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Has Israel found the cure for Covid?

Just another  anti-viral

There was a good but small  (tiny) study that came out of Israel three weeks ago about a drug called EXO-CD24. The professor in charge claims to have treated 30 out of 30 people who had moderate to severe cases and had near universal success. All, bar one, were able to leave hospital very quickly. CD24 is normally stuck on the outside of immune system cells. By getting EXO-CD in, apparently they can stop the cytokine storm.

Any day now, the mainstream media will let us know. The media may also mention that unlike vaccines the drug EXO-CD24 and according to Professor Nadir Arber, could be scaled up and mass produced within a few months and they could provide enough doses for the World.

Has Israel found the cure for Covid?

“To date, the preparation has been tried with great success on 30 severe patients, in 29 of whom the medical condition improved within two to three days and most of them were discharged home within three to five days. The 30th patient also recovered but after a longer time,” the hospital reports.

“The drug is based on exosomes, [vesicles] that are released from the cell membrane and used for intercellular communication. We enrich the exosomes with 24CD protein. This protein is expressed on the surface of the cell and has a known and important role in regulating the immune system,” explained Dr. Shiran Shapira, director of the laboratory of Prof. Nadir Arber, who has been researching the CD24 protein for over two decades.

“The preparation is given by inhalation, once a day, for only a few minutes, for five days,” Shapira said.

The media may also mention that unlike vaccines the drug EXO-CD24, can work in hours, not weeks. This is only a phase one trial (just proving it does not hurt the people it is given to). It may not survive Phase II and III. But if it does, will we see prime time daily reports of the  latest results. Or how about free advertising  to get people to enroll for trials,  with breathless excitement when a planeload arrives with another delivery?

Or is that just what happens with vaccines?

Welcome to the Age of Antivirals. If CD24 isn’t The One, there will be something else. If CD24 doesn’t work against Covid, it may help against many other viruses (or immune disorders). The researchers have a mechanism in mind. So this is not just a random drug from a test tube array, though now is not the time to talk about 95% cure rates.

Netanyahu is calling it a miracle drug.  Jair Bolsonaro is already seeking emergency use for this.  The Greek President is interested.

But Big Pharma don’t seem to be. Imagine a cheap reliable treatment was available that helped most people. Getting vaccines might not seem quite so important.

If some respectable countries start to achieve something very meaningful on national scales, will that be the day the Western Media and medical swamp have to admit we have all kinds of tools at our disposal. Not just vaccines.

h/t Charles.


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Herding the Democrat school of fish toward civil war

Hypothetically, if someone were trying to divide a nation this survey is Paydirt

It’s almost like a team is winding up the young and impressionable, stoking their fears. Republican Voters worry about policies, but Democratic voters are just scared of Republicans.

h/t David for the “school of fish”.

Look at the top four concerns:

Matt Margolis, PJ Media

According to Kristen Soltis Anderson, the cofounder of Echelon Insights, Democrat voters are more concerned about “Donald Trump’s supporters” than anything else.

Democrats survey, fear Trump supporters


Democrats are less concerned about policy issues than they are about people with whom they disagree politically. To them, Trump supporters are more dangerous than Islamic terrorists, a more pressing issue than gun violence, and even more important than issues that affect their various constituencies, like discrimination against LGBT Americans, sexism, student debt, alleged voter suppression, etc.

To these voters, Trump supporters are a bigger issue than all of those and more. Imagine being a store owner minding your own business and thinking that the Democrat voters around you think you are a bigger issue facing this country than anything else, even more than the issues that directly affect their own families.

Who runs the national conversation — the media, the tech giants. Who controls the fish? No one and everyone. They are just following the cues fed to them every day on TV and Facebook. Once the ripples of hate start, they are amplified by “Friends.”

Meanwhile the GOP worry about foreigners, taxes, and media bias

What don’t you see on the chart? “Joe Biden’s supporters.” And why not? Because Republican voters clearly care more about real issues. Democrats, on the other hand, are still obsessed with Donald Trump and the people who voted for him. They would rather whine about Trump than actually solve the problems facing this nation. That’s why Democrats went through not one, but two bogus impeachments.

Republicans' greatest fears. Survey.

Republican’s greatest concerns.

