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Huge week in Perth: Plimer, Archibald, Abbott, Nova — Libertyfest is on!

Hope to see as many sharp minds and good souls as possible.

This week in Perth day by day:

Tuesday 5th March, David ArchibaldStop The Climate Stupidity, The Irish Club, 61 Townshend St Subiaco

Brazil’s New foreign minister has said that climate change is a Marxist plot and he is right. Hear the whole story of Global Warming Hysteria including its dark Nazi origins. Australia is destroying itself for no good reason. Increased CO2 is wholly good.


LibertyFest in the West: in Perth for the first time

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Libertyworks speakers, Perth 2019


Weds 6th, March, Ian Plimer, UWA Club
Thurs 7th March, Student Pitchfest Competition, CIS and Mannkal, Natalie Elliot, The Hon Aaron Stonehouse, Tom Switzer, The Vic Hotel, Subiaco.
Friday 8th March, Parliament House Tour, Steve Baxter, Shark Tank Celebrity, 6:30pm Live Q&A with Tony Abbott MP, Nick Cater, Tom Switzer. The Duxton Ballroom.
Sat 9th March, The Big Day — Bettina Arndt, Chris Berg, Jo Nova, MLA’c, MLC’s, and stacks more, see the page.
Millenial Socialists, Wicked Witches, Who Owns Your Body?, Free Market Environmentalism, Drug Law Reform, Toxic Masculinity, Banking Culture, The Great White Protection Racket, Liberalism, and Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.
I’ll be doing the latest Top Ten Ways to Destroy A Perfectly Good Grid!
Find out what it takes to achieve state-wide blackouts, flying squads of diesel generators, and a tripling of wholesale electricity prices in just five years.

The LibertyWorks registration page: don’t forget the code for the 30% discount — NWFRIENDSP19

Hope to see you there. This is a rare opportunity to meet like minded people, stretch bounds, ask questions, share the gasps and laughs. And it’s a bargain. Don’t miss it!

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