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Carbon Tax protest CATA – July 1 — Sydney and Melbourne

CATA have organised a protest




CATA and the ¡®NO CARBON TAX RALLY¡¯ team

Where:  Hyde Park, Sydney and Steps of Parliament House, Melbourne

When:  Sunday 1st July 2012

Time:  12.00 noon

A convoy of small business and business vehicles will also lead the march prior to the rally in Sydney.

CATA encourages everyone to  attend and make it known to all politicians that we will not be had for fools, this tax must be and will be repealed.  Bring your banners, your loud voices as we let the Gillard Labor Party know they have no mandate for this tax and we demand an election as our democratic right.

Join young Australians, Working Families, Students, Workers, Small Business Owners, Self Funded Retirees and Senior Citizens who will take the Election Now, No Carbon Tax message up with the Government representatives.

Contact Jacques 0438758901  or Email : [email protected]

Join CATA here

UPDATED: I cut and pasted the release, but have since taken out the image of the cartoon-symbol of the baseball bat. I realize the only baseball bats there will be inflatable ones, but it’s not a symbol I would have chosen. — Jo


UPDATE #2: Andrew M has proposed a lunch in Brisbane on Saturday:  Belvedere Hotel at Woody Point/Redcliffe. Drink Champers and Beer to enjoy the last carbon-tax-free-day. Have a look at Australian pokies website to play online pokies. Any other suggestions from other cities? Do speak up. His comments were in the next “Paul Bain” thread.



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22 comments to Carbon Tax protest CATA – July 1 — Sydney and Melbourne

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    Sean McHugh

    Has there been enough notice?

    Anyway, here is a suggestion for a placard:

    L ies
    E very
    T ime


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    Transport by Zeppelin


    meant to be a baseball bat?

    Won’t go down well. Wrong approach.

    This isn’t baseball & the only other well known use for a baseball bat is to use it as a weapon.

    I support action against the Carbon Tax but this is a poor choice.


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    Transport by Zeppelin

    I came across this paper recently.

    I bet Ms Gillard hasn’t read it.

    Discursive stability meets climate instability: A critical exploration of the concept
    of ‘climate stabilization’ in contemporary climate policy

    Maxwell T. Boykoff
    David Frame
    Samuel Randalls

    From the Paper –

    ‘‘the impression that climate change can be so predicted and managed is not only misleading, but it could also have negative repercussions should policymakers act on this assumption.’’
    Shackley et al (1998, p. 194)

    policymakers essentially want to know at what point they can ‘acceptably’ stabilize concentrations (via the manipulation of emissions) in a way that will avoid both dangerous anthropogenic interference (hereafter DAI) in the climate system, while also avoiding future welfare reductions associated with reductions in economic growth.

    This approach has created a policy framework obsessed with targets and timetables that are inherently uncertain, while distracting from alternative approaches based on creating pathways to progress. There is no special reason, however, to think that an answer, even if forthcoming, will be sufficient to justify a policy response unless one accepts a simplistic linear science policy model.

    Reaching coordinated solutions to climate change becomes a question of mitigating and managing the long-term future in a very specific, highly abstract way, since it involves future generations emitting just enough CO2 to maintain the concentrations at their target levels indefinitely regardless of the implications of this
    strategy for them and their descendents.

    January 2007, the EU set out proposals and options for limiting global warming to no more than 2 C above pre-industrial temperatures. This 2 C ceiling was also agreed by the G8 member nations at the L’Aquila Summit in July 2009 (Wintour and Elliott, 2009). From such a target, two sorts of problematic inferences are frequently drawn:

    1. that we can easily infer equilibrium concentration targets from equilibrium
    temperature targets, and vice versa;

    2. that 2 C represents a significant rather than arbitrary threshold. Generally, reports that invite such questionable inferences do not explicitly endorse them, but they relegate caveats to the fine print thus cementing an ideal stabilization target in the political and popular imagination.

