RFK Jnr: We’re developing bioweapons with 36,000 scientists

By Jo Nova

Maybe the world should talk about bioweapon research?

The way Robert F Kennedy Jnr describes it to Tucker Carlson, it seems Anthony Fauci was not only a “director of health”, he was also a director of bioweapons. And he was the most well paid public servant in the country, thanks to a 68% raise to his salary — which came not from the health department but from the Pentagon. It’s an odd conflict of interest.

Kennedy points out that to deploy an infectious bioweapon you need a pre-prepared successful vaccine so the infectious agent doesn’t make your side sick too. He claims there are something like 36,000 scientists involved in bioweapons research or gain-of-function work in countless labs in the US and overseas. “We have no idea how many there are”.

Kennedy calls it the inverse of medicine, where life scientists are really “death scientists” who make diseases more deadly. In 2014 three bugs escaped from three different labs in high profile breaks, one was smallpox.

“RFK: “Anthony Fauci got all the responsibility for bio-weapons development….[After three bugs escaped] in 2014, 300 scientists wrote to President Obama and said ‘you’ve gotta shut down Anthony Fauci, […]

R F Kennedy Jnr: Not one childhood vaccine was pretested in a long term placebo controlled trial

By Jo Nova

Thirteen remarkable minutes everyone needs to see.

Remarkably, despite the aura of modern space-age medicine — not one childhood vaccine of the 72 that are recommended in the US — has ever been subject to a long term pre-licensing placebo controlled safety trial. Kennedy knows, because he took legal action to get Anthony Fauci to supply one study. After a year of litigation, they admitted they could not provide a single study.

As Kennedy says, he’s not anti-vaccination, he just wants good safety studies — something everyone wants, except maybe certain shareholders.

“Calling people “anti-vaxxers” is a way of silencing them.”

So, for decades, our highly trained doctors have been injecting babies and children with medicines that we didn’t test properly.

The four big companies that make vaccines … Merck, Sanofi, Glaxo and Pfizer, have paid over $35 billion dollars in criminal penalties in the last decade, for lying to doctors, falsifying science, for defrauding regulators…

RF Kennedy Junior’s site is Children’s Health Defense. They have a list of safety studies and controlled trials that use active ingredients in the comparison arm instead of inert placebos like sugar pills. Putting active compounds in both […]