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CRU data-cooking: recipe exposed!

Thanks to Eric Raymond, famous computer guru and leader of the open-source movement, at ESR, we can see what those sophisticated climate modelers were doing. They’ve found the code from the leaked files, and Eric’s comment is:

This isn’t just a smoking gun, it’s a siege cannon with the barrel still hot.

Here’s the code. The programmer has written in helpful notes that us non-programmers can understand, like this one:  “Apply a very artificial correction for decline”. You get the feeling this climate programmer didn’t like pushing the data around so blatantly. Note the technical comment:  “fudge factor”.


Legislation based on fraud still has a chance

Hockey declares conscience vote!

News: If Hockey wins tomorrow and becomes leader of the Opposition, he will allow a conscience vote. This means only seven senators need to vote for the huge ETS package and it would still get in.

Tony Abbot is now the best chance there is to delay this legislation. Abbott vs Hockey tomorrow.

A conscience vote? This has what this has come down too? Our elected representatives think a topic of science is decided by conscience? (Well why not? Just roll the dice!)

Shall we ask the clouds if they have an ethical code about warming the planet? Talk to thermometers and see if they are morally upstanding?

History will damn the Liberals as unscientific cowards afraid to stand up to bullies who call people names rather than discuss the evidence. Parliament is not that far from the stone age.

Thanks to Mattb for the heads up.

Allen F yesterday commented: “The other most widely suggested leader is Joe Hockey”

Not a wise choice, in my opinion. His wife is head of foreign exchange and global finance at Deutsche Bank, one of the leading financial houses pushing carbon trading. Can Hockey [...]

Ramming the scam through Parliament

This is what it comes down to:

Turnbull is sacrificing his leadership ambitions, ignoring his party members, brushing off thousands of emails, denying the devastating ClimateGate scandal and the evidence of fraud, and doing his utmost to force through legislation in a break-neck rush when the only reason for the hurry is to make Rudd (his opponent) look good in Copenhagen.

D-Day is tomorrow. If Turnbull can find six complicit senators they can pull the “guillotine” on questions, and force a vote. With their seven votes the ETS legislation could be passed, and from that instant, Australians will be poorer. Even if the scheme doesn’t start, from that moment on businesses and banks will ‘invest’ and demand compensation if it’s not carried through.

Turnbull will face almost certain wipeout the next day as leader in a spill he claims he can win, but has “deferred” from Monday until Tuesday. He is nothing but naked bluff. His determination to help the Labor Party at the expense of his own ambition defies logic and begs dark questions.


A simple proof that global warming is not man-made

Guest post by Dr David Evans PDF at

Now that ClimateGate has buried the fraudulent hockey stick for good, it is easy to prove that global warming is not man-made: just compare the timing of our carbon dioxide emissions with the timing of global warming.

Human Emissions of Carbon Dioxide

Emissions of carbon dioxide by humans are easy to estimate from our consumption of coal, oil, and natural gas, and production of cement:

Figure 1: Carbon emissions by humans. Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center.

The vast bulk of human emissions occurred after 1945, during post-WWII industrialization. Half of all human consumption of fossil fuels and cement production has occurred since the mid 1970s.


ClimateGate – the toxic bomb hidden in plain view

I woke up this morning to find the Queen telling me to care for the Climate, and the front page of The Australian declaring that the liberals faced oblivion if they did not pass this legislation.

Oblivion? Because the Liberals saved us from being defrauded?

It’s as if the editor of The Australian has not noticed their own articles about the climate science scandal known as ClimateGate.  There is no way this story is going to fade away. The fuse is ignited, and people everywhere are burning with anger and spreading the word. There is already polished, popular satirical songs  on You-Tube (see below) and t-shirts printed with “Hide the decline”.

I’ve put in this video here even though I’ve linked to it before, because this is so relevant to the question of voter polls. This mocking slam-dunk is just the beginning. With this kind of material doing the rounds, how can ClimateGate be ignored?


Reuter-wash: a division of the IPCC PR machine?

INTERVIEW-Climate science untarnished by hacked emails-IPCC

The IPCC says ClimateGate doesn’t change anything. (Well Shock Me! Really?)

Source: Reuters

Imagine if a politician called “Jones” had been caught emailing a colleague saying “Delete all those files. Don’t tell anyone about that off-shore tax haven I have. Burn those receipts, ask Keith to burn his too and I’ll let Casper know. By the way, I’ve used that accounting trick Mike talked about to hide the money.”

Let Reuter-wash swing into gear and the “news” article would blandly say Jones’ emails were “seized upon by his opponents, showing he made snide comments, and talked about ways to present his accounts in the most favourable light”. In other words, Reuters wouldn’t mention that he’s  been caught red-handed and implicated as a colluding fraud who squandered funds and mislead the public. What’s really newsworthy is that he’s been exposed being not-very-nice, and glossing up his reports. Would we sack those journalists? We couldn’t. But we could cancel our subscriptions and just go searching blogs for the real news.


Australia still hangs in the carbon trading twilight zone

The Australian situation tonight: Today the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) decision was successfully delayed by questions until Monday. That’s good news, but there’s no Champers popping yet. The longer we wait, the longer the real story of the fraud has to filter through to our representatives, but this is a race to overcome two decades of propaganda in one weekend.

This week will be written up in history books. Late yesterday a parliamentary mutiny occurred as opposition cabinet members abandoned their leader.


Journalists view world through a mirror: see things in reverse

I like Chris Uhlmann, and he’s spoken out with reason before on the issue of skeptics. So I was a little surprised to see him say:

“…one of the reasons Malcolm Turnbull is staring into the abyss is because he is getting too far ahead of many in his party room.

He accepts the prevailing consensus on global warming and is personally committed to an emissions trading system. A significant part of his party does not or believes that this emissions trading scheme is a dog.”

source: Oh Malcolm, how did it come to this? (my italics)

Coming soon: one of those In-the-Matrix moments when reality shifts for our journalists.

Imagine that ambitious powerful people were exploiting science to create a scare to gain power and money. Who would know? How would you find out? Normally, you’d read about it in the press. A whistle-blower would make an announcement, and the press would be all ears, and bring the story to the public. But imagine the press decided not to print anything from whistleblowers, not because they didn’t speak in reasonable tones, and not because they couldn’t back up what they said, but just because they are whistle-blowers? [...]

ClimateGate: A criminal offense (or two)

We all know something is gravely wrong, but what exactly are the crimes implicated?  This insight comes from Richard S. Courtney, who has been an expert witness for the UK Parliament, and House of Lords, the IPCC and was one of 15 scientists invited to speak for the US congress in 2000.

Jones, Briffa and Mann seem to have committed several criminal offences.

These include:

1. Misappropriation of public funds

They deliberately falsified data then used the results of the falsification to obtain additional research funding.  This is criminal fraud under English Law.

2. Deliberate attempt to prevent disclosure of information that was requested under the FOI Act

They colluded to destroy information that was the subject of an FOI request.  This is a criminal offence under English Law.


The cliff of political oblivion: laws based on fraud

As news races around the blog world and the tip of the iceberg breaks into the mainstream media,  people are waking up to the scam. Australia is in the extraordinary position of passing legislation that is known to be based on fraudulent science. True, it’s only been days since the news broke, but our politicians have Blackberries. It only takes seconds for the information to reach the palm of their hands, but it may take years for the meaning to filter through flawed neural software.