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Here’s real Misinformation: The average Australian thinks we make an astonishing 10% of global emissions

What are they on? About twenty years of government funded propaganda and guilt.

Most Australian voters don’t have a clue — half of the nation thinks we make 10% of global emissions when the truth is more like 1%.

Climate change might be the greatest moral challenge of our lifetimes but most Australians are in the dark about what the real numbers are. They probably assumed that if we were only making one-tiny-percent, the government, the ABC, or even the education system might have told them. After all, we’re spending $13 billion dollars a year. What exactly are public universities for if not for letting Australians know this kind of data?

Where was the Government? The conservatives in charge keep throwing away their own best arguments.  Almost like they want to hang on to a few wealthy seats while they miss the chance to ignite middle Australia.

But the ignorance is no accident. All the players — the politicians, the academics, the ABC, ANU, CSIRO, Schools, Universities, et al and all sundry, all profit from Big Government. They serve the government first, and not the people, and that’s the problem.

Liberals playing politics with pretence Australia can change global climate

Chris Kenny, The Australian 

A survey this week by Compass Polling tested what percentage of global emissions people thought could be directly attributed to Australia. Astonishingly, the average answer was 10 per cent – 10 times higher than the reality. Half of all respondents put the figure at 10 per cent or higher. More than 10 per cent of respondents said Australia contributed 20 per cent or more of global emissions. And a slightly lower proportion got it right at around 1 per cent.

This level of ignorance is reprehensible when you consider the media, political and educational fixation with climate change over the past two decades.

Yet few people call it out; the major parties, most of the media, and academe, all constrain the debate within absurd boundaries of make believe – they all pretend our climate policies matter.

Wait til Chris Kenny finds out that we make 1% of human emissions which are only 4% of total emissions, so that’s 0.04% or 4 parts in ten thousand of all the CO2 emissions on Earth. And that’s assuming CO2 emissions matter in the first place, which they probably don’t given how the effect of CO2 is dwarfed by the effect of water, and the tiny warming (such as it is) is beneficial in any case.


But he’s spot on with the money. The only electorates where climate change matters are the ones that can afford Gucci:

It is no accident that the most prominent voices in the climate change policy debate are millionaires and billionaires, nor is it surprising that they find the most receptive audiences for their prognostications in the wealthiest postcodes.

These are not people who have lost their jobs because of the expensive transition to renewable energy – well, except for Turnbull and Rudd. Rather than fall victim to closed factories or skyrocketing power prices, these people have added to their wealth thanks to the taxpayer-subsidised renewable energy boom.

Spender’s campaign posters promise a “better climate for Wentworth”. I guess this must be what you give the voters who have everything.

How many votes would Scott Morrison win if he pointed out it was a rich man’s fantasy to change the worlds weather and the poor punters were the ones who would pay?

When the rich campaign to tax flights and fuel they are just clearing out some riff raff from the roads and airports, and lining their own pockets with government funded gravy.

Here’s a graphic that’s hard to find

Australia circled in red. New Zealand too (below Australia). Most graphs are done per capita, for obvious reasons, not per country. And of course the best graphic doesn’t exist. I want the one that shows all these countries next to “plants”, “oceans”, “animals” and “microbes”.

CO2 emissions country by country, graph.

If CO2 mattered at all, there are only a few players that count.

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Weekend Unthreaded

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The Misinformation Age with Bill Maher

Stick with this — step over the cheap shots at Trump and predictable hits on conservatives — Bill Maher is doing a cracker job on a soft left audience. He’s packaged up a dose of medicine about how important free speech is. His is a rare voice on the left pointing out the hypocrisy and stupidity of censorship.

“Keeping you safe and sorting out the lies is your job” (not Twitters)

We always focus on the producers and never the consumers, as if we’re all helpless dumb blondes ready to believe everything…

People lie, that’s what people do. Every age is the misinformation age, and whenever a new means of communication comes along some reach for the censor button. In 1858 the New York Times thought we couldn’t handle the Transatlantic Telegraph. “It was superficial and too fast for the Truth”…

He also tosses a cold bucket or two on the lefty willingness to believe the Covid stats, and effectively calls all the censors “assholes”.

