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Stop the Environment

More evidence of the backlash against the dominant Green-memes. (There’s a rich field of possibilities there for the taking.) Funny or Die do a pretty good job. UPDATE:  hilariously I hear, these are “warmer” personalities, thanks Bananabender and Curt, but if they thought they were poking fun at skeptics, it only shows how badly this has backfired. (The warmer-team are the ones who not only suggest we can control the climate, and they’re already asking us to pay up now for the service.)

"Stop the Environment", Funny or Die video snapshot.

“Stop the Environment

Warning: Coarse language. (They’re saying, “F U,” to Mother Nature) This is a Funny Or Die creation by Thomas Lennon, Ben Garant, Ed Asner and Mindy Sterling.

Copy 1. 🙂

As a back-up copy (with a small Ad at the start.)

I’ve done two lots of “embedding” code that may or may not work for you, but if you can’t see it here, you can always visit their site. 🙂

“Mother Earth has been hitting us pretty hard lately.”

“I don’t know if you’ve checked the scoreboard lately, but the environment has been kicking the s–t out of us. Haven’t we had enough?”

“Climate change is real, and we’re causing it, and you know what?


“Our cars have climate control, our homes, our casino’s, but our world doesn’t.

That’s not right…”

It’s time, to stop the environment, before it stops us…


Don’t take anything about this seriously. It would have been even funnier if it was chopped slightly, and with less repetition of the f– word. But it’s got gusto, creativity, slick timing and is very very pointed.

UPDATE: OK. Maybe it wasn’t “pointed” but rather a spray in the dark by people who don’t realize why some of it is so funny. (If so, that explains a few of the flat spots which I would have edited out.)

Hat tip: owed to a sharp soul. Please email me again! Sorry…

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55 comments to Stop the Environment

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    Jeez, that was good!



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    Grumpy Old Man

    Oh, Jo! Coarse, not course.


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    The primary fallacy in this video and by the environment movement is that “the environment” is the earth minus man. By definition man is excluded from what passes for their thinking.

    Man is part of nature and it is his nature to adapt his environment to meet HIS requirements. Exactly the same as any other living thing. The only difference is that we can choose what, why, how, where, and when we do it. The rest of the creatures cannot. They have to take what they find and live or die with it. We don’t. We use reason and that gives us choice and a chance.

    The ONLY environment that counts is that which is conducive to the life and happiness of man or that which can be modified by man to be so. All other environments will simply have to save themselves or go down the drain. This is exactly the implied perspective of ALL other living creatures however they don’t know it.

    But…but…but…. No buts.

    The environment wackes should lead by example and stop using the environment for anything. I would welcome such an act on their part. It would take them only a few minutes to become and inert part of the environment. They would become no more significant than a rotting stump. I can even suggest several methods that would be quite recyclable for them to achieve that state.

    I, for one, am NOT going to degrade my environment or my use of it to make it less suitable for me just to make it better for some worm, cockroach, snail, or some such low life to live. I especially won’t just to make some environment wacky feel better.


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    Frustration is understandable, but course language distracts from the message.

    World leaders and consensus scientists have tried to tell us since 1971 that they can control the environment, but it turns out every atom in them and the energy that powers their lives came from the core of that violently unstable object in the sky that they pretended to be a steady heat source [“Neutron Repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal, in press, 19 pages (2011)]:

    Here’s a video summary of deception in government-funded science since former President Eisenhower warned of this danger in his farewell address:

    1. Science vs. Propaganda

    2. Origin of the Solar System (1975)

    3. The Iron Sun (1983)

    4. Neutron Repulsion

    5. Global Warming Scam (2011)

    The story is also summarized in “The Bilderberg Sun, Climategate and Economic Crisis”

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


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    David, UK

    Wasn’t that Native American guy in Northern Exposure… or was it Due South… or something about twenty-odd years ago?

