Corruption is like acid to democracy: the phase change a High Trust Nation risks

Corruption is like acid to a High Trust Democracy. When cheating becomes naked, obvious and there is no pushback, no justice, it unleashes a corrosive force. The circles of cheating spread like ripples on a pond and cheating-feedback waves grow until turbulence consumes everything, and there is no peace or clarity left. Under the surface, the acid spreads, changing the underlying chemistry of every reaction.

First the politicians who were tempted to cheat, but feared exposure, realize they can get away with it (or certain flavours of it). Billionaires and corporate powers who didn’t play the game realize they need to toss some money in the pot.

Then the intrinsically honest politicians watching on, start to doubt that there is much point in staying honest. The honest businessmen start to wonder if they will be left behind if they don’t put hot cash in the right hand.

Trust is the grease that makes Western economies the powerhouses of the world. There will never be enough police, enough auditors or enough spies to catch all the cheaters if everyone breaks the rules.

There will not be enough judges and courts to hear all the evidence — or during the CERN Supercollider […]

Paths to Victory — Contingent election or State Legislators picking Electors

Mark Landsbaum argues that Trump’s main game was always a Contingent election — held in the House but with one representative from each state. And the legal cases involved were always about the Court of Public Opinion, not about getting rushed judgments on legal cases that have almost no time to play out.

Cases usually need months or years to do full discovery and disclosure.


Trump’s End Game By Mark Landsbaum, American Thinker

The only hope now — and it is as good, if not better, than any hope since voting ended — lies in the alternate electors for Trump sent Monday by seven states. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is sure to ignore the Trump alternate electors, so Trump can’t win at this stage. But the Republican-controlled Senate also will consider electors, and if they choose Trump’s over Biden’s, it’s a standoff: the House for electing Biden, the Senate for electing Trump.

The rules for choosing between competing electors are vague. Congress may choose not to count states with two sets of electors, which automatically means neither candidate reaches the necessary 270 electoral votes. This is never-before-traveled terrain.

The resulting deadlock would […]

Patrick Byrne: “I bribed Hillary Clinton $18m” — on behalf of the FBI

“I bribed Hillary Clinton $18 million dollars.”

“I know what’s in the Durham Report”

It’s another great movie script. It’s so fantastic it might be true.

What happens if there is widespread corruption, and the Spooks that hold the secrets start to use those secrets for their own agenda? Who watches the watchers? We all know it isn’t CNN.

This is Patrick Byrne speaking again, the man who founded Overstock, made $2 billion and got famous battling against Wall St corruption. He’s a Stanford maths and philosophy guy. He crunched the numbers and was one of the first to report details of how the election was rigged.

Now he explains that the FBI approached him in 2015 to catch Hillary Clinton in a sting. He agreed to help, played along, arranged the meeting. Hillary took the bait (at least as far as he knows) and collected the $18 million. But a few days later the FBI suddenly dropped the case. They said Hillary was going to win the election.

“Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president and nothing can stop that now. The day she becomes President, the first thing she is going to do is […]

Election Not Decided: Seven states send two sets of Electors

Despite the press reports, Joe Biden does not have 270 guaranteed Electors

Seven States of the US have sent alternate electors to Congress, also known as “Dueling Electors”. This keeps Electors for Donald Trump in play until January 6. Those states are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico. This keeps alive the possibility that Congress can endorse Electors for Trump in those states.

In Michigan, the GOP electors were refused entry to the State Chamber. There are claims that Governor Whitmer ordered some 200 officers to guard the doorway, allegedly over “security concerns”? So at least one Democrat governor is acting as if the archiac subclause of alternate electors is still quite the threat to Biden’s election.

Phillip Kline@PhillDKline MI Attorney General is threatening legislators w criminal investigation and possible prosecution if they disagree with her, and the MI Governor and other officials are shutting down the peoples’ house and preventing them from gathering today to perform their constitutional duty.


Alternate Electors sent from 7 US states, @KyleBecker

In other news Bill Barr resigns before Christmas.Who knows, is he clearing the way for the new AG to enact EO 13848? The split was amicable […]

A dog ate the logs in Michigan electronic vote

It’s awful bad luck for the Democrats. The forensics report for Antrim County is in and there’s no evidence the 6,000 flipped votes was a clerks error, as we were told, but there is evidence of “fatal flaws” “gross negligence”, “bad faith” and or “wilful non-compliance”. The adjudication logs are missing. The security logs are missing. Worse, the normal error rate of ballots is 1 in 250,000, but the 2020 rate was sixty five percent (percent!). I make that about 160,000 times higher than normal (can that be right?). It’s hard to make sense of that number.

Ballots that are classified as “adjudicated” can be altered by administrators, something that is normally recorded in the logs. Since the machines have past logs from other years, but not the 2020 logs, it looks like someone went in and deleted them.

Crucial Logs Missing From Antrim County Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report

Ivan Pentchukov, Epoch Times

“Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years; but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing. The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes. The lack of records prevents any form of […]

Foreign Interference in spades: is there anywhere China doesn’t have CCP Party members?

Is two million communists enough?

Today The Australian announced that a huge file has been leaked from inside China that has 2 million Communist Party members names and details on it. These are not necessarily spies, just potential spies who have some questions to answer. People do sign up to the CCP just to improve their prospects in China, but all CCP members also must pledge an oath that puts the party’s interests above all and “be ready at all times to sacrifice my all for the party”. That’s a pledge with a conflict of interest that makes their own company or country their second priority. Why do we allow it? See Sky News also.

Companies with CCP influence include bankers like ANZ, Citibank and HSBC, plus Boeing, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. The Covid vaccines will be made by companies with CCP members on staff, somewhere. Companies may be doing more information sharing with Beijing than what they expected.

Speaking of foreign interference it looks like Executive Order 13848 may be underway

The hints grow stronger.

Maria Bartiromo interviewed General Michael Flynn, who mentions that John Ratcliffe — The DNI — Director of National Intelligence — will report Friday. If the […]

SCOTUS drops Texas case: Tex GOP asks if law abiding states should form new United States

By a 7-2 decision The Supreme Court apparently decided that 18 States did not suffer if 4 States committed blatant election fraud by breaching their own and the national constitution. Only Justices Alito and Thomas voted to proceed with the case.

There is still a long way to go. Rudy Guiliani says “We are not finished, believe me”. The case was not rejected on merits. So it can be resubmitted by different parties who have “standing” to sue and who can claim injury, and it can be split into 4 or 5 different cases. Though, it is hard to justify why the rest of the USA is not injured by rampant corruption and States ignoring the Constitution. The fate of the USA hangs in the balance, yet no court has heard all the evidence of voter fraud.

The drums of civil war can be heard in the distance. The Texas GOP says “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

Texas GOP replies

West later


States joining Texas Suit SCOTUS. Plus Alaska.

@Kyle Becker


JustTheTweets: Dec 10 One anonymous whistle blower was OK to […]

18 US States file against 4 corrupt States that failed to hold fair elections

If this isn’t a Constitutional Crisis, what is?

Eighteen US States are now so convinced of election fraud they are filing against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia for their failure to hold free and fair elections as demanded by the Constitution.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt led his colleagues from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia in filing the amicus brief to the US Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The amici “have a strong interest in ensuring that the votes of their own citizens are not diluted by the unconstitutional administration of elections in other States,” says the 30-page brief, adding that when other bodies in those states encroach on the authority of their legislatures – the only ones constitutionally entrusted with elections – “they threaten the liberty, not just of their own citizens, but of every citizen of the United States who casts a lawful ballot in that election.”

Even Arizona has joined in. (It has different legal issues than the four so named).