 In America you have the right to say what you think, to be wrong, and to be an asshole. 

And if you think you know everything and no one else could possibly have another truth you should be glad of that protection — because you’re an asshole.

There are things to learn here.

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Do 100 million lives Matter? De Santis announces a Victims of Communism Day

Ron DeSantis announces that November 7th will be a day to honor the Victims of Communism

A true leader:

“I notice, that people who escape communism for free societies never choose to go back…”

“There are probably more Marxists on college faculties in the United States than there are in all of Eastern Europe combined.”

“The body-count of Mao is something that everybody needs to understand.”

The key parts are from 2:30 – 5:00.


Students will learn what Marxism does:

Beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year, high school students enrolled in US government courses will get at least 45 minutes of instruction each November 7 describing how “victims suffered under these regimes through poverty, starvation, migration, systemic lethal violence, and suppression of speech.”  – New York Post:

The legislation means students will learn about Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot

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Thursday Open Thread

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Fever-priced in South Australia today: Ten hours forecast above $10,000 a megawatt…

Market traders will be sweating. Today in the green-star renewable state of South Australia there won’t be much wind blowing, they’re weeks away from the lowest solar insolation of the year, and the extension cord to the coal plants in Victoria is limited for some reason.

This below is the remarkable AEMO prediction for South Australian for wholesale electricity today.  Note the scale on the left hand side. The flat tops on the price peaks mark the cap at $15,000 per megawatt hour. The sheer width of those spike predictions is awesome — potentially nearly ten hours of the day above $10,000. Demand is only 1,500 – 1,800MW but that’s still a bill of $15 million dollars an hour for a small state.

SA Predictions for May 12th, prices, demand, South Australia. AEMO.

Note the size of those peaks…

The first peak is forecast from 6.30-10am, and the second batch pretty much stretch from 6pm to midnight. Wow.

The AEMO is handing out LOR (Lack of Reserve) notices. Watch the Market Notices here.  Watch prices here.  For those so inclined.

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Wow. Wow. Wow. Watch JetSuit Mountaineering — 2,200 foot climb in 3 minutes

Everyone is going to want one of these. And he’d only six lessons!

Record Jet Suit Mountain Ascent

From the Youtube:

We proved you can scale a Lake District Mountain (3100ft Helveylln) in 3mins 30 seconds, despite very poor visibility that would have grounded a HEMS Helicopter. The Mountain Rescue foot response is over 70 minutes typically. The route was 1.2 miles and 2200ft of height gain.

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India going gangbusters on coal — tosses green rules, and wants to reopen 100 old mines

China has already announced it will dig up another 300m tons of coal next year, and now India is planning to boost its own production by 500m extra tons in the next two years.

Coal mine in Dhanbad, India.

Coal mine in Dhanbad, India.    | Flikr

Amazing what a strong market signal can do

India increasing domestic coal production, cuts environmental green tape

India needs a billion tons of coal a year, and digs up about 770 million tons. Suddenly the plan is to increase that to 1.2 billion tons “in the next two years” and if that means opening 100 old mines and throwing away the green tape, so be it.


Soaring temperatures have prompted higher energy demand in recent weeks and left India facing a 25-million-tonne shortfall…

The government hopes to woo private mining giants—like Vedanta and Adani—to revive more than 100 dormant previously deemed too expensive to operate, using new technology and fresh capital.  …the Environment Ministry said it has allowed a “special dispensation” to the Ministry of Coal to relax certain requirements—like public consultations—so mines could operate at increased capacities. Coal mining projects previously cleared to operate at 40-percent capacity may now increase capacity to 50 percent without undertaking fresh environment impact studies, the authority said.

At least 18 coal plants are not even operating because they can’t get enough coal

Benjamin Parkin and Chloe Cornish, Financial Times

About two-thirds of 21,500 people recently surveyed by pollster LocalCircles reported they had suffered power outages. One in 10 said the blackouts lasted between four to eight hours.