    Anyhoo, I wasn’t all that impressed by this. Are you saying this is a backlash against the enviros? You could just as easily see it as a sarcastic piss-take of “denialismists.” It did make me laugh a few times though. As an aside Jo, I do think also that warnings about ‘F-words’ (and spelling “shit” as “s-t”) is a bit unnecessary on a blog that caters to intelligent adults. I’m pretty sure we’re all big enough here to take such language, especially in a comedic context. But thanks for sharing this with us.


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    I agree with you, man and the environment need to operate together, or one will wipe out the other…

    I suggest you have a look at Carbon Tax Environmental Train Wreck on how we should approach the environment long term.


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    Watch this video if you really want to know what is going on in this world.
    Warning: It is long and frightening.


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    As funny as that video was, especially the Native American gentleman’s contribution, I’m not sure it doesn’t reinforce the commonly held idea that climate change skeptics are disinterested or even hostile to the environment, which is a total misrepresentation of our intentions. I am as concerned for the environment we live in as any green eco-zealot, but I resent dodgy science being used to justify government strangling progress which would necessarily generate a cleaner and more eco-friendly future. I believe environmentalists have less concern for the environment itself than they pretend quite frankly. Theirs is a political belief system with the environment as justification for socialist ideology.


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    Woooot! The Convoy of No Confidence gets it’s first write up that I know of:

    Let’s see how this goes in the other media. What’s the betting the ABC tries to make a mockery of it?


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    turned on ABC yesterday afternoon to watch “Nature’s Great Events” about the annual flooding of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. ABC is so toxic these days, i purposely turned on at 2.01pm, hoping the documentary had already begun and i wouldn’t have to watch even a minute of disowned-Auntie’s propaganda. sadly, a promo came on for this week’s Q & A, which had Noni Hazlehurst saying precisely: “I think Australians are heartily sick of Tony Abbott’s case of the terrible twos where he just says no to everything”. here’s the context of that quote:

    8 Aug: ABC: Q & A: GFC, Refugees and Morality
    TONY JONES: Is that going to have an effect on – to go to the question, is that going to have an effect on the Labor government’s popularity here?
    NONI HAZLEHURST: Well, I certainly think if the Government is continually talked down and if the government successes are not made more of, you know, I can’t imagine why the derisory election campaign that they waged at the last election – why that happened. They need to talk more about their successes. And, you know, I’ve had a lot to do with 2 year olds and I think Australians are heartily sick of Tony Abbott’s case of the terrible twos where he just says no to everything.

    here’s Murdoch’s Herald Sun with the same meme:

    14 Aug: Herald Sun Editorial: Over to you, Mr Abbott
    IF THE signals coming out of the federal Opposition last week are to be believed, Tony Abbott remains committed to fighting the 2013 election on the carbon tax.
    IF THE signals coming out of the federal Opposition last week are to be believed, Tony Abbott remains committed to fighting the 2013 election on the carbon tax.
    And despite her historically low opinion poll rating, Prime Minister Julia Gillard may well be rubbing her hands in anticipation of the Opposition Leader building his campaign around an anti-carbon tax message…
    Ms Gillard appears to be pinning much of her hope on the clear parallels between the GST and carbon tax debates.
    In other words, Australians may not like her new impost, but once they get used to living under it they will not engage in Mr Abbott’s rear-view mirror politics.
    Labor insiders have dubbed this approach “strategic patience”.
    Taking advantage of Mr Abbott’s overseas holiday, Labor has broadened the policy debate, focusing on aged care and a disability insurance scheme. In doing so, they highlighted the weaknesses in Mr Abbott’s negative strategy.
    The time is ripe for Australia to hear not just what the Opposition Leader is opposed to, but what he stands for.

    and today, despite the fact Gillard’s disapproval rate is 57%, despite the fact 56% are still opposed to the carbon tax, we get these headlines for the Nielsen Poll, even tho all articles admit the Coalition would win in a landslide. go figure:

    SMH: Julia Gillard shines in Labor gloom
    ABC: Gillard claws back ground in latest poll
    Ninemsn: Labor narrows lead in Nielsen poll

    as i’ve stated previously, i’ve never voted for the Coalition in my life and, given their refusal to inform the public that so many of the CAGW icons have fallen by the wayside – the Hockey Stick, the claim the Himalayan glaciers will disappear by 2035, the polar bear extinction myth, the temperatures not rising as predicted, the lack of consensus among scientists etc – i will continue with voting Informal.

    however, i am disgusted by the MSM pretending CAGW science is still settled despite the scandals, and advocating for the commodification of carbon dioxide, against the wishes of the public, especially where media is taxpayer-funded. as for Noni Hazlehurst, whose name is associated with the EDUCATION OF CHILDREN, words fail me. the subversion of the scientific method for the sake of partisan politics, is simply unforgivable.


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    more lies exposed:

    15 Aug: Australian: Chris Kenny: Greg Combet caught out on carbon
    THE Gillard government’s claims that Australia lags behind China in the effective price on carbon have been discredited by its Climate Change Department.
    The revelations, in documents obtained through a Freedom of Information application, show that rather than trailing China’s implicit carbon price by more than $12 per tonne, Australia’s effective price could already be higher.
    This undermines the government’s argument for Australia to introduce a carbon tax now at an additional cost of $23 per tonne.
    The documents, obtained by the Institute of Public Affairs, show the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency warned that a crucial draft report on comparative implicit carbon prices overestimated China’s figure more than sixfold.
    Despite that warning, the higher figure remained in the report and has been quoted by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet…

    Director of “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, Martin Durkin, has his own take on the refusal of the alarmists to admit defeat. surely by now Channel 4 should have commissioned Durkin to make a followup:

    9 Aug: Martin Durkin: The Secret of Global Warming – Posh Anti-Capitalism


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    Amr Marzouk

    Perfect way to start the morning.


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    When (small L) liberal Democrats are persuaded to appear in something like this, it offers an insight into how the thinking is going, especially in places like the U.S. where this video obviously originated.
    Ed Asner is the man in question here.
    Long a Democratic Socialist, it’s strange to see him appearing in something like this.
    Still, it’s just good to see him in anything these days.
    He’s a genuinely funny guy.


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    Darn it folks. Got me totally on the wrong foot at first. The level of cussing had me convinced that this was an Al Gore tribe telling us like they saw it.
    After all it was that level of dirty-mouthed, patronisation that made me and many others question the consensus.
    No surprise there but there it was!!!!
    I just wish we didn’t have to descend to their level to make our message heard but, sadly, the outcome of this war does need us to fight to win.


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    It’s funny to see the comments on the Convoy of No Confidence story at The Australian. They are already up to 118 responses after only a couple of hours. It seems the PC Brigade is out in force as well, insulting the convoy participants by calling them fat and stupid. They don’t seem to like it when the silent majority starts to flex their muscle.


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    It’s long overdue for the silent majority to flex their muscle.
    Thankfully we still have that privilege in Australia.
    They, being our bureaucracies and opinion makers and high profile pseudo experts, really don’t like it when they get asked difficult questions.
    Instead of giving simple truthful answers they decided to try and silence the growing number of annoying questioners by supplying classic, meaningless, bureaucratic double speak.
    When that didn’t work they went for plan B which was classic bureaucratic buck passing.
    When that didn’t work they went for high profile P R and advertising (propaganda).
    In that manouevre they have systematically hijacked and destroyed the credibility of genuine scientists and researchers.
    And the silent majority S T I L L won’t stay silent
    Now they’re just being straight out rude and sarcastic. Looking down their oh so intellectually superior noses at the great unwashed.
    Still not working 🙂


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    Debbie @19
    Thats why it is really important that the Convoy be as peaceful yet as visible as possible. I’m very worried that Get Up and their ilk will try to inflame these good people, and as a result the message of common sense will be lost in painting those involved as reactionary rednecks. The only reactionarys should be seen to be the enviro-nuts, who have lost all sense of proportion and who are endangering the livelihoods of decent hard working Australians. Thus, it is very important that the participants remain at all times decent (even when provoked- which I fear they will), firm but controlled in their actions, and speaking plainly with down to earth language to persuade the uncommitted. Hopefully, they will recognise that your only purpose is to bring wider media attention to the iniquities and insidiousness of these stealth taxes, and the negative effects of a government who is not listening to the concerns of its people.