The seed of Civil War 2.0 was fertilized by overt, in-your-face obvious corruption. No one needs a […]

Texas bombshell: a Supreme Court suit against all four states GA, MI, PA, WI

Texas trumps the other states and launches a suit that goes straight to the Supreme Court to get four naughty states to clean up

It makes so much sense (which is rare — like winning lotto in the world of politics and law and on the same day). The corruption in the swinging states is not just a problem for those states, it’s a problem for the whole nation. The US as is currently known, will cease to be the US if the Presidency can be blatantly stolen. Texans are fed up, and they want the Supreme Court to sort things out. Not surprisingly, there are rumors other states want to join Texas. Fraud hurts all the other states, but Texas got there first.

UPDATE: 8 states now in too. h/t Old Ozzie: Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, & South Dakota have all announced that they will be joining Texas in the suit

Kris Kobach at Breitbart says that if Texas wins, the four states must figure out who their electors will be within strict constitutional rules. They could try to toss out the suspect ballots and see what’s left in the tally. They could pick […]

There’s no proof of election fraud say the people who won’t release the evidence

If Democrats want healing, they could help Republicans get all the election data

Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, points at the hypocrisy of people saying “you have no proof” while withholding the data and materials needed to prove that same thing. It’s just like climate science.

Grenell is speaking specifically about Nevada:

— Zachary Steiber, and Jan Jekielek, Epoch Times:

The Trump campaign and its allies are working on uncovering evidence of what happened during the election but are being stymied by officials.

“One of the problems that I think that we’re developing in this ongoing saga is the claims from the media, from the Democrats, and from local governments that we don’t have the proof. And the reality is, is that the ballots and the envelopes are in the possessions of local governments like the Clark County officials. We can raise the red flags, we can raise the concerning information, and we can point to the publicly available information that suggests voter fraud, but we can’t have access to the ballots or to the envelopes that have the signatures on it. That’s the property of local government,” explained […]

Pollster: By all cruicial metrics of polling Trump would be winner. Numbers don’t add up.

It’s a miracle on Election Day!

No incumbent President has ever increased his vote and lost the election. Indeed Obama didn’t win more votes in 2012 he lost three and a half million votes, but still won reelection in 2012. Yet somehow Trump improved his vote by 20% or 11 million votes, more than any candidate in history, but still lost. These types of claims may not launch Supreme Court cases, but they fire up the Court of Public Opinion (share them around). The highly suspicious odds practically glow with gamma rays when combined with lies that trick poll watchers to leave, and democrats that count secret suitcases of ballots hidden under the tablecloth.

Trump had the best win with minorities for a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960. Must be a racist.

Pollster claims that Biden’s victory defied crucial ‘metrics’ that have a ‘100% accuracy rate in predicting the winner’ and says anyone who viewed the results ‘objectively’ would conclude Trump triumphed


He told Mark Levin of Fox News that with the election results, ‘something very strange has happened because the numbers just don’t add up.’

There are a dozen or more ways to […]

Guiliani on Georgia: It’s a bank heist pulled off in the middle of the night…

Rudy Guiliani goes through the smoking gun evidence of crimes in Georgia. Bt the most important five minutes is the last where he serves up a scathing but inspiring message to the Republican state governors and representatives. Yesterday the Pennsylvania representatives caved in and indicated they would not overturn the crooked election results. Later, after being called “cowards and traitors” by Trump, 60 of them put together a plea to Congress to fix things. They know what they should have done.

““For these reasons,” they wrote to the state’s congressional delegation, “We the undersigned members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly urge you to object … to the Electoral College votes received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.””

It is the duty of the State legislators to get the election results right. They can do it at any time. So hopefully this is just part of the process in psyching themselves up to do the right thing. Trumps team have put in 700 Affidavits so far.

“They’ve debunked the theory…”

Rudy Guiliani names and explains the layout of the room. What seems most surprising to an Australian (me) is that the observers are supposed to stay at a table on […]

Pennsylvania Case Heads To Supreme Court: Were the votes unlawful?

