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The Consensus on Climate Change

Climate Denier cartoon.
We battle against the self-interest of “Green energy investment” which is around $400 billion a year. The Big Bankers too, still want their cut of a $7 trillion global carbon market — perhaps they want to save the world, or maybe they need a new yacht? But Big-Government don’t seem keen to give grants to writers who want to stop Big-Government abusing science. And fossil fuels — they not only don’t fund me, the largest gas and oil producer in Australia wouldn’t even let me speak at a Christmas dinner for geologists. Such is the toxic spell being cast. Woodside dropped like a bomb on a volunteer run committee.

The self-serving are gaslighting the gullible.

This year the climate debate reached a new level of frenzy. The upsurge began around the same time as the US midterms in November 2018. Suddenly chieftains of voodoo got their mojo back (lost with Trump’s election). Having run out of adult support for their protests, the believer-bubble 2.0 reinflated with a child as messiah. They roped in the last-resort and cheapest rent-a-crowd — truant teens — buttered up to believe that skipping school made them heroes.  But the grownup voters chose coal over the climate in Australia, and tossed out the EU from the UK.

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Cartoon thanks to John Spooner.

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