RFK Jnr: We’re developing bioweapons with 36,000 scientists

By Jo Nova

Maybe the world should talk about bioweapon research?

The way Robert F Kennedy Jnr describes it to Tucker Carlson, it seems Anthony Fauci was not only a “director of health”, he was also a director of bioweapons. And he was the most well paid public servant in the country, thanks to a 68% raise to his salary — which came not from the health department but from the Pentagon. It’s an odd conflict of interest.

Kennedy points out that to deploy an infectious bioweapon you need a pre-prepared successful vaccine so the infectious agent doesn’t make your side sick too. He claims there are something like 36,000 scientists involved in bioweapons research or gain-of-function work in countless labs in the US and overseas. “We have no idea how many there are”.

Kennedy calls it the inverse of medicine, where life scientists are really “death scientists” who make diseases more deadly. In 2014 three bugs escaped from three different labs in high profile breaks, one was smallpox.

“RFK: “Anthony Fauci got all the responsibility for bio-weapons development….[After three bugs escaped] in 2014, 300 scientists wrote to President Obama and said ‘you’ve gotta shut down Anthony Fauci, […]

Free Speech wins: One million people an hour are watching Tucker Carlson on Twitter…

By Jo Nova

Tucker Carlson released a small statement on Twitter seventeen hours ago, and so far 17.7 million people have watched it.

With 77,000 comments under one two minute video it is the World’s Public Town Square.

And it’s a great speech:

“One thing you realize when you step outside the noise for a few days is how genuinely nice most people are…”

“The other thing you notice is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are… they are completely irrelevant… and yet at the same time the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future… get virtually no discussion at all: war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, natural resources… when was the last time we heard a legitimate debate about any those topics?

Debates like that are not permitted. Both political parties and their donors have reached consensus on what benefits them, and they actively collude to shut down conversation.

Suddenly the United States looks very much like a one party state.”

“That’s a depressing realization… but it won’t last. This moment is too inherently ridiculous to last, so […]

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson, Highest rated US show in history, suddenly silenced on Fox

By Jo Nova

Why would a network axe its most popular show?

Just like that: Fox News and Tucker Carlson have “Parted Ways”. His last show was last Friday, and he did not know at the time. There’s no farewell for the top rating show in America and no replacement host, just a “rotating” generic vague fill-in show. It doesn’t look like this was planned for months in advance? Fox News stocks immediately fell 4%.

Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most watched cable news show in the US. His audience was over 3 million people in the audience every day (not to mention the rest on social media). It’s not clear why this happened but there is speculation that it’s related to the Dominion case settlement.

There is no one more influential in US media. Tucker interviews anyone he wants for as long as he wants in the most powerful nation on Earth — in the last two weeks, for example, Trump for 40 minutes, and Elon Musk for an hour (on Artificial Intelligence).

He shapes the news. If they can silence Tucker, they can silence anyone. It may define a pivot point in US history — the end of […]

The man the Democrats fear most

It’s history in the making. The leading opposition candidate in the next US election is indicted. Is there any person so pure in the United States who could not be accused and indicted for something if a crooked government really wanted to do so? Even if it was beyond the statute of limitations and previous Federal prosecutors have turned it down.

Donald Trump is now the first former President of the United States ever to be indicted. There is no coming back from this moment. pic.twitter.com/pHuXdDRAka

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) March 31, 2023


Is Donald Trump the main target here, or is it his supporters? Glenn Beck argues they want to provoke violence from the Right.

OR we could always talk about great moments of science from Banana Republics.

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It’s the Greatest Crime Scene in History — For the first time the healthy employed are worse off than the unemployed

By Jo Nova

Ed Dowd is the former BlackRock executive, who has been drawing attention to the excess death data. As a Wall Street trader he likes to find and arbitrage the realities that aren’t well known so he can bet against the realities that aren’t real. And so he found himself last year looking at death trends that were off the charts. At this point the trader turned into a human trying to warn hundreds of CEO’s of insurance companies (among others) but they did not want to know…

Of the 3.2 million newly disabled in the USA, it’s remarkable (though sad) that 1.7 million came from the employed sector. Normally working people are the healthiest group — but since February 2021 their disability rate is up 31%. That compares to a rise of just 9% across the “general population”. And in a complete turnaround — those who quit or got fired — normally the sickest ones — their disability rate rose only 4%.

So something changed. What could it be, we wonder, that took place in 2021 and caused more of those who stayed in their jobs to become disabled. Why was quitting work or being fired a […]

Blockbuster claims in video of Pfizer executive — making mutant viruses, capturing official agencies

By Jo Nova

UPDATE: Pfizer have responded! Wow. They don’t even mention the unwitting informant Jordon Walker, thus suggesting he is one their own. They deny they do Gain of Function or Directed Evolution, but admit “we have conducted research where the original SARS-CoV-2 virus has been used to express the spike protein from new variants of concern.” AND: “In a limited number of cases when a full virus does not contain any known gain of function [GOF] mutations, such virus may be engineered to enable the assessment of antiviral activity in cells”.

