Vaccine damage: 300,000 deaths in the US, $148 billion lost, and 10% say a member of their house died

By Jo Nova The crime of the century

“Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this state of affairs is that most Americans don’t know it’s happening.” “…this death count in one year is 5.2 times the number of men killed in ten years of combat in Vietnam.”

— John Leake

Ed Dowd’s Vaccine Damage Report is finally here. It looks at excess death in the healthy working age population of the US — the 148 million Americans aged 18 – 64 who are employed. Shockingly, an estimated 300,000 people have died due to Covid vaccines, and another 1.4 million are now classed as disabled. Around the world this would translate to about 5 million deaths and 46 million with disabilities and as many as 900 million people with some injury.

A Rasmussen poll just out, corroborates that something awful happened in America.* It shows 10% of people in the US say that someone in their own household died and they suspect their death was caused by the vaccines. This number was spread evenly across Democrat and Republican voters showing it is not a politically driven response but probably just a sad reflection of […]

14,000 Australians died of something mysterious last year and no one wants to research it

By Jo Nova

Senator Alex Antic is on fire asking why no one seems interested in the 14,062 people who died unexpectedly from January to November last year. In a full year, that’s 15,300 families who lost a loved one. 15,000 lives cut short. It’s nearly twice the size of the covid toll.

Where is The Department of Health, the CSIRO, the ABC, TGA, SBS, APRHA, our universities, most newspapers and free to air TV? Do Australian lives matter?

@SenatorAntic: Something catastrophic is happening and the government and media are unconcerned.

The previous four Australian ABS Provisional Mortality Statistics data releases reveal 15.1%, 16.0%, 17.0%, and 17.3% increases in excess deaths above the baseline average. Similar, if not worse, trends, are happening all over the western world. Clearly, something serious, I would say catastrophic, is occurring, yet strangely politicians and the censorship industrial complex are almost entirely unconcerned about investigating it. They don’t want you to know what is driving this, but we all know what is causing it.

h/t Kevin a

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data (ABS) shows that mysterious deaths were far higher than Covid deaths in the last months of 2021.

ABS: Provisional […]

Huge Elephant dies suddenly. We don’t know why but we know it wasn’t *that*

By The Babylon Bee.

Experts Say They Don’t Know What Thing Is Causing Everyone To Suddenly Collapse, But It’s Definitely Not That One Thing.

“It’s too early to say what could be causing this, but it’s never too early to say what isn’t causing this,” said local expert, Dr. Scott Rufflinger. “This could be caused by anything. But the one thing we know for certain is that it’s definitely not what we’re all thinking that’s behind this — if you know what I mean. We can go ahead and rule that thing out right now because Science just called us on the phone and told us not to discuss it. We always follow Science.”

According to sources, experts have been working tirelessly around the clock to try and get to the bottom of why so many seemingly perfectly healthy, athletic people are falling over suddenly.

“I wish I could point to something in the past year or two that large groups of people were exposed to, or forced into, but nothing comes to mind,” added Dr. Rufflinger. “If only there was one thing all these patients had in common.”


If only it […]

10,000 mysterious excess deaths in Australia that no one wants to talk about

You’d think it would be big news? Deaths in Australia are running a lot higher than expected. After ticking like a metronome for years, they’ve suddenly jumped 12% or even higher. This is above and beyond normal deaths and deaths listed as “Covid”. Something mysterious or new has killed around 10,000 Australians in the first half of this year last twelve months*. This is eight times worse than the national road toll, yet this phenomenon has barely rated a mention in our news reports.

When a car crash kills three people, we hear about it on the six o’clock news. But when 10,000 lose their lives… crickets.

