Peak Climate Religion: UN says Earth to become Uninhabitable Hell

Giving up on science, the UN is competing openly now to be The Big Religion. The Rapture is next?

Earth to become ‘an uninhabitable hell’ as climate crisis heightens says UN

“The future of mankind looks very bleak” says the Earth’s Medicine Man. We can save you. Give us your money, your children, and your frequent flyer miles. Follow their plan, they can stop Fire! Flood! Earthquake! Storm! Tsunami! Your car causes tsunamis. Who knew?

The UN claims there’s been a staggering rise in extreme events in the last 20 years. Instead, the only staggering rise are the brazen errors in UN reports. As Roger Pielke and the GWPF say: The UN have a graph in their own report, Figure 5 page 10, showing that climate related disasters have declined by 15% in the last 20 years. As CO2 increases — the world becomes a safer place. :- ) Obviously the UN couldn’t use that to generate apocalyptic headlines. Better to compare it to the 20 years before. Inflation is your friend!

Global Disaster Trend, Graph. Climate related, Source UN 2020

Benny Pieser says: It’s a shambles; a catalogue of errors”. “The UN should withdraw the report […]

Not a 100% believer? Even borderline climate apostates like Pielke must be punished in the witchhunt

The witchhunt over tenuous connections to fossil fuel funding wants to do a lot more than just silence a few people. The aim is to maintain the global chill over all of academia. That’s why it’s so important we support the individuals under fire, and don’t give in.

Congratulations to Richard Lindzen, John Christy, Judith Curry, Steven Hayward, Roger Pielke, David Legates, and Robert Balling. All of them have been named to be investigated and lined up for character assassination like Willie Soon. Obviously they are effective and convincing speakers, and a threat to the climate-industry.

Stephen Hayward is flattered, and mocks the critics: “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Climate Skeptic?”

“Let’s start by axing a simple question: If I say “two plus two equals four,” does the truth of that proposition depend on whether I’ve received a grant from the Charles G. Koch Foundation? Apparently it does for Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), the ranking member of the House Committee on Natural Resources. He has sent letters to seven universities targeting seven academics who, according to the Democratic spokesman for the committee, were chosen because they seem “to have the most impact on policy in the […]

Australia can meet it’s 2020 targets with just 35 nuclear power plants or 8000 solar ones!

Roger Pielke, Jr. has looked closely at Australia’s ETS targets and helpfully put some numbers into the hypotheticals.

With all their subsidies, goodwill and fervent wishes, solar, wind, and geothermal produce just 3% of our energy needs. Fossil fuels produce a whopper 94%. And “energy” on these grand continental scales is measured in quadrillion BTUs which is known as “one quad”. Australians use about 5 quads / year, and to make that we pump out about 400 Mt of carbon dioxide per year. (These kind of big-picture numbers are often hard to find, so I wanted to capture that to keep things in perspective.)

Population growth is a big factor in Australia 8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings […]