Shut Them Up, Argues the Academy of Science

The Witches and Warlocks of The Australian Academy of Science are worried. Even though the evidence is overwhelming and settled, climate denialism is spreading. This is particularly perplexing because climate believers have unlimited access and free advertising in the media, and millions of dollars in government support. Despite all that, Australians must be too stupid and badly educated to recognise the True Weather Prophets that live at the Martian Embassy in Canberra and so they have given up trying to persuade the idiot voters. The new genius plan is to get the tech Tyrants like Twitter and TikTok to shut down Australians who ask impertinent questions or talk about the solar wind, the 1809 Windsor Flood or the 1852 Fires and other blasphemies!

Thou Shalt Not Question the Sacred Guild of Science Heads!

I thought they might want a new logo to reflect their true heritage:

Thanks to Tony Thomas for putting on the Hazmat suit and wading through the brew of petty namecalling and mangled English of what once was a society of great scientists.

Shut Them Up, Argues the Academy of Science

Tony Thomas, Quadrant Magazine

In a move unprecedented in the democratic […]

Political Correctness is for girls — the bubble of Woke has a grip on young women

There’s been a transformation in the last 6 years — the polarization between attitudes of young men and women is expanding like a bubble.

The new Gallup results suggesting the suddenly as many as 44% of young women identify as liberal but only 25% of young men do. It’s a gaping 19% maw. Eric Kaufman shows that its not because more women are going to university now, but mostly because more young women are Woke. The most important predictive factor in a thirteenfold (wow) kind of way, was simply whether they opposed controversial speakers on topics like BLM, abortion and LGBTQ-etc. In other words, it’s expanding like a designer fashion trend. And one so weak it has to hide the competition. It’s not a generational shift when half the generation is avoiding it. That’s good news. Bubbles will pop.

Wokeness targets women — offering them victimhood-candy and someone to blame, but almost always at the expense of men. Not surprisingly men are not turning up for their lecture on toxic masculinity. Think Gillette. Young men still want to impress young women, and being “Woke” can get the girl, but even that’s not enough to adopt the ideology.

Spread the word. […]

Twitter censors The Epoch Times (and President Xi cheers silencing of Chinese dissidents?)

*UPDATE: Twitter has halted the censorship after a flood of criticism, but not provided any explanation. It shows that speaking up works, but the incident still says a lot about Twitter, and whose side it’s on. They didn’t censor Chinese State media.


Since Twitter decided to block the upstanding, excellent Epoch Times, I feel therefore obliged to make sure that The Epoch Times gets more attention, not less. Tell your friends, spread the word. If Twitter deems an Epoch page Unsafe, you definitely want to go there. Just click through. Or go straight to The Epoch Times. Who needs Twitter?

We’re in an information war. We must know the enemy. Shore up lines of communication.

If you find yourself self-censoring your commentary for fear of being cut off, remind yourself that that’s exactly what they want. Ownership of your mind…

Twitter Censors All Content From The Epoch Times

The social media company ‘must explain itself for this outrageous act of censorship,’ Senator Marco Rubio says


If you see this, just click through

Twitter Targets American Media, Not Chinese State Media

The Epoch Times was founded in 2000 by […]

Earlier incarnations of puritanism ended when its proponents became laughing stock

Wokism is just another cycle of the bossy righteous social climber, and it will be defeated, not when we take them seriously, but when we laugh at them.

Nothing is funny any more, all jokes are microagressions. The world’s unctuous busybodies are humorless sods, telling everyone to eat bugs and arm themselves with solar-panel-shields to stop the tide. They pretend to care for the poor while they condemn them to poverty. They earn points in invisible beauty contests while they accidentally raze forests, kill bats, and slaughter birds in a quest to be holier than the guy next door. The only thing they care about is themselves.

Nick Cater reviews a new book by Noah Rothman that sounds like a good read. The point I appreciate the most is that humans have gone through these waves of righteous madness before and that there will be an end, and the more we mock them, the sooner it will come. As Nick Cater sublimely does with one performer at the Melbourne Comedy Festival who he describes as “.. an Indigenous woman who identifies as a comedian.”

