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The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX



Extragalactic fast radio bursts turn out to be microwave oven in the kitchen at Parkes

Who knew the opening the door of a microwave oven while it was on could release something like an extragalactic fast radio burst? Astrophysicists at Parkes  Observatory didn’t realize for 17 years, then someone noticed these radio bursts only happened in business hours.

Was there a consensus on perytons I wonder?

h/t Manfred

Strange ‘outer space’ signal that baffled Australian scientists turns out to be microwave oven Scientists discover cause of signals detected at Australia’s Parkes telescope, originally believed to come from another galaxy [...]

What meetings are like for engineers

The sole engineer meets project managers, designers, and marketers. Love it!

H/t to Eric Worrall.

Canadians dreaming of “plus 1″

RMR (Rick Mercer Report) sends up the long winter.   Love that Canadian sense of humour. : – )

Pace, Paul Howard’s comment on youtube: here’s sending a group hug for our Canadian friends.

h/t Richard