Volkswagen solves glue protests by supporting them — no lights, no heating, no attention

By Jo Nova

The new glue trend in protests may suddenly be over. Just like that.

As Twitchy and RedState report:  Nine new protestors called “Scientist-Rebellion”  turned up to the Volkswagon factory and glued themselves to the floor saying they were “on hunger strike until our demands to decarbonize the German transport sector are met.”. The normal response is to call the police and get the glue protestors arrested which gives them the attention they so desire. Instead, Volkswagon immediately decarbonized the factory — turned everything off including the heating and left the protestors there to figure out the scientific logistics of eating, drinking, and going to the toilet while glued to a cold floor.


The list of demands from glue-geniuses is “big”

These people want to run the world but couldn’t plan their own lives 24 hours in advance:

Getting ready for first night of sleep inside the Porsche Pavillion @Autostadt to demand @VW to eventually act to decarbonise the transport sector.

These are our demands to the Volkswagen CEO, adapted from our general demands. (1)  support introduction of speed limits on German motorways; (2) condone bonds held by @VW from Global South; (3) declare infeasibility of 1.5 goal.

Here’s how it worked out for Gianluca Grimala:

@VW  told us that they supported our right to protest, but they refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued, and have turned off the heating. People in support can’t get out of the building.

Just a clarification: people in support can get out of the building but then they couldn’t get back in. We can’t order our food, we must use the one provided by Wolkswagen. Lights off. Random unannounced checks by security guards with bright torches. Police just came in.

His hand got swollen in 24 hours, and he’s now continuing his hunger strike “from hospital”.

“after 24 hours of remaining glued to the floor and a nearly sleepless night my hand got swollen. The Wolkswagen manager had initially refused to let a doctor in but eventually accepted.

Doctors ascertained the possibility of life-threatening blood clots in my hand and recommended an immediate transfer to a hospital. My health is of course paramount. I accepted to leave this wonderful group and was taken to hospital, continuing my hunger strike.

Twitterati are loving it:

BertyBollocks says:  “I’m a serious scientist protesting against fossil fuels. Now turn the gas heating on and bring me my potty”

Private Domains: Loosing a hand for clima change is nothing, keep going 🤡

It’s a 2 Party system and We’re not Invited says:  If you really want to send a message, glue your testicles to a car. Glueing hands to the floor is a half measure. Make this count!

SoloWingKiba:  Bro this is why people don’t “trust the science” these days. You’re all scientists and not a single one of you know the effects of glue on skin, or how you planned to use the bathroom? If you’re making a sacrifice to protest, whining about it makes the sacrifice meaningless.

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52 comments to Volkswagen solves glue protests by supporting them — no lights, no heating, no attention

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    During another lifetime, I worked for a company extracting a valuable resource for the rest of the sane world but not for Australia. Protestors used to attach themselves to gates in an attempt to prevent access to sites. Company employees were not allowed to touch the protestors and the local Police were becoming frustrated – enter the gate squad. These gates were removed from their hinges and the protestors were humanely encouraged to follow the gate they were attached to off to one side while the replacement gate was installed. Rinse and repeat…..


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    John Connor II

    Their rebellion against science didn’t factor in bladders…

    I’d have just left them there and let them soil themselves on video. They wouldn’t live that down and pull stupid stunts like that again.


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    Honk R Smith

    I hope he was taken to a ‘decarbonized’ hospital.
    Where they use the copper scalpels.


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    This is gold!


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    robert rosicka

    Almost as good as the way the French police deal with protesters who glue themselves to the road , the police just rip their hands up leaving skin still stuck to the road and protesters a bit worse for wear .


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    Slightly off topic but yesterday I watched Mark Steyn talking with a protestor who had recently glued himself to a road in London. It was extremely frustrating as this jerk, and he was a jerk, immediately insinuated that Mark was a “denier”. Then continually interrupted Mark as he tried to respond to the protestors verbage.