Pfizer are admitting to adding GOF mutations, and to mixing the new spike and old nasty virus!

Are they not saying they engineer viruses — starting with the original Wuhan virus and adding the new spike from new “variants of concern”? The new Omicron variants have incredibly well evolved spikes that are so much more infectious than the original variant, but the Omicron virus “in toto” is much less dangerous than the original Wu-Flu. So by mixing the old nasty variant with the new spike, they could be playing with a virus that has the worst of both? How’s that for “potent”?


Deep State cover up: Twitter was a subsidiary of the FBI, and CIA is still hiding “those files” 60 years later

By Jo Nova

It’s the coverup that matters

Men with guns deciding what jokes you can hear?

Part II in the “United States of the FBI”

Matt Taibbi is reading through the TwitterFile emails between the FBI and Twitter and found strangely petty and detailed requests which reveal much more than you might think. The FBI were sending through requests to ban trivial no-name accounts who just posted jokes. They were also asking for their “location information” of people posting the jokes. The overreaction shows how entangled Twitter was with the FBI on day to day operations, but also reveals the hot button priority topic the FBI was so concerned about was election “misinformation”. What are the FBI most afraid of?

“a surprisingly high number [of emails] are requests by the FBI for Twitter to take action on election misinformation, even involving joke tweets from low-follower accounts.

Federal intelligence and law enforcement reach into Twitter included the Department of Homeland Security, which partnered with security contractors and think tanks to pressure Twitter to moderate content.

It’s no secret the government analyzes bulk data for all sorts of purposes, everything from tracking terror […]

The United States of the FBI

By Jo Nova

As Scott Adams says “The cover up of the cover up is working”

Picking Presidents?

It’s the story of the century that isn’t selling many papers — how the FBI held onto the Hunter Biden Laptop-from-Hell for months and actively colluded with media outlets to suppress that news, all while US voters were deciding whether to vote for his father for President.

The FBI knew the Lap Top contained evidence of corruption of the highest order, yet chose not to investigate. They also knew the story would probably leak in October and were actively contacting Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis before then to pre-empt it — so that the bad news could disappear and wouldn’t hurt their chosen candidate. When the FBI wanted news suppressed, the media giants “handled ” it in a flash. They could make whole newspapers disappear.

The real story of course, is still that the men with guns are deciding which crimes are worth investigating, what news you are allowed to read, and who the voters should vote for. This makes the USA a lot more like Cuba or Russia than anyone wants to think, and it matters to […]

Political Purges in America, FBI Intimidation, but hope against Woke rises in Florida

There is a major battle in the US that most media are barely mentioning

On the one hand Joe Biden calls political opponents Domestic Terrorists, and delivers speeches flanked with marines. The FBI are raiding the homes of his main political adversary and his supporters too, knocking on doors based on nothing more than anonymous tips, without search warrants. They demand answers to ridiculous questions, the only purpose of which can be intimidation or fishing trips. Lines in the sand are being crossed here that we never thought would be crossed in America. Things that ought to have the whole nation (and allies) standing to attention. Personal communications with lawyers used to be confidential, “not any more”. How do we explain the hunt for someone’s daughters’ Instagram posts?

Against that dark background, something great is unfolding in Florida and other states. Ron de Santis delivers a great speech below, laying out how he’s fighting back against the Tech Giant Oligarchs, the WEF, the UN, Woke ideology, school indoctrination, gender change surgery on children, forced injections, and election fraud. We’ve discussed the State fightback against the influence of BlackRock and ilk which abuse their fiduciary duty with retirement funds to force […]

End of an empire: What if China bought the US President, unleashed a bioweapon and no one cared?

Nearly every decision Joe Biden has made just happens to be the same as what President Xi would have preferred.

The keystone pipe, energy dependence, the Afghanistan debacle, the end of tariffs, jailing critics of China, and allowing Chinese companies strategic control and access. Then there’s the Hunter Biden laptop…

It’s excellent to see Tucker packaging this message so well.

Tucker Carlson rips the Biden family’s relationship with China and what it really means for global order

Partial transcript (full copy at the link above)

Last summer, a group of American intelligence analysts working for the U.S. government issued a report on the origins of COVID.These people work at CIA, NSA, a bunch of other agencies, and they concluded that the coronavirus may very well have been manufactured in a lab by the Chinese military.

America has been the dominant power in the world for more than 100 years, since the end of the First World War, when Europe destroyed itself. Empires destroying themselves always pave way for new empires, something we should keep in mind at the moment.

The coronavirus reshuffled the global order. It crushed the American economy. It […]

This is how democracy dies, not in darkness, but in plain sight, live on C-SPAN

Tucker Carlson savages the UniParty and talks about the disarray in voters, the sea change sweeping parts of the US in political alliances. The Great Replacement and influx of new democrat voters has run out of steam.