    The reliance on equilibrium targets simplifies certain parts of the problem by removing the (inconvenient) transience, allowing us to draw a simple map between concentration and sensitivity that does not depend on the thermal inertia of the system.
    However, the equilibrium system properties such as climate sensitivity are subject to considerable uncertainty, (IPCC. 2 x CO2 = 1.5C to 4.5C) and thus the translation from damages (temperature increase) to concentration targets is also subject to uncertainty.

    Even if we assume that climate sensitivity is in the vicinity of the IPCC’s
    estimate(s), we would need to stabilize concentrations anywhere in the vicinity of 700–330 ppmv CO2 (and this range neglects the additional uncertainty that might be produced from equilibrium temperature–carbon cycle feedbacks).


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    It doesn’t really matter who first used baseball bats in politics, the baseball bats are now being held at the ready for use against the dysfunction, chaotic, deceitful, incompetent circus alliance including once claimed to be Independents who have revealed themselves to be close comrades.


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    Has anybody sighted even a half reasonable explanation as to why an amount equal to ten per cent of the carbon “dioxide” tax con is to be remitted to the UN? In my opinion member nations should be reducing UN funding and demanding that the original charter be the focus and all other UN based bureaucracies closed down leaving sovereign nations to make their own decisions. Agenda 21 is unacceptable, a crazy left side power trip aimed at world government control.


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    Faye of Fingal Head

    We could have attended a Brisbane rally.


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    I have taken out the cartoon-baseball icon from their release. It’s not a symbol I would have chosen, and though the only bats there will be inflatable ones, the artwork clumsily looked more like the real thing, rather an inflatable. A pic of an inflatable would be better.


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      Transport by Zeppelin

      Wise decision Joanne.

      And thanks for your incredible effort in providing this wonderful & informative website.


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      Transport by Zeppelin said:

      The lefties & carbon tax proponents will simply take the ‘baseball bat’ slogan & picture as mindless red-neck, bogan theatrics.

      and so you have removed the “offending” item.

      The lefties and carbon tax proponents will depict the protesters as “mindless red-neck bogans” even if they all carry Earth Mother Gaia placards, wear tie-dyed clothes and beads, and do nothing more than sit in a circle and sing kumbuyah.

      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about people who have no trouble actively and publicly contemplating rounding us up, branding and/or tattooing us, shipping us all off to “re-education” camps, treating us with psychotropic drugs and/or imposing a “final solution” on us.

      As has been pointed out by other commenters, the term “taking a baseball bat to an election” has been in general use for some time now, and yet at the first mention of the idea that we just might upset these poor dears’ sensibilities – or give them something to bitch about – we cave in and meekly submit.

      Reminds me of a tale I once heard about a group of people who all drove their trucks and cars to Canberra as a protest, and then meekly let the police direct them to parking lots several kilometres away from Parliament House, so as to “not disrupt traffic”.

      I understand it eventually became known as the “convey of no consequence”.

      The only trouble with the baseball bat analogy was that it was an inflatable one.
      We are waaaay past the point of such niceties.


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    Has anyone taken the courteous step of advising the local clubs that the pokies intake will be down and they should cook only 50% of the usual pensioner special Sunday Roast?


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    steve mcdonald

    Does anyone have a list of names of prominent people who who push hard the dangerous human made global warming theory and damand that the countries of the world should have an E.T.S.who have strong links to the banking industry.
    This means on the board of is employed in a high position by has a relative who has influence in that industry.
    Who in a merchant banker.


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    The Global Carbon Tax Scam has been planned all along Australia is the test case for this nonsense

    31 Jan 2008
    Carbon Must Be Globally Regulated


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    Time for my old placard to get another outing 😉


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    There is no doubt that you Australians have the government that you deserve.

    Sadly, the same is true for the USA where I live. Nothing will change regardless of who wins in the November 2012 presidential election. Another “Non-choice” just as in 2008. Apparently it is no longer possible to get elected by advocating sane policies.


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    Hi Galloping Camel

    As and example of how lacking in courage or leadership qualities just look at the latest Liberal Party blurb:

    “The coalition will get carbon emissions down without saddling the coal and gas industries with extra costs, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says”.


    Surely he must know that the whole point is that there is NO POINT in cutting Carbon emissions?