Vietnamese Translation

Pat Kelly has produced the fifteenth translation of The Skeptics Handbook — Cẩm Nang Của Người Hoài Nghi. Click on the cover to download a copy. The diacritical feast of glyphs in the file title looks like glorious unix nightmare. (So if the link doesn’t work for you, use the back up file here).

Vietnamese Translation — Cẩm Nang Của Người Hoài Nghi

Pat writes:

Main thanks to my long suffering wife Thi Kelly who has been most painstaking in her efforts.

Also thanks to Cam Ngo MSc MEngSc PhD (UNSW) who reviewed the text and offered helpful suggestions.

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Finnish Translation of Climate Bullies Want Your Money: Ilmastoskeptikon käsikirja

Send this to your friends who speak Finnish… even if they’re not skeptics. — Jo

Thanks to Pasi

Ilmastoskeptikon käsikirja 1 & 2

Ilmastofoorumi ry on julkaissut suomennokset australialaisen toimittajan ja kirjailijan Joanne Novan kirjoittamista The Skeptics Handbookista (Ilmastoskeptikon käsikirja) ja edellisen jatko-osasta Global bullies want your money (Ilmastokovikset haluavat rahasi). Palautetta suomennoksista voi lähettää osoitteella [email protected].

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Czech translation of the Unskeptical Guide to the Skeptics Handbook

The Guide to the unSkeptical Guide to the Skeptics Handbook (Czech translation)

Who would have thought? has a Czech translation of their attempt to debunk the Skeptics Handbook. And so, as the wheel turns, we have a Czech translation of my debunking of that debunking:

My most sincere thanks to Mirek Pavlicek.

He’s a fast man!

The original English version:

The Guide to the Unskeptical Guide to the Skeptics Handbook.

And I’ve done up an PDF version of the original English language debunking for those who want to have a printed copy to sit side by side.

I would not have guessed the Czechs would beat me to it.

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Finally! The long awaited Italian Translation

Click to download The Italian Translation of The Skeptics Handbook

Dario Buso has finally accomplished a task I’ve been looking forward too for a long time. The Italian Translation of The Skeptics Handbook is here ready to be sent to all your friends among the 62 million speakers of Italian around the world.

He has done a marvelous job of putting it all together, along with help on the in-depth and careful review work done by Guido Botteri and Patrick. It’s just another example of the remarkable productivity of exasperated people. Citizens who won’t let the half-truths and distortions stand unopposed.

As always these things take a team (all up, involving people in six countries).

Dario writes:

Guido and I would also like to mention the final review by Colonel Guido Guidi, an Italian Army weather forecaster who manages and presents some weather forecast programs on national RAI TV channel. Col. Guidi also keeps a very informative blog in Italy on the status of the global climate, as a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis. He’s our Anthony Watts “made in Italy”…

Guido’s Italian blog is Climate Monitor.

The 15th translation of The Skeptics Handbook.

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Lao Translation

I wish I could add an insightful quip here. But alas, it’s yet another book I’ve written that I can’t read. 😉

The first Skeptics Handbook is now available in 14 languages and the second handbook in 3. Thanks to volunteer efforts there soon won’t be a corner of the world which doesn’t know just how misleading the UN and western media can be.

Thanks to Maniphone Xayavong and some of her colleagues for the pro bono dedication in translating the Lao version.

Click on the image to download the 1.9Mb PDF.

Steve Hyland helped to connect all the right people and suggests these sites in Laos are useful for people who want to know more.

Volunteers have translated the first Skeptics Handbook into German, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Balkan, Spanish, Thai, Czech and Lao. The second Skeptics Handbook is available in French and Turkish. See all posts tagged Translations.

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Czech — The land of skeptics has its own translation of the Handbook

Czech Cover: Click to download the PDF (680K)

The grassroots organized effort of people motivated to volunteer to work against the big-money interests, the disinformation, and the fog of half-truths continues to grow.

Thanks to Mirek Pavlicek for his dedication and skill in translating the first Skeptics Handbook into Czech. According to the great Lubos Motl, he’s done an excellent job (which is an achievement given the irreverent colloquial nature of the booklet). Thanks again to Ralph at Kane TV for his masterful efficient turnaround of the images.

