UN climate science now at “Gates of Hell” level

By Jo Nova

The UN is morphing into the New World Eco-Cathedral and the first commandment is “Give Us Your Money”

Antonio Guterres opened the Working Group Chapter on Fire and Brimstone and dug deep:

[AP News] “Humanity has opened the gates to hell,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said Wednesday, opening a special climate ambition summit with yet another plea for action. “ Horrendous heat is having horrendous effects. Distraught farmers watching crops carried away by floods. Sweltering temperatures spawning disease. And thousands fleeing in fear as historic fires rage.”

In a reversion to the medieval era of microbiology, apparently heat itself spawns disease from the ether. We know heat is the devil itself, the source of all evil, as the IPCC has not found one single good thing that might happen with more hotness.

No one is even pretending this is science anymore, are they?

Once equilibrium climate sensitivity is at the Gates of Hell level, where can it go next? Magma level? And is that better or worse?

The developed world was put in the naughty corner, and not allowed to speak, so they didn’t turn up, or perhaps it was the other way around.


Apple advertising goes full Climate Cult

By Jo Nova

Apple aims at customers with too much money and a desperate need to feel smug

You too can save the world, by spending two-grand on the latest tech-wear — not because it’s lighter, better, faster, bigger, or more useful, but because you want to look like you care about stopping bad weather and bush fires. Signal your virtue to the world! Wear your smug-watch and smile. It’s carbon neutral, and you are the leading carbon-show-off in the class. (Pretend you care about the kids mining cobalt in the Congo, or the Uighur camps in Xinjiang. Oh nevermind.)

There is a spiritual void out there in 2023 and Apple wants to fill it. But this religion is a world of shallow consumerism and point-scoring, pretending it is deeply philosophical and generous. Apple are this close to turning their brand into a teachy-preachy pagan apostle of Gaia.

And did Mother Nature say she controls the weather? Oops. What are all the windfarms for?

Mother Nature is a bossy black woman, wouldn’t you know, and the word for the advert is “cringeworthy“.

This adverts sums up everything about the motivations of the average climate acolyte. Like a Gucci handbag, […]

Vandalism for the Planet! Climate activists deflate tyres to try to make it “impossible to own an SUV”

By Jo Nova

It’s a cult. Believers in the climate religion can’t persuade the rest of the population through polite conversation, so a few are resorting to vandalism-for-the-planet because they know more than you do about atmospheric physics, right? After a spate last year, the call has gone out for activists to sneak around again after dark, being the deceptive cowards they are, and let down the tyres of SUVs to punish owners for not joining their pagan religion. Judging by their twitter thread, it doesn’t seem like a mass movement.

Philosophically, it’s just bully-badger-and-harass people for the climate kind of thing. According to “Tyre Extinguishers“you too can change the weather 100 years from now by dressing like a bank robber, and prancing around in the dark making other people’s lives more difficult. “Bravo” eh?

The same evangelists don’t seem to be concerned with even heavier EV’s made with child labor, the solar panels made by slaves, or the landfill toxic waste, destruction of forest, birds and bats by renewables. It’s just a tribal performance art to impress their friends and fill the spiritual vacuum in their lives.

When will the grown-ups in the environmental movement condemn vandalism? It’s time […]

The crime of talking to Tucker Carlson and the Red-pilling of Naomi Wolf

By Jo Nova

More than anything the Parasite Rulers fear the coming together of the sensible Left and Right — which is exactly what happened when Naomi Wolf spoke to Tucker Carlson.

In Naomi Wolf’s left-leaning circles, Tucker Carlson was an evil, bad man racist misogynist. But when she tried to talk about vaccine injuries, all her usual media friends ignored her. The last men standing in the US media who would interview her were Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon. Worse, after the interviews the tribal hate started to flow from her soon-to-be-former-friends — somehow the topic didn’t matter: maternal deaths, miscarriages, and erratic periods were all irrelevant — the only thing that mattered was that she had talked to Carlson or Bannon. “How could you” proclaimed the indignant?! All her years of scoring goals for the Left were suddenly worthless.

Naomi Wolf: So I had to face the alarming evidence that the Left now saw anyone “talking to” the opposition, as being magically, publicly, permanently contaminated and contaminating, in some weird anthropological way, and as now being utterly invalidated, and that they believed all of this in some pre-rational, Stone Age sort of belief matrix.

