Patrick Byrne: “I bribed Hillary Clinton $18m” — on behalf of the FBI

“I bribed Hillary Clinton $18 million dollars.”

“I know what’s in the Durham Report”

It’s another great movie script. It’s so fantastic it might be true.

What happens if there is widespread corruption, and the Spooks that hold the secrets start to use those secrets for their own agenda? Who watches the watchers? We all know it isn’t CNN.

This is Patrick Byrne speaking again, the man who founded Overstock, made $2 billion and got famous battling against Wall St corruption. He’s a Stanford maths and philosophy guy. He crunched the numbers and was one of the first to report details of how the election was rigged.

Now he explains that the FBI approached him in 2015 to catch Hillary Clinton in a sting. He agreed to help, played along, arranged the meeting. Hillary took the bait (at least as far as he knows) and collected the $18 million. But a few days later the FBI suddenly dropped the case. They said Hillary was going to win the election.

“Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president and nothing can stop that now. The day she becomes President, the first thing she is going to do is send her people over to the FBI and find out who was part of investigating her, and we are all going to be destroyed. That includes you, Patrick. This mission has been scrubbed from the highest level.”

Patrick Byrne wasn’t too happy with this. Stinking as it did. He couldn’t figure why they wouldn’t make the sting public — given that the election was a whole year away. Pushing further he was told that the FBI was collecting ammunition to control Hillary after she won. The FBI guys were Obama appointees, and the plan was for Obama to control Hillary though the FBI. (Or more likely, for the FBI to control Obama and not the other way around?)

I did say this was a great script. It even has a codename “Operation Snowglobe”.

Via Citizen Free Press.

If this was the plan, Trump foiled it. If the FBI were grooming the perfect Puppet President, Trump wrecked that investment. Worse, they had nothing much on him — if they did, they would have used it. The problem with Trump is that he couldn’t be bribed — at least not for $20 million.

The longer written version of the video above was put on Patrick Byrnes site on October 6th.

So putting on our skeptical hat, nothing can be verified at this point, though if Donald Trump was in the mood to declassify things we might find out something sooner rather than later. According to Patrick Byrne — with the help of electronic algorithms to give “certainty” come election night, the Democratic Primaries were more a case of “May the Best Puppet Win” and the oldest, most compromised candidates would be the winners.

On Russiagate, in which Patrick was involved:

Russiagate is not about Trump It was setup on the Republican Party that was crafted in 2015. Trump came along, won the nomination and then the White House, but along the way crashed into a pre-packaged scandal that was in the works long before he was President or even nominee, and quite possibly, before he even declared.

The Russiagate scandal is not only not about Trump, it’s not even mostly about Russia. It is primarily a manifestation of corruption at the highest reaches of our own federal government: they set up a bribery-blackmail soft-coup on Hillary as they engineered a Russagate scandal such that any day they wanted to they could grab that Can-O-Scandal, shake it up, crack it open, and spray it all over the Republican Party. I say this as the guy they had bribing Hillary and shagging Maria, so I think I know wherefrom I speak.

It all sounds wildly ludicrous. So turn it inside out — what if there were corrupt people on both sides of politics and inside the FBI. What if there was a rot deep within? How would we find out. Who spies on the spies?

How deep is the corruption in the United States? Would the FBI protect their investments by hiding laptops with potentially impeachment-level-evidence from public view for a whole year? Well, we know the answer to that.

The last word from Patrick Byrne:

I wish again to caution the reader against (at this point) believing President Obama or Michelle were part of any of this: this feels more like a CIA Director than a community organizer to me. And since this is such a hall of mirrors, it is entirely possible that some entirely different group within the government rigged the whole thing up.

A “Deep State,” if you will. …

As one of the few people in America who know what really went on in 2015-2016, first-hand, I have been distressed at the state of our public discourse. It is so degraded, it so shreds the norms of reasoned discourse, that there is no wonder the truth could stay hidden so long. I am really loathe to engage with it.

h/t Scott of the Pacific, David.

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    Richard Ilfeld

    This report can even exit, regardless of how true or probable it is, because

    The CIA has proven it will lie to the public for political purposes.
    The FBI has proven it will lie to the public and the courts for political purposes.
    The House Intelligence committee chair, an all of the members who supported his investigations or impeachment fraud,
    have proven they will lie to the public for political purposes.
    The press, for the most part, have proven their will lie to the public for political purposes,
    and promote false stories while hiding true stories.
    “Big Tech” has proven it will manipulate search results, and censor stories, even from nominally authoritative sources.
    Many courts have proven they will take refuge in process to avoid actually having to hear and rule on evidence.
    Politicians, “authorities” and industry will together promote a big lie like Climate Change, even if it will seriously damage
    the economy of their host country in favor of a primary adversary.

