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By Jo Nova It’s a dangerous moment in history across the West, but as those in the gulags of 1953 would surely have said, we still have so much to work with. Our Democracies might be unraveling, but the Oligarch’s gambits are also coming undone. Investors are fleeing from wind, solar and exploding EVs. Voters are tossing out bad governments. And more than half the population knows that climate science is a religion. We are the majority, but they don’t want you to know.

It’s been 15 years here on this blog, somehow, outside the system, living off goodwill and donations, debating the U.N. and trillion dollar cartels. Real freedom is writing with no corporate sponsor, and no major advertiser. There’s no billionaire publisher to toss me off, no editor to boss me around, and no committee to answer to. The government can’t take away a grant it never gave me, and the cowards of Cancel Culture can’t scare away advertisers.

I am not dependent on any institution, but […]

Good News! Jo Nova wins the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award 2023

By Jo Nova

What an honor. I am just so humbled to win the Dauntless Award of 2023. I mean apart from the towering giants of the Climate Skeptic world who have already won it, to be on the same page as Walt Cunningham, one of the three Apollo 7 astronauts, who risked their lives for science, is a career highlight. Walt Cunningham helped make NASA what it is, and he could have said nothing, but he became an outspoken skeptic of the way NASA was abusing the trust of the public, and abusing science. He was a fighter pilot and a physicist who flew on the first manned launch after the tragic fire that killed all three astronauts on Apollo 1. Sadly the world lost Walt only weeks ago.

Thanks to Ric Werne for the photo. Click to Enlarge.


Other Dauntless winners include Dr Jay Lehr (who helped set up the US EPA fifty years ago and then spent decades working to undo that) and legends like Marc Morano (Climate Depot), Professor Fred Singer, and Christopher Monckton. People who I have learnt so much from.

Craig Rucker announces the award from 25.20. From 28 minutes Heartland […]

This blogger needs your help

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We’re in an information war against the financial monsters of the world. They’re swimming in an ocean of money. But thanks to all the independent spirits who have kept me going for years without a regular income, we fight on. Together we can expose the grifters, the sad culti, and mock their holy idols. It’s a dangerous moment in history, but as those in the gulags would have surely said, we have so many tools, and it’s a time where their sacred cows are coming undone. The pagan witchdoctors have overplayed their hand, they are vulnerable.

It is not just about the dollars, it’s an honor, and incredibly motivating to get help, big or small, from like minded souls all corners of the globe. It’s been an absolute delight to connect with so many good people who think for themselves, who will not submit, and who recognize the threat from the parasites in the system.

Never surrender

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It’s a voluntary thing — a way to keep free speech alive in a world of cancelling

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Thank you. In a year when Twitter cancelled the US President and the oldest masthead in America, somehow I was able to keep writing. Largely because many readers chip in to cover the costs. In the cancel culture era, when institutions became weapons, lone bloggers living off donations were able to say things even most newspapers found unsayable. Real freedom is writing with no large sponsor, no major advertiser, no platform to toss us off, no editor to boss us around, and no committee to answer to. The government can’t take away a grant it never gave me, or a permit I don’t need. Cancel culture can’t scare away advertisers or cut nebulous revenue-streams.

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Fighting for free speech. I could use your support, thanks.

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Of all the grand failures of the last 12 weeks, the most unexpected has been The Media, which is saying something, because my expectations were so low. Or so I thought. But who knew that so many otherwise great publications would fail to pick up the biggest story in our lifetimes?

Truth is, it starts with the media. It’s our national conversation. If we had better media, we’d get better politicians. It all follows. When the nightly news says “even Mitch McConnell denounces blah” — they don’t say “but his in-laws are shipping magnates trading with Beijing and sit on the board of the Bank of China.” Maybe that matters?

So here, trying to help craft the new media world, I’d like to thank all those that make this adventure possible, and ask anyone who can spare enough to buy me a box of chocolate if they could chip in. Please. I do appreciate your help.

Ripples from this US election are already lapping on Australian shores. Both climate and Big-Tech policies are already under pressure.

History books will be written…


This blogger could really use some help

NEW POSTS WILL APPEAR UNDER THIS ONE If you can help me, I can say more the things that need to be said in the battle with the freeloaders

The war on science continues, and the bank account needs your help. It’s ammunition to keep exposing corruption, incompetence, hysteria and history. Thanks for you support via Paypal and Not-paypal. I can’t do this without you…

We battle against the self-interest of “Green energy investment” which is around $400 billion a year. The Big Bankers too, still want their cut of a $7 trillion global carbon market — perhaps they want to save the world, or maybe they need a new yacht? But Big-Government don’t seem keen to give grants to writers who want to stop Big-Government abusing science. And fossil fuels — they not only don’t fund me, the largest gas and oil producer in Australia wouldn’t even let me speak at a Christmas dinner for geologists. Such is the toxic spell being cast. Woodside dropped like a bomb on a volunteer run committee.

The self-serving are gaslighting the gullible.

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Blogs Tenth Birthday and 50 comments to go til we reach 500,000

Comments count sitting at 499,955

Sometime today the comment ticker will hit 500,000 and sometime last Sunday we reached the blog’s tenth birthday.


