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72 comments to Guide for commenting

  • #
    Phillip Bratby


    I agree with your guide. In particular, I am in favour of using real names. There are very few instances where people should need to hide behind some anonymous moniker (to protect a career say). It would be even better if people were to give some sort of potted biography (but I know this is asking too much).

    Phillip in England

    PS Semi-retired physicist (PhD)


  • #
    Tom G(ologist)

    I’ll go along with that.

    My moniker came about as a result of my front-line action in the e’@#*tion war blogs. We went by first name and last initial on a couple blogs and there was a creationist Tom G who began getting confused with me, so I distinguished myself by making my name’Tom (Geologist)’ which soon evolved to Tom G(ologist).

    So who am I? Tom Gillespie, Geologist, in private practice (name of company withheld to prevent spamming), but also at The College of New Jersey, Geology Prof., formerly of La Salle Univ., Rutgers University and Trenton State College where I taught geology and Meteorology. Currently, member of Pennsylvania Licensing Board for Professional Geologists, and Pennsylvania representative to National Association of State Boards of Geology-Subject Matter Expert on structural geology, engineering geology and hydrogeology.

    I also have a Celtic band Life is too much fun to spend all of our time arguing with myopic sheep.

    Tom G(ologist)


  • #
    Phillip Bratby

    Tom G(ologist),

    That’s great. I love the celtic music (very keen on listening to all types of folk music – unfortunately I have no musical ability).

    I had pretty much believed in AGW until a couple of years ago when I saw the documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” and noticed Piers Corbyn (CO2sceptics) on it. I was on the same physics course at university (Imperial College) as him and knew he was pretty damn clever. I thought there must be more to this AGW than we are being told by the media. At about the same time I started to get interested in wind turbines, the sole purpose of which is to “tackle climate change” by producing CO2 free electricity (another whopping lie). So there I am; I now campaign against wind farms and against AGW.



  • #
    Tom G(ologist)

    Very early on in the whole swindle (1989-1990 time frame) I thought there was some merit to it, but luckily my knowledge of Earth history prevailed and I saw the light early on and have honed my skeptic’s toolkit ever since. I remember being in a debate with a group of scientists in a bar in Madison Wisconsin in 1994 about AGW, so I have been at this longer than I care to think about, as I had already been working on my talking points for some time by then.

    You know what is heartening, through my band I know a lot of jsut plain people from around my region. When they learn that I am a geologist, they invariably ask me what my opinion is about AGW. It is the one topic that has people really interested in science. When I tell them my opinion AND provide them with my rationale for it, almost without exception you can see they are relieved – it is not the relief that they are not in danger. It is the relief of someone who has just been told that they are not stupid – that their suspicions that something was not quite adding up are indeeed correct. That they are actually just as inciteful and able to think things through for themselves as they had believed. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the tools to go about the analyses which are necessary to cur through the rhetoric. And surprisingly, the tools SHOULD be in everyone’s pocket because the only single tool needed to debunk the entire load of tripe is the real data.

    Enjoying the winter over there this year?

    Skiing has been great here.



  • #
    Phillip Bratby

    I think we’re getting off the thread here. Never mind. The winter over here has been “different”. No-one is prepared any more for extreme cold and snow. For example, there was a shortage of salt to put on the roads and people have lost a lot of semi-tropical plants because they were told we wouldn’t get any more cold winters.

    I too bring up the facts about AGW whenever I can. I give talks on nuclear power and wind power and manage to bring AGW into it.


  • #
    Tom G(ologist)


    A very interesting British ally in this whole thing is, surprisingly, Simon Blackburn, the philosopher. I have communicated with him via e-mail variously over the years. He was the one who first tipped me off about such great (and lamentably now much diminished) web sites as ‘Still Waiting for the Greenhouse”. He is a very lucid thinker (as a philosopher I should hope so) and very accessible.


  • #

    Seems that none of the rules require anyone to stay on topic, which is fortunate because this posting has nothing to do with the topic. But it’s been kinda quiet lately and I figured it would be something positive to have my own attempt at graphing the Vostok ice data. Rule-abiding comments welcome 🙂


  • #
    Anne-Kit Littler

    Tom, you write elsewhere about a talk, or presentation (re AGW) you give to your college geology students. Would you be willing to give us access to that?


  • #
    Tom G(ologist)


    Yes you can have access to it. I don’t have it up on a web page. It is a power point in which I have gleaned a lot of data and graphs from various authors and web pages. It is a large file whcih is sometimes blocked by servers so I have had variable success e-mailing it.

    I do have a blog that I keep for my students – I will try to put a link to it there and then give you access to it.

    I have to warn you, though, that what I have is just the graphics which accompany my discussion, so there is not a lot of text in the electronic presentation

    Please remind me if you do not hear back from me in a couple days. I am extremely busy at work right now and it is mid-term time at th ecollege (a good position to be in in this economy) and it might slip my mind. I will not think you are bothering me if you send me reminders.



  • #
    Anne-Kit Littler

    Hey Tom,

    Just a gentle nudge about the power point presentation ….


  • #
    Suzanne D

    Hi Jo
    Almost too scared to comment as a lot of rules (not unworthy though)…lol
    New booklet sounds interesting, would like a copy if there is one spare somewhere! 🙂

    Have to catch up soon.


  • #

    Thanks for the interesting and informative site. That’s definitely what I’ve been looking for.


  • #

    These are two thought provoking articles on policies for blog comments.

    How to get banned from my blog
    The biggest crime? “Waste My Time”
    (Yes, my pet hate, repetition and without any acknowledgement of where the debate is up too, and no new entertaining angle).

