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Ilmastoskeptikon käsikirja -Hello Finland

The Skeptics Handbook continues to storm the world. (If I do say so myself). 🙂

Once again, there is no shortage of people who are willing to work pro bono to help fight the scam.

I’m told Finland has a very active community of climate realists. (And as it happens, over 1000 people from Finland have visited this distant site so far this calendar year without even a reference to Finland, or Finnish text before now).

There are plenty of Scandinavian skeptics all round and this translation adds to the already competed versions in Norwegian and Swedish.  (Where are the Danes?)

So send this version to all your Finnish friends and enemies! (Click on the image to download the booklet).

Thanks to Ilmastofoorumi ry (Climate Forum Finland) for organizing and checking the translation, including the layout and artwork. It’s been the smoothest translation so far.

Väistä loanheitto väittelyssä ilmaston lämpenemisestä. Tässä oppaassa esitellään strategia ja keinot, joiden avulla voit selvitä harhautuksista ja välttää ansat.

Finnish speakers can also send feedback to [email protected]

All the translations are here, or click on the translations tag to see the individual posts.

NEWS: I spoke at an Australian event this week that was so important you’ve probably never heard of it (I’ll explain some other time). Word is spreading! This time among CEO’s of major corporates, a few notable former central bankers, as well as current and former politicians. The annual weekend conference is run by the Centre for Independent Studies. I will be posting that speech soon. I’m travelling at the moment. Apologies for the time between new posts.

Still coming in the translations – Turkish, Dutch and Spanish.

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