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Domestic terrorism? Bomb thrown into living room of Michigan Trump supporters house.

Someone could have died. A bomb was thrown through a window of a Michigan home on Saturday night. The homeowner can’t think of any reason he could be targeted except for the Trump signs on the lawn. A second bomb was thrown at the car in the driveway.

Nothing is known about the motive or the criminal. Is it a mental illness, a mafia thing, a drug deal gone wrong, a mistaken address? If this was a Democrat supporter’s home, it’s easy to imagine we would have seen this footage on TV ten times since Sunday and heard how evil and violent Trump supporters are. Instead, crickets.

One of the things the Democrats are surely most afraid of now is Trump supporters gathering en masse, be it on the street, or online, or under a hashtag.  They wouldn’t want Trump support to be obvious, or popular, and an attack like this (regardless of whether it was political terrorism) means many Michigan homes are probably packing away the Trump signs, just in case. In an information war, even lawn signs advertise the number of people who don’t buy the fake news or believe the election was fair.

Is the US on the verge of a national emergency?

Dramatic Video Shows Bomb Attack On Michigan Trump Supporter’s House

ZeroHedge: A Michigan homeowner says he was targeted in a middle of the night bomb attack which left a hole in his living room likely because he is a well-known Trump supporter. He also has multiple pro-Trump signs and banners on his front yard.

Police and media have interviewed the St. Clair Shores resident, just outside of Detroit, after the bombing was caught on tape. He wishes to remain anonymous for fear of further reprisal as police investigate.

He’s offering a $10,000 dollar reward for information that identifies who did this.



As a related aside: Others are asking questions about the car accident last Friday that killed Republican Kelly Loeffler’s young aide who also happened to be the boyfriend of the daughter of Georgia’s Governor Kemp. Coincidentally, or not, Kemp finally, belatedly, called for a signature audit the day before this accident. Harrison Deal*, the only person who died in the crash, was just 20 years old. Many locals report heard a loud explosion at the time of the car accident. Was the car electric? Is there a reason why the flames are so extraordinary?

We hope it gets investigated properly, but with so many lines in the sand being crossed it seems naive to ask the question.  Loeffler is one of the two Republican candidates running in the Senate runoff elections in a few weeks that will decide who gets control of the US Senate. It’s not like the fate of the country depends on a small number of key people at the moment or there are trillions of dollars of trade deals and vested interests at stake.

Obviously, we don’t know what really happened, but we do know that there are a wide circle of people during this historic turning point who must need protection and who may be feeling vulnerable. Don’t underestimate the pressure family members can put on a candidate to keep their head down.

UPDATE: Still no clues about the size of the flames or the sound of an explosion but one newspaper says he and other cars were hit from behind by a flat-bed truck.

What are the odds?

*Harrison Dean corrected to Harrison Deal.

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62 comments to Domestic terrorism? Bomb thrown into living room of Michigan Trump supporters house.

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    The team at predicted this exact scenario 12 months ago….”random” violence against trump supporters.

    Kicking off targetted attacks makes sense if you want to scare people away.

    They communists will start shooting people randomly in the street next. They will ramp up the violence to create chaos. People int he USA need to be on guard now, this is moving into a dangerous new phase.

    Maybe Gitmo is getting too close for comfort?


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      Let’s be careful to separate what we know from what we speculate. We don’t know much about the man who’s house was bombed.

      We know there is means and motive, so it’s fair to ask and wonder. But actual details are so scant. How many houses are bombed each year in the USA?


      • #

        I agree Jo but why then have this thread? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to wait for more information? When I first read it I thought it was a real attack by the left on a Trump supporter. Are you saying it’s possible it’s not true?


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          If the media was doing its job I wouldn’t be discussing any of this. The censorship is so strong, so appalling, I am merely offering to pass on what is known so we can discuss what it might mean.

          What I’d like to find was that Deals death was a tragic accident, not something sinister. It would be a relief to hear that the crook in Michigan tossing bombs got the house wrong and it was a Mafia/ Drug dealer war gone wrong. It’s obvious — as I said above that we don’t know anything about the criminal who tossed the bomb.

          PS: I see searching now, that about the time I released this post a story came out with some details of the Deal accident. That accident was Friday, so I watched for info for a few days. Given the house bomb I figured people would mention it anyhow.

          Pooler police Public Information Officer Lindsey Heintzman said Deal was traveling on the interstate around 10 a.m. Friday when a flatbed truck hauling black plastic tubing struck his vehicle from behind. The impact caused Deal’s vehicle to crash into a third vehicle, she said. Deal’s vehicle caught fire and he died as a result of the crash. Heintzman said the fire “affected the other vehicles” but neither of the other two drivers was seriously injured. Neither autopsy reports nor accident reports were completed Monday, and further information, including the identities of the other drivers involved, was not immediately available.

          There’s no explanation for the size of the fire. Maybe cars burst into flames like this often? Is the media asking, or interviewing crash experts and firemen to find out?


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            why, given the previous comment by yourself, choose a headline and other words that are far less “careful” than OS. It is hard to see how he was anything other than encouraged to respond in any other way.


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            What I’d like to find was that Deals death was a tragic accident, not something sinister.

            Procedural comment here. Unless there is some very obvious factor at play then an investigation like this can take weeks at a minimum and months normally and possibly years for a final report (e.g coroners) to come out. The weeks time period is even true for a standard no criminal related road accident. So wishing for an explanation is great but you are likely out of luck in the usual blog news cycle time period.


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            So a truck drove into the rear of Harrison Deans car and drove it into the rear of another vehicle. All by accident of course. Think about the physics of it.


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        So why write about as if it was political? Does it help?


        • #

          I’m only asking questions.


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            from me:Off topic? – is there (ever) any harm in asking questions? ie time and a place….

            On topic: UK & German Media haven’t covered this, so far as I am aware. It seemed so much MORE IMPORTANT to tell their consumers about the FIRST PERSON in the WORLD outside of testing to get a Corona Jab. WOWEE! and according to the ZDF Morning news, -because the UK had the urgency due to 60k deaths from Covid.. … Really? …. and few deaths from anything else:as has been said already so many times – that the Covid virus is a great cure for everything else. I’m just keeping out of the way in the rural backwoods, and for the record, Daft nickering Sturgeon has rebuked the young Royals for coming to Scotland ( Edinburgh, actually). Shows how much SNP care about the Hinterland.


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            There is absolutely no evidence that the man was targeted because he was a Trump spporter. The man himself stated he fears he may have been targeted because ‘I’m a pretty avid Trump Supporter”.

            Yes, indeed he may have been targeted because he is a Trump supporter but equally it may be nothing whatsoever to do with his support for Trump.

            As there is absolutely nothing to indicate what are the reason(s) for the bombing, is it responsible to add fuel to the fire by speculation?


          • #
            John R Smith

            So here we are.
            The other side promotes a ‘the sky is falling’ propaganda campaign for decades.
            We sit around navel gazing, anguishing over whether or not we’re jumping to conclusions.
            We should of been jumping to conclusions a long time ago.


            • #
              John R Smith

              I’m a bit peeved.
              Detached fair mindedness has ruined us.
              We’re tapping on on the altimeter while we fly into the ground.
              We need to look out the frigging window.


        • #

          Too much that’s going on in the US is left unquestioned right now.

          If the country wants to be seen as a mature democracy and not the world’s new banana republic with a huge nuclear arsenal ….that’s selling its people and the whole world out to the Chinese Communist dictatorship…then someone needs to ask and expect answers to the massive questions that when left unanswered, leave a pall of illegitimacy over the whole government and make the Supreme Court look like either a wet lettuce or an accomplice in the great unravelling.

          The whole world and especially Australia…has skin in this game.


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        I can’t find where Joe rang the governor offering condolences or condemning what appear to be targeted attacks. Then again as Graham Richardson once said of the ALP ” Whatever it takes”. Did he learn from the Democrats or did they learn from Graham?


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        Fuel Filter

        Let’s not forget the attack on Senator Rand Paul in the streets of WASHINGTON D.C. or getting beaten by a Leftist neighbor.

        Or Rep. Steve Scalise who was almost murdered by an armed assassin AT A CONGRESSIONAL BASEBALL GAME intent on killing as many Republicans as he could.

        Or the thousands (I’m being charitable in these #s…I’m sure it’s in the tens) of Americans that have had their cars keyed or tires slashed.

        Or the homeowners who DARE to fly an American flag and get harassed by their HOA or others in their “communities”

        Yeah, the threats and the ACTUAL attacks are very, very real.


  • #
    Kalm Keith

    There’s difficulty with assembling coherent evidence of voting fraud: but in the two cases mentioned it seems very clear cut.

    A house bombing and almost certainly a car bombing.

    The legal situation is almost a closed case in both so all that remains is to catch those responsible.

    Undeniable brutality and solid circumstantial links to a common factor.