It appears the Trump team have finally got a case through to the Supreme Court (known also as SCOTUS). News of this is minimal, indeed practically skeletal. Biden supporters (sometimes called “the media”) may not want to mention anything that isn’t a Trump loss. And everyone else is not sure if the deadline matters. The Supreme Court has given people til Dec 9 to respond, but the electoral college has a “safe harbor” deadline of Dec 8. Sidney Powell says with fraud cases the deadline doesn’t matter. But this doesn’t look like a fraud case. Here’s the Supreme Court docket which has a link to the Amicus Brief Document.

Perhaps this will matter?

Philadelphia Inquirer:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. issued a schedule for the case that appeared to foreclose any chance of the justices weighing in before the Electoral College vote had been finalized. Alito, who handles emergency matters arising out of Pennsylvania for the court, gave state officials until Dec. 9 to file their reply — one day after the federal deadline for locking the state’s slate of electors in place.

Pennsylvania Case Heads To Supreme Court: Were the votes unlawful?

One America News Network […]

Dems caught on camera pulling suitcases of ballots from under tables in Georgia in the dead of night

How Georgia was won

(Just more baseless claims of voter fraud for the media to not report.)

The team in State Farm Arena in Atlanta sent home observers and the press, said they’d stop counting. But then those dedicated and democratic souls decided to work on for at least two more hours during which time they pulled four suitcases out from under a table and took them to the machines and processed them all night, all captured on the CCTV. What’s the penalty for fake ballots in Georgia?

At 10pm in State Farm Arena, all the other poll observers and Fox news were sent home and told the counting would resume in the morning. But after they left, a woman in a yellow shirt pulled a suitcase out at 11:02pm and took it to the counting desks.

We all know what kinds of ballots don’t come in official boxes and don’t need to be viewed by Republicans.

The question is — will the Democrats be able to win the Georgia Senate Runoffs if Republican poll watchers refuse to go home til the counting is finished?

The other question is — was there CCTV from all the other swing states and […]

The Speech every media outlet should play in full: Watch Trump — solemn, careful, determined

This is a historic “Let’s Do This” moment. For 45 minutes Trump calmly and methodically presents the evidence of massive corruption and fraud. Anyone who doesn’t see this and relies on the Legacy and Tech Giant filtered propaganda will be blindsided by what’s unfolding in the United States.

As Donald Trump says: “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….”

As President, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States. That is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege.

We were warned we should not declare a premature victory in this election — it would take weeks…

My opponent was told to stay away — to not campaign — “we’ve got it”, and perhaps they did.

It’s about ensuring Americans can have faith in this election and all future elections.

If we are right about the fraud Joe Biden can’t be President.

This is a national disgrace.

“The single greatest achievement in your Presidency will be exactly what you are doing now”

Voter […]

Democrats faked birthdays in Pennsylvania and are caught by statistics

Counties with more suspicious birthdays were more likely to vote for Biden

When people picked fake dates for fake voters they didn’t spread them in a normal pattern through the year. Instead of having more birthdays in the summer months (which is normal in the US) there were more births than expected in December and January. There were also more birthdays on the nice round numbered days like the 10th, 20th and 30th days of the month.

In a layered and detailed study Carl Bell uncovers how wildly unlikely these birthdays are. Not only are the days suspicious, the months are too, and then there is the red hot flag that the counties with the oddest birthday patterns are usually Biden supporters. And furthermore, they are counties that differed the most from their past voting behaviour and also counties with higher votes for third parties too (like the libertarians). It’s almost like fake voters wanted Joe Biden to win, but not win by too much, so they had to add in some votes for “others” as well.

The “birthday” tool could not only to be used to spot suspicious counties in the first place, it was so detailed it could […]

No need to investigate, FBI and Dept of Justice know there was no fraud


Lou Dobbs Tonight was scathing on the Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice

So many resources, yet so little results. How are the FBI or the DOJ serving the American people? Weeks after the most contentious election ever in the United States and there is no sign these major institutions are even checking the incidents being reported of voting irregularities.

