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  • Dave Ward: Does Brisbane suffer the sort of thunderstorms that woke me up (in the SE UK) at 2:30am this morning? I...
  • theRealUniverse: The F word? :D
  • Serp: That’s settled science for you.
  • Graeme#4: Agree with your comment on decentralisation. Frankfurt in Germany has very little population, with most...
  • KinkyKeith: Thanks Rick, When I got it going it was worth listening to. Alan Jones and Nils Axel Morner, going for...
  • Simon: Once again, racism and climate change denial go hand in hand. Both are strong indicators of intrinsic...
  • theRealUniverse: Bad news for NZ al/113501335/al-gore-names-...
  • theRealUniverse: Yes but the next cycle wont do much and will be probably much lower than this last one.
  • theRealUniverse: COX, KAROLOY = liars, Both totally wrong. see my comment #27.1
  • pat: 19 Jun: AFR: AGL, Origin pour cold water on hopes for lower prices by Angela Macdonald-Smith Australia’s...
  • Another Ian: “And take it to the limit one more time”
  • Graeme#4: Just watched a segment on Chernobyl death figures on the Bolt Report. At one extreme we have Dr Helen...
  • Another Ian: ” I AM a climate scientist, ” Seems ripe for a reworking of G & S’s “I am...
  • beththeserf: … and UN-natural frost hollows,lol. Oh Darwin, oh Feynman!
  • Another Ian: Oops! Link is m/index.php/2019/06/18/redu...
  • Another Ian: “Reducing GHG emissions is abstract, reducing comfort levels is not, and don’t even think about...
  • Travis T. Jones: I’m preparing for calm, soothing weather as we speak … in the year 2525! Australian...
  • joseph: I was hoping someone would post it. Thanks.
  • el gordo: German hypocrisy, most don’t care about their carbon footprints.
  • Mal: My preferred drug is Barossa valley Shiraz in reds and Eden or Clare Valley Rieslings in whites.
  • KinkyKeith: Good points.
  • joseph: Bill, I’ve come across information that says a vitamin K2 deficiency is the cause of the buildup of...
  • Serp: “led” not “lead”
  • KinkyKeith: Thanks Peter.
  • KinkyKeith: Just read some of the other comments.
  • KinkyKeith: It does raise concerns. Was that primary votes or after distribution.
  • el gordo: Peter C they would be artificial frost hollows and unnatural. As PF suggested, the adjustment would make it...
  • el gordo: The adjustors should keep their hands off, they have done enough damage.
  • Serp: Shorten will refer him as a step to regaining the leadership?
  • Vladimir: Apologies – plenty of people like me.

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May 2013: Yes I am trying to fix this page!

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