People don’t believe renewables are cheap any more, so activists pretend they never said it was

By Jo Nova

The sore losers of the renewable-fantasy hope you don’t expect them to apologize

We are at the beginning of the big-flip. The activist pundits are suddenly realizing that renewables aren’t cheap and worse, that the public know it. Without blinking, they’re switching from telling us how cheap renewables are to saying of course, it’s going to be difficult, like everyone knows this and they haven’t been completely wrong for twenty years and wasted trillions of dollars.

They hope of course to erase the past, skip the apology, and slide the public straight into acceptance — that the transition will cost more, of course.

Take Peter Lewis, of Essential Polling. He writes snidely in The Guardian:

Here’s the truth: energy transition is hard. Not everyone gets a pony

The climate crisis has long been defined by its lies: From the original sin of science denial, to Tony Abbott’s confected carbon tax panic, to the latest yellowcake straw man. But the most damaging porky of all might be that the transition to renewable energy will be easy.

Did you see what he did there? He blamed and named conservatives and then pretends they were the ones […]

The President of Guyana gives BBC host a lecture on climate change

By Jo Nova

There are so many holes in the Holy Carbonista Bible it’s easy to find one to surprise a BBC interviewer with.

Now that Guyana has discovered the joys of major oil deposits, the President came prepared. But because the BBC is so robotically predictable, Irfaan Ali knew exactly what they would ask, but host Stephen Sackur, seemingly had no idea what was coming. If only the BBC had interviewed a few skeptics in the last thirty years…


There are few things I enjoy quite as much as watching indoctrinated Western virtue signallers get epically destroyed by people from developing countries who are willing to be honest.

— Konstantin Kisin (@KonstantinKisin) March 29, 2024

“Let me stop you right there,” he said. “Did you know that Guyana has a forest that is the size of England and Scotland combined, a forest that stores 19.5 gigatons of carbon, a forest that we have kept alive?”

“I’m going to lecture you on climate change. Because we have kept this forest alive that you enjoy that the world enjoys, that you don’t pay us for, that you don’t value.

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Shh! Nobody mention why China launched that trade war on Australia…

By Jo Nova

That which must not be spoken

Every news outlet today is saying how good it is that “relations” with China have thawed, like it was just a bad patch of weather, and now the clouds have cleared they’ve allowed us to sell them wine again. But there is a kind of collective amnesia about why relations froze in the first place.

Just to recap, through incompetence or “otherwise” naughty-citizen China leaked a likely lab experiment, lied about it, and destroyed the evidence. They stopped it spreading at home but sent it on planes to infect the rest of the world. Then when Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister, dared ask for an investigation in April 2020, within a week China threatened boycotts, and followed up with severe anti-dumping duties on Australian barley. After which the CCP discovered “inconsistencies in labelling” on Australian beef imports, and added bans or tariffs on Australian wine, wheat, wool, sugar, copper, lobsters, timber and grapes. Then they told their importers not to bring in Australian coal, cotton or LNG either. The only industry they didn’t attack was iron ore, probably because they couldn’t get it anywhere else. In toto, the punishment destroyed […]

60% of the US say “the media are the Enemy”

By Jo Nova

Ponder how far we have come when more than half of the US sees the media, not just as self-serving, biased hacks, but as The Enemy itself.

“Fake News” is annoying, but active lies and suppression are a campaign to steal something from you — or everything: your money, your health, your vote and your children. There is no “town square” anymore, no common forum where ideas are batted back and forth until both sides agree. There is only entrenched polarization. A house divided, and no shared meals. Fomenting civil war.

Rasmussen Reports asked 1,114 likely US voters whether the media are “truly the enemy of the people”, and an amazing 60% agreed.

By Nicole Wells, NewsMax

According to the survey, of the 60% majority who agree with Trump’s 2019 assessment that the media are “the enemy of the people,” 30% strongly agree with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee; 36% disagree with the statement, including 21% who strongly disagree.