India is the world’s second-largest coal producer and consumer and depends on the fossil fuel for about 70 per cent of power generation. But the combination of surging demand as economic activity rebounds after Covid restrictions were eased and supply chain bottlenecks, such as a lack of rail cars to transport coal, have left many plants plagued by shortages.

US coal output forecast to rise by 3% this year. But that’s only a 20m ton increase.  Small bicci’s. But it’s all going in the same direction.

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The Guardian wins Voodoo Bingo — little Ice Age caused by Volcanoes, White men and CO2

The Wheels Slowly Turn on the Shifting Sands of The Narrative

Voodoo doll

After years of saying the Little Ice Age was just a European, or Northern Hemisphere event, now apparently it was more global. It’s just that it was caused by volcanoes and white guys.

Climate crisis: what lessons can we learn from the last great cooling-off period?

Michael Marshall, The Guardian

The ‘little ice age’ of the 14th to the 19th centuries brought cold winters to Europe and unusual weather globally. Studying how humans adapted could be valuable.

The story isn’t entirely settled, but researchers are increasingly confident about the initial trigger: volcanoes.

“You have these eruptions that are happening in clusters,” says Degroot. A 2015 study used data from ice cores to identify 25 major eruptions from the past 2,500 years. Between 1200 and 1400, there were huge eruptions of the Samalas volcano in Indonesia, Quilotoa in Ecuador and El Chichón in Mexico.

But the volcanoes reasoning is a bit hand-wavy and vague, so Michael Marshall knows he needs other reasons. He considers the sun as a ball-of-pure-light for a few paragraphs, ignoring that it might have a magnetic field 12,000 times bigger than Earths, or a solar wind that buffets Earth at a million miles an hour. Thus, on the basis of ignoring most solar physics, he rules it out as a big contender. Which leaves him free to fill in the gaps in his theory with the two most fashionable Voodoo dolls of  Postmodern Witchcraft — White Men and CO2.

… this cold spell was caused by humanity – in a truly horrible way.

The great dying

Columbus Discovers the New WorldIn 1492, Christopher Columbus reached the Americas. Over the following decades, Europeans began colonising them. In the process, they fought with Indigenous Americans, often killing them. But even more lethally, they brought diseases. One of the worst was smallpox, which killed millions.

As well as being a genocide and a tragedy, this may have had an impact on the climate. Many Indigenous Americans were farmers who had cleared forests for their crops and when they died the trees grew back, drawing carbon dioxide out of the air and cooling the planet.

So White men killed the nice native farmers, and that meant the forests grew back, which was terrible, by the way, and the naughty trees ate up all the CO2 from the Sky-Princess, and thus the world mostly, sorta got cooler. See how this works?

Not that I’m mocking the devastating effect of smallpox, just the cult-like unfalsifiability of the Climate Religion. All roads lead to white men and CO2.

And of course, like all ideological fantasies, it raises more questions than it solves: if forests are that dangerous, should we be replanting them hither thither? What if we get carried away with the carbon credit schemes and trigger another ice age? And doesn’t this destroy the whole HockeyStick Graph? How can there be both a global little ice caused by volcanoes and then by Christopher Columbus AND also a flat line for the last thousand years of history?  Besides, doesn’t extra CO2 cause the ice caps to melt which slide off the polar crustal plates,  leading to more volcanoes?

But of course, the shifting narrative has its own uses. Should the world cool now, instead of warm, volcanoes make a handy back door escape route. The climate models will never be wrong — it’s just bad luck. Someone will get a good grant and find volcanoes got bigger, or more clustered, or spewed different particulates, or in different jet streams.

Still not wrong:

The “hockey stick” graph as published in IPCC TAR (Figure 2-20, 2001)

The “hockey stick” graph as published in IPCC TAR (Figure 2-20, 2001)

Coming soon: how the Medieval Warm Period was caused by the Russians.

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