    And the progressive left has shown, often enough, that they believe in power by any means necessary.

    So after listening to an accusation like this, who on earth would one believe who might refute it.

    I am waiting for nominations of folks with credibility remaining (I nominate the site hostess).


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      I am waiting for nominations of folks with credibility remaining (I nominate the site hostess).

      I don’t think you can have her. She’s an Australian citizen resident in Western Australia.

      But, if you can negotiate flights to/from the USA including excess baggage at no expense for her, all prepaid accommodation as well and an enormous salary to cover the inconvenience of the commute, she might be prepared to work June to September in the USA as long as she’s back home in time for her summer.

      Let’s take a leaf out of the Chinese Play Book and assume that All Things Are Negotiable

      Of course, while she’s away from her First Home, you’ll have to have someone of similar quality, such as her husband, to maintain her blog to the high standards we’ve become used to … so that’s two enormous salaries, not just one. (From what we’ve seen of the amount of loose money sloshing around over there looking for a good home, that shouldn’t be at all difficult!) 😀

      … and then there’s compensation for extra wear and tear on her computer keyboard,
      … internet access without blocking filtering or censoring her queries,
      … compensation for time zone adjustment each way,
      … compensation for changes of food
      … free and 24 hour reliable electricity at 240V 50Hz mains supply
      (this one may be a little difficult with the decaying planetary field as the two TCs currently beating up Fiji exemplify — that may become more common, but coal- or nuclear-powered generation are generally regarded as reliable; it’s the supporting infrastructure which is fragile.)

      … I’m sure others here can hoist adequate remuneration flags


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    Kalm Keith

    An extraordinary story to think that “someone” in public office can either allocate 18 million dollars of public funds to that “project” or perhaps act on behalf of an outsider who provided the cash.

    The real story is in finding out who was the ultimate instigator of this project. A real can of worms.

    Mr, Byrne’s story so far, suggests that there’s another level of control acting above the U.S. Government.

    This situation is not unusual when you consider the “business activity” that runs in parallel with the routine functions of government.

    Huge profits to be made in quietly rezoning land for more intense building projects and allocation of work on huge publicly funded works to “acquaintances” are just a couple of examples.

    Eventually the pile on to become a beneficiary of this sub culture becomes so pervasive that basic government function just stops.

    Time for a reset and not just in the U.S., we got it bad here.



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      I wondered about that too. Which department has $18m to spare to do a mock bribe and then “forget it” later?

      Was the bribe paid? (Byrne didn’t actually see it happen, he arranged the alleged Briber to meet the Bribee). He thought it was paid. If it wasn’t paid, was there still a crime? If it was paid, didn’t anyone notice that kind of money was missing from the accounts, or was it written off the FBI budget as “expenses”.

      Was that just a way of using govt funds to pay for Hillaries campaign, and keep control of her? 🙂 So many questions.


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        Curious George

        You don’t really believe in CIA, FBI, Sûreté, or MI6.


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        Curious George

        $18M is just chicken feed: SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KABC) 4/16/2020 — Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday $125 million in disaster relief assistance for working Californians that will provide financial support to undocumented immigrants impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

        Think BIG. Most Democrats do.


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        Richard Ilfeld

        Both the State and Defence Departments have open budget authority they can spend with discretion and little accounting, and
        the Defence folks have a huge “black” budget.
        The Agricultural department have slush funds for general welfare that are essentially unaudited, and the Environmental Protection
        folks have a long record of allocations that are “misnamed”. We are talking finding petty cash in a 4 trillion dollar pie, not counting off-the-books debt authority
        such as Housing and Human Development have. Heck, the feds run a 1.5 trillion dollar “student loan” program. Think there is an audit of that?


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        Richard Jenkins

        Who audits the Clinton Foundation? Who paid for the Russia dosier? Where did Hillary get that money?


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        Binny Pegler

        Petty cash


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        They designed and built the SR 71 with black money.


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        Just Thinkin'

        Didn’t they mention a huge pile of money from Turkey?

        Or was that separate?


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      dinn, rob

      CCP members in US defense industry companies
      12-14-20 Two companies—Qualcomm and Boeing—regularly receive contracts from the Department of Defense and host a combined 516 CCP members.  AstraZeneca and Pfizer, two companies racing to roll out their coronavirus vaccines to the American public, employ a combined 100 members of the CCP.
      11-18-20 Numerous Chinese companies that constitute the CCP’s military-industrial complex raise capital through the sale of equities and bonds traded on public exchanges in the United States and abroad. American dollars are thereby used to help build the missiles, turn the propellers and fly the jetfighters of the People’s Liberation Army’s ground, air, naval, missile, space and cyber forces.


