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I’ll build up a series of links to the key pages people need to reply to blogs, find graphs, write letters to politicians or do school or university projects.

Key links and resources

Sorted by Scientific Topic / Scandal

Man-made global warming disproved (a key list of evidence)


The Pause:

98% of  Climate Models cannot explain why global warming has slowed

Missing Hot Spot:

Models get the core assumptions wrong– – the hot spot is missing

The models are wrong (but only by 400%)

Hockey Stick Graph


Missing Heat

How the oceans drive the climate

Sea-Levels: The scandal of sea-levels and how most of the rise is created by adjustments

          Last 200 years | Australian seas | All sea level pages

Temperature Sets

Sorted by Era

Last 1000 years

Little Ice Age

Medieval Warm Period (All related pages)

Last 10,000 years:

Roman Warm Period

The Holocene Climate: measured with 6,000 boreholes

Last 1,000,000 years:

Vostok Ice Core Graphs

Where is the positive feedback in the Vostok Cores?

The last 100 million years


Climate Money

Australian politics  – emails to politicians

Australian Political Issues

Media Related



The Age

The Australian

Sydney Morning Herald

Articles published by JoNova (Spectator and The Australian)

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