The Rise of the New Puritans: Fighting Back Against Progressives’ War on Fun

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US constitutional case law says debate on public issues can be caustic — “I don’t have to be nice to you”

Simon Campbell speaks at the Pennsbury School Board meeting serves it up to the Board President he calls “Mussolini”. (h/t commenter Lance for details)

Absolutely instant legend!!! Share far and wide!!!!

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) July 6, 2022

From the Supreme Court case of New York Times versus Sullivan, 1964

US constitutional case law says:

This nation is founded on the profound national principle that debate on public issues shall be uninhibited, robust, and wide open and it may include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on Government and public officials.

Watch the video, not just for the content but for the force with which he delivers it. He will not be deterred, bullied or silenced. He wades right through the intimidation. He knows what his rights are, he has come prepared, and he will not submit.

Most of the snowflake generation need to hear this quote to counter the false power of the cancel culture bullies who cry injury — racism, sexism, and hurty-pronounism. Free Speech may offend people, especially public officials.

h/t Also to Tom Nelson

9.8 out of 10 based on 85 ratings

Cancel Culture bullies finally face some backlash

These small wins matter. Cancel Culture is about shutting people up — and even if it’s just a dumb joke being cancelled, the danger is that each minor win gives power to self-annointed Thought Police. The Grand Sacred Cows of our culture are created through a thousand irrelevant outrages.

Bill Maher, comedian, savages The Washington Post and Felecia Somnez and half the Millennial Gen:

For the Australians who missed it in our election week:

The Ministry of Truth was quietly axed in the US after just three outrageous weeks.

The New York Post Editorial Board, May 18th

Nina Jankowicz just quit and the Disinformation Governance Board is dead. It’s the best possible ending to a move that was demented from the start.

Whatever the Department of Homeland Security thought the DGB would do, the board’s ham-handed launch (and very name) could only feed the direst suspicions. The US government has no business determining what’s “disinformation” — certainly not via an Orwellian shadow department, housed within a national security agency.

Celebrate the wins.

10 out of 10 based on 57 ratings […]

A speech so good he was sacked: HSBC head says investors don’t need to worry about “Climate Risk”

Hopefully Elon Musk will give him a job.

Stuart Kirk, head of “responsible investing” for HSBC let rip at the doommongers of finance with a speech called “Why investors need not worry about climate risk”. He was speaking at A Moral Money Europe Summit, held by the Financial Times and is clearly fed up with listening to hyperbole and being told to analyze and worry about trivial long term future events. “Last night Target fell 25% — twentyfive!” … but I’m being told to worry about something coming 20 – 30 years down the track.” Other speakers were unceremoniously dispatched. He complained climate risk has become so hyperbolic no one knows how to outdo it. “Sharon [a speaker from Deloittes] said “we’re not going to survive!” But no one even looked up and ran from the room.”

Dangerously (for him) he also explained how the central banker models bury massive GDP and interest rate shocks in their economic forecasts of climate risk, otherwise they can’t generate bad news and headlines. Apparently, it’s all in the fine print that nobody mentions. They’re sounding more and more like climate models all the time.

That was last week. This week he’s been suspended.


The Misinformation Age with Bill Maher

Stick with this — step over the cheap shots at Trump and predictable hits on conservatives — Bill Maher is doing a cracker job on a soft left audience. He’s packaged up a dose of medicine about how important free speech is. His is a rare voice on the left pointing out the hypocrisy and stupidity of censorship.

“Keeping you safe and sorting out the lies is your job” (not Twitters)

We always focus on the producers and never the consumers, as if we’re all helpless dumb blondes ready to believe everything…

People lie, that’s what people do. Every age is the misinformation age, and whenever a new means of communication comes along some reach for the censor button. In 1858 the New York Times thought we couldn’t handle the Transatlantic Telegraph. “It was superficial and too fast for the Truth”…

He also tosses a cold bucket or two on the lefty willingness to believe the Covid stats, and effectively calls all the censors “assholes”.

