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Merry Christmas to all

What makes this map so apt, especially today, is because these are the countries that don’t celebrate Christmas (in brown). It’s a testament to how far the spirit of Christmas has spread.

Lighter brown countries (China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia) don’t have a public holiday but are described as “giving observance”.

It’s a day a lot of the world shares. Albeit “some jurisdictions of the Eastern Orthodox Church, including those of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Jerusalem, mark feasts using the older Julian calendar”. Those nations celebrate on January 7th.

Wishing you warm smiles.

Map by Nanib , Skriplerio, Moyogo

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It’s a voluntary thing — a way to keep free speech alive in a world of cancelling

UPDATE: This is a sticky post. New posts are appearing below. So here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas, and asking if you wouldn’t mind helping out. We’re in a kind of guerrilla warfare against a world of vested interests.

Send supplies through Paypal, or through direct deposit, or by snail-mail.

As always, due to legal froufrou, donors can buy however many “units of emergency chocolate” they can spare in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD or USD.

Thank you. In a year when Twitter cancelled the US President and the oldest masthead in America, somehow I was able to keep writing. Largely because many readers chip in to cover the costs. In the cancel culture era, when institutions became weapons, lone bloggers living off donations were able to say things even most newspapers found unsayable. Real freedom is writing with no large sponsor, no major advertiser, no platform to toss us off, no editor to boss us around, and no committee to answer to. The government can’t take away a grant it never gave me, or a permit I don’t need. Cancel culture can’t scare away advertisers or cut nebulous revenue-streams.

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