I was honored that Lubos offered to read over the translation to check it. If I’m hunting for a fast condensation of something at the leading (most confusing) edge of the science, his site has at times been the place with the insight–the savvy summary. He is one of a kind. The Reference Frame.

Mir writes that “skepticism is growing to be very cool in the Czech Republic now in spite of the fact that most people cannot cope with long and profound English texts and the Czech literature on the topic is very limited. Your publication addresses a certain gap”.

He added that the Australian debate (Glikson verses yours truly) […]

Thai Translation – The Skeptics Handbook

The volunteers keep coming. Please take a moment to appreciate how much work it takes to do a proper translation, to check it, to edit it, and to edit and arrange the artwork. Then take another moment to think of old friends and contacts who might find it interesting, and e-mail it on. Thanks.

The reach of our global human network is changing polls.

Thanks to Weeraboon Wisartsakul for his expertise and patience.

See for his Thai blog.

Thanks to Jimmy Haigh for the double-checking and help.

Click on the image to download the pdf.

Volunteers have translated the first Skeptics Handbook into German, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Balkan, Spanish, Thai, Czech and Lao. The second Skeptics Handbook is available in French and Turkish. See all posts tagged Translations.

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Spanish translation of Skeptics Handbook I

Spanish Translation – The Skeptics Handbook I

I am delighted to announce that finally, after drafts have been sent between three continents, the Spanish translation is ready to share. With over 330 million native speakers of Spanish, I expect it will be one of the most popular of all the translations.

Download the 1.2Mb emailable version.

Thanks especially to Víctor González García in Mexico, who did most of the work and coordination, and with editing help from Pepe Salama in Spain.

Please send links to this page or to Pepe’s blog page to your Spanish speaking friends, so they can download copies from either site. And consider PePe’s page as the main home for discussion of the Handbook in Spanish.

There is a larger 7Mb version here for printing.

All translations and versions are available on this page.

Volunteers have translated the first Skeptics Handbook into German, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Balkan and Spanish. The second Skeptics Handbook is available in French and Turkish.

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Turkish – Skeptics Handbook II

Turkish Translation Skeptics Handbook II

Once again, marvel at the worldwide grassroots network of volunteers. E-mail all your Turkish friends. Click on the image above to see the Turkish Skeptics Handbook II. The first Skeptics Handbook in Turkish was announced in August (and had a rather interesting synopsis of the Turkish situation vis a vis climate change at the time).

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French translation of Skeptics Handbook II

What do you do in your spare time — translate scientific and socio-political texts on atmospheric physics?

French Translation Skeptics Handbook II

There are those who are bridges between populations, who fight to spread information — the antidote to darkness.

This is the first translations of the Skeptics Handbook II, “Global Bullies Want Your Money”. (And if you are wondering, this version of the Skeptics Handbook, which has been out since Nov 19, 2009, is not just an update on Skeptics Handbook I. It is a totally new booklet.)

A big thank you again to Pierre Allemand for his professionalism, dedication and skill in translating the text and artwork. The place to go for French-speakers is to

The Franco roots of English are on display: the Tyrannie, the Risques, the Marche du Carbone!

When the Normans conquered England in 1066 they bought French words. English became a quixotic meld of common Germanic words and polysyllabic French ones. (The farm animals were German, but the meat — the beef, poultry, and pork — was from France.)

The first Skeptics Handbook is also available in French.

Click on the image to download the French version. (2.4 Mb)

(More curious, […]

The tenth translation – Balkans (Bosnian-Serbo-Croatian)

Thanks to Dr. Mensur Omerbashich for translating the Handbook into the common languages* of most of the Balkans: Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian. Mensur is a theoretical geophysicist from USA with PhD from Canada, who also is a certified court interpreter in Bosnia.

Send this link to your friends in the former Yugoslav republics. This translation will be understandable to Bosnians, Croatians, Serbians, Montenegrins, including most of Slovenians, Macedonians and Kosovars. Around 25-30 million people.

Mensur suggested that ideally someone could volunteer to do localizations into Croatian proper, or Serbian proper.

There is a larger 5Mb version for better printing here.

* I use the term “common language” loosely. There is so little agreement about it, I gather there is not even a proper name of this “language”. It’s more a overlapping common collection of several languages, sometimes referred to just as BCS or Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

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Japanese translation

Yet another victory for grassroots action. Here is the first Asian language translation of The Skeptics Handbook.

