Batman to the rescue — masked men install protected bat boxes over ULEZ traffic cameras

By Jo Nova

Strange sightings of Batman and Robin have been occurring in London

Thousands of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) cameras have been installed to record numberplates of offending older cars so their owners can be charged £12.50 for daring to drive a non-compliant car in London. This usually means any diesel car made before 2014 or a petrol car made before 2006, so the fines especially hurt low paid workers, students and retirees.

The two masked crusaders have been seen helping the local bat population by installing homes for them in front of ULEZ cameras. Since bats are a protected species (unlike motorists) once the bat boxes are installed they can not be tampered with nor disturbed by law. Batman and Robin helpfully also place legal notices on the poles so workers coming to fix the cameras know they risk a six month jail sentence or an “unlimited” fine if they so much as touch the bat box.

The bat boxes cost £10.

Bat roosts have legal protection:

Vigilante anti-ULEZ campaigners hang bat boxes on cameras to stop engineers fixing them

By Adam Toms and Rom Preston-Ellis, The Mirror

The £10 animal homes […]

Farmers win: Major EU backdown on farming emissions and regulations

By Jo Nova

Farmers win the day after mass protests

Thousands of farmers in tractors and trucks protested in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, Portugul, Greece and Spain. Farmers in Poland are planning to block the Ukrainian border. The French farmers held Paris under siege, blocking roads, pouring manure everywhere and leaving supermarket shelves empty, then after they won some concessions from President Macron, they kept on driving to Brussels and did it all again with help from farmers from other countries. The EU is the target.

The thing that made this so potent was not just that the farmers had heavy equipment that moved obstacles and drove over barriers, they also had huge public support. Something like 80 to 90% of French citizens supported the farmers and were willing to put up with the inconvenience. Then to cap it off, EU elections are coming in June, and they only happen once every five years. The Greens look like they will do badly. That people like Geert Wilders can win in national elections must have shocked the politerati class. But right wing governments have been elected in Italy, Sweden, and Finland too.

This looks like a major win. […]

Reckless Renewables Protest in Canberra, Australia on Tuesday

By Jo Nova

Farmers all over the world are bearing the brunt of the massive infrastructure and land needed to collect low density, unreliable energy. They’re being forced to take part in a giant pagan experiment to try to change the global weather and with virtually no consultation. No wonder they’re angry. In Australia there are more than 1,000 renewable projects in the pipeline and people in the regions are furious. They’re coming to Canberra at 10am on Tuesday. Professor Peter Ridd will be there. Don’t miss it if you can get there…

The regions renewable energy war in Canberra on Tuesday

by Mathew Condon, The Australian

They will come from the north and south. By car and bus and train. And if they have to, given their passion, by Shanks’ pony.

The“Reckless Renewables Rally” is also expected to attract similarly disaffected sympathisers from Queensland, Victoria (itself embroiled in the great wind farm debate) and Tasmania.

Hundreds if not thousands of the wind farm- and renewable energy-aggrieved are set to pour on to the manicured lawns of Parliament House, Canberra on Tuesday, February 6 – federal parliament’s first sitting day for 2024 […]

Net Zero uproar in Germany — mass Farmer protests spread to other workers and other countries…

By Jo Nova

For weeks a huge uprising has been building in Germany against NetZero, green tape and rampant taxes. The Germany government gave a partial concession last week, but the protests only grew stronger. Not only are the autobahns and streets grid-locked with thousands of tractors and trucks, but the freight and passenger trains have also stopped in a three day strike. Cargo boats are blocking inland waterways and canals. There is a looming strike of doctors as well, and the cluster of discontent has been labelled “Mistgabelmop ” — the pitchfork mob. Convoys are up to 20 kilometers long, and are widespread. The protests appear to be spreading. There are rumors of protests gathering in support in France. Romania, Poland, and the UK

Pierre Gosselin, at NoTricksZone in Germany, writes “Never in postwar history has a ruling government been so unpopular“.

The things the BBC/ABC/CBC/NPR/etc didn’t tell you on the news tonight can be found in five minutes on Twitter. Vive Free Speech. Thank you Elon. Those who control most of the Western media don’t want the unwashed masses to know about these protests because they fear the protests will spread like wildfire.

