of those who stayed in their jobs to become disabled. Why was quitting work or being fired a […]

18 months too late: natural immunity is *almost* as good as vaccination (except when it’s better)

By Jo Nova

In the great Covid backpedalling of 2023, even the Australian ABC has finally admitted that natural immunity from Covid “lasts as long as vaccination” which is still false and misleading (because it lasts longer and is higher) but must have caused angst at the office. They go on to say their holy rosary incantation: “but experts have cautioned that vaccines are still the safer option”. Safer than what now, though? The new meta-review in the Lancet says nothing at all about side effects of vaccines or new variants, but people-who-believe-experts and people who think they are “good journalists” need to say their medical Hail-Marys, otherwise they have to admit to themselves that they were wrong and sometimes obnoxiously, insufferably, stupidly so.

The new Lancet metastudy looked at 65 studies from 19 countries. They found the reinfection rate of people who caught Covid was lower than people who were given Pfizer or Moderna. About a year after catching Covid, people with natural immunity still had about 37% protection against getting Omicron BA.1, about four times higher than people who had two Moderna doses. Yet the people with the better protection were locked out, punished, and sometimes even banned […]