Long live Australia Day — A corporate attack and a great Farmer protest

By Jo Nova

One Australian farmer did more in two hours to celebrate the greatest country on Earth than the entire $44 billion Woolworths corporation. It’s a bit of a “Bud-light” moment downunder. The CEO of “Woolies”, our largest grocery empire, proudly celebrates any culture on Earth except ours. He bragged that they would not stock Australiana for Australia Day (January 26), even though they are happy to cheer on Halloween parties and put up banners for Chinese New Year and Diwali. Not surprisingly, staff were scathing — ““They’re bringing in year of the dragon 2024 Lunar New Year gear, loads of it, but no Aussie stuff, disgusting, go figure, go woke, go broke,” one wrote.”

Why didn’t the ABC put Harrison Schuster’s inspiring art on the news?

A 27-year-old farmer has paid tribute to his country ahead of Australia Day with an incredible art piece carved into his family’s paddock. pic.twitter.com/al6W3hG67e

— Warren 👉☕️ (@YoungWazza2) January 25, 2024

See how he created this in the video below (it’s a great protest tool, farmers!) What farmers lack in inner city presence they can make up for in protests visible from space.

This absolute legend of an […]