The old coalitions are crumbling before our eyes. Suddenly we’re seeing Hispanic voters, African and Middle Eastern immigrants, as well as huge numbers of American-born young men, all running at remarkable speed from Joe Biden and the anti-human corporate neoliberalism he represents. …

Joe Biden’s support among Hispanics has dropped to a stunning 24%. That’s the lowest among any ethnic group in America. …

At the very moment that Joe Biden is at his weakest, months before a pivotal midterm election, Republicans are propping him up. They are saving Biden from himself.

Since the day Biden was elected, Republicans in Washington have taken Biden’s side on virtually every significant item in his policy agenda. That would include: COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates, transgender ideology in school, sanctions against China, the January 6 charade, free speech, civil liberties, spying by the Intel agencies, preserving the big tech monopolies, the anti-White race politics of […]

Tucker Carlson: On the Death of Comedy

Tucker Carlson: Late-night Comedy died during Trump’s Presidency.

Adam Carolla:

” You know they’ve got to everybody when they’ve got to comedians. Think about that, Professors, cops and politicans — they caved. Now the fact that comedians have caved means everyone is scared of the Woke Mob. “

UPDATE: Youtubes gone, so Bitchute whole Episode here. Mark Steyn does some parody at 11 mins. The discussion of the Death of Comedy starts at 27 mins. 25 March 2021

But comedy is not complete dead on late night cable: check Mark Steyn — especially on the fawning slavish American Media:

Biden said we have to raise every road 3 feet because of climate change, … and they took that, these people, the Court Enuchs went along with it…

Mark Steyn on Joe Biden declaring he might run for another term:

… I have no idea who the government of the United States is, but if the Deep State can get away with this, they can get away with anything.

The Deep State are saying, if we can pull this off, we don’t need anyone in the Oval Office.


Matt Taibbi: […]

US government declares war on half the country: Baiting, panicked, or just crazy?

Tucker Carlson wonders why the Democrats are recklessly overreacting to no known plots of white supremacists and Domestic Terrorists. He calls it fear or panic — the leaders are afraid of the people they are supposed to be leading. They are afraid of populism — of a mass uprising. They don’t have answers. They know they don’t, and they know you know.

AOC is trying to convince the nation that there are white supremacists at the heart of the GOP. Tucker asks where this projection of racial hate is going. It’s like using a flame thrower in a crowded theater. What is the effect of the lies like this?

Are the Democrats projecting a civil war until they trigger one? They may be baiting to get the extreme reactions they hope fringe groups resort to — so they can use them to demand more lists, more rules, and more purges. But they play with fire. They may not want a civil war. (Although the CCP presumably does. )

The Bitchute version may “hang” due to the surging popularity of it: 

The Youtube version is there as a backup til it disappears: … The outrageous purge continues:

If you […]

Insurrection now means “asking questions”

Tucker Carlson lays out the radioactive hypocrisy of those who advocated insurrection and riots and now pretend to advocate for rule of law. The word “insurrection” had a whole different meaning in 2016 and for most of history.

Those who control the language…

Really worth watching. … 

John Matze ran a company that was worth half a billion dollars on Friday, but Parler went from number one in the Apple Ap store to zero overnight. Matze now says he can’t go home for fear of his safety. It appears that Parler have done a deal with Epik to shift there (which also houses Gab). Judging by this Newsweek article Epik are already so hated and tarred, they have no fear.

Silencing, blacklists, and electronic exile smell just like a Social Credit system. Will Americans let that stand?

If Global Corporations Walk Away from Republicans the GOP Will Have to Listen to New Voters

Stacey Lennox

“A significant majority of Americans, 73%, have a negative view of China. Continued international integration will hurt working and middle-class Americans the most. If Republicans plan on winning elections, these are the voters they will have to both listen to […]

Is Tucker Carlson Becoming the New Trump?

Guest post by David E.

Tucker Carlson is now the most popular talk show host in America. His nightly show on Fox News, which has been running since 2016, now draws around four million viewers per night, more than anything else on Fox, CNN, or MSNBC. So why are people tuning in?

Jason Hill has written an insightful article, from which we’ll quote extensively (emphasis added).

A friend of mine last week said to me, wide-eyed and indignant “Did you hear all the horrible things Tucker said about black people? He’s such a racist.”

“No,” I responded, “I didn’t hear about them because I’m pretty sure he never said them. He’s not a racist. He’s a diehard American patriot.”

This, I think, is the real place to start regarding why the left-wing media and their herd-like followers who have never watched an episode of Carlson’s show hate him so much. Above all, Carlson loves America. He’s a patriot who hates to see the way in which cancel culture, woke fascists, crazed left-wing cultural post-modern Marxists and socialists are destroying this country.

Carlson is able to see with great lucidity the connection between what happens in the classroom and how it […]

Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

Watch this:

Tucker Carlson asks whether the insane, unpopular idea to “defund the police” means getting rid of the current police and bringing in a new BLM-compliant “force”? Is this just The March through yet another Institution?

No one is allowed to say anything against this ideology. People are losing their jobs for the merest hint they they don’t wholeheartedly adopt an activist supporting role. But bullies thrive on grovelling obedience.

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