Extending Lives: the Future of Health and Aging

CPA – Tax In Practice Conference,

March 2001, Coolangatta. Comments collected in offical CPA feedback forms. Overall rating of the speaker, 4.7 / 5

“Absolutely Rivetting. A brilliant Session.”

“More More More, please”

“Joanne was brilliant. Should be longer.”

“Very inspirational.”

“Entertaining but at the same time, thought provoking.”

“Fantastic inclusion in conference.”

“I want to be a scientist! And if I live long enough I might just be one.”

Client Seminar, BDS Accountants

“Joanne, Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for a wonderful presentation. The feedback from our clients was exceptional.”

David Gregg, BDS Accountants

Aged and Community Services -“Showcasing Excellence”

Oct 2001 Cairns

“Delegates were impressed… and inspired by the information you shared.”

Michael Issac, CEO, Aged Care Queensland.

The Science of Smart and Sexy

CPA – Financial Controllers Day,

Nov 2001, Brisbane. Overall rating of the speaker, 4.6 / 5

“Great lunch speaker.”

“Entertaining and informative.”

“Lively and something I could relate to.”

“Polished presenter – excellent lunch speaker choice.”

Comments from participants collected in official CPA feedback forms

Get Attention, Get Laughs, Get Your Message Across

Constawa – Science Teachers Assoc of WA

June 2001 Perth

“Joanne has floated the possibility of a return to the West. For the hundreds of members who missed her at the conference, this is a terrific opportunity, don’t miss out a second time.”

George Przywolnik, Penhros College Perth

“Joanne, what science needs is a young, female presenter to start improving the image of science. They’d have the credentials to gain respect, so let them know what yours are. They’d be a role model for females and be appealing for the males… As a stunningly capable and interesting female science presenter… you fit the bill.”

Ian Sanders Executive Officer, STAWA

“Her opening presentation, filled with energy, humour and simple yet effective audience-grabbers, was a recurring topic of conversation around the morning tea urns… Joanne’s workshop was often cited as a conference highlight.”

CONSTAWA report 2001, published in SCIOS

“… a note to thank you for your insightful, fun and motivating presentation at CONSTAWA this past weekend. I have given some of your ideas immediate use in my lower secondary science program…”

Randall Jones, Southern Cross District High School, June 2001

Joanne as an MC, Panel host and Presenter

Australian Science Festival

Jan 2001 Canberra

“Joanne is entertaining and engaging… we have been extremely pleased with all of Joanne’s performances and have recommended her to others.”

Mary Anne Waldren, Executive Director, The Australian Science Festival.

Mars Forum Panel Discussions

October 2000, Canberra

“You directed the events and discussions beautifully and clearly understood a lot of the important issues. Above all, you brought an element of fun and a few laughs…”

Alex Craven, Event Manger – Mars Forum, Space Futures 2000.

Genes and the Future

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Oct 2000 Canberra

“Dear Joanne, I just heard your genetics presentation at AFFA. It was a fantastic presentation and I enjoyed it very much. If only you were my genetics lecturer at uni, I would have enjoyed the lectures so much more.”

Dr Iska Sampson, Aquatic Animal Health Unit.

Transplant Nurses Conference

November 1999 Manly

“Fabulous presentation, fun and entertaining whilst addressing a huge topic.”

Anne Senner RN MSN CNC Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant.

“Best explanation of the Human Genome Project I’ve heard.”

Deborah Rust, RN MSN, CRNP. University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, PA USA

“Excellent Presentation, I laughed and I learnt.”

Vanessa Keller N.S.W. branch President.

“Fantastic, we were really pleased with the presentation Joanne gave the conference, it was informative and well researched, her delivery was perfect, and she had definitely hit the mark with the level she aimed at. A very well received presentation.”

Annemarie Kaan National President Transplant Nurses Association inc.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, it was great.”

Cecilia Boyd

“We should have allocated more time for Joanne to speak. Great job!”

Kylie Johnson Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Great presentation, would love to hear her speak again.”

Jayne Furrer.

“Loved the corn flour, thought it was amazing “

Lisa Singleton.

“When we booked Joanne we did not really know what to expect but she performed beyond our expectations and would recommend her to anyone in need of an intelligent yet entertaining speaker.”

Karen Johnston, conference organiser

10 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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