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    What the convoy should do is converge on the RBA building there in the centre of Canberra, everyone with a $100 dollar note & demand redemption.

    That would set the cat amongst the pigeons! It won’t happen though.

    The suits in the RBA building will laugh at the plebs going past in their convoy (since they will have a good view) as they monetise yet another $100 million of government debt, leaving the government & its banking ‘clients’ free to dream up some other scam.


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    I needed that.


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    I wish the Convoy success but most of all a safe trip.

    Give Juliar one essage for me please.

    Say YES to an election now !!


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    Have to say it’s just not funny. Clumsy leftist irony, reminiscent of that face-pulling hipster Jon Stewart, who cackles at his own lame cracks – in advance.

    Ed Asner has said that Stalin was “hugely misunderstood”. Now THAT is funny.


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    This is OT i know but this post is for TonyOz

    This is what happens when we let moronic independants run the country.


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    Another OT for Tony, this is something we already knew of course but it does reinforce what Tony has been saying for awhile now. This link looks at all the windmills in Texas and how useless they are.


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    crakar at comment 24,
    I read that.
    In fact, just got up from the floor with a sore head from laughing so much.
    I’m so glad Tony Windsor wants us to move in this direction.
    This is the plant where they made great headlines saying they produced power for the full 24 hours.
    They did that once,
    Even the plant’s own site claims that it ‘may’ be able to generate it’s power at a 62% Capacity Factor, which is a tad under 15 hours a day, and where it says that word ‘may’, that is at the theoretical best case scenario, because plants of similar nature are barely managing 50%, 12 hours a day, which isn’t even much longer than actual daylight.
    As the article says, you can construct the requisite 100 of these plants to equal the power output of Hazelwood in this case, and still only be getting power for 12 to 15 hours a day.
    All for only $310 Billion.
    I can see Bob and Christine salivating now, impatient to rush to the ‘chooks’ with this bold new plan.
    Man, I’m still cackin’ myself.
    With the above video, that makes two huge laughs in the one day.
    I’m on top here.


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    keith @ 9:

    I fear I failed to communicate clearly.

    Man by his basic nature MUST adapt the environment to meet HIS requirements and not the other way around. Further, he need not and must not degrade the quality of the environment he as adapted to his purpose just to save some so called endangered specie or to make some environmentalist psycho feel better. The endangered specie AND the environmentalist psycho can go bleep themselves if they don’t like it.

    To the extent that we can’t adapt the environment to our needs, we simply need to stay out of the way until we do learn how to do it. After which, we should and must do it. Again, to hell with an endangered specie and every environmentalist psycho who has lived, is alive, or will live.

    Man has a right to exist and must do so according to his nature. If the other creatures fit in with this program fine. Otherwise, they are best eliminated or transported to a location that is out of the way. Bugs, birds, bees, trees, dirt and the like don’t have rights so we can do with them and to them whatever is in OUR best interest.

    Now do you understand my meaning?


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    Note also at that same Concentrating Solar plant how they proudly quote that this plant can provide electricity for 25,000 homes.
    Using that same incorrect maths extrapolation, Hazelwood can supply enough power for, and wait for this, 1.1 Million homes.
    ‘Nuff said!