Total media interest on this mystery killer amounts to three tangential mentions out of 100 media outlets. One, in the Australian Financial Review called it a “marked” change and “helpfully” said it wasn’t due to suicide. The Guardian, meanwhile wondered if Covid was really killing more people than we realize. The third, NewsGP for doctors was the only serious discussion, yet even it was all questions and no answers. The word vaccine was only mentioned so that we knew that unnamed analysts believe “the probable influence of vaccine-related deaths … is ‘negligible’. Not […]

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion — a documentary on things the media won’t mention

By Jo Nova

Oracle Films has a new documentary out to help fill the gaping hole that is the legacy media. While every news outlet could afford to send a full camera crew to hospitals to show the pain of Covid patients, there’s a five mile exclusion zone around the home of anyone who claim to be victims of vaccine side effects. The media won’t talk to widows and family of loved ones; won’t tell the stories of people who died within days of their second shot. They won’t show montages of athletes collapsing on the field or children who lost a parent. Indeed the BBC’s big contribution was to dob in a Facebook group with 250,000 members who were reduced to talking about their injections with carrot emoji’s in a secret code. Facebook axed them, and the BBC bragged about it. Just another great moment in Public Broadcasting.

Dr Aseem Malhotra pointed out last week that in Norway, which has good official figures, about 1 in 1000 people are getting side effects that “put them in hospital” or are described as “life changing”. While 99.9% didn’t suffer like that, it still means tens of thousands of people across the […]

We should stop all Covid vaccinations says UK Cardiac Specialist who once promoted them

by Jo Nova

Blockbuster Review papers like this are very useful to pass on to your doctor or officials. And until all patients get some synopsis of this or equivalent, there is no informed consent.

Dr Aseem Malhotra

As Dr Aseem Malhotra says: “It’s perhaps the most important work of my career so far…”

The great thing is that he is speaking at medical conferences in the UK, and senior doctors are astonished. There is hope that things may yet improve after the worst medical experiment in history.

The figures that hit the hardest are that for the young, thousands of people need to be vaccinated to save one life, yet in the UK 1 in 120 people suffer from something defined as more than mild effects, and in Norway 1 in 1,000 end up in hospital or with “life changing” effects.

Dr Malhotra was the cardiac specialist I wrote about in November last year, who put forward the first very convincing case I had seen that not only were cardiac inflammatory risk factors doubled after vaccination (Gundry et al) which might double the risk of heart attacks, but that reports and images of cardiac damage and an […]

People in their 30s and 40s more likely to die in the prime of their lives, and no one knows why

The pattern is the same in the UK, in Germany and in the US, yet the media can’t seem to figure it out

New Scientist:Just 22,500 people who we didn’t expect to lose. It’s ten times worse than the UK national road toll.

It was particularly deadly last summer in the US especially for 35-45 year olds

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Report released a few weeks ago shows that people in that age group were twice as likely to die as normal in the third quarter last year. The odds were bad across the whole 25 to 54 age range. Deaths were 80% higher than normal.

If there is any good news in a chart of unexpected young deaths — its that whatever it was, the effect is waning. The bad news is that people in the prime of their life were still 30% more likely to die in Quarter 1 this year.

It’s a very big deal. Mortality rates in adults have been constant for decades (see figure 1 in this report). A 200% increase is a red flag flapping there. Something was going very wrong for some young working age adults. The Delta wave was hitting the […]

Excess deaths rise in Germany too, peaking in the same months medical experiments peak

A new paper shows in Germany excess deaths seem to mysteriously hit the working age crowd harder than the old and the young in 2021, which defied the textbooks, and also broke the pattern set in 2020. The Delta variant arrived in 2021 with a higher mortality rate but that still doesn’t explain the strange age pattern. In 2020 Germany had about 30,000 deaths officially due Covid, which rose to 80,000 deaths in 2021. But something else was going on because Covid doesn’t hit working age people harder than senior citizens.

Viruses usually kill the very young or the very old, not the people in the middle.

This sort of actuarial data is notoriously complicated to unpack. But there is a clear rise in unexpected deaths at the same time as the medical experiments that also peaked in April, June, and December of 2021. As Kuhbandner and Reitzner point out, excess deaths appear to rise with the timing of vaccination doses, especially the first and the third.


Furthermore, peak vaccinations for the under 30s was delayed til June, which is when their excess deaths peaked

For most of the first year and a half of […]

The new killer called “Unknown Causes”

For most things that kill us there is a clock like regularity with deaths in a province as big as Alberta. Year after year dementia kills about 2,000 people, for example. But then there was Covid-19 and a disease called Unknown Causes. Wow.