    The awkward question of censorship and why it’s a healthy part of maintaining a community.
    Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism


  • #

    Можно и поспорить по этому вопросу, ведь только в споре рождается истина. 🙂


  • #

    I think that someone does not like you! I am a new member, having tried to log in I was presented with the following PASSWORDS????? (GODk1&b#Z2m did not work ( 10 attempts) next 4@82Ush1K2uF did not work (15 attempts) next 8sP77sDEwJ7Z 3 attempts and I arrived at DASHBOARD now please explain to me what DASHBOARD represents (seems to be someones box) and tell me how the hell do you get rid of this stupid password????????????


  • #
    David Hewison

    Actually Tom, I would very much appreciate a copy aswell if you woudlnt mind. Anything i can get my hands on to learnt the sceince and incrfesae competency discussing would be much appreicated.



  • #
    David Hewison

    ahh bad spelling in my last post, i hope it makes sense!


  • #

    Greetings, Joanne,

    All agriculturalists, agronomists and informed citizens should by now KNOW that:

    The CBEE FORMULATION in THE REPORT ISBN 9781902848204 proves that the non-polluting, efficient, cheap fuel, combustion of which incurs ZERO net increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the total world replacement for fossils and uranium, is not only already discovered but is immediately available.

    The CBEE Formulation in THE REPORT has endorsements by renowned academics, environmental experts, former official government advisers (U.S. & U.K.), published doctors (of jurisprudence, economics, medicine, psychiatry, homeopathy, etc.) and judges (U.S. & U.K.).

    THE REPORT has a Foreword by Economics’ Nobel laureate Professor MILTON FRIEDMAN, former Economics’ Adviser to the U.S. government; author, video and TV series writer and presenter; Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace; Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago.

    There is absolutely no (good) reason whatsoever for governments’ introduction of carbon taxation when the prolific cheap non-polluting replacement for fossils is crying out to be utilised. Western governments are guilty of the utmost criminal mendacity in using the carbon emissions’ issue to introduce a completely unjustifiable totalitarian program of controls adversely affecting every aspect of our lives, whilst ignoring the providential benefits to all mankind of The CBEE Solution.

    Instead of governments dutifully implementing The CBEE Formulation, today the population faces the most seriously impoverishing and destructive program of ‘eco’ and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) taxation. This is being put in place through totalitarian statist intervention which affects every aspect of human rights, including the right to own and use your own home and/or land.

    Under the Illegality of the Status Quo, all Courts, Royal Commissions, and government Enquiries must defer to the overruling desertion of morality and honesty of politicians in government. These bodies are unavoidably subject to politicians’ dissolute intentions expressed as ‘legislation’.

    The CBEE requires utterly uncompromising clamourous public support because the highly financed, influential oil, coal and uranium interests are active in lobbying to suppress it in order to maintain their undeserved, dishonest monopoly on production and supply of excruciatingly costly fuel.

    If ordinary folk wish to see the adoption of The CBEE Formulation (and prosperity) in place of the carbon taxation (and real poverty), then a positive outcome would be produced only if citizens first confront the mass media and the trustless politicians with the FACTS of The CBEE. In this deadly serious issue, politicians cannot be permitted to evade the CBEE Solution.

    Furthermore, an overdue RESTORATION of the authentic Constitutional Legem Terræ Common Law TRIAL BY JURY (prescribed and defined by Magna Carta, 1215) would bring guilty politicians and others to account; ref. URL below.

    Following such a Restoration, politicians would then have to respect the universal laws of Truth and Equal Justice. At present, however, the government’s beholden, paid judges decide (de facto, deny) who gets a “Trial by Jury” (or at least the unconstitutional counterfeit version of trial which purports to be “by Jury”). This injudicious abuse of authority effectively gives immunity to gross premeditated acts of criminal mendacity by politicans, and government and state bureaucrats.

    Consequently, all responsible adults who cherish our endangered, fragile and disappearing democracy, and who respect the rule of law should be irrepressibly bold in taking on board the CBEE and tackling the illegal acts of the perfidious politicians.

    THE REPORT ISBN 9781902848204 AND THE CBEE.
    In the last hundred years, there has not been a single ecologically-pertinent fact, theory or postulation embodying practicable potentials as beneficial to the planet and the well-being of its peoples as those of THE CANNABIS BIOMASS ENERGY EQUATION. This Formulation resolves Mankind’s most crucial predicament in Economic Affairs and Ecology to have arisen since the incipience of The Industrial Revolution. Abolition of controls on cannabis renders uranium and the fossil pollutants:

    A. commercially obsolete/economically redundant, and

    B. achieves their replacement without pollution, while

    C. the Economy of the entire world thereby vastly benefits from significantly reduced energy prices.

    With modern technical and scientific evidence collated from the esoteric Findings of Fact and Conclusions of the official empirical studies conducted by world-respected academic and research institutions, presented in consideration of existing laws, national and international, THE REPORT constitutes the formal public indictment of Western (and other) governments. THE REPORT collates the Evidence, Circumstances and Res Gestæ which arraign money-motivated political prohibitionists who have framed and maintain legislation which is demonstrated to be unfounded, calumnious, crime-producing, venal, inequitable, and inherently illegal.

    The CBEE Solution proves the clean-combusting CH3OH pyrolytic cannabis-methanol product (Modern Uses of Cannabis Sativa) is the uniquely cheap, non-polluting, biomass-renewable fuel-energy resource capable of the TOTAL world replacement of fossils and uranium, combustion of which yields ZERO net increase of atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

    The CBEE Formulation demonstrates the means by which world fuel-energy needs are met without ANY increase in atmospheric CO2. Self-evidently, this phenomenon far exceeds the aspirations and provisions of Kyoto or Copenhagen, for these latter envisage continued utilisation of polluting fossils (and uranium).

    Bear in mind the macro-economic ‘Godsend’ to the world population AND the ecosphere embodied in THE CBEE FORMULATION; that is: ZERO EMISSIONS net of greenhouse gases from the world’s total fuel-energy consumption…

    Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Professor Milton Friedman employed the expression “the silent treatment” for the mass media’s disgraceful lack of reportage.