In America you have the right to say what you think, to be wrong, and to be an asshole.

And if you […]

Is Australia a sovereign nation or just a state of Pfizerland?

Don’t mention the Australian vaccine: The TGA bans Aussie Professor from talking about his work

Australia has a mini Ministry of Truth already. It’s called the TGA.

Australians can probably still get a Pfizer vaccine in chemists and carparks across Australia, but they still need to fly to Iran to get an Australian-made vaccine. The good news is that at least this week it’s legal for Australians to finally fly to Tehran without taking Pfizer or Moderna shot first — as long as they don’t fly on an Australian airline. (Not mentioning any names, Qantas!)

The people mostly responsible for this situation are the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association). They’re supposed to be looking after Australians health but somehow all their decisions happen to be exactly what a Pfizer CEO would want. Spooky eh? The TGA rushed the approval for the Pfizer vaccines, but still, millions of doses later, won’t release the procurement contracts, even under FOI. Signed on our behalf, and for our own good, yes? Did they even read the documents that Pfizer AND the FDA tried to hide for 75 years?

Now meet Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University, Australia, who had already developed protein based vaccines against […]

Apoplexy!: MSNBC host warns that Musk could use Twitter to silence candidates and influence elections.

The video will become legendary. An MSMBC host creates great satire accidentally.

There is truly nothing funnier than this MSNBC host ranting about what Elon Musk could do to Twitter, and accidentally giving a perfect description of how Twitter has actually operated for the last five years

— Cabot Phillips (@cabot_phillips) April 26, 2022

So Ari Melber (the host) knew what the Twitter team were doing for years, but he’s only concerned now?

Half of twitter is alive today with people returning to it, while the other half are apoplectic because a billionaire just bought a media outlet.

Cabot Phillips mocks the Influencer meltdowns:

Elon Musk Is Evil! She says, in a video posted to an app controlled by the CCP, on a phone made by slave labor, repeating propaganda from a newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos.

But the EU and UK have both already warned Elon Musk that Twitter must comply with The Digital Services Act:

“Whether on online harassment, the sale of counterfeit products… child pornography, or calls for acts of terrorism… Twitter will have to adapt to our European regulations which do not exist in the United […]

Elon Musk gets Twitter: A Grandmaster Chess move for Free Speech, or a high stakes bet against Monster Funds?

The deal everyone is talking about, that has just gone through:

Elon Musk taking Twitter private in $44 billion deal


NEW YORK, April 25 (Reuters) – Elon Musk clinched a deal to buy Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) for $44 billion cash on Monday in a transaction that will shift control of the social media platform populated by millions of users and global leaders to the world’s richest person.

It is a seminal moment for the 16-year-old company that emerged as one of the world’s most influential public squares and now faces a string of challenges.

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” Musk said in a statement.

Sundance explained the bind the Twitter Board might have been in:

Keep in mind that Twitter is slated to report first-quarter earnings this Thursday, and originally the board was going to wait until after that earnings announcement to respond to the bid. Something changed.


Democracy lives? 28 States in the US working on legislation to promote lvermectin use

It’s a shock. More than half the states in the US are considering legislation to allow doctors and sometimes even nurses and pharmacists too, to prescribe early treatment drugs “off label”.

Let’s not forget that doctors were able to do that for decades and it’s largely the medical boards who have become the defacto Praetorian Guards of Big-Pharma — taking away the rights of doctors via threats to destroy their career if they step out of line.

Many of the proposed bills simply aim to stop medical boards from evicting doctors who use drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee appear to have largely succeeded. The rest are working on it. In Tennessee, people may even be able to buy a drug that’s been given to a billion other humans, right over-the-counter. Golly, that’s almost as free as El Salvador?!

Meanwhile people in America are providing the drug “off-label” and “off-prescription” anyway, sneaking it into hospitals and handing it out at churches. It would be better for everyone if they could ask their doctors. But this response from state legislators in the US seems remarkable to this Australian — almost like Democracy still has a chance.