It’s much more widespread across the political spectrum than you might think:

On whether the media are “truly the enemy of the people,” 79% of Republicans, 60% of […]

EV’s make some people carsick…

By Jo Nova

Nobody mentioned the nausea

The planet-saving cars that are being forced upon us have another catch — they might make you vomit. Apparently, motion sickness is “a thing” for EV’s, not that our public broadcaster would mention it in the regular adverts they run to tell us how wonderful EV’s are “with ridiculous savings!”. Apparently the silent sudden acceleration of an EV is leaving some stomachs in a lurch — and some adults, kids and even dogs are throwing up.

‘I need a solution fast’: Electric car owners complain of motion sickness

Zane Dobie, Drive

Another user said: “I drive in an electric vehicle a lot, and I’ve found that regenerative braking absolutely makes me motion sick. I’m not always driving, so I don’t always have control of how it’s being driven, so other people’s driving really makes me sick… I really need to find a solution fast”.

Some drivers also reported their electric cars making their pets sick too. “Since [buying] the Tesla, [my dog] throws up in it almost every time…”

The theory is that EV’s are too quiet, too fast, and have too few cues to warn our insides to […]

Buy wind turbines or the whole world’s coral reefs will die!

By Jo Nova

The Sydney Morning Herald goes full Coral Reef Seer — predicting not just the end of the vast Great Barrier Reef, but the complete loss of the entire world’s coral reefs. That’s a quarter to a half million square kilometers of reef, gone, pfft, destructo, just like that.

The basis for the prophesy is a set of photos taken last week from one point at the southern edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Apparently, like tea leaves and chicken entrails, this spot has magical forecasting abilities.

Prophesy by Mike Foley, SMH

The photos that show nothing so far has saved the Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s climate targets must be bolstered to meet the global action needed to prevent the complete loss of the world’s coral reefs, experts warn, after the fifth mass bleaching event off Queensland’s coast since 2016.

So last year for the second year in a row, the Great Barrier Reef was recorded as having more coral cover than has ever been recorded since data started being collected in 1986.


People who actually dive on the reef to research it find it recovers from mass bleaching in as little as 18 months.


Building offshore wind farms can permanently deafen porpoises, but it’s OK now with Bubble Walls


By Jo Nova

Now they tell us

Wind farms save the world, and absolutely do not hurt dolphins or whales but did you know the industry has developed bubble curtains to protect porpoises hearing from the things that never harm them (isn’t that nice of them)? Bubble curtains are being “widely” used in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The BBC is happy to report it now there are good results from a study, but apparently they weren’t too enthused in 2013 about telling us how pile -driving during construction can permanently destroy hearing in marine mammals. Indeed, ocean noise is such a problem the pile-driving teams use acoustic deterrents — loud noises designed to scare marine life away before they get started on the industrial noise. But even the “safety warning” may itself be dangerous.

So that’s alright then, windfarm construction used to kill porpoises, and the BBC kept that a secret, but now that we’ve solved it, it’s news we can use, right?

“Like a giant jacuzzi.”

How bubble curtains protect porpoises from wind farm noise As huge offshore wind farms spread across Europe’s North and Baltic seas, efforts grow to buffer the impact on wildlife. […]

Skeptics visit the poster-child of severely bleached reefs, and it’s just fine 18 months later…

By Jo Nova

18 months ago the coral on John Brewer Reef was dead according to The Guardian, but Jennifer Marohasy, Peter Ridd and Rowan Dean took the risk of going back to the same dead reef to make a short documentary on it and found the same coral, 80 kilometers offshore and it, and the whole area around it, is flourishing.

According to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park authority, the area was surveyed in April 2022 and the damage was classed as “severe”. According to them, 60-90% of the reef was bleached. It was so bad that when the Sydney Morning Herald wrote about “500 kilometers of severe bleaching” it was John Brewer Reef that they picked for the feature photo.

Just like The Guardian:

The Guardian

Scientists, apparently, were dreading the damage to come (of the reef that recovered):

If the John Brewer reef was sick, most of the Great Barrier Reef was bound to be sick too, said Graham Readfearn:

“This is one of the healthiest reefs off Townsville and one of the best reefs on the whole Great Barrier Reef. So for these corals to be stressed and damaged … well, […]

“Shocked”: Far right climate deniers get more votes than any other party

By Jo Nova

Everywhere there are free and fair elections and a politically biased media, people will be shocked.