If someone were fomenting fear the last thing they’d want is a healthy national conversation.

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Weekend Unthreaded

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Vitamin B6 may reduce the cytokine storms of Covid

Maybe getting enough Vitamin B6 will reduce deaths

The main two things that kill people with Covid are blood clotting and an out-of-control inflammation known as a cytokine storm. A group of researchers noticed that both of these were things Vitamin B6 was known to reduce — blood clotting, and inflammation. In particular, there’s a molecule called Interleukin 6 which is a “masterplayer” signal in our immune system and — what do you know —  B6 reduces it. Mice that weren’t fed enough B6 got mouse pneumonia more than mice who were fed enough. B6 is anti-inflammatory, anti- and reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS).

The Big Black hole in medical research?

I hoped this paper was report on experiments with Covid patients, but the paper and press release is essentially a literature review of many pre-covid studies and a plea for research into whether vitamin B6 might help stop the deadly cytokine storm.

The bigger, global question they don’t ask, is why despite the millions (billions) going into vaccine design and drug research, hardly anyone is studying the cheap unprofitable and obvious questions? Perhaps we need some government funded research that’s not driven by profits… oh. wait.?  What happened to the idea that public funded University science could be a foil against profit hungry large corporations? Instead, it’s almost like they’ve jumped into bed with them.  It’s not a radical new idea that B6 could reduce lung infections. The mouse study, forgoodnesssake, was done in 1949. Potentially people may have been getting sicker than they needed to be for 70 years. That’s a crime.

A B6 tablet costs about 7 cents or practically nothing compared to $3000 a dose Remdesivir. 

Great comment, Mike Jonas:

The western world is being destroyed by a sickness – corruption. The coronavirus is bad, but it pales into insignificance beside corruption. The coronavirus can be combatted with a vaccine or with vitamins or with various cheap drugs (get a Budesonide inhaler prescription now, take as instructed as soon as you get a coronavirus symptom).

Corruption can be combatted with a free press or with genuine universities or with integrity in government, or even with open social media. We now have none of those defences.

The researchers make the case that a B6 deficiency is also associated with lots of the conditions which predispose people to severe covid-19

Vitamin B6 may help keep COVID-19’s cytokine storms at bay

by Chris Melore

Along with promoting healthy blood cell creation, study authors say there’s evidence vitamin B6 can also protect the body from chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Their report finds B6 can suppress inflammation, inflammatory proteins from the immune system, oxidative stress, and carbonyl stress.

“Coronaviruses and influenza are among the viruses that can cause lethal lung injuries and death from acute respiratory distress syndrome worldwide. Viral infections evoke a ‘cytokine storm,’ leading to lung capillary endothelial cell inflammation, neutrophil infiltration, and increased oxidative stress,” researchers explain.

Kumrungsee adds there are two serious symptoms which can lead to death in COVID-19 patients, thrombosis and the cytokine storm. This storm, or hyper inflammation, takes place when the patient’s own immune system goes into overdrive and attacks healthy cells. Thrombosis, or blood clotting, can block off capillaries and damages organs like the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Scientists say vitamin B6 is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting nutrient.

Vitamin B6 is involved in around 150 reactions in your body involving energy, fat, sugar, DNA, neurotransmitters — you get the idea. There are six different forms of B6 (things are never that simple in biochemistry). Best to look for the PLP form of B6, not the cheap multivitamin form “Pyridoxine”.

B6 may or may not help with Covid, but it’s an experiment worth doing. B6 seems to play a role in protection against diabetes and cancer and heart disease. It helps to regulate homocysteine levels. Even if it doesn’t help against Covid, it seems pretty handy.

Don’t remember your dreams? — if you don’t, try B6.

Best is to eat more, rather than just pop a pill, but people with gut inflammation, IBS, women on the pill, or long term cortiocosteriods, and alcoholics need more B6 than the other people. The richest foods in Vitamin B6 are Salmon and Tuna, meat, potatoes, spinach and bananas.

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News and tips Friday

Just trying to see if this is useful.

h/t Leo

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US Climate Czar turns the thumb-screws on Australia coal

And some people wondered why I paid any attention to the US election. Apart from being the biggest political story in my life, there is that effect that US leaders have even on the other side of the world.

