The Climate Scare (and our Govt) is so ripe for mocking, a cartooning giant comes out of retirement

Pickering has it in a picture 🙂

Let’s applaud the brilliant Larry Pickering.

It says a lot about the state of our nation, that after retiring 30 years ago, the esteemed cartoonist felt the inescapable urge to come back now.

The Australian government and the Big Climate Scare are both achieving once-in-a-generation status. They are both ideas so preposterously absurd, they are Fertilizer for Funnies.

When a government is so bad, that it brings long retired cartoonists out of retirement, you know this era is the end-game stage of a historic low.

Cartoons like this are exactly why the Big Scare Campaign is scared to death of free speech.

Pickering uses comedic exaggeration to the full, but people don’t need to take this literally. It cuts through. This captures a dangerous idea. What if the government was milking the scientific system? Imagine if they treated some scientists different (what, you mean like calling them names?).

Gillard may control the Army but we skeptics have the best cartoonists. It’s no match. The Tax is temporary.

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