Queensland law tries to make “public confidence” in health bureaucrats more important than public health

UPDATE: Qld Doctors Against Mandates are trying to get funding for their case

Great to see medico’s fighting back against the tyranny of APHRA.

Queenslanders may want to sign this petition (closes today!)

When government bureaucracies need to legally force “public confidence” in themselves over patient health, we know the health system is already so decrepit, dishonorable and corrupted no one should have any confidence in it at all.

So if a doctor raises any concerns about government health policy they will be undermining “confidence”?

Public confidence in health services

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the House the threat of Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (Reference No. 2) is that it seeks to make “public confidence in health services” as the paramount principle of all our healthcare. This is a radical departure from the previously well-established and respected principle of patient-centred care. The RACGP and AMA have expressed concerns over this refocusing of healthcare, and professional indemnity insurance companies like MIGA and the Insurance Council of Australia have agreed that the term ‘public confidence’ lacks a clear definition and scope and have raised concerns about how courts and tribunals would interpret the term. The Queensland People argues strongly that the passing of this legislation will end the practice of medicine as we know it and will result in the death of informed consent, medical ethics, and the very lives of many Queenslanders and Australians.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to vote against the bill lest all our medical freedoms are eroded and unimaginable patient harm occurs to you or your loved ones.

The only “public confidence” that is worth anything is that which is earned and given freely.              h/t another Ian

Sorry about the short notice. It’s hard to believe, and gives so much away, that they would even try something so indefensible.

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    Nothing surprises me any more.


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    another ian

    If they make it retrospective there is a guaranteed arse cover here – at the top of the pile there is a premiership and a governorship at stake here


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    another ian

    A while ago I read a book on the delivery of agricultural aid to third world countries.

    It mentioned that some contributions from some economists would be useful and reminded readers that in the (IIRC) 1500’s some doctors were useful even though they came in via the tradesman’s entrance.

    One could suggest that the modern medical profession is hell bent to get that status back.


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    And David Crisafulli our Opposition Leader, who tried to outdo the corrupt State Govt in pushing for more vaxx centres and makes an art form out of incompetence, and my local member, Michael Crandon, will remain utterly silent. The State Govt could open a concentration camp for the unvaxxed or doctors questioning this evil legislation and neither of them, nor any other State LNP member would say anything. They may even add some words of encouragement.

    If people are not awake yet we have a creeping dictatorship from a corrupt and incompetent govt. We have an arrogant Premier who simply talks over the top of any journalist trying to ask hard questions, and presides over fining teachers who did not take the jab, claiming they did not act to protect their students, when any idiot knows that the vaxxes promote the virus, hospitalisation and death. This latter vile act is just a vindictive swipe at those she claims “did not do the right thing” – from a thin skinned govt incapable of taking any criticism and happy, as we see here, to resort to legislation to circumvent it.

    Wake up Queenslanders!


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      Exactly the same here in Victoria. When peaceful COVID anti-lockdown protestors had rubber bullets fired at them from over exuberant police, there was not a word from the opposition.


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      I get the impression that further north (of Brisbane) you go, the more the people dislike the government. I am planning to retire there in the 5 to 10 years.


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    Jo – seems that the link is not working…


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      Thanks. Fixed. I just wish I could have given people more notice. I had no idea…


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        Jo, the Qld doctors are trying to get funding for their case. Not sure if you have seen this one.


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          Thank you Petros! Added to the top of the post. I was not aware.


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            Stuart Hamish

            Joanne I received three emails on Sat July 16 4.24 PM and 4.25 PM ; Mon July 18 .5.25 PM – one containing the message ” Please don’t try to breach copyright or post comments that are too long even if they are you’re own work ” …The emails were accompanied by this disclaimer :

            “Be careful with this message . Gmail could not verify that it came from joanne.nova.com. Avoid clicking links ,downloading attachments or repying with personal information “


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            Stuart Hamish

            Were those emails from you Joanne ?


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    3A reads “public confidence in the safety of services provided by registered health practitioners and students”

    whereas one would think that all that is required is “safety of services provided by registered health practitioners and students”

    the contrast here is thus between actually safe services as opposed to “public confidence” that the services are safe.

    indeed, if services are actually safe, that will in itself induce public confidence.

    the “public confidence” gloss in 3A thus appears unnecessary.


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    Vlad the Impaler

    Total insanity. “Trust us because we TELL you to trust us.”

    Yeah, right.


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    Honk R Smith

    At this point we have to consider ‘Science’ and ‘Health Care’ to be proxy words for government.

    [is that it seeks to make “public confidence in health services (government)” as the paramount principle of all our healthcare (government)]

    One major hallmark of this era is that propagandistic obfuscation has become obvious.


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    Dave of Gold Coast, Qld.

    We knew about this petition and signed it but to restore faith in any health professional or leader in government in Oz…never


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    Wow.. We will FORCE you to trust us.. on pain of harsh penalties.

    Yeah.. that’ll work !… Never !


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    Informed consent, do no harm, long term testing, low adverse event triggers and now priority of public health vs personal health outcomes. Nothing seems to be sacred now in medical science and public health. Now, it’s just dial up the public panic and divorce GP’s and other coal face medical providers from actually informing and treating people.


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    I don’t really know but it seems to me that people are completely hypnotized. We who can see are dumbfounded by the lengths these people go to to comply with the lie, the narrative. Those that have been able to now see the light are stunned, but still unable to speak. Interesting times indeed.


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    Is it just me, or is there an accelerating convergence of totalitarian lunacy upon theh planet?

    I have never before seen such a global array of murderous ratbaggery in my life. It’s like some bizarre Science Fiction movie, a la Quatermas or somesuch.

    This has not happened overnight and there would appear to be a “deadline”. DEAD being the operative word. The terminally degenerate greens are “dead” keen on a huge planetary reduction in population; they are a bit quiet about their timetable, too.

    Per Irma Bombeck:

    “Well may the grass be greener over the septic tank; but it is greenest over the mass graves”.


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    Like most things in politics, seeming to be well meaning while making a display of “doing something” is far, far more important than any good outcomes.

    Indeed … outcomes are usually an afterthought at best and sometimes completely ignored. In many historical examples, the outcome turned out the complete opposite of the original intentions.