    Joanne, the media’s and politicians’ acts of tacit perjury (criminal subreption) about The CBEE Formulation support the corporate cartels’ pernicious monopoly on fuel-energy — while profoundly and feloniously damaging the real interests, prosperity, rights, freedoms, way of life and livelihood, of the whole population. Cyber-bullying and social manipulation (brain-washing) is taking place through corrupt concealment of the CBEE SOLUTION.

    Amongst other revelations and evidence disclosed by THE REPORT, The CBEE Formulation also contains the method by which effective ‘sink’ reductions can be induced in the quantity of atmospheric CO2, if this becomes advisable or imperative; see Part (chapter) Two.

    THE REPORT generally is available for everyone to read for free from their local or any academic library.

    Implementation of The CBEE proffers to Australia’s farming community and the whole population, the vast prosperity of self-sufficiency in cheap fuel-energy and of becoming a net fuel-energy exporter.

    Info / photo / diagrams / CBEE fuel-energy system, etc., freely available on:

    The authentic CONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL BY JURY is defined at:

    All the best,
    Yours sincerely,
    Astra d’Oudney.


  • #
    Rereke Whaakaro

    Максим Кузьмичев: #14

    Можно и поспорить по этому вопросу, ведь только в споре рождается истина.

    I agree, but sometimes “truth” has a difficult birth.

    Держите хорошего друга


  • #
    Bernd Felsche

    Just testing Gravatar with any old picture.


  • #

    Hi, if you leave a comment here about blog troubles and it looks like this thread is silent, can you email me joanne AT you-can-guess-the-domain thanks. That way you can be sure it will get noticed. Some people are having trouble registering, and I want to figure it out.


  • #

    CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and a poor absorber of IR energy. Water vapor is seven times as good at absorbing IR and has 200 times as many molecules making 1400 times the heating effect. Water vapor is thus responsible for 99.9% of all atmospheric heating.

    Carbon is 84% of petroleum and more of coal. It is responsible for 80% of our energy in the US. Control and taxing of carbon will transfer more political power than anything since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 AD. It is just that simple.

    Please see our site at http://globalwarming for some interest facts, papers, data, activities and demos.

    Thank you, Adrian Vance


  • #

    Seriously, Japan makes all the oddest commercials. Is it because it’s some freakish genetic trait, or could it be something else altogether? Excuse me for ranting, I’m not trying to take away from a nicely crafted blog post.


  • #


    Hi! Do you keep an “untitled” thread at your site?..I wanted to post an off topic! It’s not appropriate to your latest thread! Please let me know!



  • #
    Baa Humbug

    July 9th, 2010 at 6:17 am


    Hi! Do you keep an “untitled” thread at your site?..I wanted to post an off topic! It’s not appropriate to your latest thread! Please let me know!


    Hi denny. Just click the “Latest comments and news” on the side bar at the top left hand side, then scroll down to the bottom.


  • #

    Hi Joanne
    Found this worth alook.

    What is the Major Culprit for Global Warming: CFCs or CO2?
    Qing-Bin Lu, Ph.D.,
    Department of Physics and Astronomy and Departments of Biology and Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

    Journal of Cosmology, 2010, Vol 8, 1846-1862, June, 2010.

    Regards David


  • #


    What’s that old saying we used.–‘Telling Fairy Tales’. Another one—-‘Out of the mouths of babes.’ And that’s what we got from Julia Gillard about Tony Abbott—‘Telling Fairy Tales’.
    How about another one we know—–‘The pot calling the kettle black.’
    If ever it applied to anyone it certainly applies to Gillard, Rudd, Garrett, Wong and their cohorts.
    For years they have lied and deceived the Australian public, who were naive enough to believe all their endless lies. Trusting a government that was built on deception and ‘Fairy Tales’.
    Where do you start?
    Perhaps with the so called Global Warming lies or the new name ‘Climate Change,’ because they fell on their face over global warming; now it is completely disproven.
    Even though they were well aware of the I.P.C.C.s deception and from the American and European experiences, that Global warming and Renewable energy was the biggest scam and failure this world has seen or ever will see, they continued to tell ‘Fairy tales’ about Thermal power generation and the capabilities of renewable energy sources. i.e. Wind generators and solar power generation farms.
    Even with thirty one years of proven results that there is no such thing as manmade global warming or the fact of spending billions of dollars to building thousands of totally unreliable and very expensive wind generators and solar farms have achieved absolutely ZERO.
    Not ONE nation has reduced its thermal generation output and in fact they have continued to increase at the normal growth rate.
    After thirty one years not ONE of their ‘fairytale’ predictions has eventuated.
    Yet knowing this the Rudd/ Gillard Government still tell ‘Fairy Tales’ about thermal power station emissions and the so called pollution from cooling towers which is pure condensation.
    They have spent billions of dollars on home insulation programme, domestic solar power generation, solar hot water, wind generators and solar array farms and the whole intention was to reduce thermal power generation. Thus reduce the CO2 output from the chimneys.
    The final achievement in carbon dioxide reduction after all of these is NOTHING.

