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Big batteries could be bigger bombs than Beirut Fertilizer

Sudden tragic release of stored chemical energy in Beirut

It turns out storing Megawatts of high density energy in a confined space is “like a bomb”. Who could have seen that coming, apart from everyone who understands what a megawatt is?

Clean, green, noisy and explosive.

And they are “unregulated” in the UK.


UK’s giant battery ‘farms’ spark fears of explosions that can reach temperatures of 660C

Amy Oliver Mail on Sunday

…according to a troubling new report from leading physicists, these vast batteries amount to electrical bombs with the force of many hundreds of tons of TNT.

With the potential for huge explosions, fires and clouds of toxic gas, they could devastate towns and villages nearby, says Wade Allison, emeritus professor of physics at Oxford University and co-author of the report.

The batteries, designed as reservoirs of spare electricity for when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun fails to shine, are spreading around the British countryside. And this, says Prof Allison and his fellow scientists, could spell catastrophe.

It’s like a potential bomb,’ he says. ‘When batteries catch fire, you can’t just squirt water on […]

Texas bombshell: a Supreme Court suit against all four states GA, MI, PA, WI

Texas trumps the other states and launches a suit that goes straight to the Supreme Court to get four naughty states to clean up

It makes so much sense (which is rare — like winning lotto in the world of politics and law and on the same day). The corruption in the swinging states is not just a problem for those states, it’s a problem for the whole nation. The US as is currently known, will cease to be the US if the Presidency can be blatantly stolen. Texans are fed up, and they want the Supreme Court to sort things out. Not surprisingly, there are rumors other states want to join Texas. Fraud hurts all the other states, but Texas got there first.

UPDATE: 8 states now in too. h/t Old Ozzie: Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, & South Dakota have all announced that they will be joining Texas in the suit

Kris Kobach at Breitbart says that if Texas wins, the four states must figure out who their electors will be within strict constitutional rules. They could try to toss out the suspect ballots and see what’s left in the tally. They could pick […]

Domestic terrorism? Bomb thrown into living room of Michigan Trump supporters house.

Someone could have died. A bomb was thrown through a window of a Michigan home on Saturday night. The homeowner can’t think of any reason he could be targeted except for the Trump signs on the lawn. A second bomb was thrown at the car in the driveway.

Nothing is known about the motive or the criminal. Is it a mental illness, a mafia thing, a drug deal gone wrong, a mistaken address? If this was a Democrat supporter’s home, it’s easy to imagine we would have seen this footage on TV ten times since Sunday and heard how evil and violent Trump supporters are. Instead, crickets.

One of the things the Democrats are surely most afraid of now is Trump supporters gathering en masse, be it on the street, or online, or under a hashtag. They wouldn’t want Trump support to be obvious, or popular, and an attack like this (regardless of whether it was political terrorism) means many Michigan homes are probably packing away the Trump signs, just in case. In an information war, even lawn signs advertise the number of people who don’t buy the fake news or believe the election was fair.

Is the US on […]

Trump’s team have German servers, raw data, warn of violence as bombshells will be released

More news you won’t hear from the ABC. BBC, CBC etc.

From Newsmax: Huge claims. History unfolding…?

Trump Staff Brian Trascher Confirms Server Raid In Germany, Currently Analyzing Raw Data.

“Things that are going to come out will shake the globalists to the core.”

“On election night within 68 seconds Trump went from being 10,000’s of votes ahead — I think it was in Wisconsin — to being behind by tens of thousands of votes. That’s a statistical anomaly, it cannot happen.”

“The fact that Dominion and Smartmatic have become household names on Twitter is freaking the Democrats out. You can see the media melting down…”

“Today is the first time we’re going to be appearing in the Federal Court, all these little suits that got dismissed were state courts run by democrat hack judges.”

Brian Trascher‘s website and on Twitter @BTrascher

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Announcing BomWatch: Auditing the fake warming created by site changes near the Great Barrier Reef

Fake Warming in Queensland: The BOM says the sites didn’t move, but photos show they did.

The warming at these four sites alongside the Great Barrier Reef is due to site changes, incompetence, poor record keeping and “adjustments”. Map: Terrametrics, Map data Google 2020

All along the coast near the Great Barrier Reef, the BOM has claimed temperatures have warmed in the last 50 years, and they’ve calculated it to a tenth of a degree. To get that kind of accuracy the thermometers need to be carefully placed, and the BOM needs to know exactly where they were, but they don’t.

The BOM keeps long pages of site descriptions and exact dates of moves and equipment changes, but historic photos show the records are wrong. The BOM will solemnly swear a site was in the same place for decades but photographs and archives show the sites were often moved as developments sprang up around them. The BOM didn’t keep the records and didn’t bother to check. If the thermometer moved to a warmer location or it warmed because they replaced the standard 230-litre Stevenson screen with a 60-litre toy one, or no longer cleaned it […]

400mm of water dropped from God’s Water Bomber and puts out Australian fires

This sums up the chaotic Australian summer. #NSWFloods

— Sid (@koomai) February 9, 2020



Looks like the dams will still fill. Sydney’s main dam — the Waragamba was only 42% full a few days ago, now it’s 70% full, and most of the fires are out, or will be soon. 16 river systems have flooded, and 13,000 people are being evacuated. Where is that hotter-drier future when you need it?

