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Danish translation: Håndbog for skeptikere!

With COP 15 in Copenhagen coming up, we had to have a translation to help up to 15,000 delegates understand why 90% of them are superfluous.

With impeccable timing, the Danish Translation is here. The back up copy is on this site.

Thanks to Anne-Kit Littler in Perth Australia for dedicatedly working through the words over the past three months. Perth is a long way from Denmark, and Anne-Kit tells me she couldn’t have done without her two Danish proofreaders and co-translators: Hans Henrik Hansen and Claus Schmidt.

Ralph Tittley from www.kane-tv.com appeared from nowhere just when we needed help with graphic design. Quickly it was obvious he doesn’t just know photoshop, it’s an extension of his right arm. Graphics came back as fast as 10 Mb files transfer. (Before I realized that he’s an expert at editing moving images I actually asked if he had enough room on his site to upload our  ‘big’ graphic files. ha 🙂 ).

Thanks to Karl J. Hansen in Denmark for being the man on the ground. Thank the lord for the internet* (or should I thank Al?), how else would we get the message out to so many people with a team spread across the world?

Thanks as always to Jorn in Germany, the man who “invented” graphic design on powerpoint and who has worked behind the scenes for at least a year now.

We wish the people of Copenhagen well and hope that their businesses might prosper during this most enormous of international junkets. We also hope the name Copenhagen is never burdened with being attached in perpetuity to the largest scam in history.

*Actually I should thank electrical engineers for decades of work.

UPDATE Nov 10th! If you are in Denmark for the conference, you may want to join this list.

Hej gæve Climate Sense folk, For nu at bedre information mellem ikke troende, så er her en email liste under opbygning. I første omgang tænkt som en slags generel informations email liste, hvor vi kan informere hinanden om de gode råd vi måtte have og de ting vi kan gøre for at mindske skaderne fra COP15 gennem succesen fra Climate Sense 2009 den 18. december i København. For at deltage på listen, pladser tin web browser på: http://lists.fiskeryd.com/listinfo/alternative-cop og fyld blanketten ind. Deltag og send denne invitation ud til alle dine aktive venner og colleger. ————————————————————-

Hi brave Climate Sense people, In order to enhance the information between non-believers, this email list is being build up. At first thought of as a kind of general information email list, where we can inform each other providing good advice and tell about the things we can do to reduce the damages from COP15 through the success of Climate Sense 2009 on December 18th in Copenhagen. In order to participate on the list, point your web browser at: http://lists.fiskeryd.com/listinfo/alternative-cop and fill in the form. Join and send out this invitation to all your active friends and colleagues.

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