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      There is evidently plenty of funds outside of accounts department.
      (1)Ever heard of Iran-Contra – awash with money from arm sales
      (2) Cardinal Pell was doing the books on the Vatican and allegedly finding large mystery funds. For his trouble his ‘friends’ evidently sent a wad of Euros to unnamed recipients in Australia to possibly help grease his slide into a prison cell.
      (3)What happened to the Libyan peoples oil money? Trillions? Gaddafi may have been setting up an alternative to the Swift code to free monetary exchange from the control of the US dollar. The Moriartys speak about this on Crowdsource the Truth as the possible reason Libya is enjoying Obama’s Arab Spring.

      I’m enjoying the intrigues thanks Jo. With so much cash splashing around, thank God for the CCP’s dumping of cheap goods onto the market as inflation would have been rampant.


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        Ted O'Brien.

        “Dumping cheap goods”. In K-Mart at Dubbo this week I saw wall clocks for $2.50. And nothing to suggest they are loss leaders. How is this possible?

        A new Mac mini computer has 16 billion transistors in it, and sells for $1,100 Australian dollars. 20cmX20cmX4cm. How is this possible?

        In the 1970s Hawke’s Marxist ACTU crucified Australian manufacturing industry. In the forty years since it has been ever increasing efficiency of production in countries other than Australia that has maintained and advanced the living standards of the Australian people, as they buy imported goods.

        This can’t last forever. There are no costs left to cut.


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      Yes, indeed. Aside, I think ‘Hollywood’ has a lot to answer for: those FBI etc films, soaps and the rest:gives people silly ideas, some take it in, others GET IDEAS from it. End result -a heck of a lot of Folk have seen the films / are aware of them and then it becomes ” (with shrug of shoulders), ANYTHING is possible” so that i becomes a Norm. Talk then about FakeNews, separating fact from fiction. A lot of us have too many work /private related problems in life to deal with, without taking / having the time to DEAL with investigating the stuff. ‘ In Joanne, we trust…’ and there are those around who haven’t found Links to this alternative News sources, or feel ‘bullied / ridiculed’ by their cohorts ( to use that awful UK Term wrt Covid ) to investigate and diiscuss these things. Fair enough I am in the UK, but I see the knock-on effects and the tripe we are fed by our smirking idiots -Jon Sopel – the Donald’s ‘best friend ‘ at the bbc, and others.
      So what do we think, who do we trust….. enough is spoken locally about Gov’t Brown envelopes and other Handshake jobs. to the exclusion of some. Merit never came into it and we can sometimesspot the Bull in the media hype – but what to do? We can only but Pray that the Donald wins through and WILL Nuke the swamp – for the benefit of mankind.


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    Byrne said: “Russiagate is not about Trump It was setup on the Republican Party that was crafted in 2015.” That makes no sense to me.

    Back in 2016, I stated the obvious on my politics blog: The Russian Collusion claim, now called RussiaGate, was invented by Hillary or her staff to take attention away from the leaked Democrat National Committee e-mails. Those e-mails had upset Bernie Sanders’ fans. The Hillary claim was obviously false because Donald Trump never colluded with anyone in his life. He barely colluded with the Republican Party, that he was SUPPOSED to collude with. Trump is a one man band, and that is his best trait.

    RussiaGate was a fake (counter)attack on Hillary’s opponent, who just happened to be Donald Trump. And I doubt if the strategy was invented in 2015.

    The previous Jo Nova article about Byrne was good enough for me to add a link to it on my Politics Blog — this article is not convincing.

    Warning for any people considering a nasty response to my comment: I’m wearing a helmet, I have a chair, whip, water gun, and I know how to spell Jiu Jitsu.


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      Curious George

      And account for this …
      A boom microphone overheard Mr. Obama telling then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a nuclear security summit in Seoul on March 26, 2012, that he was facing his “last election” and as a result would have “more flexibility” once reelected. Mr. Medvedev promised to tell “Vladimir” — Vladimir Putin, the real power in Moscow who would again become president two months after the meeting.


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      Kalm Keith

      GD says; “That makes no sense to me”.
      I think we all understand.

      Great to hear you have a blog: that makes two of you now.

      Merry Christmas.


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        RG? Not GD.


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          robert rosicka

          Dyslexic’s of the world untie !


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            The Depraved and MOST Deplorable (and still asleep) Vlad the Impaler

            I’ve been told that dyslexic atheists do not believe in Dog.