Sydney rains: Record rainfall brings flooding but puts out mega-blaze

Sydney has been hit by its heaviest rain in 30 years, bringing widespread flooding but also putting out two massive bushfires in New South Wales. Australia’s weather agency said 391.6mm of rain had fallen in the past four days in Sydney, more than three times the average rainfall for February. About 100,000 homes are without power, and officials have warned flash floods could be life-threatening.




The Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicted average rain just five weeks ago

Jan 2nd 2020: “February to April has roughly equal chances of being wetter or drier than average for most of Australia.

While outlooks for drier than average […]

What the BOM don’t say: it’s not the hottest year in Australia according to satellites

For forty years NASA satellites have been circling the Earth covering our landmass day and night. But yet again, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has released the obligatory “hottest ever year” media release without mentioning that it wasn’t the hottest year in the far more accurate satellite record of Australia, and that this new “record” depends entirely on adjustments and quite possibly on ignoring all the data recorded in the 1800s. Once again they miss the chance to remind Australians that it was almost certainly hotter for hundreds of years seven thousand years ago. Sea levels were higher then too.

They claim it’s the driest ever year, and maybe it was, but they don’t say that there is no trend in droughts and rainfall for the last 178 years.

So to help them out I’ve graphed UAH satellite temperature record which shows that last year was the 4th hottest year since 1979 when the UAH satellite data set begins.

Perhaps in 2020 the Australian Bureau of Meteorology will set their own record, and explain for the first time how and why they adjust their data continuously and post hoc. The Australian surface data is all changed with a mystical secret […]

“Bombshell” Nostra-Ross-Garnaut got one thing accidentally right

The Daily Mail breathlessly recycles Ross Garnaut’s 2008 Climate Change report which predicted every kind of disaster. They don’t mention that nearly every fire report since time began predicted extreme widespread uncontrollable fires from unmanaged fuel loads. But those experts have cause and effect. Garnaut has magic spells from climate models.

He apparently mentioned the first effects wouldn’t be seen til 2020, and here we are, “week one”. Spooky!

This is more and more like analyzing Climate Astrology.

How a bombshell report PREDICTED Australia’s bushfire crisis with eerie precision 12 years ago

The article is being derisively mocked in most comments there.

I predict that the Daily Mail Australia will soon ban comments like the ABC, and The Guardian.

8.9 out of 10 based on 69 ratings […]

Aboriginals didn’t need a water bomber God to save them from Government nurtured firestorms

There is no lake, no dam large enough to put out the firestorms we have created

Like some kind of cargo cult, modern inhabitants pray to the sky for enough water bombers to keep things they love safe. They fret that the season for safe burning is too short, while they leave the litter to burn at the most dangerous time possible. The quest for perfect forests, perfect air, and perfect centralized planning is the perfect recipe for a catastrophe. Utopia burns again.

This is a great article by Viv Forbes describing how radically different fire “management” was in ancient times. Management being almost like non stop arson. The main rule, apparently, was to light often and always, and never extinguish. — Jo

_______________________________________ Fighting Fires with Fire

by Viv Forbes

Firestick farming Joseph Lycett. Circa 1817. Australian National Library.

The Power of the Torch “There can be few if any races who for so long were able to practice the delights of incendiarism.” Geoffrey Blainey “Triumph of the Nomads – A History of Ancient Australia.” Macmillan 1975.

The Fire-lighter was the most powerful tool that early humans brought to Australia.

Fires lit by aborigi

nal men […]

NSW is “kindling to go”: Accumulated fuel is an environmental time-bomb

Photos just in from Bill Johnston in NSW show why Sydney is shrouded in smoke and why so much is still at risk this summer.

The sign marks the fire trail — which is lucky, otherwise no one would know it was there.

Spot the sign in the photo below. Spot the fire-trail.

How many fires would this stop? About as many as a solar panel.

Fire trail or fire trap? | Photo Bill Johnston

This is NSW fire preparation in 2019. ..

This is what a different fire trail looks like (one that works):

Fire meets fire trail, stops. | Photo: Bill Johnston

This break was small but still stopped a manageable fire. Only the ocean will stop a firestorm.

As as Bill says — rainfall lowers the temperature, and drought raises it. Wet soils are hard to heat. Wet woodlands are slower to burn. If there is fuel to burn, a lack-of-rain causes a high fire risk, and everyone knows climate models can’t predict rain on any short term or regional basis. The only thing we know for sure is that a warmer world is a wetter one. Thus and verily 1 + 1 = […]