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Guiliani on Georgia: It’s a bank heist pulled off in the middle of the night…

Rudy Guiliani goes through the smoking gun evidence of crimes in Georgia. Bt the most important five minutes is the last where he serves up a scathing but inspiring message to the Republican state governors and representatives. Yesterday the Pennsylvania representatives caved in and indicated they would not overturn the crooked election results. Later,  after being called “cowards and traitors” by Trump, 60 of them put together a plea to Congress to fix things. They know what they should have done.

““For these reasons,” they wrote to the state’s congressional delegation, “We the undersigned members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly urge you to object … to the Electoral College votes received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.””

It is the duty of the State legislators to get the election results right. They can do it at any time. So hopefully this is just part of the process in psyching themselves up to do the right thing.

Trumps team have put in 700 Affidavits so far.

“They’ve debunked the theory…”

Rudy Guiliani names and explains the layout of the room. What seems most surprising to an Australian (me) is that the observers are supposed to stay at a table on the far end of the room. I’ve been a poll worker in Australia counting votes, and when I did it, the scrutineers were looking right over our shoulders. They could see everything.

Highlights of Guiliani:

There are five counting machines and they count 3,000 ballots per hour which is 30,000 potential votes in a state that was won by 10,000 votes.

I know how you fix crime, you put the criminals in jail.

As well, another 96,000 ballots have no return record — they don’t match up with the records of the ballots requested and sent out. These should be discarded. Take 30,000 and 96,000 votes away from the Democrats and Trump is ahead by 120,000 — like he was on election night.

There’s a Pullitzer prize for the media. Where are they? In the tank with the Democrats.

On Republican state legislators: The Democrats steal with impunity and the Republican are too scared to do their duty. They’re afraid of what the Washington Post, or NBC, ABC is going to say.

“We don’t fix it for next time, next time it gets worse.”

The state legislators can be the sole regulators of elections. The State can take back the power if there are indications of fraud. Guiliani exclaims “We don’t have indications, we have overwhelming evidence!

“I don’t expect us to be dishonest, just courageous.”

Professor Eastman sums up the constitutional situation.

1. Does the legislature have the power to take evidence and produce a finding of fraud. Yes.

2. Can the legislature call itself into session: Of course.

3. Can the remedy be awarding the electoral votes to the aggrieved party. Yes it can.

“It’s time for patriots to stand up. How do you want to live your life. As a patriot American, or as a snivelling little coward.”

For those of us fed up with corruption and cheats — there’s still a lot we can do, some of it even from overseas. We can send messages to state representatives (the whole world cares about the US democracy). Everyone can hassle the newspapers, mock the journalists, or send friendly messages to any friends and family you can get away with. Just saying “here’s something you might not know…”. It’s an effort, but in an information war, every bit helps. We have to get around the media, and when people find out what’s being hidden, they will be shocked.


Red-handed and caught in the act,
Hidden ballots on camera, a fact,
Is how they were able,
From under a table,
This election to be hijacked.

— Ruairi

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