What does “far right” even mean when it applies to a quarter of the population?

. ..

It means name-calling is embedded in our vocabulary. Geert Wilder’s party has won 37 seats in the Netherlands election with 24% of the vote — more than any other party. There are 150 seats in total in the Dutch Parliament, so it’s not clear what the final winning coalition will look like. What is clear is that environmentalists hate it:

‘4 years of climate change denial’: Dutch environmental groups react to far-right election swing

by Ian Smith, EuroNews

Environmental groups have expressed shock and promised climate action in response to Dutch election results. Wednesday night saw the historic victory of the far right Party for Freedom (PVV).

“We are shocked,” Extinction Rebellion Netherlands says. “This outcome will likely mean a rollback of climate measures, new fossil investments, exclusion of marginalised groups, and more.”

If far-right applies to a quarter of the population, and the Greens appeal to a much smaller slice, it’s only fair they be […]

Hottest in 125,000 years say EU scientists — as if Cavemen could measure the temperature to a tenth of a degree


By Jo Nova

Hottest 12 months in 125,000 say EU Soothsayer scientists

UPDATE: This graph shows the ice-core data up until 1855.

Think for a minute about how stupid this claim is that no single year, not one, in the last 125,000 years was warmer than the last 12 months. Cavemen are rolling in their graves.

It’s “virtually certain” said two journalists at Reuters. It was broken by 0.4 degrees!

Homo Sapiens have had satellite data for 44 years, which only leaves 124,956 years of extrapolation to guess at the rest. Not one journalist at the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, CNN, or anywhere, asked the “scientists” — how would you know? Do tell us, professor, what exactly was the temperature from November 6,789 BC to October 6,788? And to a tenth of a degree, and globally. I heard it was hot?

Try to imagine what kind of miraculous science makes these headlines make sense? Did the EU team find neolithic newspapers hidden in caves in Turkey? Could they reconstruct temperatures from 10,000 BC to 1978 to a tenth of a degree Celsius. And not just Turkish temperatures but ones in Timbuktu and Peru too? […]

Hottest Ever September — just more headline clickbait for heat loving mammals that live across a 90 degree range

Humans live in a 90 degree range from Marble Bar, Australia to Oymyakon, Siberia. | Photos: Marble Bar, Wilford Peloquin, Oymyakon (and more glorious ones) by Amos Chapple.

By Jo Nova

The “hottest ever” headline is misleading

While the UAH satellite measurements are the hottest by far of the 44 year satellite record, nothing about the “hottest ever” media frenzy makes sense — not for health, history, the long term, or human biology. It’s only the “hottest ever” if we ignore most of the last ten thousand years. It’s just another attempt to scare people out of their money.

The latest UAH satellite measurements may be affected by the water vapor launched into the atmosphere by the Hunga Tonga volcano. There don’t appear to be any clear details about that, but even if we accept this as is, it’s still nothing to spend a trillion dollars on:

From Roy Spencer, UAH

In the big scheme of human history, the world has been a lot hotter and a lot colder. Homo sapiens are 37 degree animals who retire to warm climates, not cold ones. Most people on Earth live in the warm tropics, not the cold poles. […]

Let the mind games begin: Scorching summer of brutal bushfire hell is in the news before it even happens

By Jo Nova

It’s like the bushfires and baking heat are already here (in your mind, if not in reality)

It’s as if we’re preparing for Pearl Harbour or something — and if you are not scared, you should be, and even if this summer isn’t that unprecedented, you will feel like it is, and if the hellfire doesn’t eventuate, there’ll be no headlines saying “Oops. We panicked for nothing!”

After 150 years of Pacific Oscillation, the Pacific has oscillated again. An El Nino has been declared, and like the last 27 El Ninos since Federation, it will probably be warmer and drier “than average” in Australia. But the Merchants of Panic are already calling it a summer of severe wildfires and droughts. There’s no flames yet, but Reuters is wheeling out the photos of burnt out wrecks. SBS found experts to badger us into making a “heat wave plan” — like seriously, as if Australians need three months to remember what summer is. No really — The Executive Director of Sweltering Cities (whatever that is), says you should buy up those extra ice cube trays now and learn the signs of heat exhaustion. Prepare your home — like […]

Now they want you to believe beach-weather is “deadly”

By Jo Nova

News is just a non-stop Psy-Op now

Sydney is getting five warm days in a row and the Sydney Morning Horror is warning that it could be deadly. Even newspapers in Belgium think their readers need to know there’s a warm spring in Australia — 10 – 15 degrees above average. It’s not even a record. Not even “the hottest in history” — just by golly, a bit warmer than a similar September heatwave, you know, nine years ago.

