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The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX



Free Forum with David Archibald and Cliff Ollier in Perth Monday next week

The Climate Debate Continues!  

Professor Cliff Ollier, UWA and David Archibald, Author of “Twilight of Abundance”

Jo says: two Perth councils are drafting policies to cope with sea level rise right this minute. Cliff Ollier can set them straight with Rising sea Level Forecast: Fact or Fiction? Archibald’s book is subtitled: “Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short”. It’s excellent and fascinating. This man does not mince words. What else do you need to know?

Monday 26th May 7pm, Royal Perth Yacht Club, Australia II Drive, Crawley, Perth, more details below.


Monckton Tour Dates updated – Wagga Wagga, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle

NSW Saturday 23rd February: (7:00 pm) Presentation Wagga Wagga Commercial Club, Nathan Room Saturday, 23rd February (12:00 noon) George and Paul interview, 954 2UE Monday, 25th February:  (7:10am) Alan Jones interview, 873 2GB … Click more for booking details of the other dates this week in  Sydney & Newcastle, next week in Perth, and the week after that in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. [...]

Events in Perth coming up next week

7.3- [...]

Buy gold while it’s in the ground (Plus David and Jo will be in Sydney at the Gold Symposium – Monday)

UPDATED (Already)  Money is grubby thing, but financial independence means freedom. Freedom to spend time writing what a heart believes instead of what an employer demands. (Freedom to follow the most inexplicable whim — like tossing the 9-5 day to debate details of dendroclimatology with people who detest you). I wouldn’t be able to indulge in the luxury of writing this blog if it weren’t for the gold shares that keep food on the table. Next Monday David is speaking at The Gold Symposium in Sydney. (I’ll be in the audience.) Who should go? — only people who don’t want to be poor. I want to see both these independent conferences succeed (The AEF too), I want to share the word about both money and science, and I want to help independent spirits meet up. That’s why I’m giving them both a shameless plug before the article. There is a big overlap between gold and skepticism: skeptical of government science often means skeptical of government money too (see We are all Austrians now). For the pure-science readers here, it may all seem thoroughly odd, but while some will paint gold as a fatuous symbol of pointless wealth – and sometimes [...]

Has the time of the Rational Environmentalist arrived? AEF Conference Oct 20-21

At the end of next week, the Australian Environment Foundation is hosting its annual conference. I had such a  good time at the last one I attended (in 2009) that I’m going again, this time, not as a speaker, but just to be there. Bob Carter is attending too. This is one of the rare events this year to spend time with passionate rational people in Australia  — people who are interested in the outcomes, not just the intentions. Find out the latest developments in protecting the environment with a pragmatic, science-based approach. And it’s not just about the speeches, the conference also includes a Tall Ships Cruise, a Gala Dinner, informal drinks, and an open forum.

The conference covers the science of fisheries, wind farms, water resources, temperature records, indigenous land-management and the economics (from a former reserve bank board member) of the carbon tax.

Costs between $85 – $250 (depending on membership and the events chosen). Details: Word, pdf or  PayPal

Conference programme

Little Green Lies, by Jeff Bennett Professor of Environmental Management in the Crawford School of Economics and Government, ANU

Saturday October 20th

The annual conference will be addressed by the following speakers:


Watts Up Speculation Thread

Watts Up Suspended

You know you’re going to speculate. The emails started coming in to me early this morning ten minutes after the unusual WUWT post was published.  No — it’s not ClimateGate III, not FOIA. I have my theories.

Rereke calculates the release time for WUWT In New Zealand it will be 7.00 am.

Officially the release is listed for: “Sunday July 29th, around Noon PST in California”

Rereke notes: “Anthony Watt’s site does say PST, which would be 8.00am NZT. The question is, “Is that a typo?” I assumed that it was, because people just look at the clock. It is only people like me who are anal enough to worry.

By assuming that it should be PDT, I might be watching an hour early.”

So here are some other times (assuming it is PDT):

California: Sunday 12:00 noon New Zealand:  Monday 7 am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Australia : Monday  5am Perth, Australia: Monday: 3am Delhi, India:  Monday 12.30am Jerusalem Israel, Helsinki Finland: Sunday 10pm Paris , France; Berlin Germany; Rome, Italy: Sunday 9pm London, UK:  Sunday 8pm New York, USA: Sunday 3pm Corresponding GMT Sunday 7pm

Times thanks to


So do tune [...]

Carbon Tax protest CATA – July 1 — Sydney and Melbourne

CATA have organised a protest


Tim Flannery in Parramatta will be happy to answer your questions. Book now!

Tim Flannery is paid to help you understand why Australia is getting a Carbon Tax in eight weeks time. If you can’t fathom why the nation which emits just 1.3% of all man-made CO2 is going to pay three times the current market rate to reduce world temperatures by 0.00 degrees C, I’m sure Prof Tim will be delighted to help. Do book quickly. Sometimes these events sell out (even before they are publicized).

Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner, Professor Tim Flannery, is visiting Sydney. The sixth biggest CBD in the country, Parramatta will host the next public forum for the Climate Commission. This is your opportunity to get involved in the conversation about climate change.

The Climate Commission provides independent, authoritative information on climate change to the Australian public.

Event details

Where: Parramatta RSL club , Cnr Macquarie & O’Connell St , Parramatta

When: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM, Tuesday 15 May 2012. Doors open 6.00pm

Everyone is welcome. Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

Click here to Register for attendance H/t Pat

What would you like to ask Tim in our National Climate Conversation? Perhaps you wonder why he keeps calling us names? Maybe you can’t figure out how the [...]

James Delingpole on Tour in Australia — Book Now!

The brilliant James Delingpole is coming to Australia thanks to the IPA to promote freedom for the world, to rescue modern science and to sell a hundred thousand copies of his new book: Killing the Earth to Save It (How Environmentalists are ruining the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your jobs). He is visiting Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne,  Sydney, and  Brisbane. If you don’t know who James Delingpole is, all I can say is Where Have You Been?

Delingpole is devastating. His disarming honesty, outrageous anecdotes and wide ranging research makes for an ripping read that combines politics, science, money in ways only Delingpole can. His quips paralyze the most excessively pious and drown pomposity with cold common sense.

He has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter, and usually with a poleaxe. I’d heard a lot about Agenda 21, but I didn’t know why it mattered or where it came from until I read Killing the Earth…”

James Delingpole -  one of the worlds most popular, most irreverent libertarian commentators. His twitter bio says: I’m right about everything.  He pulls no punches, and tells it like it is.

Guaranteed to be eye-opening, though provoking, and [...]

Anyone driving up from Albany to Perth this week, WA?

If anyone is coming up from Albany before Christmas and could bring a parcel to Perth, I’d most appreciate it.

Please email: joanne AT