It’s only been five weeks since the inauguration and our largest military ally is already leaning on Australia to get out of coal fired power. To put some perspective on the size of this favour — Coal is our largest single export commodity about half the time, and most years Australia is the largest single exporter of coal in the world. We export more than 400 million tons of coal per annum. We also keep some and use coal to generate more than half our electricity. Even burning through the blackstuff like that, we still have another 300 years of supply underground. It could be very profitable stuff for another twelve generations of Australians. Or not.

So our largest trading partner is launching a trade war and acting hostile, while our largest military ally is saying they want a big favour. How much room is there for Australia to manouver?

Meanwhile last year China built three times more coal power than the rest of the world. The super-factory of the world can’t be too disappointed if the patsy competition vows to try building silicon chips with solar power.

US and Australian voters may not want this, but President Xi applauds John Kerry. Who does he work for?

US Climate Envoy, John Kerry, calls for a faster exit from coal power

The Guardian

Joe Biden’s climate envoy, John Kerry, has publicly acknowledged “differences” between the United States and Australia in tackling the climate crisis while calling for a faster exit from coal-fired power.

Kerry’s comments highlighted the increased pressure on Australia to commit to do more before this year’s Glasgow climate conference even though the Morrison government maintains it is “playing its part”.

Kerry would say he is doing it for “the climate” but we all know, if that were true, he’d be leaning on China instead of helping it to gain more factories. It’s never about the actual emissions.

There might be a pattern here:

Just days after Joe Biden nominally won* the electoral college, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison had officially given up the battle to use the spare carbon credits that Australia earned long ago. The nation had met and exceeding the Kyoto agreement, but now the extra credits would be tossed away. Australia didn’t need them to reach the target, he said. But we could have used them, and scaled back on the headlong rush.

Within two weeks of Joe Biden being inaugurated as President* before any public leverage, the Australian PM Scott Morrison was already talking of his “hope to achieve net zero emissions by 2050”.

Sometimes US elections influence Australian policies more than Australian elections do.

Meanwhile, in an odd footnote, even as China has spurned Australian coal of late, John Kerry’s home nation was selling 500% more coal to China to fill the trading hole that was left. Though the US was not a big exporter of coal to start with, only sending  200,000 tons each quarter before the rush up to 1,000,000 tons in late 2020. (What is startling is how small the exports are from the US. They ramped up to 1Mt. We export 400MT each year.).

In the end, as Eric Worrall says, more coal will be burnt than ever under Joe Biden’s time as President*:

John Kerry disappointed Australia wants to keep exporting coal.  WUWT 

Far from cutting coal use, I strongly suspect the Biden administration will preside over the greatest surge in coal demand the world has ever seen.

China and Japan, for all their faults, are doing what the West refused to do – building thousands of new coal plants, helping Africa, Asia and South America to rapidly industrialise, helping them to raise their standards of living to Western levels. In a decade, the smoke of Australian, South African and South American coal will rise over new industrial heartlands in what today are some of the poorest places in the world.

Elections matter.

h/t GWPF


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Thursday Open Thread

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The Disinformation Campaign about Disinformation

Tucker: Left’s ‘disinformation’ campaign is destroying America

The world would be a better place if everyone saw segments like this. Not to convert them to a cause, but just to open their eyes to the gaslighting in the media.

We’re in an Information War and the first salvo is just to let people know there is a War and their news service is being weaponized against them.

Lighting the Rascism Fire helps bury “other stuff” in the smoke

How to stop discussion about corruption at the highest levels — yell “racist”

[Zack] Goldberg looked at every time the term “racism” was used in America’s largest newspapers and noticed a trend. There was a noticeable spike just after 2011, which not coincidentally was right around the time of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

When people are starting to talk about what Wall Street actually does in public, all at once journalists agree that the real problem with America is racism. America is not a place with a screwed-up economic system that rewards a tiny number of emotionally damaged grifters who possess otherwise useless skills applicable only to finance while everyone else gets poorer. That’s not a problem. No, America is instead a place where the rest of us must hate each other at all times because of our skin colors, which, by the way, cannot be changed.