    Power generation demand continues to grow at 4% per year and over 85% of this is thermal power which is where the growth rate is. The percentage increase in renewable energy is miniscule in relation to the overall power generation figures.
    Because of their desperate efforts to retain the green vote they continue to pander to their ridiculous demands. Wasting billions of dollars ‘chasing butterflies’ and telling ‘fairy tales’ and worse still deliberately ‘telling porkies’ to the Australian people.
    If anyone doubts that, have a look at the past few weeks when a member elected by the people of this country to the position of prime minister was ‘assassinated’ by a Gillard and here gang because his ratings had fallen.
    They went into panic mode in a desperate bid to stay in power.
    Not since Roman times when Caesar was assassinated on the steps of the Senate has there been such a devious and sadistic attack, without the slightest compunction or consideration for their former leader.
    Yet all they are doing is ‘moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic’.
    What were some of those fairytales Gillard recently told;
    A. I’m more likely to go to Mars than to be Prime Minister.
    B. I’m more likely to sail round the world than to be Prime Minister.
    C. I’m more likely to play for the Carlton football club than to be Prime Minister.
    D. I have no ambition for the leadership I’m happy where I am.
    The best ‘Fairytale’ was the latest one from the mining super profit tax agreement that the government’s resource rent tax regime only reduced the revenue by $1.5 billion.
    What she didn’t say was that commodity price forecasts were revised between the two taxes to make it look less. —–Another ‘Fairy Tale’.
    ‘At the end of the day’ ‘it is not a level playing field and the goal posts have been moved.’

    This government has wasted billions of dollars on crazy schemes like the ‘clean coal’ technology where on one ‘clean coal’ experimental’ power station alone they spent fourteen hundred million dollars and it was an admitted failure.
    Also they have spent five hundred million on a thirty megawatt power station out west that is supposed to pump the CO2 underground. It uses sixteen of the thirty megawatts to do it. i.e. 14 megawatt output. Which is ’beyond a joke.’
    When is all this madness going to stop and they get back to some form of reality and spend it on our major infrastructures where is should be spent. Roads, water, dams, health, hospitals, etc.
    The great farce of the home insulation program that achieved absolutely nothing, cost four lives and spent thousands of millions of dollars. Now they have to undo a major part of it.
    Over that alone the government and Garrett should be ‘Hung out to dry.’
    Even after all of this they are planning to build many useless wind generators costing billions of dollars throughout Australia even though they know it is a waste of time and your money.
    All these decision were made with the input and approval of Ms Gillard and her associates. Now Ms Gillard; says ‘It wasn’t me; I didn’t do it. It was Kevin Rudd. He made those decisions on his own.’
    And they expect us to believe it. Another ‘Fairytale. They must think the Australian public are fools.
    ‘Fair suck of the sauce bottle’.
    If it goes ‘pear-shaped, it is no good ‘throwing our toys out of the pram or our teddy in the corner.’ But that’s exactly what they did.

    If they get back after the next election they will;
    a. Reintroduce the ‘global warming’ scam.
    b. Reintroduce the ridiculous carbon credit scheme.
    c. Continue to build more useless wind generators and solar array farms.
    d. Try again to force the E.T.S. ‘down our throats.

    If the Australian economy was compared to a house. That house would be vandalized, wrecked and garbage strewn everywhere.!!!
    Yet when the Howard Government left it was in pristine condition.
    If this government gets back into power the Australian public will not get another chance.
    Next time will be too late and the great country we once knew will be gone forever.
    Handed over to extreme greenies and extreme muslims who want to remove our democratic way of life and replace with the horrendous Sharia law.

    This is the Australia we love. Without doubt the finest country in the world –That our parents and grandparents fought for.-Lets keep it that way.
    Don’t let their efforts be in vain.

    Terence Cardwell


  • #

    Dear Jo:

    The above has a copy of Dr. Elsasser’s Classic 1942, “On Infrared Radiation Heat Transfer in the Atmosphere”.

    Please note page 23 here he explains why, for the “troposphere” he ignores the contribution of CO2, as the “upflux” and “downflux” of the CO2 BALANCE each other. (For the “approximation” of the “General Radiation Chart”, which is used to calculate heat up and cool downs for local weather forecasts based on Solar Insolence (per season and time) and the results of radiosone measurements of temp/pressure/humidity, to about 50,000′)


  • #



    Australians are fortunate that they can freely choose whoever they wish to support them in the parliament and to govern this once great country.
    This choice is usually made on the basis that the voter has studied his party’s choice and is WELL AWARE of their policies and what that party stands for.

    But I find it hard to believe that the people who voted for the Greens are aware of all their policies.
    So why did you vote for the Greens ?
    Was it as one voter said ‘I thought they were nice people.’
    Another said it was ‘because they care about the environment.’ As if no one else does.!!!!
    Perhaps you were disenchanted by the major parties and thought you would give your vote to the greens instead, without even knowing their policies or how dangerous they are.
    I find it impossible to believe that anyone in their right mind would vote for the Greens if they knew the truth. Instead of all the lies they have told and policies that would put the fear into the devil.

    Did you know they want to introduce death duties.
    That horrible archaic tax from the past that has caused an overwhelming amount of misery and grief to so many families. Rich and poor, it makes no difference. Everything is frozen till the tax man gets his share.
    In the mean time families are torn apart.

    They want to allow the boat people and other so called ‘environmental refugees’ free access to Australia without any limitations or health and security checks within two weeks of arrival.
    Allowing them to live freely in our country, and worse to give them financial aid and housing.
    The flood of millions from Asia and everywhere else would totally devastate our country and terrorists would be free to attack us from within the country , tearing us apart from the inside.

    They want to increase taxes on large and small businesses by another 5%. As if small businesses are not already hanging on by their fingertips desperately trying to survive through a global financial crisis and the painfully slow recovery. This could be a possible death blow to many small businesses.

    They will demand farmers “remove as far as possible” all genetically modified crops, which includes cotton worth thirteen hundred million dollars a year. ($1.3 billion) a year.

    They want to end “the mining and export of uranium”, worth nine hundred thousand million dollars ( $900 billion) a year.

    They want to introduce a carbon tax on everything destroying whatever businesses that survive their other holocausts and force the cost of electricity (if we still have any) and other products through the roof.

