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Cut carbon emissions by drinking eco-vodka


Eight full grown trees of carbon in every bottle of Eco-vodka

No seriously, yesterday Air Co launched a type of vodka made from air instead of potatoes. One bottle allegedly soaks up “as much CO2 as eight fully grown trees.”

At $65 a bottle, this will be a must have for fashionable snowflakes who have too much money and not enough taste buds.

This solves the hole in the market for all the people wanting low carbon Bloody Mary’s.

The vodka, which costs $65 for a 750 ml bottle, is made from only two ingredients, carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and water. That’s unlike traditional vodka, which is typically made by fermenting grains such as corn, potato and wheat. Producing a typical bottle of vodka could create around 13 pounds of greenhouse gases, according to Fast Company, while Air Co.’s product is carbon negative, removing a pound of carbon from the air with every bottle produced.

More efficiently than plants?!

The process uses the same principles as photosynthesis in plants but does so more efficiently,” Constantine tells CNBC Make It.

Air Co.’s technology splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, then combines the hydrogen with carbon dioxide (collected from factories near its Brooklyn, New York headquarters), which creates alcohol and water, only emitting oxygen into the atmosphere.

I like that they collected that carbon dioxide from factories, rather than stealing it from farms or forests.

Finally, someone finally found a way to do something useful with solar panels!

Air Co. says its patented system works by using (renewable solar) electricity to turn carbon from the air into pure ethanol.

Next up, someone can sell conversion kits for home solar to moonshine. (Do it for  The Grid!)

Air Co. says its vodka is also free of the impurities that can left behind from the grains used in traditional vodka production.

Free of impurities for sure, and possibly also any residual flavour. I can’t see this technique threatening the wine industry.

Presumably they could have just called this drink “Ethanol” but Vodka is so much more catchy.




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