Alberta Causes of Deaths data*,

Unknown causes of death killed more people in Alberta than anything else did

Despite billions of dollars in spending, somehow modern medicine is seven times less likely to know what someone died of than it was two years ago. Does anything else capture just how far medicine has advanced during the pandemic (all the way back to 1910?).

That’s a pretty significant signal there in 2021. In the world we thought we lived in, governments would have arranged a SWAT team of medicos to investigate, the opposition would be baying from the side and the media would be all over it. And the rollout of new experimental medical interventions would be halted immediately.

Sometimes things are so crazy-strange that satire makes more sense. Here’s the excellent JP Sears:

““Good Evening. People are dropping like flies from a mysterious killer called ‘unknown case of death.’ So tonight we’re bringing […]

Mysterious excess deaths in 18 – 64 year olds: Life insurance companies paying out a lot more in 2021

Vicki Schofield

More strange puzzling numbers coming out of life insurance

Deaths per capita are usually tightly predictable, but it appears something serious is going on in terms of unexplained excess deaths in people aged from 18 to 64. These are people in the prime-of-their lives. If Departments of Heath and Professors of Medicine were working for taxpayers, we surely wouldn’t be trying to guesstimate how many people have died from looking at insurance company payments. But here we are. Someone official has all the morbidity and mortality data. Someone knows.

In January we heard that the chief of OneAmerica Life Insurance was astonished that there was an “unheard” of rise in deaths in working adults of ages 18 – 64 in the last two quarters of 2021. Deaths in this working age group were up by an amazing 40% above the historical norms.

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference… “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

“Just to give you an idea […]

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: because young people die, just like that

In the year of collapsing athletes, we now have the coincidental rise of SADS

Naturally, its nothing to do with new large medical programs done for emergency use. We know that because of all the detailed human trial data that the FDA and company in question wanted to hide until 2096, and which we still haven’t seen in full.

But if you hear of someone young and healthy dying there’s a word for that now — “normal”, I mean SADS.

Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register

Daily Mail

People aged under 40 are being urged to have their hearts checked because they may potentially be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.The syndrome, known as SADS, has been fatal for all kinds of people regardless of whether they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. The term is used when a post-mortem cannot find an obvious cause of death.

The US-based SADS Foundation has said that over half of the 4,000 annual SADS deaths of children, teens or young adults have one of the top two warning […]

Blockbuster paper: Covid vaccines may not improve your chances of staying alive at all even in a pandemic

A scandal of epic proportions

The data in the UK is some of the best in the world, but if a person has a vaccine and dies in the next two weeks, it’s classed as an “unvaccinated death”. People are not counted as fully vaccinated until 14 days after their second dose, which makes sense if we’re only looking at Covid deaths. But it doesn’t make sense when looking at other deaths. This delayed categorization leads to enigmatic effects, to say the least.

Strangely, the unvaccinated are increasingly likely to die from the week after other people in their age group get the vaccine…

The graph below of the 70-something age group in the UK, charts the non-Covid deaths — all the heart attacks, strokes, cancer and accidents. But notice how the first dose of Covid vaccines peaked in Week 5 (the grey dashed line), but the mortality of the unvaccinated (the blue line) peaks 2 weeks later? These are the non-covid deaths, so heart attacks, strokes, all kinds of things are killing the unvaccinated two weeks after the peak in vaccination for other people in their age-group.

Most 70-somethings who did get vaccinated, got their second dose […]

Beware: the famous Flu death tally is “highly adjusted” and Coronavirus is still 10 times worse

The annual Flu death tally is not what it seems

It’s another bubble I don’t want to pop. Thanks for sticking in there in the quest for data that counts.

People worry that doctors are inflating the number of Coronavirus-deaths by listing other kinds of deaths in the Covid category. Fair enough. But they miss that this has effectively already been done with the famous flu death count. The national discussion is stuck in a rut, because it’s trying to compare confirmed cases of Coronavirus with modelized broad category influenza “burdens”.

It’s tempting to cite the current toll of 72,000 US Coronavirus deaths and wonder why we’ve reacted so differently to the worst influenza season where 62,000 people died of the flu (supposedly). But the actual confirmed cases of influenza deaths in the US are only 3,000 – 15,000 annually. Coronavirus really is on a different scale.

