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There are big protests coming at parliament house Australia on February 6th. Sorry I’m away today. Some readers have already commented on this event. More details here soon for those who don’t know!

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How cheap postage from China is another UN bureaucratic scam

By Jo Nova

As Winston Sterzel says: Seriously? Why does it cost more to send a postcard to my neighbor than it does for a Company in China to send a package right across the world? He explains how an old intergovernmental committee — the Universal Postal Union (UPU) — sets the rules so that rich nations subsidize the poor ones. Like all government committees it clings to a good idea for so many years it kills it. It was set up in 1874, and now in 2024, a nation with a space station is draining money from our postal systems and from our local jobs. What a rort… Everyone paying for postage in the West is also paying the post for businesses in China to send cheap things which undermine local sellers. It is very difficult for a business using postal delivery to compete in the West — even in its own domestic market. The UPU is — naturally — another subsidiary of the United Nations. What else do we need to know? It works as well as we’d expect any 150 year old unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy to work — like napalm on a free market.

The […]


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Long live Australia Day — A corporate attack and a great Farmer protest

By Jo Nova

One Australian farmer did more in two hours to celebrate the greatest country on Earth than the entire $44 billion Woolworths corporation. It’s a bit of a “Bud-light” moment downunder. The CEO of “Woolies”, our largest grocery empire, proudly celebrates any culture on Earth except ours. He bragged that they would not stock Australiana for Australia Day (January 26), even though they are happy to cheer on Halloween parties and put up banners for Chinese New Year and Diwali. Not surprisingly, staff were scathing — ““They’re bringing in year of the dragon 2024 Lunar New Year gear, loads of it, but no Aussie stuff, disgusting, go figure, go woke, go broke,” one wrote.”

Why didn’t the ABC put Harrison Schuster’s inspiring art on the news?

A 27-year-old farmer has paid tribute to his country ahead of Australia Day with an incredible art piece carved into his family’s paddock.

— Warren 👉☕️ (@YoungWazza2) January 25, 2024

See how he created this in the video below (it’s a great protest tool, farmers!) What farmers lack in inner city presence they can make up for in protests visible from space.

This absolute legend of an […]


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Electricity prices fall from ridiculous peak but it’s not due to renewables and it’s still not cheap

By Jo Nova

This week the agitprop-media was full of contrived good news about electricity prices in Australia, associated suggestively, in the loosest, most meaningless way with the word “renewables”. Not one of them said that long term prices were still higher than when we started trying to force unreliable wind and solar power on the grid, and not one of them said prices would be one half of the price now if the country was lucky enough to run off brown coal.

These misleading stories were disguised adverts for renewable energy pretending to be “news”. They were on display at The Guardian, The ABC and The Sydney Morning Herald, and every other paper across Australia. Not one journalist apparently had the wit to ask the AEMO how this compared to long term prices. But all of them obediently repeated that prices this December were 48% cheaper than the December before that, as if Australians like to discuss that sort of thing across the BBQ. Were monthly average wholesale prices good for you Jim?

Australia’s wholesale power prices fall by almost half as carbon emissions drop

Wholesale power prices across Australia’s main electricity market almost halved at […]


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Trump’s advisers vow to decimate climate policy and go all-out on fossil fuels

By Jo Nova

Now that the Billionaire-Green mask is off, conservatives are getting serious

Scott Waldman at Politico outlines the nightmare scenario where if Trump wins, he might “rewrite federal climate reports” or “install loyalists atop key science agencies” without seeming to realize that’s the Democrats modus operandi of science for thirty years.

No more going wobbly in climate fight, Trump supporters vow

Trump’s campaign utterances, and the policy proposals being drafted by hundreds of his supporters, point to the likelihood that his return to the White House would bring an all-out war on climate science and policies — eclipsing even his first-term efforts that brought U.S. climate action to a virtual standstill. Those could include steps that aides shrank back from taking last time, such as meddling in the findings of federal climate reports.

“The approach is to go back to all-out fossil fuel production and sit on the EPA,” said Steve Milloy, a former Trump transition team adviser who is well known for his industry-backed attacks on climate science.

