Books delivered in Australia

You can order copies of each one separately, get bulk sets of the Skeptics Handbooks to give away, or buy one set of the Handbooks, plus Joanne’s hands-on science activity book as a mixed set of all three.

Skeptics Handbook I

16 pages, US letter size

For delivery in Australia

Cover Skeptics Handbook I

Skeptics Handbook II – Global Bullies Want Your Money

20 pages, A4 size

Includes postage in Australia

Cover: Global Bullies Want Your Money

Buy all three together!

Image: Three books

Serious Science Party Tricks and both Skeptics Handbooks.

There’s more info about this book Jo wrote 6 years ago. (Nothing to do with Global Warming.) It’s all her favourite timeless tricks for curious big kids.

RRP: $14.95 plus post $2.50.

66 pages, A4 size

A great present for 6 – 12 year olds.

Includes instructions and science, of bubbles, balloons, balancing, home-made slime, and popping tin cans.

For delivery in Australia

10 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

5 comments to Books delivered in Australia

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    Chris Carr

    Dear Jo N.

    I have just encountered my first copy of the Skeptics Handbook II. It is the best document I have seen on the subject. I note it was printed Nov 2009. Is there now or will there soon be an update to Skeptics Handbook III? I intend to purchase and distribute. Please advise.



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    As Chris I would love tosee similar publications for post 2015.
    Is there such a doco? If one is to google ‘Global Warming Stats’ then without exception the experts deny by default all you have written.
    Keep at it. It is a big relief to read common sense info.
    Ross Rolley


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    Jack Stansfield

    Can I buy AE book version of your 3 publications? I have an iPad.

    [I’ll leave this here where Jo will see it and she should answer you.] AZ

    [Forgive me! What’s an AE book? – Jo]

    [Could be a typo and just “E” book or does he mean Amazon “E”book?] ED

    [I should do that. Post to the US is expensive. – Jo]

    [Jo, An iPad should be able to download, save and then display files if they’re in the right format. The right format and whether you can provide them are the 2 questions to answer. HTML would be something that any browser could handle. Another would be ,pdf files because a reader for them is readily available to download.] AZ

    [The books are both supplied already as html and pdf versions. Print version to post are available too. But they cost. – Jo]


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    I ordered all 3 books on 13 August and they have yet to arrive. I paid by paypal for delivery to Bensville, NSW, 2251. Any idea on when the books will turn up?



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