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  • Olaf Koenders: Thanks Kinky. I also write as an Aussie and agree with you on the “being armed in certain spots...
  • Dennis: I wish the warmer weather would start, here on the New South Wales mid north coast it still feels like early...
  • Truthseeker: The Griss, I think it is called winter.

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16 Jan 2010: I’ve added the “Social Events” link to the Navigation List on the top right to go back to the post on meetings and events. Perth event next Wednesday night. Sydney every Thursday evening. Names from France, Germany and others coming in.

August 2010: I’ve added an email support AT, that goes to all the volunteer moderators. Please use it if your comment disappears into the spam filter, or if you see an offensive comment. Thanks…

24 Nov 2010: I’ve added an option to “subscribe to comments” for people who want to get email comments coming in, but haven’t made a comment.

May 2013: Yes I am trying to fix this page!

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Comments are not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but if that’s what works for you, then this page is a gift. It’s also a way for me to say thanks to all the informative useful comments that come in and to encourage this open-source form of education and mental-tennis.

Sometimes several threads are active simultaneously on this site, and some of the latest comments are hidden under 300 others, or in a year old post, so it seemed worth dedicating a page just to the most recent comments. (The sidebar is so small.) This is where you’ll find an automatically updated list of the latest comments.

I don’t know if this type of “comments” page has been done on other sites. Let me know if you find one!

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