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“Bombshell” Nostra-Ross-Garnaut got one thing accidentally right

The Daily Mail breathlessly recycles Ross Garnaut’s 2008 Climate Change report which predicted every kind of disaster. They don’t mention that nearly every fire report since time began predicted extreme widespread uncontrollable fires from unmanaged fuel loads. But those experts have cause and effect. Garnaut has magic spells from climate models.

He apparently mentioned the first effects wouldn’t be seen til 2020, and here we are, “week one”. Spooky!

This is more and more like analyzing Climate Astrology.

How a bombshell report PREDICTED Australia’s bushfire crisis with eerie precision 12 years ago

The article is being derisively mocked in most comments there.

I predict that the Daily Mail Australia will soon ban comments like the ABC, and The Guardian.

Rebecca Spellman for Daily Mail Australia

Australia was warned about bushfires becoming more extreme and wreaking havoc across the country for longer periods of time in an incredible report published 12 years ago. The Garnaut Climate Change Review’s final report preempted that fire seasons would ‘start earlier, end slightly later, and generally be more intense.’ The report, which was published in 2008, predicted the effects would increase over time but the affects wouldn’t be seen until 2020.

The commenters already know too much:

Terrence Odgers, Woodville,

Any five year old could have predicted this latest catastrophe when National Parks are locked up and fire hazard reduction has not been carried out properly for decades! Not too mention 180 arsonists arrested that the media seems to be shy about!

TheBThing, Melbourne

They also predicted it would never snow again and weirs and dams would empty.

Nelllakam, Boston Cairns Sydney, Australia,

Sure, climate change with two hands and a box of matches.

 Despite my flippant attitude, the loss of comments at yet another outlet will be a sad day.

I once asked a talk-back radio host why talk-back was dominated by conservatives. He said “because it’s talk back”. “Say something silly, and the punters will let you know”.

UPDATE: I searched DuckDuckGo for “Left wing talk back show” and it came back with:

“Including results for right wing talk show hosts.

Search only for “left” wing talk “back” show?


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