“Safe and Effective” dis information in one minute thirty…

By Jo Nova

WallStreetSilver has updated the great little pandemic musical on vaccine efficacy. Elon Musk retweeted it. So far 7.7 million people have seen it, 26,000 have commented and it keeps spreading.

Elon Musk replied:

My concern was more the outrageous demand that people *must* take the vaccine and multiple boosters to do anything at all. That was messed up. Until the Supreme Court invalidated Biden’s exec order, SpaceX and many other companies would have been forced to fire anyone who refused to get vaccinated! We would not have done so. I would rather go to prison than fire good people who didn’t want to be jabbed. As for myself, I got original Covid before the vaccine was out (mild cold symptoms) and had to get three vaccines for travel. The third shot almost sent me to hospital.

How many other people out there have symptoms that are actually from the vaccine or Covid treatment, rather than Covid itself? As for those who didn’t take any vaccine, well @DjokerNole  just won a record number of grand slams … It’s not like I don’t believe in vaccines – I do. However, the cure cannot be potentially worse than the disease. And public debate over efficacy should not be shut down. There is also great potential for curing many diseases using synthetic mRNA, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

The music is ‘In The Hall of The Mountain King’, from the Peer Gynt Suite Op.46; No.1 by Edvard Grieg

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35 comments to “Safe and Effective” dis information in one minute thirty…

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    Public submissions regarding the Australian government draft plans to allow the A.C.M.A. to censor on social media what it thinks is misinformation or disinformation are finally being slowly released. 670 submissions in total so far. It makes interesting reading with about 99% completely opposed to the Orwellian plan to crush free speech in Australia.
    Submission links are at the bottom of the page in the link below.

    My favourite submission is a banner that reads “Fact checkers were not required until the ugly truth appeared.”



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      David Maddison

      Thanks for posting Mayday.

      I made two submissions but they haven’t been put up yet.

      Of the ones that were put up, it’s interesting that so many are anonymous.

      People are afraid of what might happen to them for being advocates of free speech.


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    David Maddison


    How appropriate is the music, Peer Gynt’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”…

    The description of the Hall (Government, Big Pharma and the Useful/Useless Idiots of the Left) is:

    There is a great crowd of troll courtiers, gnomes and goblins. Dovregubben sits on his throne, with crown and sceptre, surrounded by his children and relatives. Peer Gynt stands before him.


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    John Connor II

    2 minutes of “experts” being wrong:



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    David Maddison

    Covid vaccine fraud and anthropogenic global warming fraud.

    The two biggest frauds in history, and designed to destroy Western Civilisation.


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    Fact checkers were not on to this Covid data. Guvuhmints themselves got it wro-o-o-ng regarding deaths
    in the vaccinated group as compared to unvaccinated deaths.



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    “Safe and Effective”. A phrase that will go down in infamy and never to be used ever again by people WHO had no idea.


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    Jeremy Poynton

    Boosters directly associated with massive excess deaths in the 65 and over…


    “The report published Sept. 17 by Correlation Research in the Public Interest (pdf) quantified the vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) for all ages—which is the ratio of inferred vaccine-induced deaths to vaccine doses delivered in a given population. After analyzing mortality data, the researchers calculated a mean all-ages fatal toxicity by injection of vDFR of one death per 800 injections across all ages and countries. This equates to 17 million COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths worldwide from 13.25 billion injections as of Sept. 2, 2023.”

    Genocide doesn’t even begin to describe what has been done to us (well not me, my wife and I decided way back not to have these jabs)


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    “Kovid: The Musical” could be a thing one day.

    When it got started, a couple of us started writing new lyrics to well-known songs.

    It stopped bring “funny” by mid-2020. Maybe it is time to pick up on “developments” since then; specifically, the entire point of the “Plandemic”.


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    robert rosicka

    A Royal commission is what is needed but with someone at the helm with knowledge of such things and totally impartial.


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      Forrest Gardener

      … and the right set of guidelines. After all as was said on Yes Minister railway trains are impartial as well but if you lay down the tracks that’s where they will go.


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      Sadly it appears that there is never an inquiry or Royal Commission into anything until the required answers are finalised.There have been 18 Royal Commissions and major enquiries into bushfires in Australia since 1939. All of these enquiries have essentially come to the same conclusions and recommendations and yet, here we are El Nino conditions and what have all states done?
      Plenty of advertising about being prepared, expect the worst, but have the states done the works recommended since 1939, sadly no, bend to the will of activists and blame climate change.


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    Honk R Smith

    Was any of this really about ‘Public Health’?
    Asking for a friend.


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    Jon Rattin

    I read this article a few days ago- a US scientist found traces of DNA plasmids in covid mRNA vaccines exceeding accepted safe levels. There’s links to a court case that puts forth the assertion that the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, rather than the TGA, should have issued licences for use of mRNA vaccines in Australia.


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    Old Goat

    We know it’s dangerous ,they know that it’s dangerous, and we know that they know that we know ,and yet they still jab . When people are being killed that’s at least manslaughter. Tar and feathers won’t cut it.


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    To the tune of “Everybody has Aids” from Team America


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    Honk R Smith

    Science changes.
    Directly correlated to political narrative forcing.
    Intensification of this forcing is observed with election cycles.
    There are two …
    The NWOC
    (Narrative Weekly Oscillation Cycle)
    and …
    (Impulsive Election Narrative Oscillation Cycle).


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    There are a lot of discussions about long/post covid studies, conrolgroups, comparisions, symptoms etc. What is not discussed, f.e controlgroups vaccinated / unvaccinated people with or without long/post covid.
    I wonder why – or not 😀


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    John Hultquist

    One needs to read the early comments to the April post regarding the 10% of households had someone die. You can search on ” 10% ” and the 5th hit will be comment #19, by Dave Burton, on April 4th.
    Jo responds with comment #22.1.

    Full disclosure: I’ve had 3 shots and many folks I know have had 4. Some have had Covid. No one I know personally has died or been in a hospital because of Covid.


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      Our small community with a preponderance of elderly sheep has been decimated by strokes and heart attacks in the past 3 years. Is it the vax? Certainly the government must be delighted in the decrease in old age pension support.


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    The problem of having a clean control group to compare with the vaccinated is that there is incontravertable evidence of vaccine shedding.
    – women’s cycles screwed up by proximity to vaxxed,
    – children of vaxxed have immunity to spike but not to other elements of the virus.

    See various John Campbell videos for details.

    See Merogenomics series of podcasts on mechanisms of shedding in bodily fluids and breath.

    I got a neuropathy when my husband was scared into his one shot, with exacerbation when other family members got them to travel.


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    Russel Brand seems to have found a way to stop the media from focusing attention on him.
    His video

    “Did the US government and CDC have enough scientific evidence before recommending mRNA vaccines to pregnant and breastfeeding women? And did Facebook censor those who shared accurate information about it? “



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    Alexy Scherbakoff

    I’m currently receiving mono-clonal therapy with a little chemo for my recurrence of lymphoma. I think it’s kinda related to the ‘vaccine’ (didn’t indulge).
    It’s far less aggressive than straight chemo. I felt like shit for two weeks out of three with chemo. This stuff gives me an unsettled stomach for two days and then I’m fine.
    Some therapies are useful in particular applications, I’m also monitored.
    The forced ‘vaccination’ was criminal. Many of the ‘players ‘ have resigned, probably to avoid legal action.


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    In 2 paragraphs Musk pretty well sums up the whole COVID bollocks situation that the world just endured. It was a shame Elon didn’t take over Twitter earlier because during the COVID bollocks early years (2020/21) there was excellent contra-information on social media. All published by highly respected experts and medical personnel. Then gradually during the great purge of 2021 they were silenced. It would seem this silencing was orchestrated by US government 3 letter agencies to reduce vaccine hesitancy.


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    For the next release — “Safer and even more effective!”