It was 35.6 degrees in September 2000 — so after 23 years of global warming, it’s not even hotter.

Sydney is due to hit 30 degrees on Sunday and Monday, but will reach new highs of 32 on Tuesday and Wednesday. The city hasn’t experienced consecutive days of 30-degree-plus weather in September since 2014. This week will be 10 degrees hotter than Sydney’s August average.

Driving a car could be deadly today too, but we don’t put it in a headline. The psychological effect is to generate fear of warm weather.

What is exciting is that Sydney didn’t even reach 32C last summer, at all, so after one of the least warm not-hottest 12 months on […]

Founder says CIA & FBI control Wikipedia and made it “the most biased encyclopedia”

By Jo Nova

The perennial problem: Who watches the Watcher?

The Founder of Wikipedia reveals to Glenn Greenwald that he’s shocked at the bias and that CIA and FBI computers have been used to edit Wikipedia and that the intelligence agencies pay off “the most influential people to push their agendas” or they just develop their own talent within the [intelligence] community.

This is the problem: create something great, and powerful people can take it away, unless checks and balances stop them. But what stops the FBI and CIA — Who do the intelligence agents with guns fear?

Wikipedia Founder Larry Sanger to Glenn Greenwald: “CIA and FBI Use Wikipedia for Information Warfare”

Richard Abelson, Gateway Pundit

Speaking to Greenwald, Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger said that Wikipedia “used to be kind of anti-establishment” but “between 2005 and 2012 or so, there was this very definite shift to Wikipedia becoming an establishment mouthpiece. It was amazing. I never would’ve guessed that in 2001,” when he first founded the site, Sanger said.

Wikipedia became just another version of the left-wing media:

“By the time Trump became President it was almost as bad as it is now”, […]

Hottest day “in human history” was cooler than most of the holocene

By Jo Nova

The “hottest day” is not that hot, and very irrelevant

So the news cycle went hyperbolic over a single dubious hot day in records that only go back 0.01% of human existence. Remember when “30 year trends” were all that mattered?

Let’s ignore for the moment that the error bars on measurements of global temperature in 1899 would make any normal scientist blush. Who believes for one minute even today we can measure the global surface temperature to one hundredth of a degree? The cringeworthy insignificant digits were everywhere. On Monday the Earths surface was supposedly 17.01 degrees Celsius for the first time in “human history”. Then Tuesday it was 17.18C, Hallelujah. Who are we kidding?

Probably the biggest lie was to call this “human history” as if the ancient Egyptians were measuring the temperature on Earth and every day of the week. Are we really sure we know what the temperature was on July 3, 2201 BC? Maybe it was 17.31C that day — prove me wrong? We have no idea how hot the “hottest days” were for 99% of human civilization. The best proxies we have can’t tell us what the temperature was for 24 […]

That’s a big climate surprise: Frost season growing longer across Australia (and for years!)

Image by Penny from Pixabay

By Jo Nova Climate experts wrong on Australian frosts, and media say nothing

The IPCC experts were sure would be less frosts in Australia, but buried in a government funded ABC weather report was the virtually unknown admission that the frost season is actually growing across southern Australia, not shrinking. And in some places by an astonishing 40 extra days a year. What’s more, the researchers have known about this long term trend for years but didn’t think to mention it, and the ABC didn’t have a problem with that either. (It’s not like farmers need to know these things?)

When asked for an explanation for the increase in frosts, the ANU climate expert said “I think this is one of those climate surprises,” as if the IPCC unexpectedly won a game of Bingo, instead of getting a core weather trend 100% wrong.

