Queensland law tries to make “public confidence” in health bureaucrats more important than public health

UPDATE: Qld Doctors Against Mandates are trying to get funding for their case.

Great to see medico’s fighting back against the tyranny of APHRA.

Queenslanders may want to sign this petition (closes today!)

When government bureaucracies need to legally force “public confidence” in themselves over patient health, we know the health system is already so decrepit, dishonorable and corrupted no one should have any confidence in it at all.

So if a doctor raises any concerns about government health policy they will be undermining “confidence”?

Public confidence in health services TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the House the threat of Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (Reference No. 2) is that it seeks to make “public confidence in health services” as the paramount principle of all our healthcare. This is a radical departure from the previously well-established and respected principle of patient-centred care. The RACGP and AMA have expressed concerns over this refocusing of healthcare, and professional indemnity insurance companies like MIGA and the Insurance Council of Australia have agreed that the […]

Petition to stop the Vax Mandates

All anybody wants is free choice about what they get injected with. Two days to go. Send it to your friends.

Let the Nurses, Doctors, Truck Drivers, Teachers and everyone who wants to work or travel be free to choose.

Australian Parliament Petition EN3886 – Cessation of vaccine mandates 9.5 out of 10 based on 65 ratings […]

AusExit: Petition to remove Australia from the Paris Climate Agreement

Petition EN1116 – The case for leaving the Paris Climate Agreement


Petition Reason

We the undersigned petitioners request the House reconsiders Australia’s commitment to the PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT that was ratified on 9 November 2016 and declared ‘entry into force’ on 9 December 2016. Australia is meeting its emission targets. We contribute approx. 1.5% of global emissions and many eminent scientists advise any changes this nation makes will have little or no effect on the overall global climate. America, the world’s 2nd largest greenhouse gas emitter, has given formal notice to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. China- the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases will SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE their emissions to 2030, and other developing nations have been given a ‘free pass’ under the same agreement. The estimated cost to our nation is $52 billion between 2018 and 2030. This will severely impact Australia economically and socially, with taxpayers funding ‘developing, but fast-growing economic-powerhouses’ such as China and India. The Paris Agreement is not operating as intended, and there is more risk than reward for Australia to remain. We must consider an AUSExit of Paris.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to formally advise the UNFCCC of […]

Please sign this petition to get Australia out of the Paris Climate Accord and back to affordable energy

It only takes a moment and it does help. It’s easy to be cynical. But in the world of psychology and politics, petitions prove there really are a lot of people who feel the same way. Sometimes these are the only numbers a politician will pay attention to (though we may wish it were otherwise). — Jo


Sign the Petition Demand Affordable Energy Now

Government renewable mandates and future targets are driving up cost astronomically on Australian families and businesses. Australia energy cost are the highest in the world. Now the government wants more restrictions due to the Paris Climate Accord. It’s time to cut energy prices and get Australia out of the Paris Climate Accord! We need more free market solutions to our energy and remove government mandates to energy!

Sign the petition below to demand affordable energy solutions now!

About the ATA

8.5 out of 10 based on 86 ratings […]

Australian petition for a cost-benefit inquiry on all plans to reduce carbon

The Australian government is curtailing Climate ActionTM. But there are still billions of taxpayer dollars headed for Direct Action and renewables and other efforts to change the Global Weather. This petition from Des Moore has been circulating in email for a week or so. Des is a former Deputy Secretary of the Australian Treasury and he wants a Royal Commission to consider both costs and benefits. If you agree, like I do, please print, sign and post it, and email to friends. Responses must be signed on paper.

— Jo


Petition for a Cost/Benefit Inquiry on Programs to Reduce Emissions

Click for the PDF

Dear All

I am sending you this message to ask if you would sign the attached petition. A number of colleagues and I have become concerned that billions of taxpayers’ dollars are being spent by our Federal Government on programs designed to reduce fossil fuel emissions but without undertaking a cost/benefit study. The petition seeks to have an inquiry that would do that. I anticipate that an appropriate motion will be moved in the House of Representatives.

By contrast, the Coalition has severely criticised the Labor Government for […]