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    re tony windsor spruiking today about solar and the Moree solar farm. do the young alarmists understand Moree is a project of that wicked oil company, BP? (sarc)

    9 Aug: EcoGeneration: Further funding for Moree Solar Farm
    The Moree Solar Farm, winner of the Solar Flagships photovoltaic program, has received a further $66.5 million in funding for research and development from the Federal Government’s Education Investment Fund.
    The $925 million project, led by BP Solar, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures and Pacific Hydro, will see the development of a 150 megawatt photovoltaic power plant in outer Moree, New South Wales. The additional funding provided via the Education Investment Fund will facilitate research, to be carried out by the CSIRO and the University of New South Wales (UNSW), into the commercial integration of large-scale solar projects…
    BP Solar, the Platinum sponsor of EcoGen 2011, will be discussing their Solar Flagships winning project at EcoGen 2011.

    check out who is attending, keynote speakers, etc:

    EcoGen 2011: 5-7 Sept, Brisbane Convention Centre

    Wikipedia: BP Solar
    BP has been involved in solar power since 1973 and its subsidiary, BP Solar, is a solar power company with production facilities in India and the People’s Republic of China, employing a workforce of over 2,000 people worldwide. BP Solar is worldwide manufacturer and installer of photovoltaic solar cells for electricity. Headquarters for BP Solar are located in Madrid, Spain…
    BP Solar formerly maintained a manufacturing facility in the United States in Frederick, MD. The plant opened as an independent solar power company, Solarex, in the 1970s. Solarex was taken over by Amoco/Enron in 1983 and later became a part of BP…
    Despite a recent expansion project, BP Solar ceased manufacturing operations in Frederick in March 2010, citing changing market conditions…
    The BP Solar building has an integrated 200kW (peak) solar grid. It was built to be a ‘solar breeder,’ a facility that would produce solar cells using solar power. However, as the building’s array aged, the grid was disconnected. Since the 1990s the main array does not produce any usable electricity, however electricity is generated by several new arrays located on a new casting build, as well as several other recent additions.

    as for Pacific Hydro’s Chairman Garry Weaven:

    Weaven “is the founder of Industry Funds Management. His involvement with the superannuation and funds management Industry follows a successful career in the union movement which culminated in being elected Assistant Secretary of the ACTU in 1986. Mr Weaven is a Director of VicUrban, Industry Super Holdings and Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd. He is also a member of Infrastructure Australia.”


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    Thank you, Tony. To summarise:

    On the one hand, 1,100,000 homes, round the clock?

    One the other hand, 25,000 homes for 12 hours?

    And the life of a solar plant would be much shorter than Hazelwood’s?

    Cost is phenomenal?

    And we keep burning coal and gas anyway?

    Yes, I can see why Julia and Bob would love the idea. The problem is how to persuade all those Convoy types that this is a “beautiful set of numbers”, to use some GetUp-speak.


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    15 Aug: Daily Mail: Kirsty Walker: The ‘green tax con’ that is costing families £500 as finances are under strain
    In a hard-hitting book called Let them eat carbon, Matthew Sinclair argues that environmental levies are excessive compared with the harms they are meant to address.
    The director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance found that after road levies (£9.2billion) and Air Passenger Duty (£2.1billion) are taken out of the equation, total domestic green taxes were £30billion last year.
    Yet according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the social cost of greenhouse emissions was £16.9billion.
    This means that around £13billion in excess green levies were levied on taxpayers – the equivalent of £500 a family…
    He (Sinclair) claimed that much of the money raised in green taxes goes straight into the pockets of a ‘bewildering range of special interests’ and warned climate change had become ‘big business’…
    ‘Unfortunately, there is precious little evidence that the various schemes and targets that make up climate change policy are actually an efficient way of cutting emissions
    ‘They don’t represent good value and the public are right to be sceptical.’…
    Motorists have been hit with a record £27billion in fuel duties over the past year. A petition calling for the tax to be frozen is among the most popular on a new Government website.