    If the authorities mess this up there will be consequences.



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    It is impossible to fail to see where this is all heading. If Trump wins, the Left will be apoplectic in their rage-fueled rioting and vengeful, arbitrary violence.
    If Biden wins, the 500 or so ‘right wing militias’ spread across the US will feel justified in conducting a civil uprising to protect the constitution and the integrity of elections.
    Which ever way it goes, armed violence is almost as inevitable as night following day. The point of interest will be the reaction of law enforcement bodies and the military. Both will be outgunned and outnumbered, at least in the early stages, and so are likely to be sidelined to a greater or lesser degree.


    • #
      Ted O'Brien.

      Don’t panic until you really have to. By the time Trump wins, their rage might be weary. They might wake up to the wrongs in what has been done.

      And they might even notice the good things that he achieved.

      The Swamp will have been vanquished.


    • #

      The military outgunned, I don’t think so.


    • #
      Fuel Filter

      This has nothing to do with those “right wing militias“. And don’t continue to spread that hoary and bogus FBI and Leftist excuse for all that “regular Americans” ought to fear more than Islamic terrorism, Burn Loot and Murder, and AntiFa.

      This, as I’ve said on these pages before, is about 75-78 million Americans that have had their choice for President outright stolen from them.

      Name me one, just one (and note this word) organized act of terror or targeted act of mob violence by “right wing militias”.

      But among those 75-78 million there a plenty of legal gun-owning citizens who stand ready to either defend themselves and their families against a socialist/ communist takeover of our nation.

      Never, never think that we will not act individually NOR collectively if necessary to protect the USA as a Constitutional Republic.


    • #
      Greg Cavanagh

      Also remember that many within those “right wing militias“ are military and police personnel who feel disenfranchised.

      If push comes to shove, I’d side with the militias.


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    These are terrible things to happen.

    If you looked at the lamestream so called media, you might find some examples going the other way. Probably fake.


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    Violence escalating already? I would have thought they would wait until next year. Imagine what they will do if and when Trump stays as POTUS. All hell will break loose. That’s fine. It will give him the excuse to use the Insurrection Act and call in the military to clean up the scum.


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    Richard C (NZ)

    Harrison Deal, not Dean. Photo of him here with his Jeep (at the time).

    “Four vehicles were involved in the accident, WJHL reported. They were a flat-bed truck carrying steel, two smaller vehicles and one tractor-trailer,…..”:

    Harrison Deal’s Car Exploded..Michael Hastings

    #12 hurchel – “There is no valid mention of Deals Engine being blown away….There are photos of Hastings engine block, …..but not Deals,…Hastings was supposedly remote control off a microchip that was seized, by remote control or tampering, with Deal this is obvious 4 car pileup…..

    The exploding stuff is coming off/from the front flatbed that was hauling steel…the smaller cars look sandwiched….”

    BTW, don’t bother with Google for this. Bing has screeds.


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    Profile the situation:

    The victim is an openly, demonstrably and proudly a Trump supporter.
    The incendiary used is a typical Antifa weapon
    The odds of a Christian-patriot-true Republican uprising against the attempted coup by the communist/globalist/6uild-6ack-6etter elite revolutionaries are increasing, and they are now quaking in their boots.
    Murders hidden behind suicides and petty criminality are Killary’s thumb-print. Now we have another ‘accident’ victim, the boyfriend of Michigan’s governor’s daughter, killed by a massive car fire supposedly a result of a car accident.

    This is Democrat-sponsored terrorism. The mortally wounded dragon is fighting back, but it will eventually die


    • #

      It had crossed my mind while repairing yet *another* puncture on my e-bike, that Im not ruling out a deep state attempt to kick off violence between left and right.

      All you needed was “with love from Antifa” on the side of the bomb ( or conveniently left-behind passports at the scene….where have I seen that before…?) as a set up.

      Its either a very targetted wind up, or, there is
      something else lurking that isnt at all political…take your pick.

      Personally I now think its deep state trying to kick off something.

      Reminds me of the attempted cronulla riots…lots of weird texts…a classic bungled psy op.


      • #
        Greg Cavanagh

        How To Implement a Communist Revolution in 3 Easy Steps:
        1. Marginalize the Intellectual Dissidents.
        2. Rewrite the History Books.
        3. Neutralize the Churches.

        The 8 steps to communism:
        These are the eight levels of controls by Saul Alinsky to transform a nation through socialism into communism.

        1. Healthcare – control healthcare and you control the people.

        2. Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you provide everything for them to live.

