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Anti-Carbon Tax Protest in Sydney Tomorrow

 Flyer for Protest.

If you want to stop Turnbull and Rudd giving Australia to Big Bankers and a world government you can’t vote against, now is the time to act. Let your senators know how angry you are! Call your friends. Our freedom and sovereignty is at risk!

Weds 25th November :  Anti-Carbon Tax Protest

“You are being Conned”

Lunchtime 12 noon Martin Place, Sydney

(between Castlereagh and Elizabeth St)

Exposing the Trillion Dollar Hysteria

For more info :

 Flyer for Protest.

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15 comments to Anti-Carbon Tax Protest in Sydney Tomorrow

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    Mark Stevens

    There! without a doubt….


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    Mark, reckon you could wear something distinctive so over here in Perth we can pick you out. Maybe a Bundy Bear costume with a shirt saying “relax, Co2 is a gas”. (Joke)


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    (A fun file you are welcome to spread. I think that humour may be a goodd way to get a message through! –AE9


    The first few jokes in this file are by [email protected]. Feel free to add your own and share the fun with others!

    Question: How many Climate Gate deniers does it take to change a light bulb? (Q repeated for every answer)

    What light bulb? The EU has banned them for environmental reasons.

    None. Media prefers to stumble around in the dark.

    Thirty. Because when you’ve done you need a whole platoon to dig trenches and put up barbed wire to defend your position to the very last man.

    2501. That’s the number in the Intergovernmental Panel of Light-bulb Change. 2451 of them are only formally members and couldn’t care less, though everyone flies their jet planes to expensive international conferences to get pisssed and allow their names to be used in several thousand pages thick reports, sure to lay substantial areas of forests barren. There are about 50 that sit and cherry-pick the light bulbs that are suited for “the cause”. Of these only about a dozen check that the correct light bulb – and only the correct light bulb – is selected. Finally Al Gore climbs to the very top of the ladder and make sure that everything becomes totally screwed up.

    What a bloody bickering about light bulbs! We will not change light bulbs. The light-bulb science is settled once and for all. You’re only a gang of conspiracy theorists that deny the Holocaust, think the US Government blew up the Twin Towers and see Flying Saucers in the sky.

    None. because you can use the trick of hiding the decline in luminosity.

    What’s a ”light bulb”? We only have camp fires, where we come from, and are almost freezing to death. Oh, how we long for Medieval times! It’s supposed to have been a Warm Period then.

    It will be impossible to change any light bulbs. You see, even if we here on the BBC are about 23 000 employees, every single one of us is fully occupied with making new programmes where we repeat the same old message about “climate change”, day out and day in. That’s public service TV for you!

    Changing a light bulb, you said? I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. Of course you have to pay the light-bulb tax, the electricity tax and of course the CO2 tax, not to forget the climate-change fee, the environment duty and the fossil-fuel charge. What? Well, mortgage your house, for heaven’s sake! Think of the poor panda bears, please. First we must make sure that the light bulb complies with regulation 4.71, paragraph B) in sub section…

    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Annoying idiot wants scientific openness
    Howdy amigo!
    I got this outrageous E-mail by some idiot that wants to check our light-bulb figures. If I see him I promise you I’ll beat the crap out of him. Suggest that you immediately delete everything. Chris will do the same. We can’t have others coming and checking our light bulbs. Scientific scrutiny and freedom of information in my ass! I propose that we gang up and oust this annoying man from everything. BTW, I attached the latest version of our program code, with should fix the travesty about that the increase simply hasn’t happened.
    Ps. Send the money in chunks below 10 000 dollars, so authorities won’t find them, though I know that’s a heck of a job for the 100 billion of tax-payer’s money we have gotten so far.


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    We could all wear Kevin Rudd masks with hitler moustaches and have climate communism on our fronts and backs.

    Some fun = off the Andrew Bolt blog

    Australia Post created a stamp with a picture of the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.

    The stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the Prime Minister, who demanded a full investigation.

    After a month of testing and spending of $1.73 million, a special commission presented the following findings:

    1. The stamp is in perfect order.

    2. There is nothing wrong with the adhesive.

    3. People are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.


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    […] Anti-Carbon Tax Protest in Sydney Tomorrow Flyer here. […]


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    wish I had heard of this earlier as I would have been down there for sure


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    Hey this is a new approach – being more energy efficient simply spurs more use….this guys found a constant factor, so no need for measuring population, change, growth, etc.

    This does not bode well for the greener minds within us, and to me, for some reason is not a surprising finding. Live and let live or find a void and it will be filled, etc.
    Check it out…


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    You guys are still allowed to protest?

    That wont last.

    Here I am huddling in the cold UK. If we go anywhere near “parliament” to complain about anything we will be arrested. Even if there are only six of us.


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    Whilst I fully appreciate the similarities between Fascist Germany and more modern political structures (w.r.t. central planning and loss of freedom), the average punter in the street thinks that all totalitarians speak with strange European accents because they saw it at the movies.

    Photos like the book burning last article and comments about the Hitler moustaches are not helpful in getting the message across. These icons don’t constructively fit into the frame of reference of your target audience and will be dismissed out of hand. You are talking to people who would be perfectly happy with a totalitarian system up until long after it was way too late to turn back (just like the Germans were first time round).

    Please stick to communicating the basic facts of the science, without going over the top. Mass enlightenment is not going to happen in an afternoon.

    Also, believers in freedom would be hypocritical unless they accept that everyone has the right to make up their own mind on this issue. If you don’t like bullying, then it is all the more important not to come across as a bully (or as a pushy bastard for that matter). Just something to think about.


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    Its not about the science and it never has been about the science.

    The ONLY way do deal with a bully is knock him down so hard he will never get up again.

    Its way past time to be polite with those bastards!


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    keith Ryan

    This Tax being pushed on us is a farce and I can not believe that the opposition is not putting up a acase against it.
    The libs have their best chance at gaining ground but just say me too to evrything.
    We have to get rid of this Labour government before its too late.
    Also this Copenhagen treaty is a con The Un also with this world Government is a joke They can not control any of the rough countries like Zimbarbwee and North Korea.
    They will have Kevin Rudd in the palm of their hands.

    keith ryan


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    Mark Stevens

    @keith, re kruddite. not so much in their palm. more of a one hand washes the other gig. singing from the same hymn book. not forgeting captain collusion aka goldman sach`s emissary on earth and Leader of the govt cheerleaders. @ tel. the book burning image was a little political irony that seeped forth and that was not intended as a main stream anti agw ad. just the contribution of an expressed thought for your consumption.


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    Appreciate your thoughts Tel 🙂


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    Is the original for this flier still available? can it be used and updated for the rallies occurring later this month?