The headline grabbing flu numbers are modeled guesses based on assumptions about things like how many people go to hospital, how many get tested, or what other diseases were around at the time. It’s called the Influenza Disease Burden, not the List of Those Who Died, because it’s statistics and word-games. […]

Death tolls could be 60% higher than official numbers

Mortality rates show that this is a medical situation we have not seen since WWII

All statistics are suspect but some numbers still tell us something important. In the early fog of a global pandemic, a proper diagnoses is difficult if not impossible. People are dying of heart attacks because they are too scared to go to hospital, but equally, Covid is causing heart attacks and strokes that might never have happened. It’s fair to ask how many deaths are due to Coronavirus and how many are due to the lockdown, but it’s not realistic to expect that we can do an autopsy on every single patient. And as the Financial Times team points out, the excess deaths also occur in the regions of the UK with the highest infection rates — which suggests they are due to the virus, not just collateral damage. Though people will also be less willing to visit a hospital in a zone where there are more cases. On the other hand, in areas with lockdowns but no major outbreaks, the mortality rates are 10% below normal (see many US states). So these peaks could have been even higher but the lockdown saved some people […]

New York “like mass casualty event”: coronavirus and other deaths up three-fold

Across the US all-cause mortality is down as as people avoid catching the flu, getting run over, and other risks. But in New York where coronavirus has hit hardest, all-cause mortality is at record highs.

This is nothing like the seasonal flu

For the whole month of March, deaths in New York were twice as high as normal. This includes not just extra coronavirus deaths but all other causes. Deaths were even higher than the number of known coronavirus deaths, leaving cardiologists worried that there may have been an increase in other conditions like heart attacks or strokes, because people were afraid to go to hospital or couldn’t get help in time.

This is an underestimate. The authors expect this number to rise as more paperwork gets completed. It’s still only a small excess in a giant country, but it hints at the scale of the event were no quarantine measures put in place, no flights stopped, and the virus allowed to spread naturally. The current epidemic is stabilizing in New York, but if major action wasn’t taken, this would be the early weeks of a pandemic about to sweep across all fifty states. And this would not be the […]

Last winter 9,000 more British pensioners died than usual — how many were due to high heating costs?

Higher electricity costs mean more people turn off their heaters

There’s a big freeze coming to Britain with minus 12C temperatures possible in the next three weeks.

Last year in winter in England there was a remarkable 40% rise in winter deaths

David Archibald emails that last year was a mild winter for Brits, but the death toll rose from the normal 25,000 excess to 34,000 people. Remembering that it’s moderate cold that kills far more people than extreme temperatures. The UK government advises rooms be heated to at least 18C. (I’ve been in a Canberra house where the temperature fell to 11C indoors, and that was in May.) Despite all the newspaper headlines about outside temperatures, the big killer is indoors.

The big killer is indoor temperature and moderately cold, not extremes.

Campaigners demand urgent cuts to power bill after number of winter deaths among the elderly rise by 40%

Pensioner groups are demanding urgent measures to cut the cost of heat and light after official figures revealed a surge in deaths last winter. There were some 34,300 so-called ‘excess’ deaths during the cold months, according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). […]

7,000 excess winter deaths in Australia and 1,500 in New Zealand each year

Excess winter deaths are more than triple the number killed on the road.

Indur Goklany compares average daily deaths for each month in Australia and New Zealand and shows that in both countries (like in much of the rest of the world) there are more deaths in the cooler months.

While climate change legislation aims to make the world cooler, statistics show that the cooler months consistently have higher mortality.

In the unlikely event that legislation might succeed in reducing global temperatures, based on past statistical records, thousands of extra people may die as a result. In study after study, it’s clear that more people die in the colder months than in the rest of the year. The trend applies even in warm countries like Australia.


Average daily deaths for each month in Australia (left axis, black numbers) and New Zealand (right axis, grey numbers) over a ten year period.


The statistics indicate that:

For the 10-year period, 1998-2007, Australia had excess winter deaths of 6,779 per yr out of a total of 131,613 deaths per yr (avg.) This works out to 5.2% of all deaths per yr (on avg). For the 10-yr period, 1999-2008, NZ […]