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    mosomoso at comment 31
    Not exactly correct, but close.
    The use of this ‘homes supplied’ artifice is a trick they play to make the plant look like it’s actually doing something on the large scale.
    What they do is calculate the maximum theoretical power that the plant might be able to generate over a full year, expressed in MWH, GWH, or TWH.
    They know how much the average household uses each year, around 11,000KWH, and they divide that into the total hoped for power the plant can produce, giving them ‘X’ number of homes, and then round that up to next multiple of a thousand.
    The plant is never connected directly to those 25,000 homes, as the plant is connected to the grid only. The grid supplies power to, on average, the Residential sector (38%) the Commerce Sector (37%) and the Industrial Sector (24%).
    Tell me, what sounds better?
    1. This wonderful plant will be supplying its boutique level small amounts of power for only around 15 hours a day at the best.
    2. This plant supplies the power demands for 25,000 homes.
    Both statements mean exactly the same thing.
    That’s why when I compared it to Hazelwood, I mentioned ‘incorrect maths extrapolation’.


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    At the 2.57 mark of the Video, it places a whole new ‘spin’ on ‘Eddie’s’ 1972 Election campaign theme.


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    The other great irony in all this is somewhat highlighted in this video (which did make me laugh even though I’m not a great fan of this type of humour).
    We have organisations like ‘Getup’ loudly claimning that they are the last line of defense for ‘Mother Nature’.
    There they rally in the middle of our highly urbanised cities claiming that everyone else who doesn’t live in urban areas must do as they say.
    We must, because we must defend ‘mother nature’ against the evils of human civilzation.
    I don’t know about anyone else but isn’t ‘Mother Nature’ the same entity who has recently whalloped Australia with a crippling drought and then immediately followed that up with devastating floods? Wasn’t it ‘Mother Nature’ that also delivered Yasi to our Sunshine State?
    I also think she had a lot to do with those recent volcanoes and that absolutely devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan.
    Poor old NZ has also copped a couple of earthquakes and this list goes on and on and on and on.
    Are you kidding Getup et al????
    I think we actually need to defend ourselves against Mother Nature don’t we?
    I don’t think she is interested in being their friend or under their ‘protection’ any more than anyone else.
    I actually don’t see any evidence that she cares about us at all.
    I also think it’s incredibly ironic that our first ‘Green’ representative in the lower house comes from Melbourne CBD.
    No offense to any of you city folk when I say this…..but to a large extent in urban areas you have got control of your general environment.
    That’s of course if Mother Nature doesn’t decide to hit you with some of her extreme arsenal 🙂
    I think Lionel’s basic point is correct.
    The most natural occupation of human kind since the cave man days has been to alter and enhance the environment.
    We don’t always get that right, but in the big picture we have protected ourselves from the extremes of nature. And quite regularly we have enhanced and improved large areas of the environment to make it more habitable for all species….not just us.
    Why are we now being made to feel guilty for that?


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    TonyOz in 27,

    Ah it all makes sense now, it appears we dont need power 247 anymore.


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    incoherent rambler


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    incoherent rambler


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    Thanks for that link Crakar.

    To the The Ministerial Council on Energy. You have a creepy name.

    To the Australian Energy Market Commission. You don’t sound creepy, but you are creepy. John Pierce of the Australian Energy Market Commission, you have creepy thoughts.

    Brown, Milne and Rhiannon, your appearance and manner are utterly creepy.

    Creepy people, go away. Go far away.