Email it to all your Japanese friends!

The Japanese translation has been provided by the International Access Corporation (IAC), a research and consulting company specializing in energy sector issues and headed by nuclear engineer, Tomohiro Yuki. As a long term skeptic of the man-made climate change theory, Mr. Yuki believes that this publication will be welcomed by the people and policymakers in Japan who are increasingly demanding a more balanced debate about climate change.

I hear that Mr Yuki is very well connected in science, government, business and media circles in Japan. He has been an active global-warming skeptic over the last 2-3 years and has amassed a large audience for his emails.

I also hear that, in spite of Japan’s public commitment to climate change regulation, in private conversations with policy makers, apparently real doubts are starting to be expressed. (That was even before the ClimateGate revelations.)

With Copenhagen a few days away this is the perfect time to spread copies of the Japanese translation especially for the bureaucrats sitting on the fence.

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Danish translation: Håndbog for skeptikere!

With COP 15 in Copenhagen coming up, we had to have a translation to help up to 15,000 delegates understand why 90% of them are superfluous.

With impeccable timing, the Danish Translation is here. The back up copy is on this site.

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Portugese translation: Manual dos Céticos

Fantastic. Just out of the blue — I had no idea it was coming — a team in Brazil has created a Portuguese translation. They contacted me when it was all done and finished. It’s remarkable. Thank you!

It’s home is on the fake climate site. (Click on the image to go straight to the pdf.) But I have a copy here as a back up.

Thanks especially to Professor Ricardo Augusto Felício (University of São Paulo – Brazil) and and Marcel Ligabô, Secretary. They’ve done a very professional job.

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The Handbook spreads to Turkey

Turkey, where the local climate is normal and where nothing unusual happened in the time since the green bandwagon hit the road, signed on to Kyoto and will most likely sign on to the Copenhagen compromise, Kyoto II. So there is a need to spread the word about that the science the media won’t mention, hence The Skeptics Handbook

A 2007 survey showed that even in Turkey some 70% of people are familiarized with the theory that carbon affects the climate, which shows the remarkable reach of UN propaganda1. The UN may not have any evidence, but they have widespread influence. The Politburo would be impressed.

Like most politicians, the Turkish representatives wouldn’t mind another excuse to tax everything that moves while being hailed as heroes (I ‘ll save you. Let me spend your money!). And with potential EU membership acting like a carrot with gold plating, there are reasons for Turkey to accept agreements it may not otherwise have chosen to.

It’s a country caught in a patchwork of third world unmechanized farming and modern megopolis development. Pop music has arrived in a big way; mass produced electronics goods are finding markets; and satellite and cable […]

Ilmastoskeptikon käsikirja -Hello Finland

The Skeptics Handbook continues to storm the world. (If I do say so myself). 🙂

Once again, there is no shortage of people who are willing to work pro bono to help fight the scam.

I’m told Finland has a very active community of climate realists. (And as it happens, over 1000 people from Finland have visited this distant site so far this calendar year without even a reference to Finland, or Finnish text before now).

There are plenty of Scandinavian skeptics all round and this translation adds to the already competed versions in Norwegian and Swedish. (Where are the Danes?)

So send this version to all your Finnish friends and enemies! (Click on the image to download the booklet).

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Skeptikerens håndbok er her!

History will record that a dedicated team of experts offered their services for free to help rescue science from the coming of a second dark ages (or at least from the clutches of politicians pursuing Nobel peace prizes). Here’s another example of people wanting to do their part to spread the word.

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Manuel du Sceptique Climatique

Parlez Vouz Francais? The French version of The Skeptics Handbook is released! Send it to your friends who speak French; send it to your friends who don’t speak French but would like too, and send it to schools in the hope that students might learn logic and reason in their language classes, because they probably won’t learn it in science*. […]

Das Skeptiker-Handbuch has arrived!

Good news! The Skeptics Handbook has been translated into German and now you can email all your German speaking friends (or enemies 😉 ) with a link to this page or the German site it’s on.

It’s a first. Thanks to the power of the internet, and the passionate international resistance to propaganda in science, I’ve now written a book I can’t read. (No seriously, it’s a measure of just how dedicated are the army of unpaid volunteers willing to donate time and effort to spread the word. Thanks!)

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