Corporate Cornflour

Fun, Uplifting and F u n n y

See the most surprising experiments and draw out the crowd with fireballs, bubbles or slime. Upskill the team with the science of telling jokes (what board meeting wouldn’t be improved if you knew how to deliver a punch line?). This is perfect as an icebreaker, to warm up the conference or wake up the crowd after lunch.

The science of party tricks

Designed to bring out the big kid in everyone and appeal to the curious. There are big surprises with simple things. There’s the wierdest white paste that you can pour one moment and punch the next (no splash!). It transforms from cream to concrete in an instant. It changes back just as fast. Incredibly, it costs about a dollar, and may already be in your pantry at home.

Did you know you can make a fireball with a tin-can, flour and a candle? How about making a musical instrument with a straw, or levitating ping pong balls?

The science of telling jokes

Who’d have thought neuroscience could help you deliver a joke? Joanne takes some of the mystery out of the art-of-comedy with EEG’s that show us why timing is so important and how that famous ‘pause’ is essential. Studies on laughter help us understand why some people laugh more than others and how you can set up the situation to bring out the giggles. Find out the two essential ingredients in humour, and the three parts to a joke.

Punching cornflour
Big Bubble

Punching cornflour slime Giant Bubbles Flour fireballs

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