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    Crakar at comment 36
    What I would like to make you all aware of is this clever ploy at making homeowners feel guilty about the electrical power that they consume.
    As I mentioned above, electrical power is consumed in 3 sectors, Residential (38%) Commerce (37%) and Industry (24%)
    What does it starkly highlight that where these, er, smart meters, will be going is to households, the Residential sector.
    They are erroneously referred to as ‘Smart Meters’, again clever diversionary tactics to disguise the real intent, that mentioned ability to isolate power for high use items to swathes of RESIDENCES around those Peaking Power periods.
    I know I’ve referred you to this simple looking diagram often, and I’ll keep on doing it.
    This shows actual power consumption. The horizontal axis is hours in the day, and the vertical axis is percentage of total power consumed. The black line across the middle is at around 60 to 65%, and notice that all that Power below that line is required absolutely, 24/7/365.
    Note the Summer bulge (orange line) and especially notice the two Winter bulges (blue line) both around Brekky and in the afternoon and into the night, those times of greatest residential consumption, and THAT is Peaking Power, the extra required on top of Base Load, which is everything below the solid line across the page.
    Now refer back to the article on Smart Meters, where they want to isolate cooling in Summer, and heating in Winter to the RESIDENTIAL sector.
    This has nothing whatsoever to do with guilt about electrical power consumption in that Residential sector.
    It has everything to do with only ONE THING.
    The slackness of consecutive State Governments (in every State, and of all political persuasions) over the decades to construct new large scale power plants to cater for the increase in demand over those decades, not because people are consuming more electricity, but because, as population increases, that increase DEMANDS a greater supply of electricity for all of those people, for where they live, (Residential sector) where they shop (Commerce) and where they work, (Commerce and Industry)
    Now, it’s political poison to construct any new power plant, unless it’s a useless renewable at enormous cost for pi$$ant amounts of power on a limited time basis.
    Do you ever hear of them planning to install ‘Smart Meters’ in work places, in shopping malls, in every high rise in every city?
    It’s only in residences.
    Look again at the most deceptively simple and roundly misconstrued diagram again.
    Once you know what it means, you should all be scared.
    Be very scared.
    Guilt will be heaped on you until you feel guilty to turn on the heater when it’s near Zero degrees, or turn on a ceiling fan or aircon unit when it’s over 35, and then when YOU turn it on, THEY’LL turn it off. Tut tut tut! and wag their collective finger at you for being so blase about comfort.
    Don’t feel guilty.
    It’s not our fault, and that’s not just me whinging.


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  • #
    Damian Allen


    Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The amazing thing is that it really does work and will make you smile.

    1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.
    2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.

    3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

    4. No one knows your secret place.

    5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

    6. The soothing sound of a gentle water fall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

    7. The water is so clear that you can easily make out the faces of Julia Gillard & Bob Brown…………………… the two people you are holding underwater.

    There!! See? It really does work. You’re smiling already. Feel free to forward this if you know others who might benefit from this technique.


  • #

    David, UK:
    August 15th, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Anyhoo, I wasn’t all that impressed by this. Are you saying this is a backlash against the enviros? You could just as easily see it as a sarcastic piss-take of “denialismists.”

    It is 100% taking the piss out of “denialists”. The particicpants are all well known for their hard left politics.


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  • #
    will gray

    Most of my facebook freinds are greenies with there head in the sand this was posted today interesting-
    Anyone care to comment.
    See yo-all in canberra tomorrow.


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    Hah, that’s hilarious!! What’s even funnier is that the dopey cretins on this toxic sludge site aren’t even smart enough to realise they are having the piss taken out of them! Well done Nova, you clown!

    [And thanks Penelope-whoever-you-are… looks like the jokes on you! What kind of satire does the target find funnier than the shooter? A major miss…. 🙂 Thanks for your eloquence. JN]


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    Joe Lalonde


    Don’t hit that red button!!!


    If the planet stopped rotating then you would not have to worry about ANY environment.


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    Another Ian

    A Look at High Speed Rail – Julia, Obama and California think it is great!

    ” What Thomas Friedman Wants for America
    August 11, 2011, 5:41 pm

    When it comes to high speed rail, the Left tends to have a Santa Clause mentality. They want the rail, but refuse to even discuss its costs vs. benefits, as if it is going to be dropped in place by Santa Clause.