“They feel […]

Who needs farmers? The Greens create 10,000 km of high voltage industrial pain

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to these beautiful towers…

By Jo Nova

Just another community horror thanks to Green fantasies

Australia’s Power Grid is full they say, and to collect all the sacred green electrons and save the world now means building thousands of kilometers of high voltage towers that will carve up farms and wilderness, damage property values, and ruin good farming land. For some reason, inner city activists think that’s a good idea.

But out in the country farmers and rural people are angry.

Western Victorian Farmer protesting against new High Voltage Transmission Towers

Few people want giant wind turbines spoiling the view and their sleep, but if the turbines are built in lonely far-flung spots, then thousands of 70m high steel towers will have to cross the land anyhow to connect their useless electrons.

In theory the Renewable Crash Test Dummy nation “needs” another 10,000km of new transmission lines and they’re supposed to be built before 2030. To get some idea of just how impossible this is, consider Humelink which is meant to be the interconnector to “Snowy 2.0” (the doomed pumped storage scheme). It is only 360km long and was supposed […]

Vandalism for the Planet! Climate activists deflate tyres to try to make it “impossible to own an SUV”

By Jo Nova

It’s a cult. Believers in the climate religion can’t persuade the rest of the population through polite conversation, so a few are resorting to vandalism-for-the-planet because they know more than you do about atmospheric physics, right? After a spate last year, the call has gone out for activists to sneak around again after dark, being the deceptive cowards they are, and let down the tyres of SUVs to punish owners for not joining their pagan religion. Judging by their twitter thread, it doesn’t seem like a mass movement.

Philosophically, it’s just bully-badger-and-harass people for the climate kind of thing. According to “Tyre Extinguishers“you too can change the weather 100 years from now by dressing like a bank robber, and prancing around in the dark making other people’s lives more difficult. “Bravo” eh?

The same evangelists don’t seem to be concerned with even heavier EV’s made with child labor, the solar panels made by slaves, or the landfill toxic waste, destruction of forest, birds and bats by renewables. It’s just a tribal performance art to impress their friends and fill the spiritual vacuum in their lives.

When will the grown-ups in the environmental movement condemn vandalism? It’s time […]

Extinction Rebellion Quits being attention-seeking vandals, will protest normally instead

By Jo Nova

Extinction Rebellion said “We Quit”.

After four years of “public disruption” Extinction Rebellion (XR) has decided to stop being a public nuisance and develop “relationships instead”. This is a group that prances around in doomsday costumes, and tried gluing themselves to the top of commuter trains at peak hour in London. (Furious passengers dragged them off.)

Extinction Rebellion has decided to be rebellious by, wait for it… holding mass rallies instead.

In the end, they said after four years of protesting, XR admit their failure: “very little has changed. Emissions continue to rise and our planet is dying at an accelerated rate.”

So for some reason, despite four years of costumes, chanting, and naked protests, the global atmosphere did not change. Who could have seen that coming?

Just another ordinary worker trying to warn us about climate werewolves or something.

XR were losing the popularity race

The Guardian

Activists with XR, which launched in 2018, became known for civil disobedience, from planting trees on Parliament Square to superglueing themselves to the gates of Buckingham Palace. Some smashed windows at bank headquarters and at News UK, the publisher of the Sun and […]

Don’t miss, the World Wide Rally For Freedom — This Saturday 12 noon

By Jo Nova

The battle for freedom is here. The World Wide Freedom Rally of 2021 was massive, the largest protest I have ever been too, and it’s on again.

Don’t miss the chance to meet like minded people who will not go quietly into the night of corruption and lies. This is for everyone who is fed up with censorship; fed up with funding fantasies of climate control; and fed up with forced injections. I’m honored to be speaking at the Perth World Wide Rally for Freedom.

Right now the Swamp wants you to think there’s no point and no hope. But ask yourself what someone in a Soviet gulag would say — you have riches beyond your wildest imagination, and so many ways to fight back.

There are events all over the world:

This Saturday | World Wide Freedom Rally Nov 19 2022

Australian Freedom Rallies — Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Mackay.

See: World Wide Freedom Rally. Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Substack,


… Click to enlarge

The Perth Event features John Shipman, Julian Assange’s father. See you there!

Click to enlarge.

Coming soon […]

Volkswagen solves glue protests by supporting them — no lights, no heating, no attention

By Jo Nova

The new glue trend in protests may suddenly be over. Just like that.