    Any civilised person would have had the feeling that the protestor was rude, abrupt and had no manners whatsoever. But there is now a growing class of woke for whom this is standard and acceptable behaviour. Talk over others, never listen, never allow others to make a point, make ad hominem comments continually, and generally show that you treat the person you are talking with as an utter low life who is not allowed any opinion other than your own. All the while having enjoyed the fruits of a society powered by carbon based fuels, and made by the sweat & sacrifice of many others.

    Sorry but my parents and those I dealt with when young and generally up to the last 20 years tried to be well mannered, thought it was crass and wrong to behave the way this twit was, and allowed others to hold differing opinions. Seriously, we are heading down the gurgler very quickly and as I have posted before, if history is any guide, at some stage types like the protestor Mark Steyn interviewed start incarcerating (and worse) those who simply hold the “wrong” opinion…


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    I guess he’s not one of the hunger strikers. Whinging about possibly losing a hand when you’re claiming you’re prepared to starve to death doesn’t really add up, does it?


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      mmmmmm I was struck by ” My health is of course paramount………. continuing my hunger strike.”

      Such are our environmental thought leaders


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    It's all BS

    I have a feeling that they do not have the intestinal fortitude (no pun intended) of Bobby Sands…


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    Tim Spence

    Doctors unglued the fossil fuel based glue using fossil fuel based acetone and the imbecile was still complaining about fossil fuels.


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      Graeme No.3

      And worse – acetone is 62% CARBON (as they call it) whereas CO2 is only 27% CARBON.
      These protesters are encouraging release of more CARBON into the atmosphere HOW DARE THEY?

      Of course the police might use MEK which is a very good solvent but it contains 67% Carbon or carbon disulphide which has only 16% Carbon. It is smelly, highly flammable and quite toxic, a bit like these mugs.


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        I think carbon disulphide should be ideal. My memory from chemistry classes is that it has an intense rotten egg smell.


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    Hand glue fanatics and soup throwers are happy in their five-year-old level lizard brains, because they are attracting attention to themselves.
    Climate change nuts are thrilled because they make Greta look reasonable.
    We, as a culture, have learned to coddle kooks to the point of actually trying out their theories, like canonizing St. Floyd then
    defunding the police; hence to them it look like a reasonable working model of society.
    Even for these miscreants, who might have suffered a bit, the benefits outweigh the costs.
    On a large scale; for authoritarian personalities, the benefit of causing mass suffering outweigh the costs, as from OZ to the US
    those who make the rules and flog the windmills aren’t (at least in the short term) suffering therefrom, they are preening in the
    glow of peer group approval.
    Disconnecting consequences from actions prevents learning.


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    Lots of hot sauce!
    And boiled eggs.


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    Super glue all their orifices.


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    Are any of them actual “scientists”?

    The goofy looking older guy markets himself as ..

    ““I am an experimental economist interested in the psychological and cultural bases of human cooperation””

    Does anyone know wt* “an experimental economist” is?? .. maybe a person that dabbles on the stock market or horse races ?


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    Many hands make woke light


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    Dave of Gold Coast, Qld.

    This article totally made my day! I have always said “just leave the idiots there,” now someone has finally done it.
    Great reading Jo, thanks


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      Graeme No.3

      And Volswagen can always claim they were helping the German Government in reducing gas consumption.


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      Agree, but I do admit a touch of schadenfreude when that French policeman ripped the guys hand off the road a while ago.


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    I’m tempted to glue my testicles to the Academy of Science in protest against frauds hovering up public many leaving nothing for real scientists.


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    I think this is the best treatment for these clueless loonies.
    Leave them in the dark and lock out the imbeciles from the MSM and then let them wait for many hours until they start to WAKE UP.
    I hope other companies, govts and councils are watching and drawing up similar plans.


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      I’m guessing they will change tactics now having been made to look stupid. They will ensure they are in the way and impeding things so much they will get the attention they desperately seek.


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    “I demand”…”We demand”….