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Former XR climate activist calls it a brainwashed cult

By Jo Nova

Zion Lights

If we don’t teach our children how to spot cults and con artists they might grow into adults who lie on roads, tie themselves to cranes, and throw soup on a Van Gogh. Those who benefit from Climate “action” are exploiting mentally ill people.

A lady with the unlikely name of Zion Lights was once a spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion but quit and is now speaking out about their brainwashing, destructive behaviour, and the way they never seemed to want to solve climate change.

“The whole thing was a masterclass on how to manipulate emotions”, she says. She was told to “cry on TV” and bring her children to protests. Fellow activists there were so brainwashed some were sure they were going to die before thirty, and the leader of the movement, Roger Hallam offered them salvation, preyed on their guilt, compared himself to Gandhi and MLK and called himself a prophet. But was rude to followers, wouldn’t listen, and really didn’t care about “the people” at all. Ultimately, while he talked about armageddon, “he did nothing to prevent it” she said.

The hypocrisy finally got to her. Ms Lights wanted to talk […]

End-of-World Apocalypse Cult makes “Black Box” to record climate crash

Obviously this “black box” is not trying to record data for posterity, or they wouldn’t have shaped it into a tourist attraction or powered it with solar panels. Most likely it’s a talisman for believers and fence sitters to give reassurance after all the prophesies fail, and to normalize the cult. A kind of apotropaic magic.

Human pagan religions have long venerated stones. Think Stonehenge, Easter Island and the mustatils of northwest Arabia. The “Black Box” is just another piece of the late late Neolithic.

It will turn out to be a monument to mass hypnosis:

This Mysterious, Indestructible ‘Black Box’ Will Tell The Future What Happened to Us

Sure, but will The Future still speak macOS Mojave?

At a distant end of the Earth – hidden somewhere on the remote Australian island of Tasmania – a strange structure is about to witness and record the end of the world as we know it.

This won’t record the end of civilization if it comes, but it will symbolize the decline.

The project, called Earth’s Black Box, is a giant steel installation, soon to be filled with hard drives powered by solar panels, each […]

No kids? Climate Change and Sustainability fears drive more young men than ever to get a vasectomy

Is there any better statement of the empty vacuum at the core of The West?

The greatest Civilization Earth has ever known has talked itself out of turning up for the future.

Why are so many young childless men getting the snip?

Artist, Marie Kroyer

By STEPHEN CORBY, The Australian

It takes a lot to rattle “The Ball Whisperer” [Dr Justin Low], as one of Australia’s most prolific vasectomists is known, yet he remembers being utterly taken aback the first time a young, childless man walked into his office and asked for the snip. “It was a shock. I do remember how I felt the first time a guy with no kids came to me, and it put me on the back foot,” Low recalls, still recoiling slightly. “I wasn’t prepared for it, I mean, not just as a ­doctor but as a lay person, there’s just this funny thing we’re brought up to think, doesn’t everyone want kids?”

Back when he started out at Marie Stopes Australia a decade ago, his job was very much about helping men who felt they’d had enough children, or possibly more than enough. […]

The Branch Carbonian Cult: and the difference between “denier” and “cultist”. One may be true.

Queen Meave and the Druid, Eleanor Hull, The Boys’ Cuchulainn, Image: S. Reid.

Some commenters wonder why I allow the word cultist, but sometimes there is no better term. Remember, apocalyptic storms are coming, and we’re all going to die, unless we heed the prophesies of the new Gods of Science.

What’s the difference between a real disaster foretold by scientists, or a cult? Evidence, for starters, and we’re still waiting for observations that support the idea that a catastrophe is coming, but there are more clues.

In normal conversations people can be, you know, wrong, but in a cult, wrongness is not a comment on a scientific point, it’s a statement of identity and a judgment of moral fitness. Those who speak against the (insert doctrine) are not just wrong, they are evil, immoral, and not “worthy” of polite conversation. Believers who become skeptics, are exiled (think “apostate”) and let’s not forget the sacrifices for penance (anyone want to buy a carbon credit for their sins?).

Then there’s the machinations to avoid dealing with reality. No matter what evidence skeptics point to, the answer is effectively always the same: the weather-balloons, satellites, ocean buoys and temperature proxies are […]