As Twitchy and RedState report: Nine new protestors called “Scientist-Rebellion” turned up to the Volkswagon factory and glued themselves to the floor saying they were “on hunger strike until our demands to decarbonize the German transport sector are met.”. The normal response is to call the police and get the glue protestors arrested which gives them the attention they so desire. Instead, Volkswagon immediately decarbonized the factory — turned everything off including the heating and left the protestors there to figure out the scientific logistics of eating, drinking, and going to the toilet while glued to a cold floor.


You’ve nailed it mate. No heating, no lights. You’ve successfully decarbonised the hall that you are in. Let us know how it’s working out for you, and see if you can join the dots.

— MoltoVinos (@IncognitoMV) October 20, 2022

The list of demands from glue-geniuses is “big”

These people want to run the world but couldn’t plan their own lives 24 hours in advance:

Getting ready for first night of sleep inside the Porsche Pavillion @Autostadt to […]

Climate Activists throw soup on Van Gogh painting to save the world

by Jo Nova

“Trust the science” has morphed into “attention-seeking children toss soup on 8o million dollar painting”. This can happen when a generation is taught that their own culture is worthless, that weather is controlled by light bulbs, and that vandalism is an achievement.

This is end stage absurdity in the climate religion. Their words don’t even make sense:

“Are you more concerned about the protection of a painting or the protection of the planet and our people.” “The cost of living crisis is part of the cost of oil crisis. Fuel is unaffordable. To millions of cold hungry families, they can’t even afford to heat a tin of soup…”

Someone needs to explain supply and demand to the people at Just Stop Oil. If fuel is unaffordable the solution is more fuel. Drill for Oil baby, make civilization great again so people can heat up their soup.

I think the main message is: “don’t let anyone in wearing “Just Stop Oil t-shirts”.

Apparently the painting is covered with glass. To protect our national treasures perhaps it’s time we stopped rewarding vandals with prime time TV spots? Ten thousand farmers can protest for two months […]

Don’t pay UK protest: thousands of consumers pledge to not-pay their obscene energy bills

What will electricity companies do if a million UK customers say they won’t pay their bill? We might find out in six weeks or so.

A group called Don’t Pay UK are gathering pledges from fed-up UK consumers, and so far 75,000 Brits have signed up. The Twitter account @dontpayuk started in June, and already has 91,000 followers. The group draws inspiration from the Poll Tax protests thirty years ago which likely ended Margaret Thatchers reign as PM.

As commenter MrGrimNasty says the latest estimates have the UK energy bill price cap at a [shocking] £4,700 by April next year, remember it was about £1200 hardly 2 years before then.

With 12 million people in the UK facing energy poverty, there may be plenty of takers in the civil disobedience movement. The nation is only 6km away from 1,000 trillion cubic feet of shale gas. OK, so it’s 6 kilometers of solid rock, but if it were war-time, how long would that take? (Especially when the hole is already drilled. The hardest rock apparently is the paperwork just to stop it being concreted back in.)

Don’t Pay UK

It’s simple: we are demanding a […]

Dutch Farmers mass protest with tractors against regulations that will reduce farms and food

Don’t wait for your government Newspeak channel to tell you

On Twitter #Netherlands, massive protests are underway. Farmers have been told to shut farms to reduce nitrogen emissions and they’ve taken to the streets. (It’s not clear if this is purely about fertilizer runoff, or climate change as well.) The word is that supermarket shelves are emptying fast, roads are blocked, but that 75% of the public generally support the farmers and are joining in on foot in some places. Farmers are dumping hay bales in the streets and spraying manure on government offices. There are claims (with footage) that the Dutch government has brought in armored vehicles and is using tear gas. Some video allegedly shows masked police zero in on single peaceful protestors and pull them out.


Now ANOTHER crisis hits EU! Hundreds of tractors block the German/Netherlands border

FARMERS in the Netherlands have staged a huge protest with thousands of tractors lining up to block the German/Netherlands border in campaign against the government’s controversial nitrogen policy.

Protestors demonstrated in front of several public buildings with manure and slurry after politicians voted on proposals to slash emissions of damaging pollutants, a plan which […]

Climate-vandals are coming to let down your SUV tyres — if only they had evidence to persuade you instead

Tyre Extinguishers are vandals who skulk around at night and poke lentils in tyre valves to flatten tyres of evil SUV’s. It’s a new fashion in “climate activism” and it makes sense in a narcissistic pagan-religion kind of way. Those who do it are convinced they are smarter than everyone else, and their latest “plan” is to show you what nice, caring people they are by wasting your time and generally being thoughtless badgering bullies.