        3. Debt – Increase the debt level to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.

        4. Gun control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from government. That way you are able to create a police state.

        5. Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.

        6. Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control or what children learn in school.

        7. Religion – Remove belief in God from the government and schools because the people need to believe in only the government knowing what is best for the people.

        8. Class warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class.


  • #

    If the Dems are innocent of voter fraud I would have thought they would be co-operating to quell any semblance of it by offering bi-partisan support to ongoing investigations. the fact they are not condemns them. It is similar to Daniel Andrews stonewalling over his quarantine fiasco and the cover up by much of the media. Stay schtum and it will all just go away. If Biden does get in we will have to wait until the mid-terms and hope that by then the Dominion scanners are in landfill.


    • #

      So if you are innocent of something and hoards of armed people are creating false accusations about you, producing multiple, fabricated vexatious law suits against you, threatening you and the people who protect you with violence, you should cooperate with them to prove your innocence?

      Maybe the better way of doing things is to have a credible candidate with good policies that doesn’t lose the election.


      • #

        Ha…its like hoping if you feed a jackal, it will eat you last. The Left has no morality, dressing it up all soft and victim-like is beyond silly.

        If even 10% of the whole electoral piracy adventure is true, many people including sleepy joe could wind up literally up against a wall if the DOJ so finds accordingly….and he knows it. Is the boot hiding a tracking bracelet?

        No side of politics is squeaky clean, the right wing party appears to be just as corrupt as that of the left but not quite as vicious. I suspect the emergence of a patriot centered party is likely, due to the extreme rot interestingly and comically exposed by the greed and arrogant stupidity of the Left.


      • #

        ” hoards of armed people are creating false accusations”
        Just who?


  • #
    Geoff Sherrington

    Where is the FBI and fellow law enforcers in all this election kerfuffle?

    Here in Victoria we have the police force, not the FBI.
    We have seen, inter alia,
    … a non-investigation of the “red shirt” alleged improper payments to public servants wrongly employed for party electoral tasks
    … a most extraordinary set of affairs involving a lawyer turned police informant, possibly tainting evidence that led to the conviction of many drug dealers, some of whom might now be freed
    .. a non-investigation of the government’s cancellation of road infrastructure contracts involving compensation of several hundred million of taxpayer funds
    … and today, news of another contract cancellation with compensation, this time “only” for $3 million
    … persistent rumours/stories of police reluctance to act in matters of union brutality in for example the building construction sector
    … Victoria police being told by an unelected government bureaucrat not to arrest people attending a BLM protest made illegal for Covid reasons – and complying
    … a Judge inquiring into failures of hotel quarantine finding it difficult to get witnesses, maybe including police witnesses, to remember simple facts about what went on

    These are just a few from memory. The success of police forces everywhere is heavily dependent on respect by the public. One can see some frayed edges in Victoria that need visible repair. How are other States going?
    (Years ago, I employed a business secretary who was the official partner for the Minister of Police in another State. The stories she told and the stories from the Minister himself at occasional booze-ups in our board room were an eye-opener for what really went on when Ministers were between feeding the chooks). Geoff S


  • #

    Remember that the Chinese Communist Party has everything to lose if Trump wins his second term


  • #

    The leftard zombie death cult feeds on violence, killing, lies cowardice in the dark of night. It is a mental illness, you just have to look at Flannery or Bandt here.

    I am optimistic that POTUS making comments on things getting interesting in the next few days is good. Dec 18 is 45 days from the election, what will Ratcliffe say?

    Things might start lighting up in the night soon and justice be served up warm.

    Here is a recent discussion in the Richardson Post on the grand masters of leftardism, the CCP and its lust for killing:

    “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.” (John 3:20)


  • #

    Opps! Our Australian Broadcasting Corp missed this one too. But they DO cover every instance of bad behavior from anyone claiming to be a Trump supporter which probably takes up all their resources trying to find any.


  • #

    There you go again, Ms. Nova, hostile to Michigan again.

    If this event, motivation unknown, is worthy of an article here, then I suppose there should have been 100 articles here in 2020 about leftists rioting and looting in American cities. For balance. Were there?


  • #

    Jo is absolutely correct. The details of this attack must be forensically scrutinised. The motive could be one of multiple reasons. Personally, I blame the MSM (aka reptiles) pushing a political agenda, when the motive could be purely personal. If I wanted to bump off someone I hated, I’d wait for a political climate like this one in the US, do the deed, and make sure the implication was political, in order to send the FBI/CIA on the wrong track.