    They act like 4 year olds so they should be treated as such.
    It seems inevitable to me that at some stage a protestor who glues himself to a road is going to peeve off the wrong person. Maybe then the woke police and governments will put an end to these idiotic, farcical protests and their “demands”.


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    A catheter hygienically administered for the bursting bladders. All covered in scientific detail, without pixelization, by Deutsche Welle, the taxpayer funded German equivalent of the ABC.


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    Sooner or later, someone is going to drive their vehicle through the JSO road sitters in the UK. It will be carnage. The same thing happened in the US during one of those BLM protests where an irate truckie (trucker) drove through the mob.


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      Steve of Cornubia

      Though the resultant roadkill won’t thank you for driving over them, having decided a second or so earlier that this martyrdom malarky isn’t for them after all, I’m sure their agonising death will be loudly applauded by their comrades online, who haven’t yet volunteered to actually do something about the cause they so fervently support.


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    Lion heart

    Just leave them alone. Publicity only after 3 days or when they apologise for causing disruption and beg to be rescued and read Ian Plimer.
    Perhaps reading some accurate scientific data could help the decide to apologise and beg for release.
    Put some facts for them to see and hear while they are captive would be better than, food, drink or a potty.


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      Yes! 24hr lectures on why man-made climate change is not a problem, with robots ready to scream “WAKE-UP” at anyone detected sleeping. Offer to un-glue anyone passing a test on climate change after two days. Possibly the option of Vogon poetry after a week, but never un-glue them officially.


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    I guess they are stuck now!


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    So silly me – I decided to look at the “Scientist-Rebellion” web site.
    Turns out these guys are really lazy and don’t even bother to update their references under their page called “The Science”.
    Just even a quick look reveals no new reference entries dated later than 2020. So not really on the game (no surprise).
    I was going to check some references to see how many had since been debunked.
    But if they don’t even update site for anything later than 2020, I think that means they are very likely rubbish references anyway.
    And poor ol’ mate GG doesn’t even rate a mention in their list of signatories.
    “Doctors unglued me with care. It is not painful at all, if done properly”. Even Doc Martin knows to use acetone.
    I hope VW see it as good advertising of their brand. When activists attack you, you must be doing something right.


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      It’s extremely hard to find out what ‘science’qualifications these people have.

      Spokesman Gianluca Grimalda, 50, an Italian researcher in Social Psychology at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy
      in Germany .

      One African member I found was “Moinina Koroma, 25, who has a bachelor’s degree in rural development studies at the Njala University in Sierra Leone”

      @JanineClimate , co-founder of Fridays for Future, a confidante of @GretaThunberg and qualified scientist

      and a leader in hunger strikes

      @leabonasera Lea Bonasera, co-founder of @AufstandLastGen and herself a ‘doctoral student’. So that’s a sort of science?

      She has one publication though “Why Civil Resistance Works Differently in Democracies: The Logic of Nonviolent Resistance Extended”
      so it seems non violent resistance is her science and hunger strikes are really her speciality. All she needed was a cause like the End of the World.

      And it is amazing how many Professor Timothy Flanneries describe themselves as ‘climate scientists’ when they have no mathematics, no chemistry, no physics, no hard sciences at tertiary level.

      It seems anyone at all can call themselves a ‘Climate Scientist’. And to date, not one is a meteorologist. Odd isn’t it?


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    Is the Russian General Staff concerned about the treat Germany poses to the SMO? Unlikely:)


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    When nature calls, do a shoei!


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    Kathleen Adamson

    I would like to ask these limelight -seeking miscreants, precisely what have you personally done recently to help our suffering world—and it IS suffering. Do you avoid non-degradable spandex, do you give out birth-control pills in teeming failed states to reduce demand on land and water, do you eschew garden toxins by weeding acres by hand, and hey, when did you last plant a tree? My husband and I, in poor health at 75 years, have hand-planted over 2000 trees on our property and are doing more-so get your virtue-flogging butt out of the glue, shut up and actually do something for the environment!


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    Anybody got some itching powder