But as the GOP front-runner, he’s gone back to alleging that human-caused global warming is fake, is baselessly blaming whale deaths on […]


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New deniers eh? One third of UK teenagers think climate change is deliberately exaggerated

By Jo Nova

There is hope: Thirty years of namecalling, propaganda and censorship still isn’t enough

Despite being raised on non stop media propaganda and being drip fed the climate bible in school, one third of teenagers have somehow figured it out anyhow. Even the systematic censorship on Youtube and Google where skeptics are downranked, delegitimized and demonetized hasn’t stopped the truth getting through to some of the most impressionable and vulnerable minds.

Because this blasphemy is shocking to Guardian staff, that students might think for themselves, they can only report it with a ready-made excuse loaded into the subheader. It’s Youtube’s fault.

Helena Horton, The Guardian writes:

Third of UK teenagers believe climate change exaggerated, report shows

YouTube criticised for amplifying lies about the climate with disinformation videos watched by young people

A third of UK teenagers believe climate change is “exaggerated”, a report has found, as YouTube videos promoting a new kind of climate denial aimed at young people proliferate on the platform.

So it’s not that climate models have been pathetically wrong for their whole lives, and many of their parents and grandparents don’t believe the climate religion either — this is […]


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What a backflip: The Biggest political party in the EU now wants to drop the ban on petrol and diesel cars

By Jo Nova

The voter backlash begins

How much more would the car lovers and petrol-heads of Europe take? In draconian style, last February, the EU declared all petrol and diesel cars would be banned from 2035. It was their star policy for the Net Zero push. Car makers would have to cut their emissions by a shocking 55% by 2030 and an unthinkable 100% by 2035. It was to be the end of an era.

The idea was so big and embedded in the EU that only one month ago an insurance insider warned that his company was already devising elaborate plans for a world where everyone had an EV and the insurance giants and the government got access to all your data. Police would be issuing your speeding tickets while-you-drove, and insurance companies would be granting drivers a discount if they allowed them to sell all their data to the highest bidder. Indeed, the word was that insurance companies wouldn’t even insure petrol cars. Obviously only the rich were going to be able to afford a petrol car or an EV “with privacy”.

But now, the largest party in the EU is drafting a policy to ditch […]


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Surprise!? CEO of JP Morgan says “Trump was kinda right” and his supporters deserve respect

By Jo Nova

Did Wall Street just step away from the poisonous left?

The head of the largest bank in the US said the unthinkable in Davos this week. Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan, and perhaps the most important banker in New York and thus the US, warned the Democrats that they were making a mistake demonizing Trump supporters. He even admitted Trump got some things “kind of” right, suggested rather radically that it was time people grew up “I mean, really?” he said “Can we stop that stuff” and “treat other people with respect and listen to them a little bit?”

Normally, JP Morgan can be counted to be on the same side as the big banker WEF cabal, or to some extent, driving it. Dimon has spent the last three months talking up Nikki Haley. So he is going right off the ranch here.

“I wish the Democrats would think a little more carefully when they talk about MAGA,” Dimon told CNBC on Wednesday from the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“I don’t think they are voting for Trump because of his family values,” Dimon said. “Just take a step back and be […]


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WEF say World’s greatest threat is “Misinformation” — (The biggest threat to experts and billionaires is free speech)

By Jo Nova

Finally, they admit that Free Speech is more scary than climate change

The WEF, being the billionaire’s ski club — are of course, talking about the worlds greatest threat to them, not to you.

In the WEF Global Risks Report they asked 1,490 experts and leaders and their the list of biggest risks in the next two years was misinformation and disinformation. Forget bioweapons, nuclear bombs, wars, corruption, asteroids, inflation and global boiling — the thing that keeps the favored “experts” awake at night is whether people will point out their flaws and expose the rorts* that put them at the top of the pile.

World Economic Forum, Survey 2023-24

The “Misinformation and Disinformation” line is dressed up as a concern that AI generated or false information is the problem, but note the giveaway — those in authority are most worried about public opinion shifting to distrust those in authority — as if “authority” could never be wrong.

Blind trust is how you build nations right?

Persistent false information (deliberate or otherwise) widely spread through media networks, shifting public opinion in a significant way towards distrust in facts and authority. Includes, but […]