A small “smoking gun” study shows Covid vaccination likely led to fatal myocarditis

By Jo Nova

If anyone says “but this was only a few people” — the absolute scandal here is that every nation in the West should have been doing studies like this nearly two years ago and by the hundreds.

German pathologists studied heart muscle cells in 25 people who died at home within a month of getting vaccinated. Of these, five people had strange strange clusters of white blood cells infiltrating their heart muscle and all of those died within just a week of being vaccinated. In three of those cases, the results were quite clear, and there were no other potential causes of myocarditis, and no obvious heart problems, and the link to the vaccination was quite strong. “Further studies are needed”.

Constantin Schwab and others searched back through historic records and were struck that during the last 20 years of autopsy service at Heidelberg University Hospital they had not seen any “comparable myocardial inflammatory infiltration.” It really was unusual.

In this case the myocarditis was not necessarily severe, but the mild localized inflammation in clusters may have interfered with the pattern of contraction of heart muscle, causing fibrillation — where contracting cells become unsynchronized. In that trembling […]