That way, once we’re all yelling and aggrieved and angry about irresolvable race questions, once we’ve picked the wound until it won’t stop bleeding, we won’t have the time to ask even the most basic questions about economics — questions like “Why are all these billionaire hedge fund guys paying half the tax rate I am? Who precisely is getting rich from the Federal Reserve? Where’s all that money going?”

You don’t see a ton of stories about those questions in The New York Times. They’re too busy talking about race. It’s a pretty sophisticated operation. Vladimir Putin could never pull it off. He’d buy a few dopey ads on Facebook and call it a day.

No, it takes a sophisticated operator to take the central problem of American life, the agonizing death of our middle class, and cover it up with a smokescreen of manufactured race hatred. You’d really need to be, as CNN would put it, a “disinformation network” to pull that off.

It’s interesting that Carlson is going after the Fed Reserve. The mainstream media almost never does. Fiat currencies and unaccountable central bankers is where the corruption starts and is the river that feeds it. Fake money feeds a fake economy and eventually fake news.

As I said a decade ago: The money – you earn it, they print it. Welcome to the world of Corruption.

Tucker Carlson calls them on the “diversity” card

To paraphrase. Tuckers advice to the Woke Professional Class who make diversity a mantra: If you are serious about dismantling systems of power — why not start at the top. At the centres of power? The ideas of this revolution come from colleges. But what hasn’t changed at all are the rich kids that go to Ivy League institutions. The medium family income at Yale is $190,000.  So beginning immediately the top 50 colleges in the US should be reserved exclusively for the children of people who never went to college.  

The whole episode: Watch from 22:20

This revolution is the “Diversity Equity Inclusion” Unlike other revolutions this one is not for the Workers. This is a revolution designed to empower the already powerful.



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German experiment to make wind powered Silicon Chips fails

Surprising no one: lumpy expensive electricity does not make for a High Tech Paradise

It’s another example of how more green jobs means less real ones.  A German High Tech Chip maker driven to Singapore by renewable energy prices

Photo German wind turbines, Emben. Emden, Germany by Gritte

Emden, Germany by Gritte

To understand the scale of just how green Germany is, ponder that it has the third largest wind power fleet in the world, with around 30,000 turbines. In 2020, wind power generated more than a quarter of German electricity and solar power another 10%.  Despite all that *free* energy Germans pay some of the highest electricity prices in the world at 38c/KWh. Whereas Singaporeans use natural gas and pay 18c/KWh. Germans are famous for their high tech engineering, but now they can’t afford to manufacture it at home. Siltronic is moving, and along with that presumably goes some of the intellectual property, brains, and security that comes with having that production locally.

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Climate Propaganda burns out: neither hope nor doom works on audiences anymore

Hard to find some good news out there today. But here’s a bit:

People are immune to climate hopey gloom

Researchers tried to figure out whether to make their climate propaganda more scary or more uplifting but found instead that they might as well show 500 people “the history of smartphones”. (That was the control video). Nothing works anymore.

It was a complete wash. No new activists were made.

However, despite these emotional responses, neither [doom nor hope] video was associated with significant differences in climate change risk perceptions, likelihood of behavior change, or likelihood of climate activism. These null results suggest that the impacts of a single hope or fear appeal can be overstated…

After watching the online movies, nobody thought climate change was scarier, nobody want to change anything they did, and no one wanted to be climate activist either, unless they were already one to start with. After 30 years of propaganda, people have heard it all. Pounding them them with more isn’t going to work.

It didn’t matter which movie they saw. 

Climate communication. Research. Graph. Hope and Doom debate.

Neither doom, hope nor placebo did a thing.

The multi-billion dollar industry of climate propaganda was hoping to tweak their advertising and find the right point on the Dial of Fear. Instead they showed it’s all a waste of money. Just like research like this.

If they had shown something new, like, say, a skeptical video that the audience had never seen, that would have shifted perceptions, risks, and activism. (Remember when a one hour debate with Christopher Monckton shifted fully 9% of the audience?) 

There’s a lot of upside there to Red-Pill people with a story that many haven’t heard. Which is exactly why climate believers have to turn up the censorship screws. So get out there, share the message. 

This paper was submitted last April, but not accepted for eight months. It must have been hard to figure out how to spin those dismal results:

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