We note the ABC feigned journalism to cover up for the Bureau of Meteorology and IPCC failures. Where were the headlines: “Climate Change causes more frosts, not less”, or “IPCC models dangerously misleading on frosts?” Did any Australian farmers and investors buy up properties and plant the wrong crops […]

This is what mind control looks like…

By Jo Nova

Those who own and control the “public town square” control the conversation

You may have seen the spooky opening video compilation before (where all the newsreading clones read the same script) but this is a neat compilation of speeches and even snippets from “Network” a movie from 1976.

The clones warn that fake news on social media is a threat to democracy. The truth, of course, is that real news on social media threatens the mind control of the corporate media cartels.

h/t Raven.

Sharyl Attkisson talks about Astroturfing and the creation of the illusion of a grassroots movement that barely exists. Her Ted talk: Astroturf, Propaganda, and Media Manipulation.

Udo Ulfkotte wrote a book ‘Bought Journalists’ about the way journalists are being controlled by government agencies.

The big questions:

What if the media was just the lobbying agency for bigger profit making ventures? The media’s true goal is not subscription or advertising income, it’s the power to control governments and the narrative to make money for all their other parasitic operations, like unreliable energy generators, useless pharmaceuticals and carbon markets that won’t solve problems that don’t exist.

What looks, acts and smells like a […]

Media giant AP News sells out journalism for just $8m from billionaires

By Jo Nova

The media is totally bought and sold

A bunch of giant Foundations (run by billionaires that also invest in renewable energy) gave Associated Press (AP) $8 million dollars last year to push the climate propaganda even harder than it has been running for the last 20 years.

In return AP, which calls itself a not-for-profit news agency took the grant and then ran 64 climate crisis or ESG stories in the next year. They called this surge a “sweeping climate journalism initiative”.

Sixty four stories doesn’t sound like much but AP stories are repeated in 1,300 newspapers and broadcasters. So 64 stories could really mean 83,200 stories.

The money came from the Rockefeller Foundation, Quadrivium (James Murdoch, who is son of Rupert), the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation (Walmart), and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Looks like, smells like, advertising money for Renewable investors disguised as a grant?

At least some of these Billionaires may be paying for media stories that could improve the return on their green investments. According to InfluenceWatch, two years ago Quadrivium Foundation committed to invest $250 million US in BlackRock Inc for “green energy infrastructure”. […]

Great Barrier Reef in record coral cover but 97% of Australians don’t know it

By Jo Nova

Only 3% of Australians know the true state of the Reef!

Ten years ago, coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef hit record lows. The news has been full of dire reports of bleaching ever since, but quietly, a phenomenal recovery was blossoming across the full 2,000 kilometer span of the reef. Last year coral cover hit a record high — better than any year since records began in 1986. Corals are thriving but Australians are spending half a billion dollars to save them?

I’m a Director of the Australian Environment Foundation, and after this new record, I worked with fellow Director Peter Ridd to arrange surveys to find out whether Australians had heard the news. What we found was a nation mis-informed.

I am honored to issue the report below. Please forward it on, send letters to the Editors and tell the world. Consider joining the AEF to help us get more science into environmental debates.

— Jo



Great Barrier Reef in record coral cover but 97% of Australians don’t know it

Australian Environment Foundation (AEF)

23 April 2023


Capitol lies — footage of police helping protestors was hidden for two years

By Jo Nova

Twenty six months after the so called “deadly insurrection” at the US Capitol, the video tapes that have been hidden are finally available. This was a day that “echoed through history” according to Kamala Harris, who compared it to Pearl Harbor but didn’t want you to see the footage. People are in jail because they dressed up and walked with a police escort through open doors.

It’s a Redpill moment. The few people who did break windows or incite the crowd to do acts of violence have not been arrested. Who were the Feds?

“Even 57% of Democrats think that it’s at least somewhat likely that Feds were not just there but were also encouraging people to riot or go into the Capitol.” — Thomas Massie Rep Congressman.

The Jan 6th Committee had all this footage. They knew…

Tucker Carlson Fox News


Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting QAnon Shaman to Senate floor

Miranda Devine, New York Post

“The tapes show the Capitol Police never stopped Jacob Chansley. They helped him. They acted as his tour guides.”

And yet in the narrative formed that […]