    I have actually had pro-high-speed rail writers call me a dinosaur for taking a cost-benefit approach. After a reasoned article on why our rail system, with its focus on freight, makes more sense than China and Europe’s focus on high speed passenger rail, Joel Epstein wrote me that I should get out of the country more, as if I am some backwoods rube that would just swoon if I saw a nifty bullet train. For the record, my actual experience on a high-speed rail train in Europe confirmed that it was a nice experience (I knew it would be) and that it was a financial mess, as my son and I were the only passengers in my car. I would be all for HSR if Santa Clause dropped in down from the North Pole, but it costs a lot of real money.

    How much money? Well take the system in China that Friedman and Epstein and many others have begged the US to emulate:

    The rail ministry that builds and operates the trains has an incredible 2.1 million employees, more than the number of civilians employed by the entire U.S. government. Moreover, the ministry is in debt to the tune of 2.1 trillion yuan ($326 billion), about 5 percent of the country’s GDP.”



    ” Things I Didn’t Expect to Read, Part 2
    August 11, 2011, 4:41 pm

    Several years ago, I made a bet that California high speed rail would, if built, end up costing over $100 billion. Incredibly, Kevin Drum is making the same bet.

    The disappointing part is that he is quick to say that this project is an outlier, that certainly he still supports other HSR rail projects. But they all look as bad as the CA project. The CA project has just gotten more attention and scrutiny because of its size. If memory serves, Drum was right there supporting the Tampa to Orlando line, which if possible is even dumber than the California line. In my experience, the difference between a good high speed rail project and a bad one is basically how much one digs into the numbers and challenges the assumptions. With enough leg work, they all look bad.”



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    This is not a parody on environmentalism; it’s an attack on AGW skeptics. All those in the video are known Warmists. Ed Asner has the further distinction of being a pig, who once disgustedly referred to Mother Teresa as “THAT woman.” He hated her because she was anti-abortion.


  • #

    Thanks Curt, but No, the jokes on them. When someone parodies their enemy and he laughs… they’ve mucked it up. But that does explain a few things like the flat unfunny bits in the middle that I would have chopped.

    Ta! That’s helps though, and I’ve added an update:-)


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    @Damianm #42

    Thanks, I needed that!
    I agree with Pointman, #2. Hilarious video.

    Yes, Asner & Co are so far left that you need a telescope to see them. They make Marx look conservative, except that most of them have rather large incomes from making good use of the Capitalist system.

    The thing about THIS video is that it’s context sensitive. You can put it up on a skeptic site and make fun of the watermelons and you can put it up on an eco-loon site and make fun of the opposition.

    Where they failed is in not making it crystal clear which group they are parodying. This one can be laughed at by anyone, the 10:10 video was more in line with the way these people actually think.

    If ExtremeGreen actually wanted to win the hearts and minds that a (very) few of them claim to want to do, then they’d do more of this gentle stuff rather than trying to ram a spike into our eyes.


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    Bush bunny

    Will Gray @ 45. What date was that written? Solar manufacturer Evergreen has just gone broke. (Google and find out only recently) They moved to China and that didn’t save them. I hope Al Gore invested in them. It seems the company started off in the US and received millions in government subsidies, 800 jobs were lost either when they moved to China or afterwards.

    Seems investment in solar energy or geo thermal is dropping. Probably because private companies realise than investments should be made in companies that can provide not pretend to provide a product. I’ll do a bit of more investing Silax was a shareholder I believe and they are involved in optic fibre and nuclear fission.


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    Oh man I watched about half of this video and wondered at the shoddy whining they were spewing out.

    I quit watching because it is terrible!

    Ed Asner continues to embarrass himself.Great Actor but a not a thinker.He is a certified leftist loon.

    I agree that we should be watching what we do with “Mother Earth”.But not through distortions,lies and rancid propaganda.

    By pushing the AGW / climate change propaganda.They are HURTING the environment.By making many of us focus on a non problem and waste the $$$ to fix the non problem.


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    The Lefties are losing it…..There is a rage about them. I found their desperate parody and sarcasm as funny as hell.

    They live in a bubble and their ignorance is showing…. Not to mention their stupidity 🙂