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            I think the Byrne claims read like a fictional novel, and that’s what I think they are.

            U.S. government employees are strongly pro-Democrat outside of the military. That was especially true in the seventh year of the Obama Administration. Government employees were strongly pro-Hillary in 2015.

            If the FBI wanted to sting anyone in 2015, it would have been a Republican candidate for president in 2016. Wait a minute! They DID try to disrupt the Trump campaign in 2016, and maybe even earlier. And while they were really investigating Trump, for no reason, they pretended to investigate Hillary, for her actual law breaking! Then they let her off without even a slap on her wrist. So did the pro-Hillary Obama FBI try to sting Democrat Hillary? I strongly doubt they did.

            — Rosicka and Deplorable
            Both funny comments — this place needs more humor

            — not very calm Keith
            My climate science blog has had almost 70,000 page views. How about your blog?

            — Sophocles
            Tin foil hats are for old geezers. I use a steel bicycle helmet, lined with titanium foil, to repel cosmic rays. Has a few dents in it from that pesky JN.


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          Kalm Keith

          You missed it Annie; Greene Richard.
          But Richard is sometimes shortened to D.


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      Richard Greene @ #3 claimed:

      I’m wearing a helmet, I have a chair, whip, water gun, and I know how to spell Jiu Jitsu.

      Helmet? Nah, that’s a hand-folded tin-foil hat!


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      The “intelligence” agencies are not tactically nor strategically monolithic. I am sure the “uppers” have a myriad of simultaneous operations keeping all of the “lowers” busy with culpable, liable activities believing they are participating in important national security activities while ignorant of the real intent and intrigue. Ergo – Clapper, Brennan and Comey have “plausible deniability” while maintaining control of their operatives for fear of prosecution. Blackmail is the currency in the swamp.


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      The beauty of this site Richard is that you can hold and express your opinion in complete safety. Unless you are rude no one will stop you and having read what you have to say some might agree with you. It is getting so confusing and exasperating that I can believe anything and believe nothing. I know two facts: 1. The Democrats cheated massively and 2. that US judges and the Republicans are either complicit or gutless.


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    Binny Pegler

    Hmmm I’ve always been a cynical SOB. So I can’t help wondering – Is a Right-wing American political conspiracy blog a significantly better earner than a climate change blog.


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    If this was the plan, Trump foiled it.

    This sums up the fantasy of the last 6 weeks.

    “If something happened” – a possibility because of some herseay or a doctored video for instance. So “if” it happened, let’s make up a bunch of scenarios about how it happened and who “must” have been involved that reveal treachery or heroism, depending on who we like.


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      Doctored video (and mass sterilisation by covid vaccine for example) requires substantiation, rather than postulating its existence, to carry an argument; mind you I get the drift, this is a very difficult morass we’re slogging through.


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    William Astley

    The Hillary Server issue is better.

    A secretary of state, that has state secrets on her ‘private’ server so her $200 Million/year ‘charity’ can get money from foreign companies and US ‘donors’.

    Which explains why the private server was wiped (that event should have resulted in Hillary losing job and charges) and gov issued phones destroyed by Hillary team. And the fbi hid the entire mess.

    Same story, same party and Biden might have been the new president. Biden’s son got a $1.5 billion dollar ‘investment’ from the bank of China. And is ok by fbi.

    US Politicians (Dems and many Rep) all have their own agendas, leak state secrets for politics, are corrupt, and many have committed treason.

    Corruption enables treason, as the chinese are very rich, and they have a plan which the US politicians appear to be helping implement.

    So it is interesting that Chinese agents are sponsoring/helping/connecting (fast up political ladder in history) young Dem politicians how race up the ladder right into …

    Pelosi’s Congressional Intel committee that has access to US state secrets.

    “[China] helps a city council member become a congressman. This congressman now gets on the intel committee. They are only selected from the intel committee by the leaders of their party meaning Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is one of the Gang of Eight, along with myself,” McCarthy said.

    “Did Nancy Pelosi know this had transpired when she put him on the committee?”

    As Swalwell Spy Scandal Spirals, Pelosi Won’t Say How Many Other House Intel Dems Had Sexual Relationships With Spies


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      ralf ellis

      More interestingly, Hunter Biden got $3.5 million from the wife if the mayor of Moscow.
      What did Hunter do, or what was he asked to do, to earn that money?

      Was that a payoff, for the Bidens keeping the Russian Collusion narrative active?