Show this in schools: The CCP in 2020 banning doctors spreading illegal rumors of pneumonia

This is a pre-packed lesson in free speech:

#TheGreatTranslationMovement #大翻译运动

— The Great Translation Movement 大翻译运动官方推号 (@TGTM_Official) April 3, 2022

How do we know when it’s propaganda — when all the news readers speak with one voice.

What’s the difference between the Western doctors and the CCP-docs? About a year. AHPRA are the communist party of medicine in Australia. Instead of banning doctors who talked about a new form of pneumonia, AHPRA bans doctors who talk about cheap treatments or problems with vaccines. What’s the difference?

9.7 out of 10 based on 92 ratings

FBI didn’t want the Hunter Biden Laptop, then sat on it, then whistleblowers life is destroyed

He did all the right things but his business, his life’s work has been ruined. Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop to a Mac repair store and left it behind. The whistleblower who owned that store acted legally in every way, but now faces bankruptcy and lives with constant threats. He financially would have been so much better off if he has dropped the laptop in the bin. John Nolte at Breitbart has a long interview with John Paul Mac Isaac about the remarkable efforts he went to to do the right thing. His father is a retired Air Force Colonel, and he also tried to do the right thing but was rebuffed.

The whole interview is worth reading. The scandal (above and beyond The Biden family) is the combined failure of the FBI and the media. Repeatedly, the FBI failed the nation, protected the corrupt by sitting on this laptop for months and intimidating the whistleblower. Then the media did the same, covering up for the compromised, blaming it on a Russian hack. All the media that is, except for The New York Post, Tucker Carlson and sites like Breitbart.

People need to know what’s going on.

Nolte: Hunter […]

Trudeau roasted as a dictator in the EU: “We watched you trample women with horses”

Those who know what tyranny is, call out the Canadian Prime Minister

Three members of the European Parliament from Germany, Romania and Croatia give crushing opinions on Justin Trudeau.

Christina Anderson is an MdEP from Germany

Watch another European MP take Prime Minister Trudeau to task for his authoritarianism, mistreatment of Canadians, and his hypocrisy.

— Keith Wilson, Q.C. (@ikwilson) March 24, 2022

MEP Cristian Terhes from Romania refused to attend Trudeau’s EU Speech:

“I refused to validate by my presence the facade of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who gave a speech before the Plenary of the European Parliament on 23.03.2022, it was the reason for which I was not in the room when he spoke.”

“You can’t come and teach democracy lessons to Putin from the European Parliament when you trample with horse hooves your own citizens who are demanding that their fundamental rights be respected.”

“When you, a politician from the “west”, implement in your home methods of repression and the trampling of the rights of your own citizens, who demand their rights be respected, as Putin does at home, you are no better […]

Coming to a civilization near you: The totalitarians wet dream — A Central Bank Digital Currency

Suddenly central bankers want to reach right into your wallet, follow you around, nudge your every decision, or just stop you spending your dollars less wisely than the average bureaucrat thinks you should. These are the same people who *know* you should be saving the Earth by eating crickets.

This is a great essay, part fiction, part nightmare, but already knocking on our doors. A Central Bank Digital Currency (or CBDC) is your digital ID card and social credit score wrapped into one and actioned with instant bank-freezing potential, honk, honk.

Imagine living off food-stamps.

Just Say No to CBDCs says N.S.Lyons

You wave your phone at the pump. Nothing happens. You try again. Your phone buzzes, and you look at it. There’s a message from the Fed: “You have already spent more than the $400 maximum weekly limit on fossil fuels specified in the FedWallet User Agreement. Your remaining account balance cannot be used to purchase non-renewable energy resources. Please make an alternative purchase. Have you considered a clean, affordable New Energy Vehicle? Thank you for doing your part to build a more just and sustainable world!”