Naturally the cowards are anonymous, though they have a twitter account @T_Extinguishers.

Imagine the stress on the disabled, the sick, the missed medical appointments, children late for critical final year exams, and doctors who can’t get to work. Then there’s the damaged tyres that need replacing.


‘We will make it impossible to own an SUV in the world’s urban areas’

Eco-nuts used lentils to let down the tyres of Chelsea tractors because ‘air pollution is RACIST’

Tom Rawstorne for the DailyMail

And so it was that on Monday night a new front on the eco-war opened as a group calling themselves the Tyre Extinguishers launched a co-ordinated effort to deflate the tyres of as many SUVs […]

Trudeau weighs up whether to stop forced injections, but decides to trample with horses

Trudeau faced a tricky choice: he could stop forcing people to get injections-they-don’t-want and the Truckers would all go home, problem solved, but he would look like a loser. Or he could trample, spray and beat them, and steal their money instead. So he did.

It’s for their health:

Look what Putin is doing now. Sanctions immediately!

— Poso Remembers Ottawa (@JackPosobiec) February 19, 2022

.@ezralevant: “I think Justin Trudeau wants violence, to retroactively justify what he’s doing. Why would you run horses into a group of civilians other than you want blood?”

It’s “a dark day for Canada,” the @RebelNewsOnline founder tells @JennPellegrino.

— Newsmax (@newsmax) February 19, 2022

ICYMI: help us sue the police at

— K2🍁🚛 (@kiansimone44) February 19, 2022

When journalists and old women are attacked and police bear down on protesters with the cavalry, pepper spray and batons, we would expect most Western leaders to speak out, and most serious mastheads. Here’s the Wall Street Journal. Note the others in the coming days (or lack thereof).

Trudeau’s Destructive ‘Emergency’

The truckers protest could have been handled without […]

Canadian Provinces rebel against Trudeau — Quebec says “No Emergency Powers Here”

Provinces of Canada (click to enlarge) | by Hogweard

Thank the Truckers

Vaccine mandates have or will soon end across five Canadian provinces, and at least four of the Premiers have also dismissed Trudeau’s call to invoke Emergency powers.

This includes some of the largest provinces, and within a few weeks, as many as 30 million Canadians out of 38 million, will be free of vaccine passports within their provinces.

The newly elected opposition leader Candace Bergen calls the Emergency Act an “unprecedented slegehammer”.

Candace Bergen

To give some idea of how the Truckers have transformed politics, only two weeks ago the leader of the Canadian opposition was Erin O’Toole. He was dropped on Feb 3 by a large margin with a secret ballot – 73-45. Notably, the first and worst thing that Reuters could say about the new leader Candice Bergen was that she once worn a MAGA hat. She is more conservative than the former leader.

The Premier of Quebec, which has long had a strong separatist movement, went so far as to say he’d only support the call if it didn’t apply to Quebec, and the military was not used anywhere in Canada.


Trudeau is panicking: It’s the biggest human rights protest in a generation

Tucker Carlson points out how Trudeau’s overreaction reveals his impotence.

By going double or nothing, it’s so much harder for Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario) to back down.

The biggest human rights protest in the West in a generation:

The Left used to represent the Workers

As David Evans says:

The great political realignment continues. The ruling class have coalesced — with the establishment right joining the bureaucratic left. They are all college-educated (but not too bright, you understand), and they love well paid government jobs and government money, and being aligned to the dominant political ideology so they can name-call anyone else and dismiss them without having to actually engage with what they are saying — without having to actually think.

But they left behind most of society. We can’t all be overpaid non-productive consumers of government money.

Parasites United will never be asked to work too hard.

Here’s one Ontario Police Officer who says there are “many police officers who want nothing more to see our country returned back to the beautiful state that it was. A lot want to speak out but we can’t because we […]

Trucker Convoy: Trudeau doesn’t know how to solve this — Freeze them out?