Like the climate debate, why is it left mainly to volunteers to research and investigate something so important to the people?

Why aren’t the legacy media investigating and interviewing witnesses? …


Congressman Jim Jordan (Rep): The American people deserve the truth.

I have never seen an election where there were so many Why are we still counting votes a month after the election. If we sent observers to foreign countries and they were still counting votes four weeks after

Voting machines are being impounded

No other president has ever lost after increasing their vote for relection.

Dobbs: Should the President say “this is a national crisis”, and we just don’t have time to investigate the number of problems with this election.

Jordan: One third of […]

Was that a 100% plus voter turn-out in some Michigan precincts?

UPDATE: A Big Thankyou to Pedant General and B. Hicks for the official count for North Muskegon (page 459) shows this was likely a decimal point error and turnout was 78% not 780%. Headline Changed (Original “Was that a 780% turnout in North Muskegon, Michigan?”). Things may still be far out of the ordinary in North Muskagon. Academic Agent claims the turnout in 2012 in this same county was just 25%. In 2016 it was 55%. Somehow the Precinct was transformed from an apathetic low voter place to a place that turned out in historic numbers. Hypothetically, if people intending to cheat were going to find thousands of votes the counties with the lowest voter turnout would be the best places to start. That said, it’s so much better if Affidavits got the numbers correct. Shame something as important as a free and fair election is not being investigated in this kind of details by institutions with major resources and many staff like the DoJ and the FBI.

What’s the story for all the other 100%-plus Precinct here? — Jo


You’ve heard of impossible voter turnouts in the USA and you were wondering why no one just listed the […]

Huge? Pennsylvania State House and Senate resolution to overturn certified result

Jenna Ellis shares to Newsmax TV a huge development for the Trump team – regarding the PA state legislature’s rights against “corrupt election officials.”

A band of 26 Pennsylvania House lawmakers are circulating a memo seeking support of a proposed resolution declaring the state’s certification of presidential electors and other statewide election results to be “in dispute”.

Declaring the results of statewide electoral contests in the 2020 general election to be in dispute, a group of House Republican lawmakers have announced their intention to introduce a resolution calling for Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar to withdraw their certification of the Nov. 3 election results in the presidential and other statewide contests.

In Pennsylvania, the Republicans control the House and Senate. Rudy Guiliani and the Trump team presented a compelling case with witnesses and evidence of voter fraud at the Senate Hearing on Wednesday. So much so that many Republicans are galvanized.

However they may not get time to vote on this:

CBS Pittsburgh: The resolution has not yet been voted on by either the state House or Senate. It is not expected to get a vote before lawmakers’ terms end on Monday.


Wisconsin may be the first state to clean up for Trump

The Wisconsin recount may be released this weekend

Officially Biden only leads by 20,000 votes in Wisconsin (WI) but apparently up to 100,000 votes may be tossed out due to one issue alone, and then there is that strange pattern in the counting….

Vote dump in Wisconsin | VotePatternAnalysis

In the video below, Steve Turley admits he’s an optimist, and unfortunately uses uses a few hyperbolic words like “implode” and the deadly triple !!!. Despite that, he speaks well and quotes a lot of data. He argues Wisconsin could be the “first domino to fall”, saying that WI does not allow mail in ballots that were not requested. Up to 60,000 mail in ballots in Milwaulkee County and 40,000 in Dane County were never requested and therefore should be tossed out. The State needs to supply the request for application for these mail in ballots. These two counties have 800,000 voters, a quarter of the state’s 3.3 million voters. The Trump Campaign has been forced to spend $3 million to even do a partial recount. The recount needs to be verified before the state can certify votes on December 1.

h/t to Scott of the Pacific

Milwaulkee County […]