You have in fact considered purchasing […]

Oops. Who wants a Bank Run? Canadian Government unfreezes some accounts, after accidentally revealing no Canadian bank is safe

Justin Trudeau froze bank accounts of bread-winners who had committed no crime, in order to stop a protest that had largely been stopped. Everyone could see this was wanton partisan spite. But in a financial system built entirely on trust Trudeau was sticking giant public pins in Banking Voodoo dolls. If banks are just tools of partisan petty Ministers to use on political opponents, no one’s money was safe. Even if Trudeau reverses all the theft, people can’t un-see the Voodoo Doll.

Canadian banks became a bad joke:

Babylon Bee.


Trudeau wasn’t trying to stop the current convoy, he was trying to scare away all the future ones. It’s all about intimidation, to scare future donors from supporting future events. Canadians, we, all of us in the West have a choice now — to be scared into serfdom or to donate twice as much.

Google is on his side: identifying all the donors on a live map

In an extraordinary breach, Google published a map today for some hours with every hacked donor name and address, even including people who just donated $10. The link was here, but it’s just a “404 error” now. As @alberta_cw […]

Things are bad when even Romanians are warning you that your leader is a tyrant

Cristian Terhes of the European Parliament: “he’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania”

If even you raise doubts, about the vaccine, you are outcasted.

What’s the difference between what he does and what happened under the inquisition? See on one side they say, we should not believe in God, and on the other they say “we should believe in science. “

Science is not about belief…

Kings and Emperors ruled by Godly decree. Today tyrants rule by “science”. And The Science says whatever they want. If the Archbishop of Science finds the wrong thing, he will be sacked until the new Archbishop gets it right.


In 2014 Daniel Dickin warned that Canada will become a dictatorship under Trudeau. He observed that Trudeau had no respect for democratic processes and rigged or tampered with Liberal nominations. Some candidates were mysteriously disqualified, paperwork went missing, and Trudeau ordered candidates to vote exactly the way he wanted.

Then there are those immortal moments when Trudeau admired the dictatorship in China.

h/t David, PeterS.

9.7 out of 10 based on 72 ratings […]

Privacy? Dissidents get doxxed and abused but supporters of the State can hide away

The Canadian government is so loved that the people who work for it want to hide their faces and names.

What government transparency means now: The whistleblowers will be exposed

The riot squad dress like Antifa and have no name badges. And the tow trucks in Ottawa were allowed to hide their truck branding so they suffer no pushback for towing away peaceful protestors.

Not the Canada you thought you were living in…

Who are these men hanging around as the tow-trucks took the trucks in Ottawa?

It’s hard to tell from the video, but there are a lot of people in halloween costumes doing something during the day the trucks were towed away.

Which trucking companies did the towing in Ottawa. Source: Yahoo

If most Canadians really did want the truckers gone surely some tow-truck drivers would be happy to help and soak up the free advertising. Or maybe all the polls are wrong?

Government critics get abuse and death threats

The team with the army, navy, jails and the billion-dollar budget is so afraid of the unarmed family men with trucks, tractors and hot-tubs that they have vowed to hunt them down “for months”. Not only […]

Trudeau weighs up whether to stop forced injections, but decides to trample with horses

Trudeau faced a tricky choice: he could stop forcing people to get injections-they-don’t-want and the Truckers would all go home, problem solved, but he would look like a loser. Or he could trample, spray and beat them, and steal their money instead. So he did.

It’s for their health:

Look what Putin is doing now. Sanctions immediately!

— Poso Remembers Ottawa (@JackPosobiec) February 19, 2022

.@ezralevant: “I think Justin Trudeau wants violence, to retroactively justify what he’s doing. Why would you run horses into a group of civilians other than you want blood?”

It’s “a dark day for Canada,” the @RebelNewsOnline founder tells @JennPellegrino.

— Newsmax (@newsmax) February 19, 2022

ICYMI: help us sue the police at

— K2🍁🚛 (@kiansimone44) February 19, 2022

When journalists and old women are attacked and police bear down on protesters with the cavalry, pepper spray and batons, we would expect most Western leaders to speak out, and most serious mastheads. Here’s the Wall Street Journal. Note the others in the coming days (or lack thereof).

Trudeau’s Destructive ‘Emergency’

The truckers protest could have been handled without […]