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Unskeptical Scientist Stickers and T-shirts

Posted By JoNova On November 20, 2009 @ 4:00 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

 unskeptical scientists Trust Committees

I’ve had requests  from around the world for larger artwork for The Unskeptical Scientist. And Ralph from Kane-TV has helped out again by producing files that can be scaled up to billboard size. (Thanks!) So here are version for Shirts, Badges and Powerpoint.

So here, you can click on the images and get larger art versions. The Illustrator files are infinitely expandable, but for a 15cm image (like a sticker) the Tif files are perfect for printers. The Powerpoint files are the right size for slides.

Feel free to use the Gif or Jpg files on any site that will let you post them.   :-)



Skeptics Handbook II about to be released, any moment…

Unskeptical Scientists Trust Committees

 unskeptical scientists Trust Committees

Illustrator version “Trust Committees” 660kb ….

Tif version “Trust Committees” 115kb

Powerpoint version “Trust Committees” 300kb

 Orange badge

Illustrator Version “Orange Unskeptical Badge” ….

Tif version “Orange Unskeptical Badge”

Powerpoint version “Orange Unskeptical Badge”

 White badge

Tif version “Unskeptical Scientist – White”….

Powerpoint version “Unskeptical Scientist – White”….

 Blue badge

Illustrator version “Unskeptical Scientist – Blue”….

Tif version “Unskeptical Scientist – Blue”

Powerpoint version “Unskeptical Scientist – Blue”

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