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The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX

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A car boot full of ballots — bought for $800 a vote (or for nothing at all)

Things the ABC might not tell you:

Project Veritas has an insider, they have footage of a man bragging that he has a car full of empty ballots. They have an insider explaining how the system works for mass ballot harvesting.

VictoryGirlsBlog: This is just as terrible as you think it will be. Project Veritas has thrown quite a hand grenade straight into the Minneapolis area, bringing the receipts to prove ballot harvesting.

It seems that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, along with other connected politicians in the Somali community, have quite an expansive ballot harvesting operation going on – so much so, that one of their operatives actually bragged about it on Snapchat. And not only are they going around collecting ballots, especially from the elderly, but they are paying for the ballots in cash.

Between video evidence and insider interviews, the picture being revealed is a system of ballot harvesting and payoffs so corrupt and entrenched that it might not be salvageable.

“Numbers don’t lie. Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentees’ ballots. Can’t you see? Look at all these, my car is full. [...]

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The Doctors who still haven’t recovered from a likely bioweapon

Coronavirus is both the rock and the hard place

There are costs to stopping it, and costs to letting it go. There are businesses that won’t recover, and also people that won’t.

There is much more to pandemic decisions than just “deaths per capita”. One more aspect of the wicked dilemma are “long haulers” or the condition called “long Covid” (which is defined as being ill for 3 months or longer).

Thirty-nine UK doctors who caught Covid are still struggling 6 months later, and have written a joint letter for the British Medical Journal. These were mostly fit youngish people, and they didn’t get hospitalized. They had mild moderate cases of Covid. But many of them say that the after effects are worse than the initial infection. These include things like headaches, dizziness, the inability to walk 200 metres or more, breathlessness, strange numb patches, new allergies, difficulty regulating body temperature, ongoing diarrhea. Many are unable to work.

The cause could be nerve damage, or an autoimmune disorder (or something else entirely). If the virus triggers an immune reaction against their own cells it may be difficult to undo or “grow out of”. Some nerve damage will repair. Some won’t.


British school children to be taught that Cancel Culture is bullying

Suddenly, it’s almost like British schools might be preparing students for real life. How did that happen?

Imagine teaching students that tolerance means listening to people you don’t like, who are saying things you don’t want to hear? Cancel Culture delegitimizes and removes whole people from every aspect of life or public office for the merest trivial breach of some unwritten rules that are applied selectively. Like a neolithic “bone-pointing” type exile, all life experience and expertise is thus “cancelled”. Apologies are worthless, there is no learning, there are only “admissions of guilt”. There is something profoundly unChristian about it all — the complete lack of forgiveness.

This new program then, is like a safe space from The Safe Spaces. For Activist-Uni’s this does the worst possible thing. It may train a generation to see through their propaganda.

Next thing you know, Children might be taught that Climate Change Dogma is bullying too. Woke ‘cancel culture’ is a form of bullying and ‘no platforming’ an attack on free speech, pupils will be taught

Josh White, Daily Mail, UK

Teachers will tell pupils ‘cancel culture’ is not part of a ‘tolerant and free society’ Students will learn that people with controversial [...]

Bureau of Met reads tea leaves and finds warming at Horn Island that no thermometer can see

Ken Stewart has been looking at the mysterious pattern of temperatures on Horn Island — right at the top of Cape York Australia. It’s almost as far north as things get in Australia. There was no thermometer there before 1995, so the Bureau of Meteorology has rattled the nearest tea-leaves to find out how warm it was.

The towns listed on the map are its nearest neighbours. “Near”, in the Australian sense, meaning loosely within 500 kilometers.

Horn Island and it’s nearest neighbours

This, below, is the way 70 years of temperature dregs roll at all those sites.

This is what the Bureau of Meteorology sees (note the scale has changed on the temp axis). That’s two degrees of warming in far north Queensland.

So the average minimum temperature now looks half a degree cooler in 1960 than what your lying eyeballs suggest.

Ken goes into much more detail and deserves our thanks for bothering to try to unpack the mysterious merging of thermometer records in at the BoM department of Tasseomancy.

Visit his site: Garbage In, Garbage Out- Horn Island



Has the British Labour Party reinvented itself?

Did the British Labor Party just agree to Brexit, talk of family, nation, and chuck out the anti-semites?

Just when democracy looks dead, comes this. The British Labour party got savaged in the last election, but they appear to have quietly decided to aim for the centre.

The new leader, Keir Starmer, has apparently “set his sights on the Red Wall seats that Labour had lost.”

Keir Starmer, a true conservative

Maurice Glasman, UnHerd

Brexit was the fault-line that destroyed the Left and created a one-nation Conservatism that would push Labour back to its progressive comfort zone in the big cities, sealing it off from the small towns and working class heartlands forever. The Conservatives would be in power for a generation and when Keir Starmer was elected leader, it sealed the deal. A Remainian lawyer could never heal the wounds.

They [the Tories] didn’t notice when he said that the issue of Brexit had been resolved and Labour supported leaving the EU by the end of the year. The biggest issue in British politics had dissolved into a previous era and the Covid response was centre stage. They didn’t notice when Rebecca Long-Bailey [...]