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      The deliberate smashing of phones by Hillary and her staff is known to have happened, yet the MSM and others all say “move on nothing to see”. If I deliberately destroyed evidence I have no doubt I would be seeing the inside of a prison cell, but seems Her Haughtiness and other Leftists have another rule to abide by.

      Richard Ilfeld in the first comment summarised it well. We have criminal collusion to misrepresent and hide evil acts of Leftists on a massive scale. The normal checks and balances have completely failed. With companies this would lead to them being immediately closed down, but in the US it has been left to fester for years and nothing good will come of it.

      If we do not clean house here then the only way to clean it will be by citizens taking up arms to wrest back their country.


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    President Eisenhower in one of his final addresses warned about the Military Industrial complex and its adverse influence on government. After the assassination of JFK there has been persistent stories about who was responsible. Lee Harvey Oswald sure as hell wasn’t. The theory was JFK was about to pull the US out of the Vietnam war but after his death LBJ kept on with it. Did the military industrial complex (aka Deep State) carry out that assassination? Trump has not entered the US into any stupid wars during his term. Indeed, the US DoD appeared to not inform the President about delayed troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. Are we seeing a repeat of the influence of the Military Industrial complex and its influence on US government again?


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    ralf ellis

    Well, the rot is very deep.

    All the media are singing from the very same hymn-sheet – even the Uk’s Daily Mail, which was supposed to be a right-wing rag, is desperately telling us that 2020 was the most secure election the world has ever seen.

    Yeah – apart from rigging mail-in ballots, ending signature verification, ensuring all poll-workers were BLM Democrats, throwing out all Republican poll-watchers, switching votes on the Dominion machines, dumping 150,000 all-Biden votes at 4am, and trucking 350,000 ballots from New York to Philly – apart from all that it was very secure.

    So at this point in time, I would believe anything.

    Oh, all the abroad military votes got switched from Trump to Biden. I told the military about that and the reply was “yea, we know, it is in hand”.

    No idea what that means.



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    Custer Van Cleef

    Do you think Trump could authorize the Military’s own legal branch to investigate and conduct a hearing into election irregularities, in particular with regard to military ballots? They could be empowered to hear eye-witness testimony, and then deliver a finding/verdict – and even if it had no “standing” with the “black-robed ones”, it would still be noted by the public.

    Anyone want to set me straight? 🙂


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    If the rot were so deep and powerful and dangerous, by speaking of it this guy must surely be expecting a bullet in the head? It’s probably fantasy.


    • #
      Kalm Keith

      That’s a thought, but he may be more dangerous dead than alive.

      Possibly he has let it be known that he has left a pile of documents, and vid footage with trusted sources to be made public on his death?


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    The deadliest part of whatever really is going on behind the scenes in America, regardless of whoever is behind it all – national, international or both – is the shocking state of the USA legal system. First there was the FISA Court justices who have been ~ totally mute from being misled by the FBI, where only a below soil level lawyer appears to have been disposed of as the single culprit. There is now the SCOTUS which totally refuses to hear argument on illegalities, but to save itself from projected social disruptions, it’s Chief Justice allegedly brow beat the rest into tossing out the presented, tabulated case of election frauds put before it.

    Justice Thomas got the (alleged) entire maggot riven national disgrace right in one sentence: ‘This is the end of Democracy (in the USA)’. Is there anybody that could disagree with that wise conclusion from one of the highest legal minds in the US?

    This is the message that has to somehow permeate through US society while most media ignore/shield it all from the voters. People have to learn of the peril the US is facing. If it scares us it should petrify anyone living there that thinks they are in a democracy.


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      I would add one more point that is more scary than just the Courts seeming to be disgraceful in what almost amounts to cowardice in the face of imagined social unrest if they actually performed their duties in hearing on evidence based fraud (if the alleged words of the SCOTUS Chief Justice to his minions is true).

      The second side of the sword is, the US citizens consider the Presidency, FBI, DOJ, CIA and Secret Service to be the most reliable and trustworthy legal and defence organisations in the world and protecting them from the nation’s enemies.

      What is the nation, irrespective of political side, to think and feel if it turns out that, at all these levels, the people are being thrown to the wolves of the world, having their freedoms removed, their Military deliberately weakened , their borders uncontrolled, their politicians in the thrall of unfriendly foreign powers and funds being accepted to neutralise their democracy itself?

      When a President is unable to defend himself against these termites, what hope has any individual or the nation of repudiating these people and defending itself from being suborned to hostile powers, all at the whim of the very people the nation trusted to defend it? Well may we ask, who
      oversees the overseers?


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        DOC I hope this is not a competition as Australia’s High Court has made some ‘interesting’ decisions, and as for the state of Victoria….