    They intend to lift foreign aid to a minimum of 0.7 per cent of GDP, which means an instant rise in handouts to their fanatics overseas of four thousand million dollars ($4 billion) a year. This is partly due to the fact that their Copenhagen handout of seven thousand million dollars a year, thankfully failed, and this is another way of getting that money

    They want to close down all coal mines in Australia and wipe out an industry that brings to the Australian people over sixty four thousand million dollars ($64billion) a year to help pay for our hospitals, road, schools, family and child care, pensions, national defence, etc. etc.
    Not only that but it would completely alienate our trade relationship with China, the backbone of our export economy. Without China purchasing our resources our economy would be in total collapse and so would this country.
    They want to close down all coal fired power stations and replace them with ‘Renewable energy”. Which might be O.K. if it was at all feasible but it is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to even achieve 5% renewable energy .Let alone 100% renewable energy.
    It has been tried over the last thirty years or more in many countries with the resultant abject failure.
    California has gone bankrupt trying with over 14000 wind generator failures and a return to thermal power generation. The total ‘renewable energy in California after 31 years is 2.3% and falling.
    Spain is also bankrupt because of their renewable energy fiasco and are importing power. The cost of which has doubled and they now have an unemployment rate of over 20%.
    Germany has over 7500 wind generators of which 2500 failed last year and they have returned to Thermal power which saved them last winter from total collapse.
    With Denmark’s 5000 wind generators of which 2000 failed last year they are yet to reduce so called ‘CO2 emissions.’ By one gram and like the other countries rely on thermal power generation for backup.
    The resultant failures in various countries are always the same from many countries but the Greens flatly refuse to see the failures because they want to bring Australia to its knees and under their communist globalisation control.
    They have NO interest in our well being, only in their communist ideologies and are determined to destroy our economy.
    Under that very thin cover of green is a very bright red of the communist, lead by the fanatical Bob Brown, who is a liar and one of the worst perpetrators of this world scam and he wants total control.
    If the extremists called ‘greens’ should bring their policies to fruition it will destroy our economy and our country.
    To the point it could bring about an extremely violent reaction from the Australian people when they finally realise that the Greens are deliberately trying to tear our country apart.
    By that time it could be too late. The only consolation would be that every Green would pay severely for their treachery.
    Now that you have read their policies, and this is not all of them. Are you still proud you voted for the greens. Will you stand up and accept the blame when this country is devastated for this communist agenda.
    Or will you do the right thing by your country and help get rid of these destructive vandals and traitors.
    When you voted for the greens you were given a Poison Chalice that we may never recover from.

    Remember that 173 people were burnt to death because of ‘greens’ policies forced on councils who were too weak to deny them.
    Also the destruction of over 300 homes and the displacement of over 7000 people.
    The Greens have NOT been responsible for even one environmental improvement. They are a farce and liars.
    If Australia could reduce its total CO2 emissions (a harmless gas essential to all life) by 20% as they want to, it would make a difference of .00000016% or 16 parts per ten millionth to the increase of CO2 in air per year. NOT even measurable.
    Following are two similar reports and I urge you to read them and realise this is not some ‘Wild story. Our future is now in your hands. You are the ones who MUST REJECT the greens and do everything to revoke your vote and stop the communist greens before it is too late.
    Terence Cardwell
    Email;[email protected]


  • #
    Ken Mourin

    You may not have seen, in which he discusses the likelihood of plant growth being limited by low CO2 levels. Further material in the comments – especially by “crosspatch”; tropical forests and grasslands use up CO2 and stop growing. An interesting take, worth repeating.

    Ken Mourin


  • #

    According to Le Chatelier where water vapor is the only gas in air that can precipitate at the ambient temperature and it is seven times better at absorbing IR than CO2 molecule for molecule, then adding CO2 should chill the atmosphere. That is exactly what happened between 1930 and 1970 when we increased the CO2 so radically in fighting WWII and expanding the world economy.

    In 1971 there was a downturn in CO2 production due to the first oil crisis and the temperature started rising. Jim Hansen and the IPCC have got it upside down.


  • #

    Ken Mourin: #30

    Check out CO2 Science, they have a little video that shows the effects of added CO2 on plant growth. Thanks for the link.


  • #

    One of the most commonly quoted alarmist projections of sea level rise for the 21st century comes from a December 2009 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) article “Global Sea level linked to Global Temperatures” by Vermeer and Rahmstorf.

    The PNAS is a prestigious journal and highly influential in scientific circles.

    Two profound problems with the Vermeer and Rahmstorf article are the fact that they used out-dated sea level data, and they did not incorporate a vital correction for water that is added to the oceans through depletion of groundwater aquifers.

    Their source for sea level data, Church and White, updated their data at about the same time that the PNAS article was published. A Geophysical Research Letters article this year has provided very good information on the effect of the groundwater depletion. When the updated Church and White data and the groundwater depletion are accounted for, Vermeer’s and Rahmstorf’s model yields sea level rise projections for the 21st century that are only half of what they reported in the PNAS.

    As far as I can tell, Vermeer and Rahmstorf have never acknowledged the updated Church and White data. They have not published new calculations or a retraction of their projections. Their extreme projection of 1.8 meters for the 21st century still finds its way into various documents and is widely echoed on the internet.

    The concept of their model was bogus to start with. But even their bogus model yields sea level rises half of what they reported when proper data is input.

    I have written a series of posts concerning these and other flaws in their widely read PNAS article. Here is a URL to an index of those posts…

    Critique of “Global sea-level linked to global temperature,” by Vermeer and Rahmstorf

    Parts 9 & 10 of my series cover the effect of using the updated Church and White sea level data and the groundwater depletion correction. If you feel so inclined, please have a look.

    Best Regards,
    Tom Moriarty


  • #
    icycold bribane

    dear Jo. knowing that there is a large following in the blog sites of Andrew bolt.tim Blair and yourself it would be great to organise a voting block to counter the A.G.W believers in all sides of politics, if we let them know that there is a group of people willing to vote against them in order to bring honesty to goverment then i am sure we could make a difference i propose first elected female prime minister jonova.