All Trudeau has to do is declare vaccination is voluntary…

The Trucks can’t be towed away — apparently all the towing companies “have Covid”. And the Truckers have been resolutely peaceful and considerate (honking aside). The protests are spreading, not shrinking. The Ambassador Bridge is now also blockaded — that’s the major bridge connecting Detroit, Michigan and Windsor. Hundreds of Truckers on the Alberta border are still gathered there. The Cavalry has arrived! Hordes of cowboys on horses have joined them. In Alaska, trucks are gathering too. Truckers in Alaska can’t drive to the rest of the USA without crossing the Canadian border.

The Ottawa Mayor has declared a “State of Emergency” because people were burning down buildings, destroying statues, and looting Nike stores — wait… No. That’s all fine. It’s a state of emergency because someone is honking horns. Trudeau could have come out to meet the workers revolution, listen to them, and negotiate, as any good leader would. Instead, the troopers started to arrest people carrying cans of fuel or propane gas to support the Truckers. Staying warm in parked trucks is now an act of insurrection.

It was minus 5C last night in Ottawa, and it’s forecast […]

Truckers settle in, building kitchen near Parliament. Gofundme tries to steal funds, but is thwarted

The latest:

GoFundMe has taken control of $9m in Trucker donations. But people started demanding a chargeback from their bank to punish GoFundMe with full refunds plus fees. Donors can donate to GiveSendGo instead. The Truckers are not going anywhere. The legacy media claimed they stole food from the homeless at a soup kitchen in Ottawa, so the Truckers built a soup-kitchen, called “the Shack”, as a community kitchen, and are feeding the homeless. When told that was illegal, and they could not build a fixed structure, they announced they were adding wheels. The city of Ottawa is restricting food sales to starve out the protesters, but instead the FreedomConvoy are feeding themselves. (Did the city not realize the Truckers might be good at the logistics of food deliveries?) After threats to bring in the military to remove the truckers, the Military has told Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers. Truckers are being called terrorist extremists but in the streets they are playing ice hockey, sweeping off the snow, congo dancing and doing the Macarena. Live music and fireworks happen at night. Look out, it’s an insurrection: Bouncing castles for children have arrived. In chilling news, a […]

Canadian Truckers Protests massive, Trudeau runs from Ottawa

Spread the word. The legacy corporate media are not telling the world about the biggest Truck Convoy in history. People in cars have joined in, farmers in tractors are lining up. People are baking cupcakes and organising food for the drivers. A few hours ago it was a freezing cold midwinter night but throngs were cheering and tooting around Parliament Hill and the streets nearby were in gridlock. Three or four blocks away from Parliament Hill people are tooting in queues of cars, cheering on the Truckers.

#mandates BROUGHT DOWN BY CITIZENS. #FreedomTruckers #TruckersForFreedom #CanadaTruckers #USATruckers #ItalyTruckers #AustralianTruckers 👏👏👏

— Ibrahim Reyes (@IbrahimReyesEsq) January 29, 2022

Justin Trudeau has tested negative to Covid but has fled Ottawa for a secret location for “fear of violence” and to self isolate with his family. He’s called it a “small fringe minority” expressing “unacceptable views”, and the protesters have taken on the small fringe minority label in placards.

The Empire strikes back

Ezra Levant is on the scene and reporting that officials are going to extreme lengths (as I said they would) to stop the Convoy — they are blocking roads near Parliament Hill with police cars and graders. […]

Canadian Truckers for Freedom growing fast — 11 convoys, $5m, one convoy said to be 70km long

11 convoys are converging across Canada. One convoy was claimed to be over 70 kilometers long* last night and growing. US truckers are joining in, and they can’t come over the border they are going to block it.

This is not a union organized thing. It’s grassroots and it’s come out of nowhere. People are coming out and standing in minus 20 degree weather just to cheer the trucks on. The fundraising started last Friday and has reached $5m. It has grown so fast that GoFundMe is holding funds til the organisers present a clear plan. Truckdrivers are even coming from Alaska. There’s an ocean of cars in support in Acheson Alberta.

UPDATE#2: The Empire fights back. Snezhana reports: Facebook shut down the #FreedomConvoy2022 page and Social media is starting to shut down pages supporting #TruckersForFreedom to censor what’s happening in #Canada!

The Facebook Group had grown to 545,000 members before it was shut down.

If news of this convoy spread freely and was supported like the BLM rallies imagine how fast it could grow. Spread the word. We’re in an information war. Share the news any way you can. Never give in. […]