For the curious, see that first post on Sept 30th, 2008

I didn’t really know what a blog was then. I had no history of commenting, no experience moderating, and somehow didn’t even have a list of blogs I read daily. For the first year my posts were often two weeks apart and I remember wading into the trenches in comments consuming hours to research and defend arguments. As with many new blogs, there were heated battles. It was a bit of a Grad Dip on steroids in the climate debate. Fortunately the sparks attracted a great class of respondents, and soon I had help to answer questions and help to moderate. Sometime I must write about the processes that seemed to work best with cultivating a good community discussion. In the end, it was useful to imagine we were all in a room, and ask whether that behaviour would be OK face-to-face?

The blog and Skeptics Handbook got me into The Australian, speaking in New York and Washington, (and hopefully Germany and Norway next […]

Help. Science blogger needs support…


Oops, please. The bank balance is trending to zero, and I must pay attention. Can you can spare the equivalent of a beer, a steak, or a month of bandwidth ($100) for 2018? I, we, will be ever so grateful.

We can do this thanks to philanthropists like you. It’s a testament to the fantastic readers here that nine years, 2,863 posts and 450,000 comments later, this blog is still going and somehow a family of five just gets by. Long live the internet! Details on how to help below:

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Mods take over the site, ask for emergency chocolate

We Must Maintain the Pressure Dear Readers and Supporters,

The Moderators have temporarily seized control of the posts. We mods happen to know some big bills are piling up, and the bank account is very low heading into Christmas, and Jo doesn’t like to ask, but your support keeps this work, research and blog going. Please hit the tip jar, buy Jo and David a beer, a steak, a month on the server ($100), or a mini-break.

The Climate Skeptic Movement has had a phenomenal year in 2016, though there is much still to do to slow the trillion dollar juggernaut that takes from the poor and gives to the wealthy. Progress is only happening through the persistent and hard work of prominent skeptics like Jo Nova who’s material is reproduced around the world, who continues to inspire and inform and who takes the brunt of abuse from climate alarmists in politicians and the main stream media.

As you all know Joanne came from a science communication background and once worked with our national publicly funded ABC, the ANU and the National Science and Technology Centre. Jo doesn’t say it on the blog, but asking questions about the ‘accepted’ […]

Jonova a finalist for the 2012 bloggies :-) see thinly disguised plug here!

Cheerio! Thanks to the dedicated souls who nominated it, this blog is a finalist in 2012 Web Bloggies Award. (Ta Pat, Val, Baa). 😀 ! That’s a success on its own (it’s already bringing in new readers). Cheers!

With your help, we can reach a wider crowd. The different traffic, new links and other bloggie-spin-offs can help your favourite sites rank higher in searches and means the messages you want to share travel past new eyes. (Shameless hinting…) And all you need to do is vote and spread the word (so email, facebook, letter boxing, billboards ;-)). Some excellent blogs have made the finals, it’s smorgasbord of skeptics, and Anthony Watts has helpfully listed my favourites, so below is his detailed guide to making your vote count. My one sentence version is: Click here to vote, put ticks in the grey circles next to your choices (one in each category you care about), do the “catcha” funny word to prove you are human, then wait for the email, AND verify the link to prove you are not a troll. You need to do all those steps to be counted. Thank you to all who take those few minutes.

It’s time […]

On blogging

With Jeff ID sadly shutting down the Air Vent, it’s worth a comment on comments, on blogging, and on the strange lifestyle that this is. But given that it’s 11:22pm 12:35pm here, and my office is still full of packed boxes (thanks to the marvellous newly laid wooden floor) tonight is not the time to try to eruditely capture the conditio sine qua non of blogging.

Instead I’ll say I completely understand why Jeff wants some time out (indefinitely). There must be a way to maintain a blog without it taking over all the spare moments in a day, and I’m going to find it, though the compass on my desk is just pointing at the magnet in my hard drive, and there is no GPS in the house.

Thanks for the patience of all the regulars out there who are turning up this month to find an erratic rhythm.

It’s a case of positive feedback

Due to the immediate feedback nature of comments and emails, once a post goes up, it’s easy to… keep posting, in the sense that ideas flow, questions that desperately need answering turn up, things that need debunking arise, and people send in good ideas […]

Green Hit list: Wasted money and brain power

TWAWKI found something he calls a green hit list.

The “Carbon Capture report” tucks away more meaningless data about you than you could hope to (not) have to read: Factoids you didn’t know existed, don’t want to understand and never cared to compare.

There is so much money sloshing around in The Big Scare Campaign, someone at the University of Illinois has created a massive database with an amazing array of superficial-to-the-point-of-meaningless data. Have you ever wondered what the NewsTone of was — and if I told you it to the second decimal place, does that change anything about the weather? Apparently, “0.36” and slightly “green”, whatever that means. The crew-with-too-much-money have created some autobot crawlers (presumably) that check language on tweets and posts and rate it all for polarization, activity, personalization, blah blah and to the nth blah.

Look closely and you can see part of the GNP of the West evaporating. Pfft.

The entry for someone called Joanne Nova is here.

Could this be your tax dollars at work?

I can’t be bothered trying to figure out what these indicators mean. None of it is obvious, the numbers don’t match up with the […]