    [Shucks thanks icycold, but as much as I’d love to run for government, I don’t want to win. I’d have to turn up day after day and listen to those speeches. There is a group forming — perhaps CANdo is what you look for?


  • #

    Has anyone scrutinised the Carbon Farming Legislation? If so what is the prognosis for farmers? My amateur reading shows there are a number of scary areas.

    Have any of you legal gurus looked at it yet. My apologies if it has already been discussed before.



  • #

    I believe that a great proportion of people suffer from what I call “Romantic Doomsday Syndrome”. I have witnessed it growing up with the fashionable popularity of Nostradamus, the cold war and Nuclear Disarmament (remember Peter Garrett?), and now human caused Climate Change. The Syndrome is typified by (1) The romantic notion that “I can make a difference” or “I can SAVE the World”. The sad fact is that we humans even in collective form really do not make that much difference vs the power of natural forces on our planet. (2) A general negativity that the World is coming to an end. The Doomsday and Armageddon view appears to be a long standing one in human history. I would like to know if other people share this view.


  • #

    Although I am not an Australian when someone bolsters their arguments by claiming people who are “green” are all just communists with gaining power in mind then they abruptly lose credibility in my eyes.

    I don’t know enough to be sure about the degree to which human activity is causing climate change; since I DO believe that everything is to some degree interrelated it’s not too much of a stretch to think that what we are doing to the earth is going eventually to have some impact. How much or what form that will take I don’t know, but certainly there have been observable changes in local weather patterns over the past few years. Just as a person cannot expect to eat hamburgers and french fries exclusively and have a healthy life I think we cannot afford to try to bully all “natural” systems into submission indefinitely without having to deal with some repurcussions. Bring GMO into it and I will battle you all the way down to the end that GMO seeds have the potential for absolute disaster and famine.

    I suggest anyone who is interested in that question watch Dr Vandana Shiva’s address at the Sydney 2010 Peace Awards.

    Scientists can be found on every side of every question. The problem as I see it is that we(humans) like to have things simple, so we try to make things so, and they are NOT.

    The hubris people have shown over the years is something that for some reason is celebrated rather than learned from..and I personally think that many scientists have become enamored of the power they can weild and get so much satisfaction out of playing god (I mean really! patenting life forms?) they often have forgottom to take the possibly quieter costs into account. The Titanic could and did sink, notwithstanding every assurance to the contrary, from something very simple that hadn’t been considered, or at least with enough respect.

    I don’t have the background/expertise to decide if climate change is a crock or not; certainly there are problems. But I think to lump everything and everyone who has concerns about the environment and what we are doing to it into a group, label them “green” and suggest they should all be dismissed as having only a thirst for power is not only silly but dangerous. Every era has the belief that what they “know” is correct and every subsequent era has come to show that at least some of what the previous age “knew” was naive to say the least. Why should we assume our era is any different?


    • #

      Hi Pam

      We are not ignoring real pollution here.

      Paradoxically that is being done by the people who cry loudest about CO2 pollution but ignore chemical pollution of nature which is especially rife in non western countries.


  • #

    The “green” communists charge appears to be well-founded and while it could be coincidence or the convenience of those seeking the means of power to get their ideas in vogue there is no difference in the outcome.

    The link between “greens” and international socialism is very clear and easily documented witness the UN, the Nobel Prize Committee and the IPCC committee just for starters. The IPCC committee of 2500 included only 60 scientists, 12 of whom resigned in disgust asking that their names be removed from the report. They were not and some have sued.

    Maurice Straun and George Soros, both notorious international socialists have endorsed the IPCC committee and Soros has given millions to the global warming fear mongers. James Hanson got $750,000 last year alone.

    The Physics Section of the IPCC report clearly states that CO2 rises follow temperature rises which destroys the “CO2 is the cause” concept, but no one reports it.

    The famous Vostok ice core chart with the red “temperature” curve and the blue “CO2” curve shows clearly that as you move forward in time you encounter a red line before a blue one every time but in the first, oldest, data of 350,000 BC which is the most suspect as proxy data gets less reliable over time. This shows that temperature drives CO2 and not the other way around, but again this is never noted in the major press or science journals, but every well taught junior high science nerd knows it.

    Conservative ideas, science and humor at The Two Minute Conservative for radio/TV hosts, opinion page editors and you. Now on Kindle.


  • #
    Question Everything

    Australia’s government poised to become the second largest emissions trading scheme which together with a fixed price on carbon is set to raise more money in 3-months than the EU systems has raised over 5-years.
    They have couple this so called green intitatives as the right thing to do becasue overwhelming scientific evidence show that a carbon tax will redcue CO2 together with an economic reform package. The latter purports to compensate almost everyone except 500 polluters. Some will actually get more than they need back in compensation. Based on the old adage that if it sounds to good to be true then it isnt true


  • #
    Loanne Arnell

    Hi Joanne,
    I’ve just read your article in ‘The Weekend Australian’ titled ‘Climate change suspect must be given a fair trial’ and I totally agree with everything you’ve said. I had a brief look at your website and noticed that you have a number of resources on this topic, including books, so I would like to inform you of another very good book that may be of interest to you. My father has just recently written a book called ‘The Weather Makers Re-examined’ which has been published by Irenic Publications. There aren’t financial incentives for one to find flaws or question the government funded climate scientists theories, however, there are scientifically trained people out there who are motivated by their passion for the truth, and my father, Dr Weston Allen, is one of these rare few. He has challenged Tim Flannery’s book ‘The Weather Makers’ and gone through it with a fine tooth comb, finding every error, inconsistency, exaggeration etc. Extensive research and referencing, as well as an enormous amount of time has gone into creating ‘The Weather Makers Re-examined’. I have no doubt that you’ll be considerably impressed with the contents and the professional manner in which it has been done.
    Loanne Allen


  • #

    Loanne Arnell:
    August 3rd, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Hi Loanne

    I suggest you send a copy to Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun. He has an ongoing interest with Flannery and your fathers book will get quite an exposure should Andrew refer to it. (which he probably will)

    I have some communications with Andrew, if you need help, contact me via Jos support email which will be passed on to me.


