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There’s no proof of election fraud say the people who won’t release the evidence

If Democrats want healing, they could help Republicans get all the election data

Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, points at the hypocrisy of people saying “you have no proof” while withholding the data and materials needed to prove that same thing. It’s just like climate science.

Grenell is speaking specifically about Nevada:

— Zachary Steiber, and Jan Jekielek, Epoch Times:  

The Trump campaign and its allies are working on uncovering evidence of what happened during the election but are being stymied by officials.

“One of the problems that I think that we’re developing in this ongoing saga is the claims from the media, from the Democrats, and from local governments that we don’t have the proof. And the reality is, is that the ballots and the envelopes are in the possessions of local governments like the Clark County officials. We can raise the red flags, we can raise the concerning information, and we can point to the publicly available information that suggests voter fraud, but we can’t have access to the ballots or to the envelopes that have the signatures on it. That’s the property of local government,” explained Grenell, who has also served as Trump’s U.S. ambassador to Germany and special envoy for relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

“And it’s not fair, for instance, Clark County officials to say, ‘where’s your proof,’ when they have the proof and they’re unwilling to let us have access to it. We recently had a local judge say that our team could go examine the Agilis machine and the information that we were seeking. And, so, we went to Clark County officials and expecting to examine the machine and examine votes and signatures. And what we got was a tour of the place. It was not what the judge ordered,” Grenell added.

Grenell also says there were 42,000 people who voted twice in Nevada, 1,500 dead voters, and about 3% of mail-in ballots were fraudulently cast and then there are the USB drives that were altered. Some 130,000 ballot signatures were only checked by a computer, not by people.  Biden’s lead in Nevada is about 34,000 votes.

USB’s wide open to cheating

According to Jesse Binnall, who presented the evidence on behalf of the Trump campaign, the witness, whose name is shielded by a protective order, said that the vote tallies were collected from the machine at the end of every voting day and stored on Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives overnight.

“What they would do is they would log these disks in and out. Good practice. And the disks had a serial number on them. And numerous times that disk would be logged out with one vote total on it and logged back in the next morning during the early vote period with a different number on it. Sometimes more, sometimes less,” Binnall said.

“What that means is that literally in the dead of night, votes were appearing, and books are disappearing on these machines.”

What’s wrong with paper pen and witnesses?

The shifting mantra

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