  • #
    Don Anderson

    Hi Jo,
    You are doing an absolutely fantastic job, keep up the good work. Without doubt the majority of Australians have had enough of the Gillard government. All the very best to you and your excellent work.


  • #
    Andrew McRae

    I suspect that the “tab” feature does not work for mere mortals.
    If I am wrong then this sentence will be indented.
    Probably can’t cheat by using LI tags either.
    Well only one way to find out.
    Sorry for the testing.


  • #
    Rereke Whakaaro

    Pam: #37

    … when someone bolsters their arguments by claiming people who are “green” are all just communists with gaining power in mind then they abruptly lose credibility in my eyes.

    And quite right too. The other epithet is “Watermelon” on the bases that, “They are green on the outside and red on the inside”.

    There is a lot of name calling in science these days. Well, at least in climate science. Those who question, “The science is settled”, political line are often called “Deniers”, implying a connection with the holocaust. “Sceptics”, is a much more acceptable label, since it is descriptive. The sceptics try to be polite, and refer to their adversaries as “warmists”, which at least has a cosy feel to it. So we live in a Johnathan Swift type of existence where two factions are arguing, not over which end of an egg to crack, but whether or not the temperature will rise to a level that is intolerable to organisms that have an inate ability to evolve.

    The Green connection is really an extension of an established fact that a large number of scientists who worked on the IPCC 2001 and 2007 Assessment Reports were at the same time sitting on the Climate Witness Scientific Advisory Panel, which was formed and sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. An obvious conflict of interest that has only recently come to light, but one that calls the whole IPCC process into doubt.

    But the claim that warmists are all communists is not credible. There is no doubt that some are in it for the money, and that is definitely a capitalist trait. On this site we have Capitalists, and ex-Communists, Marxists, Libertarians, and the odd Tory (well all Tory’s are a bit odd, don’t you think).

    No, the debate is not along political lines. It is more concerned with rational truth, and the right for people to be honestly informed so that they can make up their own minds.


  • #
    Rereke Whakaaro

    Andrew McRae: #43

    I suspect that the “tab” feature does not work for mere mortals.

    It’s never worked for me – so no change there then.

    Also, I am doomed to monocrome, unless these orange and blue words actually work (they didn’t used to either).

    And we don’t seem to have nested comments … you can’t trust what is written on the box, can you?


  • #
    Fred Love

    No-one seems to have yet picked up that NOAA (Tides and Currents) has “disappeared” Fort Denison, Newcastle, Freemantle and Auckland following the publication of the Watson paper on Sea Levels. Australia is now “represented” only by Bundaberg and Townsville from mid 1960’s.


  • #

    Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (29 January 2012). Princeton physics professor William Happer, confirms satellite date shows NO warming since 2012, and why a large number of scientists don’t believe that carbon dioxide is causing global warming. Link attached below.


  • #
    Andrew McRae

    Blog code request:
    I respectfully request that robot tags/classes be added to this web site to prevent Google from including the “recent comments” section of the right hand navigation bar from being indexed for every page.
    There does not seem to be a definite way of achieving this, the nearest I’ve heard about is adding a “robots-noindex” CSS class to the DIV holding the recent comments list.

    At the moment it will seem that every page on your site is related to whatever terms I search for, because every search term has appeared in somebody’s comment, and whenever the Googlebot requests any of your old blog posts, it gets a page containing the text of the latest comments no matter which page those comments actually appear on. So dear old Google gets rather confused. Google is supposed to be smart enough to figure out your “recent comments” list is boilerplate navigation and is not related to the real content of each blog post, but in the 2 years I’ve been browsing your blog Google has never figured it out. So perhaps it is time to help the search bots with a few hints.


  • #

    The peoples call upon The Queen is not about the pros and cons of a carbon tax.

    It is about the disempowerment of the democracy of the Australian Electorate between Elections.

    Our natural and legal Democracy including the Constitution, give the Electorate certain rights including making a peoples call upon The Queen to use her Section 59 power.

    The peoples call is not political but a defense of our Democracy.

    Sign at if your Democracy matters to you.


  • #

    This document from Greenpeace International’s Director of Information Technology & New Media, Brian Fitzgerald, seems to have inspired a related and recent “Greetings Earthlings” message – hope you enjoy –


  • #
    Joe V.

    The image insertion just doesnt appear to work:


  • #
    Adrian O


    Hello JoAnn,

    I found last night this amazing gem, in an obscure Doha newspaper

    Climate Change panel chief says ‘not invited to COP18’

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will not be attending the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18/CMP8) in Doha, chairman Dr Rajendra K Pachauri has said.

    “For the first time in the 18 years of COP, the IPCC will not be attending, because we have not been invited,” he told Gulf Times in Doha.

    COP18 is to be held from November 26 to December 7.

    A big fan of your blog,
    I am a mathematical physicist from the US



  • #


    I have been part of a Conversation Blog (on Peer Review by Michael J. I. Brown and John Hunter)with Geoffrey Harold Sherrington who has now left the blog – partly because of disgust with one of the frequent and commonly rude participants. Geoffry had a lot to contribute and I would like to be able to contact him. I note that he has subscribed to your site earlier and wondered if you had a contact for him. I probably should not ask for his address, but would it be possible for you to send him mine at: [email protected] and ask him to contact me if convenient? Thanks if you can do that but don’t go to any trouble. John Nicol


  • #
  • #
    John Of Cloverdale WA

    Woops, this is the link to Burt Rutan’s presentation on youtube:
    Burt Rutan


  • #

    I have noted that the local rainfall figures have been distorted by “equipment failures” Both Wangaratta airport and Albury Airport.
    The problem being is that the rain figures could have been gained from locals, noted as being unofficial, and entered to allow reasonably accurate records.
    But no, the BOM decides we had very dry rainfall figures, not seen since 2009, (in Wangaratta at least) when if the unofficial rainfall figures would have shown, that these “corrected for their error” figures, would have shown real driest since 1964 or so. These people must be exposed for their deceit….

    Of course this doesn’t fit in with their fear mongering…and overseas experience also show fudging of their climate data.


    Thanks – I’ve passed this on to some of the BOM audit independent crew. – Jo


    • #

      You could pass this on as well Jo.
      John I live in Albury and “outages” for that gauge at the airport are a common occurrence
      In February of 2010 that gauge went out from Friday till Monday of one of the biggest rain dumps in the previous ten years.
      (I still have the clipping)
      It was the beginning of the end of the drought in the region.
      Later in the following week the BOM issued a statement that they had fixed the problem. Adding that no rainfall would be recorded for that weekend.
      When pressed by the reporter as to why readings from the back up gauge would not be used?
      The spokesperson John Darnley for the BOM stated,
      “all though the rainfall had been recorded in a manual gauge at the airport. It would not be added to the official data because the records of a specific site would be compromised by “fudging” of figures.”
      I’m a fisherman and a weather “tragic” so I have a pretty accurate rain gauge I maintain approximately 5 klms from the Albury gauge.
      And my recordings for that weekend? 42.3 MLS.
      John in the link you posted for the border mail I’m the the first bloke to comment.
      Every time we question we get the same old fob off.
      Today I spotted on line this.
      Jo how’s that BOM audit going?


      • #

        Hi Leigh,
        I would love that clipping you have of the failed rain gauge to put on my website with all other material I find which common sense and observation by myself and others should know about.
        The recent Wangaratta council sacking also has to do with environmental issues including the Rural lands strategy, on which platform the sacked council was elected. We are all being misled on that issue. The council was sacked due to resistance to the strategy and the elected people wanted answers…and the CEO wasnt cooperating. So a head on happened…


  • #

    PS it would be interesting to follow up with other areas also distorting local rainfall and temperatures…


  • #

    Jo, I didn’t know where to put this but here is as good as place as any.
    By the way how’s that audit into the BOM going?


  • #
    Don Woods

    Hello Jo or if your not Jo reading this then hello to whoever you are.
    I would like to post some observations about the world and then pose some questions about Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    I haven’t come across a topic that would make relevance of my issues.
    How do I go about making the post (if it is permitted of course}?
    Kind Regards


    • #
      the Griss

      Lots of people post “off topic”..

      Happens all the time.

      Either that or wait for a ‘Weekend Unthreaded’. 🙂


  • #
    Don W

    1 Most of the world population is in the Northern hemisphere (NH)
    2 Most of the world’s landmass is in the NH. Ergo the greatest area of oceans is in the Southern Hemisphere (SH)
    3 Most of the world generation of electricity using CO2 producing methods is in the NH.
    4 The NH atmosphere & the SH atmosphere are largely independent of each other with very slow, if any, mixing.
    This is evidenced by the long held understanding that during the period of nuclear bomb testing in the NH the SH was declared ‘radiation fallout’ free.
    There was a great hue & cry when the French exploded a bomb at the Mururoa Atoll in the SH because the SH was a nuclear free zone.
    5 There has been no measured increase in the SH of fallout from Chernobyl or more recently Fukushima but there has been in the NH.
    6 The CO2 readings at Manua Loa (NH) and Cape Grim (SH) are within a few ppm of each other and have been all along.

    1 If man’s contribution to CO2 is the main contributor how can it be that the NH doesn’t have a very much larger concentration than the SH?
    2 Is some other factor/s the main driver/s behind the increases?


  • #

    The most likely explanation is the ocean is causing the increases. The ocean conveyer belt is moving the CO2 generated in the ocean (underwater volcanoes etc) into both hemispheres.
    Better get a government grant to check this out. (Grin!) Er better not, as there is more money to be made from selling unreliable technologies which generate power which displace the minor CO2 levels we are responsible for…..
    Notice the IPCC have made a claim without substance this time, but have asked for governments throw billions into it so it MIGHT start working…..but still have no evidence except superstitious mantra.
    We may have to sacrifice a few maidens….for all the good it is doing….


  • #
    Don Woods

    Fair go John Oh ‘We may have to sacrifice a few maidens’
    Fair dinkum mate I place an extremely high value on maidens – the future of mankind.
    Whereas wind and solar generation is largely useless and at a high cost to most.
    The one exception I make to ‘renewables’ is known as Hot Factured Rock Geothermal and is under development here in Oz. It will be base load generation available 24/7 at full capacity. Like hydro it has a high capital cost to establish but once in place does not require any fuel source from mining eg coal or uranium. It is ‘the heat beneath our feet’ so to speak. I have put some money where my mouth is as I see it as part of our future.
    I have strayed from the topic. Thanks for your reply I have just viewed Murry Salby’s video and that supports your suggestion that it is essentially naturally occurring CO2 that is involved and man’s contribution is minimal possibly around 3-5% at present ie the inverse of what the pro CAGWers are saying.
    So eat, drink and be merry. We can’t change it.


  • #

    Oh dear fractured rock scam. Professor of allsorts Flannery invested a lot of money in that.
    It fractured his income level to zilch.
    As far a maidens go, can we just pick a few labor supporters instead?
    Maybe I’m having impure thoughts, but it may just help ya reckon?
    Equilibrium hangs in such fine balance.
    (Or maybe just the ugly ones!) Whoops I may be banned for this comment. Leave it out?….